If Murray Makes Kicks, He Stays

October 10th, 2017

Craving stability.

For some reason, Bucs fans seem hot in the pants for this Cairo Santos, a former Chiefs kicker.

Joe is just going to guess the big reason Bucs fans are all horny for Santos is they recognize the name. Once upon a time, this Santos was a good kicker and then he got hurt. By various reports, Santos has a groin injury and is a good two weeks away from possibly being able to resume kicking.

A lot of these same folks believe re-signing Patrick Murray yesterday is just a stop-gap until the Bucs sign Santos. But Joe thinks the opposite.

The past three years, the kicker position has been a nightmare for the Bucs. If Murray kicks sufficiently, then Joe is of the mind that the Bucs will stand pat with Pat. You know, don’t fix something that is not broken?

As much chaos as the kicking position has been, Joe is confident Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter want stability at kicker, not another roll of the dice hoping Santos is all that.

38 Responses to “If Murray Makes Kicks, He Stays”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    Well then Mr Murray, Kick’em good and kick’em accurate. Because somebody is waiting in the wings for your job. Hellava incentive huh?

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    We just need a stable kicker who can make kicks. U r right Joe. No way cut a kicker when he making kicks

  3. Buddy Says:

    Dirk & Licht trying to save face by IR’ing Folk. When exactly did he get hurt? Cause they had the weekend off & nothing was mentioned of his “injury” before or after the game. They should just own up to their mistake of keeping Folk over Roberto but they got sucked into the Hardkbicks drama of having to cut Roberto in front of the cameras. But the way why wasn’t Dirk the one cutting Roberto in the first place. Licht had to do it. Dirk couldn’t do it himself? Every other player was told by just Dirk in his office. Funny how spineless people can be when they want to be.
    Spineless? They talked to Roberto together. It was all there on TV.–Joe

  4. Mojiska Says:

    Just cause folk was terrible doesnt mean it was a mistake to keep him over aguayo. For all we know, aguayo would have missed the game winner vs new york.

  5. PRBucFan Says:

    Well good thing what Joe thinks has proven to be at the very least unreliable.

    Santos IS an elite kicker, who when released shocked everyone. Pat would have to put on one hell of a show to keep Cairo from pulling the rug out from under him and taking the job.

    The mere fact that the Bucs brought in Santos to see how far along he was, shows they have their eye on him.

    We shall see soon enough Joe 🙂

  6. Joe Says:

    Well good thing what Joe thinks has proven to be at the very least unreliable.

    Santos IS an elite kicker

    So, Mr. Reliable, if Joe doesn’t know what he is talking about, explain in full detail why if this Santos is so elite, how come he’s unemployed? You mean his previous team couldn’t have put him on the IR?

    Pretty sure there are like 20-25 teams that could use an “elite” kicker. Yet he’s panhandling for work.

    Do tell. Joe wants to read your pearls of wisdom on how an “elite” kicker cannot find a job.

  7. Saskbucs Says:

    What did these kicker workouts entail? Any report on kicking if they did any? Hopefully Murray has been practicing and went 10/10. Anyway, can’t be worse than what the Bucs have had recently… good luck to Pat.

  8. Buc-a-Phil Says:

    Interesting and good read on Cairo Santos on arrowheadaddict website on the reasoning on why he got injured-released….would not surprise me in a few weeks/months or even as a possible FA addition next year that Mr Santos can be here

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t believe I claimed to be “Mr. Reliable” did I? Saying you have been less than reliable with your predictions does not mean I claim anything about myself lol. That’s a nice try though.

    And So thats your go to? That he was released therefore his body of work that speaks for itself is null and void? lol nice Joe, another very nice try

    I mean your free to do some research on how surprised the NFL world was on the move that was made.

    But the simple answer is that they drafted a kicker and did not want to pay Santos the upcoming money he was due as a top tier kicker, as his contract expired this year. So because the NFL is business first they went with the cheap money kicker and cut ties now using his injury as the reason for the move. Rather than paying the man what he was due.

    Not hard to understand, how you can stretch the fact that he’s been out due to his groin injury a few weeks (as u tend to do) into him “panhandling for work” and “cannot find a job” is comical ahahah. How the hell him healing up before he is even able to kick for a new team let alone try to find a new job translates into him suddenly being some needy kicker whose been denied is just wacky logic ahahaha.

    Once he actually does become healthy enough to kick, he will THEN find the job ;).

    Not rocket science señor Joe , alas it has been fun. Time for bed.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pat Murray has 2 weeks.
    If he does well, the job is his
    I Really, Really hope he earns it.

    But if he struggles- Cairo Santos will be in here in a New York Minute.
    And you can take that to the Bank

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “stand pat with Pat”

    Good one, J0E!

    I agree 1,000 percent!

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Just to stir some more speculation up…

    …rumor has it that Nick Folk has been playing injured the last couple weeks, and that as soon as he is healthy again and eligible, he’ll be back.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buddy Says
    “But the way why wasn’t Dirk the one cutting Roberto in the first place. Licht had to do it. Dirk couldn’t do it himself?”

    Bet you feel stupid. If not, you should. You might want to watch Hard Knocks. Both Jason Licht AND Dirk Koetter told Robert Aguayo together.

    Eat crow like a man and then move on 😉

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    PRBucFan Says
    “…how you can stretch the fact that he’s been out due to his groin injury a few weeks…”

    So you are saying an injury affected his game?

    I wonder, would the same be said of Folk?

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Folk being on the team. I said in training camp that I preferred a different kicker be brought in and that the Bucs keep 2 kickers until one proved himself (I figured during the Martin suspension at the time). He seems like a good family guy, and I respect that, but I NEVER agreed with him being brought in.

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In my book, if you need a kicker, go young and keep looking until you find one. We have an extra roster spot, and we can put rookies on the practice squad.

    Years ago, we went through kicker after kicker until we found a good one. I say do that again.

  16. Sweezy 4Sheezy Says:

    I think Murray will be solid . Always liked him. Only reason he lost his job the 1st time is because he got injured and then Brindza was lights out in the preseason.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nick folk was a great, proven NFL kicker
    It didnt make sense, that he fell apart the way he did,
    If he has been playing injured, like some of you imply,
    Then when he gets healthy- he should have a shot at his job back.

    The only thing I had against Folk- was that missed kicks.
    I like any kicker- that makes his kicks.
    Without Bias

  18. Ocala Says:


    I think fans(including myself) are jaded about the Bucs kicking game.

    I would think the vast majority of fans want Murray to do a great job, but if he is subpar fans would want a quick hook for him.

  19. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Bonzai if Folk was indeed injured as you are implying then that is negligence on Licht and Koetter to the team and the fanbase to not pull him off the field earlier and go with murray or whoever

  20. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I like Pat Murray but Santos is the answer. I do agree that if he kicks lights out that Pat will stay. If he is average or less then bring in Santos. Santos is a name for a reason; because he has been pretty clutch with his kicks and was only going into his third season and even getting better pre-injury.

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    “Joe is just going to guess the big reason Bucs fans are all horny for Santos is they recognize the name. Once upon a time, this Santos was a good kicker and then he got hurt.”

    LOL Joe. “once upon a time”= 2 weeks ago.

    Is it simply because fans “recognize the name”? Or perhaps the “fans” have looked at his stat sheet and seen that Santos was perfect on the year 3 games into 2017 and going back to the beginning of last year has made 34 of his last 38 FG attempts including 2 for 2 on 50+ kicks.

    To put that into proper perspective – Folk has missed more FGs in the last 2 games than Santos has missed in his last 19 games.

    Hardly “another roll of the dice ” assuming Santos’ injury heals properly and in a timely fashion.

    Murray has 2-3 weeks to prove himself. Good luck Pat. We could certainly use some kicking stability around here. Santos can provide it once healthy if Murray slips up and misses kicks.

  22. feelthepewterpower Says:

    And the reason why Santos remains unsigned, Joe, because a) the chirfs just recently let him go b) he hasnt been able to practice for a team and c) teams would have to find a way keep him on the rostee taking up a valauble spot until he can fully practice/play again..

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    I thought I read somewhere in those practice notes of yours that Folk had some rough outings too. Don’t think those had anything to do with an injury like Bonzai and a few are suggesting. He was missing in TC. Just not as much as Roberto. That’s the way I see he won the job. He was still a shaky kicker BEFORE the season started. I could be wrong…but…

    Sign this Cairo guy right NOW. Employ TWO until you get it right. Hell THREE if need be.

  24. Joe Says:

    I think fans(including myself) are jaded about the Bucs kicking game.

    Fully understandable.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Pickgrin : “LOL Joe. “once upon a time”= 2 weeks ago.”

    This made me laugh!

  26. Easy Denman Says:

    Eventually the Bucs will sign Wayne Rooney from ManU

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    Unless Murray is perfect and doesn’t miss a kick – the Bucs should go ahead and sign Santos in 1-2 weeks even if he’s not quite ready. Considering we have already lost a game this season due to kicking – it’s better to eat that roster spot for a week or 2 than miss out on the opportunity to get a proven NFL kicker who is young (only in his 4th year) and accurate.

    Santos WILL be kicking for some NFL team this year (assuming his groin injury does not linger)- it should be the Bucs IMO. This is our opportunity to “fix” the kicking game- perhaps permanently – without giving up anything but a roster spot while Santos gets fully healed up. Murray can go to the Practice Squad once Santos is deemed ready if there is any trepidation about the groin injury coming back or Santos’ accuracy upon returning from said injury.

  28. buddy Says:

    @buccaner Bonzai- I saw the episode Jacka$$, so why on the episode where they cut Roberto did Licht bring him into HIS office? But every other guy was cut in Dirks office with just Dirk doing it?? Dirk didn’t have the balls to do it himself alone???

  29. LakeLand Says:

    It seems like the Bucs has settle on going for Field Goals, instead of focusing on getting the ball into the end zone.

  30. Mike Johnson Says:

    Agree 100% with you there Pickgrin about Santos.

  31. LakeLand Says:

    Wayne Rooney is with Everton now. He got the boot after his drunk-driving conviction. Romelu Lukaku is their main striker now.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Exactly Pickgrin

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    One positive about Murray is he’s mentally tough and demanding on himself.

    Santos is much further away than 2 weeks. The groin is a major kicking muscle for a soccer kicker. It will take at least two additional weeks from the time he’s cleared to *begin* kicking again to get his leg back in shape and timing down.

    If Murray is solid, he’ll stay.

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    has anyone seen @realist?

    funny how he disappears after a lost….

    regarding murray….we’ll see….but it aint looking good for licht….or dirk for that matter….seems like Winston has regressed…he played his best ball imo his rookie year….played decent last year….now with more weapons, he’s playing worse than last year….im putting that on dirk….licht refused to get a quality de and we’re paying for it now….still don’t have a kicker….

    ARZ got blown out sunday….remember the last time they got blown out and faced us….they blow us out of the water…

    good news is that the defense stepped up….GO BUCS!!!

  35. celly Says:

    If Murray kicks well, the most likely scenario is that they bring in competition in camp (Santos) and let them battle it out them. I don’t see them getting rid of a competent kicker mid-season.

  36. Bucsfanman Says:

    Get a bleeping kicker in here stat! You know, one that makes XPs and FGs, the kind that can win football games instead of lose them. PERIOD! End of story!
    C’mon Murray! It’s your time to shine.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    No bonzai, Cairo was perfect through 3 games ok his FGs of 2017 and then got hurt and did not kick since. He did not kick through the injury if that what your asking.

  38. lambchop Says:

    The premise of this post is obvious. If Murray kicks lights out, he’s staying. I think the people who would want Santos in here is because they don’t trust Murray. He’s also been unemployed. He’s had a knee injury. Lots of unknowns with him until we can see him kick under pressure. Santos is no different with his injury, etc. but he has recent game experience that people are aware of. That’s the difference. People can barely remember what they ate for lunch yesterday.