Monitoring The Offense

October 28th, 2017

Pattern detected.

It seems fans have an issue with the offense called by winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.

It’s not an unusual refrain one hears from every NFL market on Mondays. Playcalling!

Yeah, Joe admits sometimes Koetter’s plays at least make Joe raise an eyebrow. Calling a pitch with a ball on the one-yard line? Constantly calling for a play that has worked just once through six games; America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, heave-ho’ing the ball 60 yards down field for DeSean Jackson?

Joe tries to stay away from whining about playcalls. First, it’s too easy. Second, Joe has no idea what tendency or mismatch Koetter sees in a defense in a certain formation. This may come as a surprise but generally, coaches don’t call plays to go after a defense’s strength. For example, does anyone really believe Koetter wants to run the ball right at Luke Kuechly tomorrow?

Good guy Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report monitors all NFL games and he has picked up a pattern to how Koetter uses all of his weapons.

Howard: Big Plays, “Hail Marys” against the Patriots.

Cameron Brate: 3rd-and- medium (every single time.
Seriously, watch the film).

Mike Evans: Up-for- grabs balls.

Adam Humphries: Slotty McSlotface.

DeSean Jackson: Expensive decoy.

Running game: Afterthought when the receivers need a

Field goals: Heaven help us.

You know, Tanier is right. Third-and-medium, Jameis almost always looks for Brate.

24 Responses to “Monitoring The Offense”

  1. Doctor Stroud Says:

    DJax is an “Expensive decoy”? Ouch! #PaidFloridaVacation

  2. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    I don’t want to see harm come to a player, but yes, if I were Koetter, I’d run right at Kuechly. And I’d give my O-line orders to make sure he got knocked on his ass every single play. Why? Because he’ll end up having to leave the game with a concussion at some point. Problem solved. Hey, Kuechly knows at this point that concussions are just going to keep getting easier and easier to come by for him. If he cares that little about his own personal health to keep putting himself out there when he honestly shouldn’t even be playing football anymore, then bring on the pain.

  3. Joeypoppems Says:

    I agree with all of that lol. And if Mr. Tanier here can pick up a pattern, I’m sure every DC we play will know even more

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    I don’t know why Joe is still crying about JR32 toss at the goal line???? Unless he has some video of the line blowing a lane open, then it was not a bad call like Joe keeps going on about!!!!!!!

    And funny how even though the deep ball To DJ11 was brought back due to DS76 ( who had a very bad game, but some choose to ignore that) Of how that backed the defense off and opened up the offense for shorter, more consistent plays!!!!!!!

    News flash, Defenses are daring JW3 to hit the deep ball to DJ11 because they know the Bucs are struggling with it!!!!!

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Some of this is the responsibility of #3. And I’m not saying this critically but simply understanding that Koetter calls a play and most times there are options which ultimately get determined by what the D does and what #3 then decides.

    #3 like all human beings goes where he has been SUCCESSFUL. He has a trust factor with ME and Brate and Hump that is now developing with OJ as well.

    I think a huge part of this topic is who makes #3 feel comfortable. The ball leaves his hand last…not DK’s!!! Again I find this to be normal.

    OJ gets it!!! Targets have to give #3 a reason to throw them the ball. Get open…run really dependable routes so #3 can be comfortable throwing the ball to an open spot on the field secure in the knowledge that his target will get there.

    As far as calls with the running game…that’s where DK’s comfort zone comes in. Does he really trust his running game anymore?

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    Hey, it could be worse, a link from the Charlotte fishwrap lead directly to a link to FIRE Baby Shula…. No wonder the Bucs are stilla slight fave to win w/o the garbage starters as Shula is their OC. Their incompetence on Offense against Mike Smiths idiotic schemes… It comes down to mistakes between 2 clubs who will end up 6-10 or so….. Just nice to see fans in Carolina fell that their team sucks as well!

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    Time to get creative Dirk. Let’s see a little “flash” in the play calling tomorrow.

    Pull out a couple of those special plays you’ve been hanging onto that will wipe the smug grin right off of SCam’s face.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Get Godwin more involved. More talent and better ball security than the other options.

  9. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Everyone on this board knew this. Should add all of OJ “left side” Howards TD’s have all been on similar plays. Now team will have to adjust to OJ clearing out space for another player to be open. Howard will make career of popping out of no where being a “blocking” TE.

  10. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Winning coach???!!!!! Your ridiculous

  11. Ndog Says:

    What he put is true but to be honest I know what the Patriots are going to run most of the time the difference is they excute it.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    A rare day of agreement. I like Godwin a lot as well. I think like OJ Godwin is still gaining #3’s confidence. It’ll come.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting perspective by Mike Tanier, especially about DJax being a ‘expensive decoy’. Baloney! In 9 previous seasons, DJax has averaged 55 receptions in 99 targets/year (55%) … and 980 yds/season for 17.7 yds/catch average. This year with the Bucs, IF he stays on-track with what he’s done thus far … he’ll have 59 receptions in 115 targets (51%) … and 960 yds for a 16.4 average. Bottom line is that the Bucs are targeting DJax MORE than his career average and he’s on-track to get almost exactly the same yardage and receptions. That’s not a decoy to me … that’s a pretty consistent player.

    Part that bothers me though is that DJax & Jameis are ONLY connecting at a rate of 51%. That reception rate would be closer to 60-70% IMO IF we were using DJax like he’s been used so often in the past: hitting him in stride on shorter throws & letting him do what he does so well … pick up yards AFTER the catch. I think last game Bucs started doing that more & it paid off … DJax was 5 for 8 (63%) for 73 yds.

  14. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Hey koetter dont reneg on our OJ 6 target per game agreement”

    “You know the #FREEOJSTOCKER movement is strong compared to that snowflake carrier whatevers”

    Kobe Faker

  15. Kobe Faker Says:


    It took me 7 weeks to shame Klueless koetter into 6 targets.

    Godwin should be taking humps targets. hump shouldnt be on the field. put OJ on the slot ala Travis Kelce

    I cant wait until Grudog takes advantage of the tools we have. Next year Jameis will be top 3 QB in the NFL and break QB yearly records

  16. Q Says:

    Kuechly is not playing

  17. Kobe Faker Says:



    Oj highlights and see the separation

    At 6 6 250lbs 4.5 speed atletic and sharp route running, OJ can separate like no reciever in this team including sloppy Djax. Koetter still has not even called any slants to OJ yet. against linebackers/safteys he is a mismatch everytime he lines up. LOOK AT EVERY RECEPTION he catches from Jameis in the future. THERE IS ALWAYS SEPARATION and he is clearly open and a big window for Jameis.

    CAM BRATE- has good hands and can catch in traffic but

    He isnt athletic/fast/quick and cant create separation. EVERY reception is in traffic. Because of these lack of qualities, he cant run slants/crosses/go routes…all he has is the tricky seam route.

    the key/advantage to the seam route is that Jameis and brate knows its coming and brate has great hands in traffic(except vs pats) however

    if the saftey knows the tendency and also reads the play,,than its a truely a 50/50 play. the percentage of difficulty and chance of interception is drastically more with passes to cam


    Cam had a HOF QB in Brees and he was cut. There are only few like Jameis who will throw timely location throws that Cam can thrive in. Brees like majority QBs throws to open targets. If you cant separate, Breeze will not throw your way

    KOBES Dream rest of the 2017 season

    MAKE OJ HOWARD THE FOCAL POINT of the passing game

    our season is over. Make the passing offense work inside out. the 22 yld monster is built for the workload. Let us become the 12 target tightend ala greg olsen/travis kelcic/witten offense.

    and than go outside with evans and djax

    have the defense try to contain OJ (they cant) and than feast on the wide open outside

  18. Bucs4821 Says:

    I’ve never cared for the idea of pitching the ball back 5 yards to try to gain 1 yard. Too many things can go wrong.


  19. BucTooth Says:

    When the Bucs first get the ball for their first play tomorrow against the Panther’s watch and see Martin gets ball right up the middle for one yard gain or two yard loss. For Gods sake try some thing different on first down. Good grief.

  20. Kobe Faker Says:


    lol and then a bomb on 3rd and long

    its funny this week koetter is the fearless air coryell

    remember it was 20-20 4th quarter and bucs driving at the buff redzone .

    koetter ran the ball twice setting up for the field goal!! koetter was going again to his turtle mode! fearless? he gave jameis 1 chance. jameis rolled out and hit evans on the dead run and thru to a window size of 2 footballs….BUT TURTLE KOETTER was happy and accepting the field goal! if my 25″ bubleback TV wasnt soo heavy, I was going to throw it out the trailer window

    This is what HC Turtle Koetter does. he plays for a close 4th quarter and trys to hang on!

    great passing offense? lol! how many times were we double diget lead in the 2nd half this year? fanboy propaganda

  21. PriMech54 Says:

    Kobe says some outrageous stuff but you’d have to agree that this offense would be less stagnant and way more explosive with the likes of Chris Godwin and OJ eating up more of Hump & Sims looks. Think about how some coaches across the league would be using weapons like these… OJ would be viewed in the national eye as a budding superstar if he was playing in GB, PITT, NO, KC, NE, etc. All that said, I do for whatever reason trust that Dirk is going to drop the cute sh!$ and continue to open this thing up sooner than later. It looked pretty nice in Buffalo. As for the defense, the pewter report articles have been extremely revealing. Couple that analysis and Sapp’s comments along with the comments from the analysts from NFL Network about this coaching staff being in over their heads (which I thought was bonkers at the time… now it’s starting to make me think) and you definitely have something interesting brewing. If this team cannot tap into that same magic of last year when we had that nice run of games, and we go 6-10 or worse, I see a potential mirror situation to that of Raheem in ’10-’11 when we missed out on the playoffs by a game and followed it up with an embarrassing effort in spite of having first round talent at every spot on the depth chart.

  22. Buc believer Says:

    Yes Joe can you tell us EXACTLY what Dirk has won??? NOTHING!!! He has a .500 record soon to be a losing record after the game tomorrow. So again I ask you… WHAT has he won??

  23. PriMech54 Says:

    Another interesting nugget about this offense: did anybody catch Dirk on 620 a few days ago where he talked pretty in depth about calling the game from the sideline vs from the box? Probably not the first time he’s spoke about it, but it was pretty revealing about how different he said it was as far as being able to see the field, and sometimes even not seeing certain things that happen on the opposite sideline until they watch the film. We all know his play-calling and management has regressed since moving from OC to HC, and this is without question a reason why, albeit maybe a small one. This offense has the talent to keep this team afloat and outscore opponents in spite of a putrid defense, so he needs to get this thing rolling for real.

    And I absolutely love Jameis. He’s my guy. Hope he’s here 15 years. But he needs to hit Cam in the endzone early against Buffalo. Prime Manning would have drilled that 10/10 times. It’s probably enough to win the game as well, even with the defensive collapse. Those are the easy throws he needs to evolve into making consistently to get into that 40+ td, elite, 10-wins a year territory.

  24. Kobe Faker Says:


    My views are based on observing the ever changing nfl and the philosophy and tendencies of the modern nfl game

    It is about mismatches and exploiting weaknesses

    Why attack the #1 corner who the best pass defender. The top oc s are using the new skillset modern tightend to exploit the pass defense coverage skills of the linebacker and safety in space…this creates havoc thru out the field. This shorter passes give the qb better probability of completion and the ball is out of the hands away from pressure

    There is no doubt the modern short passing game has lengthened the careers of brady and breese because they are not holding the ball as long

    Did you see jameis in….RYTHMN…OMG…even those 6 targets to OJ put jameis in a nice groove instead of the usual bomb we seen the past 5 weeks before the buff game

    I wholeheartenly believe if OJ had 6 targets in the previous 5 games, we would have at least 1 win

    The pats game was a joke. Koetter targets OJ once the last hail mary…joke….the better OCs would be like you said OJ and Godwin who are our best yac recievers

    The slants/rub plays are a huge part of the modern quick passing game….Koetter never uses these routes

    Koetters passing scheme is hurting and not truing developing jameis skills

    We still do not have a go to hot read reciever for jameis…oj on the slot can be that player

    Our season ia over….i hope jameis gets to develop with OJ and Godwin starting next week. Sit hump and lessen brates seam patterns

    I see only chance koetter comes back is if jameis goes nuts rest of the season…thou i know we wont make the playoffs

    And also which disagrees with the bucsheep nation…you dont need a 20 carry run game to win in the new nfl. The short passing game to the rbs are the same

    I dont know how he will do as gm, but jon gruden (which im sure his philosophy is similar to jay) will tear the defenses apart with jameis as his qb…im talking about yearlr qb records broken