“See If Someone Is Stupid In The Back End”

October 6th, 2017

A former Buccaneers quarterback has weighed in — in great detail — on the questionable decision of Jameis Winston on the final play of last night’s game.

Truly great stuff in this NBC Sports video below featuring ex-Buc QB and Chucky punching bag Chris Simms with Mike Florio, the ProFootballTalk.com guru.

Jameis, from the New England 19 yard line, fired early and short of the goal line to O.J. Howard, as a sea of Patriots defenders played center field in the end zone leading 19-14.

Simms didn’t bash Jameis, explaining the play’s goal in full detail. But Simms thought the recognition and approach was all wrong.

“It was a three-man rush,” Simms said of the final pass for the win in the red zone.

“And what we’ve seen great quarterbacks do, [Tom] Brady included, when they have three-man rush. Take your time. Stress the secondary out. See if someone is stupid in the back end and, you know, takes the bait and goes and chases somebody else when Jameis looks. And then make a throw. That’s what Jameis is great at.”

Excellent insight from Simms. Joe agrees and thinks Jameis would have been better off turning that last play into a backyard football scene with an eye toward the Bucs’ biggest bodies breaking free.

Again, stellar video with several takes on the game. Props to Simms for thanking Nick Folk for now keeping him from being the worst Buccaneer to ever wear No. 2.

57 Responses to ““See If Someone Is Stupid In The Back End””

  1. cmurda Says:

    I think Jameis made the right decision. There was a higher probability of OJ catching that ball and fighting into the endzone rather than extending the play and winging a prayer. The sad fact is that the 3 man rush was coming in quick. I thought the O Line played great all game long but was a little weak on the last play. Anyhow, JW was bad for much of the game but went into beast mode in the hurry up. Hmmmm. maybe we should do more hurry up throughout the entirety of games. I’m talking to you Koetter.

  2. BucsFanDan Says:

    You would think after Nugent the Buccs woulda learned to never sign an ex Jets kicker… I wonder if Ray Finkle is available to kick for us?

  3. grafikdetail Says:

    tono romo said something very similar during that play

  4. EA Says:

    Poor young Jameis was more worried about what was he gonna say to Tom Brady after the game.

  5. Keir Says:

    Spot on review by Simms. Jameis best highlights are on plays when he has to wait to throw while moving around outside of the pocket. He needs to start faster though, the first 3 qtrs were a MESS!

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    We must stop looking at each little play….step back and take the long view…Jameis is terribly inaccurate when players are open on regular plays within each game…necessitating late game heroics or gambling on 4th down conversions….we watched 8 quarters of old non mobile veteran QB’s Manning and Brady…simply step up into the pocket and hit throws…I know Jameis is young and is still sorting out what is happening in front of him….that does not explain Jameis missing players when he makes the proper reads….I don’t want to start over with a new QB…but will not gloss over the oblivious bad balls…

  7. DB55 Says:

    Just a friendly reminder that O.J. Howard has 4 catches for 92 yards in 4 games.

  8. rrsrq Says:

    I was thinking the same exact thing, is that coaching, jameis does not consistently take his time when its 3rd down or in the red zone, he feels like he has to rush those throws and not checking all his options. I get it when pressure is heavy, but there have been occasions when Jameis had time to survey but he feels hurried for some reason.
    I am not an NFL quarterback, just a critique that I wonder if the coaching is seeing this too.

  9. '79Defense Says:

    Yes, whatever drama their was on that play ended very, very quickly.

  10. dooshlarue Says:

    Maybe it’s Bajakian?

  11. Easy Denman Says:

    If I’m not mistaken Evans was on the left side 1-1 with Gilmore.

  12. DisappointedBuc Says:

    It’s hard to admit it, but last night I realized that we suck. I certainly wish that were not the case, but it is was it is. Have to accept it and move on knowing we are not a playoff team this year. the kicking was atrocious but the offense as a whole was not great either. Our defense was ok but not great considering Gronk was out.

  13. AlteredEgo Says:

    It is Jameis….has the ball…makes the read…has time…misses high,wide,low,behind….those add up…breaks momentum…breaks playing calling confidence….breaks team morale…yeah it is not all on Jameis..but the honeymoon is over and the media is giving him a pass….even in training camp practice he was scatter armed….and he was in college too….this is my greatest concern

  14. ARGH_M8E Says:

    How the FOLK does FOLK still have a FOLKING job?!?!?

  15. Bucamania Says:

    Totally agree. Jameis rushes his throws in critical situations, even when there is no pressure. Slow down young man.

  16. BucFanFromOH Says:

    How has Folk not been fired yet? I mean literally I’ll take anyone else over him. Go grab some college drop out in, hell bring Aguayo back!

  17. Doctor Stroud Says:

    “…turning…into backyard football…”? With the large number of penalties and poor play on both sides, that entire game was backyard football.

  18. Oxycondoms Says:

    Jeez lot of negativity despite brate dropping a td pass and folk missing fgs games easily could’ve went the other way

  19. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    You know who else used to play QB for the Bucs that would take the podium and say “this one’s on me guys” or “I’m the QB and I need to make a play,”??????
    Trent F’ing Dilfer. Need I say more #3? Your great word play, pre game speeches, and “leadership” don’t mean dick when your defense keeps putting you in great position to put points on the board and you can’t even manage a first down. And it won’t be going very much farther either with the entire team if you keep playing like like a bi-polar QB. Grow the !@#$ up already. And Dirk Koetter needs to grow a pair and not go all panic attack and abandon the run just because he gets down 3 frikin points. He did the SAME CRAP when he was in Atl.

  20. Lamarcus Says:

    The way I seen it it was a great read but wtf oj was doing idk. Oj looking block 20 yards down field was the culprit there. But if OJ just look for the ball and stay vertical and catch the ball we win. Not all this blame on Winston (on the last play)

  21. DBS Says:

    I said this in a post last week . Most of the time he can move the ball down field. It just seems like when he gets to a certain point say around the 30 on in everything come apart. He just comes unglued. I think last night he acted like he was star struck. But then again the offense is acting like it is still preseason.

    Still waiting to see a story FOLK is gone. Why is he still here???

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I just can’t get too excited over this game. We had our two best defensive players on the sideline when we needed then most against Brady.

    We had a guy going through midlife crisis giving the points away to the Pats. Was Folk on Belicheat’s payroll.

    Disappointing and stupid game but nothing that gets me excited except about the need for a kicker.

    When Licht spent a 2nd on a kicker I was totally fine with that….we would easily be 3-1 right now if we just has an average kicker much less a generational one like Vinateri or Janikowski. The move for a kicker in the 2nd wasn’t the dumb move…the dumb move was the kicker he grabbed in Oh No No.

    Now what is the largest pressing need on this team? A freaking kicker!!! Does anybody see the playoffs with a Folk/Aguayo level kicker? Just bring in tryout guys from off the street…they literally could not be as bad as Folk!

  23. Conte Piscateli Says:

    So here is the truth, Jameis struggles with certain throws, namely anything requiring dropping a ball in over a defender or down there sideline. It’s ok lots of passers can’t make all the throws early in their careers. Brady was atrocious over 20 years his first couple years, lacked arm strength to make the throws designed for Bleadsoe. Guess what, the patriots didn’t ask him to make those throws. Coach should know the throws Jameis is best at, and play to his strengths. He will keep working on his game and eventually be a complete passer but until then you win games asking your players to do what they do best, not forcing them to be something they’re not.

  24. NOSBOS Says:

    DB I recall many here using this nasty big “I” word to describe lovie smith. I’m wondering why it hasn’t surfaced for dirk koetter and mike smith yet. These two muhh f@$!as. Talking bout stuck in the 80s.

  25. NOSBOS Says:

    Fameis was two sport athlete for many years. The arm talent he lacks is direct result of this. He should not throwing the ball d@$! near 50x a game. He should supported by nasty D and a solid run game.

  26. NOSBOS Says:

    For years once the season ended he went str8 into baseball. He will never be most precise passer.

  27. SteelStudBuc Says:

    I thought the best play at the end of the game would’ve been like a checkdown with a wave of blockers in front… all the Patriots were doing was hanging out in the end zone. A screen would’ve been ideal.

  28. sorryitriggeredyou Says:

    He’s still learning. It’s all good.

  29. mike10 Says:

    I feel like us fans are just going to have to take our early lumps with Jameis while he learns these things.

    Unfortunately, he’s a former first overall in his 3rd year who’s used to the big stage, won a Heisman and Nat’l Championship… would think all this to be ironed out by now

  30. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    For Jameis to try to win the game with the equivalent of hail-mary pass is hard to ask of any qb or team because it never should’ve came down to that.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around.

    I can understand why jameis threw that pass……either

    A. Hit em’ fast


    B. An air-ed out ball

    I wonder if that play was directed by Koetter……..who knows

  31. mike10 Says:

    Off of The Bucs Anthem, above, are we going to get an article on here looking at Koetter’s “intriguing” play calling thru 4 games?

    Very vanilla, and not taking advantage of our weapons. I don’t want to see the ball in the hands of Godwin or Jacquizz if Martin is hot, DJax can break off 40 yards in the flat, and OJ hasn’t touched the ball all game… SCHEME COACH!

  32. Dreambig Says:

    Please someone tell me what is up with Koetters bromance with Charles Simms? He has to be the least talented person on our entire roster.

  33. Vivian Says:

    Game was a hot mess from beginning to end. However, Brate dropped a TD and Folk missed 3 FGs. Either and/or both would have won the game, despite the poor play from JW.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    The Pats have 8 people standing at the goal line – what exactly do you think the options are there? Winston was firing in the pass in hopes that maybe he can catch the DBs in their backpedal before they get set. The idea was fine, it just didn’t work. That’s what happens when a team has 8 guys at the goalline. Wow, people need to learn some basic football so they know what is happening on the field.

  35. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Koetter need yo stop letting Jameis take ALL the blame…he calls the freaking plays. Jameis is trusting the people watching will be able to disect what actually happen in the play soooo the leader in him takes tje blame for the kicking, the drop balls, the wrong routes being run, and did you not see when Jameis said to O.J. he didn’t step up. The same thing he was coaching him up in OTAs.

    The coach had a lot to do with this loss….however I still love all my BUCS they are going to be a team to be reckoned with…IF they can stay healthy.

    So all you fickled, fair-weathered fans who don’t realize their are 31 other teams

  36. LakeLand Says:

    So Jameis throws 46 passes and Doug Martin get 13 carries, despite getting 5-6 yards a pop. Dirk Koetter will live and die by the pass, he’s a pass happy play caller.

  37. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    31 other pro teams who at any given game can win or lose! The Bucs is a rising team who like the other.

  38. sappy Says:

    I think we saw the problem during Hard Knocks. Jameis was begging Koetter to tell him how to fix his problems and Koetter’s response was, Don’t make dumb mistakes. He’s 24, he needs coaching. Explicit detailed coaching. That play would have been perfect for Jameis to stare down Evans and Howard and then get the ball to DJax on the right.

  39. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis has had excellent coaching college and NFL….assuming Lovie didn’t coach Jameis…I want to see Jameis to the little things….on a consistent basis….back the boring throws !

  40. NFLNut Says:

    Koetter said Jameis executed it perfectly but that OJ was on the wrong page … if you’re going to blame someone, it’s either Koetter for the call or OJ … not Jameis … obviously

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree and that will come in time. Jameis is young and he’ll get there. But Jameis did enough to win, and so did 51 other Bucs. The 53’rd man and the head coach trusting him is what lost the game. It’s cut and dry. I think we should cast blame where it belongs and not on Jameis. He did his job well enough last night and so did 51 other guys.

  42. mike10 Says:

    Sappy, Koetter told him not to do too much. That he’s got more talent than he’s used to, to take advantage of the mismatches and not to force balls into double and triple coverage (i.e. the almost pick to Mike Evans).

  43. Dreambig Says:

    I was frustrated with Jameis for 3 qtrs as well but when the pats were about to score with <4 mins left, there was no doubt in my mind Jameis was going to put them in a position to score. And he did, twice. Unfortuently the missed FG at the end of the game was the absolute killer. Pats only scored 1 TD last night and their kicker did the rest. Jameis was not perfect. He was not necessarily even good for 3 qtrs but its pretty nice to know that if you give Jameis 3 minutes at the end of the game he is going to make it interesting. Give him time and more coaching. He may never be top 5 elite, ever, but he is damn good enough to win with. Both Trent Dillfer and Brad Johnson have super bowl rings and they never came with in a mile of being elite QBs.

  44. Jimmy T Says:

    I hope Jameis leaves this town. This town doesn’t deserve a QB of his caliber. There are at least 26 NFL teams that would live to have him. I hope he leaves after 5 years

  45. Dreambig Says:

    Hey BigMac, I agree with you! Well just look at that!!!

  46. Its_A_Tough_Buc_Life Says:

    Two Pro bowl caliber LB’s were out, TJ Ward was out. Vernon Hargreaves played awful all night. Tom Brady picked our defense apart. Jameis played 3 awful quarters. The play calling was horrible on both sides of the ball. ME13 was nowhere to be found at times. We were getting gashed for big runs. Folk choked time and time again… Demar Dotson had the biggest bonehead play ever on the last drive… And yet, we only gave up 19 points and had a chance to beat the super bowl champs on the last play of the game. At times I felt demoralized last night. But we aren’t as bad as it seems. Chin up boys.

  47. darin Says:

    Jameis isnt there yet. We all hope he gets there tho. Ive been saying all year and past years he just never looks relaxed back there. I wouldnt be either with those big guys coming but the great qbs are. That last play was a perfect example. He had nobody near him. He could have had another 10 seconds for all we know. He feels a rush thats not there at times. Throwing the ball early for the most part. Anyway i hope it clicks for him soon. The bigger issue for me is dirks play calling. Jameis is better when he gets the ball out fast. Why run all these routes that taake 3 seconds to develop. Ive been crying out loud for a slant to djax all season. We saw how that went. We saw how the draw play to quiz went against giants. 2 biggest plays of the season. Why the hell doesnt he call a few more? N how about a no huddle approach in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd quarter sometime when we cant move the ball against a terrible defense? Jameis obviously thrives in those, when things speed up. Cmon dirk I know youre football smarter than me, lets start seeing it. We dont need these games coming down to the kicker, whoever that is gona be. More creativity dirk. Pleeeeease. We need a few more 3rd down conversions so dougie can get more than 13 carries when he is en fuego. So many good performances wasted last night. Lets show up to the next one with all the plays in the mix. Go Bucs

  48. Mike Johnson Says:

    Maybe I need glasses. But jameis Overthrows, underthrows. back shoulder throws a LOT!! HE issed Jackson wide open for a TD. He missed the tight end a couple times wide open. I’s say he missed about 10 open throws last night. Am I wrong? He’s gotta improve on his accuracy. On the other side? Brady was hummin a gospel tune with amendola. What did he have like 15 straight completions..effortlessly? Jameis goes to work late in the game. But when you are 2 or 3 scores behind, that is insurmountable..to much of a deficit. Now, he’s due for a good game. We shall see in AZ.

  49. Jimmy T Says:

    Would u rather have Carson Palmer? How about Marcus Mariotta? You blow on him and he gets hurt? Has Jameis missed a game yet in his career? I know he’s not perfect but he is a winner. This franchise was horrible when he arrived and every win since he has been year would not have occurred if he was not our QB. What about last week? Who was responsible for that win? Just be careful what u wish for. What about Cam Brate dropping the TD pass that was right in his stomach? That’s when folk missed the 31 yard FG after he dropped it.I don’t hear any of you talking about that! Unreal that u think Jameis is not the present and future of this franchise .

  50. Grt2 Says:

    Man why so much dang negativity about Jameis. I’m trying to cover for him he did leave some throws on the field. But you guys expect perfection news flash fair weather fans it’s the NFL it’s tough. Week in week out it’s pretty much a toss up. Jameis put us in a position to win. Was it his fault Hargreaves was getting picked on all night, was the critical Brate td drop his fault, the multiple drops his fault, the bad penalty by Marpet not snapping the ball with the 10 sec run off his fault, o yea how about 3 missed field goals that must of been Jameis fault as well.

  51. Grt2 Says:

    Well said Jimmy these idiots don’t understand NFL football. The Packers have only had 2 and yes I said 2 QB’s in 20 plus years and both are first ballot hall of famers. And the Packers have only won 2 Super Bowls in that time. So stop with this Jameis should’ve already figured this out crap. It’s the NFL Man it’s a tough league.

  52. REAL Says:

    In my opinion I think JW rushes on plays is because he doesn’t totally trust our O-LINE I mean his first 2 years the poor guy was scrambling for dear life back there i mean I think he got accustomed to it that’s just my opinion

  53. Rod Munch Says:

    Grt2 – the Winston bashers are just like 3 people with different accounts, that’s why they all say the same boring hack stuff over and over again. They literally don’t have any understanding of how football works – when receivers are in the wrong place/run the wrong route, they’re extremely low IQ dullards that should be openly mocked as they’re incapable of saying anything interesting or the least bit thoughtful, so rather than try to engage these dopes just come up with creative insults that will make it through the Joe Bucs rated G filters.

  54. MikeDeemis Says:


    Why is no one criticizing the poor PLAY CALLING that happened throughout the game???

    You’re driving to take the lead during the game, have solid momentum… you end up with a 3rd and 3… the call? Throw a low percentage deep ball to Jackson down the right side line! That’s just IDIOTIC. Koetter and company should learn a thing or two from Belichick… you play THE MATH… the PERCENTAGES. On a 3rd and 3 you play for the first down with underneath stuff or a higher percentage matchup. Absolutely idiotic to go for a deep ball on 3rd down with the potential to kill your drive and force a punt.

  55. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @ Disappointed – We just played super bowl champs, Jameis had an unusually off night, and our kicker went 0-3 and yet we still could and should have won. You are just being negative. They are 2-2 and would be 3-1 if we had an NFL caliber kicker. Just give up football if you think we suck because we lost to the team that won the Super Bowl last year.

  56. ben Says:

    Winston who has great receivers has an nfl qb rating of 26 while M.M. is rated as 6th . Excuses for Winston are getting old.

  57. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Jimmy T…Don’t diss on Carson Palmer. I’ve seem him in games where he’s like 25 for 31. Yes, he’s old and one hit awqay from retirement. But he can still beat you badly. And has been doing it to team over the last 3 or 4 yrs despite his age. I watch AZ a lot because of my daughters husband who is from AZ. Our defense is going to have even a better game than we did against the Pats to beat them. Pressure Palmer consistently and he falls apart. But given time, He’ll be in the week top 3 QB’s review! Very winnable game for our Bucs on the road.