Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Panthers

October 29th, 2017

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The unthinkable is sinking in, dark and scary.

By next weekend, the Bucs could be four games out of first place in the NFC South, hopelessly out of playoff consideration midway through the season.

You can only imagine the disappointment of the Glazers Sunday as they departed their suite for the elevator down to the carport at Raymond James Stadium. They began the year thinking they owned a franchise on the rise behind a franchise quarterback.

On a blustery day in Tampa, those beliefs are now in question. Here’s 10 reasons why:

* If you lose and you’re exciting, fans and media will cut you some slack. That wasn’t the case in today’s game — which offered zero entertainment value. Fans sat on their hands, waiting for a reason to stand and cheer. They’re still waiting.

* I’m still waiting for a balanced offense, you know, the kind Dirk Koetter directed in 2015 to a franchise record for total yardage. In a game that was close most of the way, Tampa Bay ran 22 times and Jameis Winston dropped back to pass on 41 occasions. Carolina’s ratio was 31 runs, 32 throws.

* In Koetter’s defense, the running game continues to fizzle. Doug Martin had no rushing lanes in the opening half, often hit in the backfield. But it’s also true that Martin isn’t making the initial defender miss, a characteristic of his two Pro Bowl seasons. May I suggest that Peyton Barber deserves to emerge from the shadows. After gaining 47 yards in 10 carries against Chicago in the opener, Barber has only two rushing attempts in six games. Give the kid a chance.

* This team takes way too long to find its offensive rhythm. The Bucs have scored only 88 points through the first three quarters, then they’ve tacked on 60 points in the final 15 minutes. Some of those are garbage points in games that were out of hand. Good teams impose their will from the start.

* Here’s another example why some stats can be misleading. On the season, the Bucs have been outgained by an average of only 10 yards per game and outscored by only three points per game. Who cares? The last time I checked, Tampa Bay is firmly in the division cellar. End of story.

* There are times when a team generates an effective pass rush, even if the sack total doesn’t reflect the pressure. Getting quarterbacks out of their comfort zone is critical, even if you don’t put them on the ground, But there’s no way Mike Smith can suggest there was heat on Cam Newton when the Bucs didn’t even register a single QB hit. That’s correct, zeroes across the board.

* Kendell Beckwith may have hit the rookie wall. He hasn’t made many notable stops the past two weeks since shifting back to the strong side upon Kwon Alexander’s return to the middle. All that said, he’s still going to be a heck of a player.

* In the past two weeks, the Bills and Panthers have combined to convert 18-of-33 third-down situations. That’s why Mike Smith was reaching for the Maalox Sunday evening, even though his defense played well enough to win.

* According to Koetter, the brisk northwest wind was a contributing factor in Winston’s struggles as he posted a passer rating of 49.2, his lowest mark in the past 19 games. For me, the answer is blowing in the wind — Winston hasn’t progressed to the degree Buc fans expected in his third season under Koetter’s guidance.

* If the Bucs lose at the Superdome, it might be wise to sit Winston until he’s fully healthy and able to practice during the week. Winston’s long-term health is a top priority and the Glazers may remind Koetter and Jason Licht of exactly that if the New Orleans matchup doesn’t go well.

84 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Panthers”

  1. Make America Brate Again Says:

    Remember Koetter’s metaphor people! Playing football is like launching a rocket. Most of the work is done beforehand. This season though, the rocket blew up before we got off the ground!

  2. FR Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOO I get it now its because he’s not 100 percent healthy that he is regressing ok I understandnow. Hmmmm so what was the problem year 1 and 2 OOOOOOO he was a rookie still learning. Next year it will be ?

  3. SB Says:

    Hargreaves looked WAY better today while in Press Coverage vs 10 yards off.

  4. FR Says:

    I see NFL teams winning with less weapons every Sunday. At some point its gonna be hard to explain why a team with so many weapons cant generate a winning offense. But like always they will just look at the stats and forget.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    Agree with everything…. especially the part regarding Winston expecting to be further along…. Dirk isn’t the guy that will get Winston to that next level…. The team for that matter… Teams losing confidence…. Heads are about to roll…. GO BUCS!!!

  6. Jimmyjack Says:

    SB I agree………Is this evidence that our coaches were hindering him by playing him in soft coverage so much? Also wrong by playing him in slot against BUF only to see his replacement give up the basic game winning play?

    My answer is yes.

  7. Jimmyjack Says:

    Hey Dirk the 1989 Buccaneers called……..They want their identity back.

  8. Season Is Over Says:

    Why not bring up the scapegoat “Swaggy” outplaying the Sixteen Million Dollar Man?

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    In 2015 the team was being lead by Lovie…. We all know he wanted to run the ball… That’s the only reason why the offense was balanced that year…. This year and last year the run game has been nonexistent and abandoned….GO BUCS!!!

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    The defense is doing very little, you’re down by 7 points, the offense is finally moving the ball a bit and you have it to the Carolina 40 and on 4th and 2…. you punt the ball.

    Dirk does this every week – he did it against Buffalo, he did it against the Pats, on 4th and short at the other teams 40, instead of going for it, trying to sustain a drive and get some points, he punts the ball.

    Here’s a hint Dirk – stop coaching scared and use those offensive weapons, in particular when your defense either isn’t stopping the other team or needs rest. It’s worth taking the shot on 4th and short since the opposing team is probably going to score anyways.

    Dirk is just not head coaching material. He was a great offensive coordinator and he should have stayed one since the Bucs never should have fired Lovie – and it’s not a love for Lovie, it’s about giving your OC more than a year to work with your franchise QB. Now we have a team with no offensive coordinator because the head coach does that and he’s clearly overmatched week in and week out. There’s a reason why Dirk was approaching 60 and was never a head coach at the NFL.

  11. NJBucsFan Says:


    There isn’t much more I can say. I had high hopes for Kotter but now I’m growing concerned.

  12. Jimmyjack Says:

    813…….And everybody want to bash the run game based on straight statistics.

    There is a reason announcers use the term “establish the run” and it’s not just because they like to hear themselves talk.

    Meanwhile we are subjected to more garbage game planning where we let the Panthers establish their pass rush.

  13. Joeypoppems Says:

    There are reports out there that Winston could have a slight tear in his rotator cuff and could need offseason surgery. No idea if that is true or not but if it is them shut him down now.

  14. Jimmyjack Says:

    Hey Rod Munch……..I’m glad you brought up part of the game where we were down 7. Because that first TD is an ongoing issue with these team. We have not been able to get goal line stops on this team since before Lovie Smith got here.

    We are just as awful with our goal line offence which is why Dirk try’s to throw on 2nd and 1……..He knows he can’t get 1 yard on two play consistently.

    If this coaching staf(just like the last one) can’t figure out how to play goal line football it’s evidence they don’t know how to contend in this league.

    I love yards as much as anybody. But sometimes football games boil down to one freaking yard so you better be able to get it. John Gruen knew things like that and didn’t allow for it. We couldn’t get that yard with Dungy. Grudge not came in and put together a jumbo package.

    Listen to that guy on ESPN and he brings up the fact of how much pride players take in that one yard. Dirk doesn’t get it and it doesn’t take two, or god forbid, three seasons to figure out how to get one yard. Dirk is an OC with a good playbook and same with Smith. The talent on this team deserves a good HC.

  15. Jim Says:

    I thought the corners played better than what was expected.

  16. Ndog Says:

    Anyone who actually watched this game and blames coaching has no idea what they are talking about. Why does everyone have to have an agenda? Just say it like it is that day! Arizona it was no effort and coaching. Buffalo was tackling and blown coverages. Today Jameis played like crap and we had some drops to make it worse. The Patriots it was kicking. Why do the same people blame the same pepole every week? It is clear it is not one thing or one person but everyone wants their prediction to be right so they keep saying the same crap over and over. Last week I defended Jameis cause he played well this week I ripped him cause he flat sucked what is that so hard?

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    If I said to you that if your team and it can be any team,
    Doesn’t have the talent to rush the qb or stop the run.
    And they also had marginal talent in the secondary…

    This can’t be a suprise to anyone can it?

  18. BrianBucs Says:

    The overall talent level of this team may be severely overrated

  19. denjoe Says:

    I started getting concerned after they moved smith to safety and didn’t learn from that. Then when they didn’t address major needs. When asked about it they acted like, were the football guys the fans and press don’t know sh#t!
    If Jason is so good and gets fired the next Gm would have it easy. The next Gm in fact would/will have his hands full, building a pass rush, secondary and running game ect….

  20. Buc believer Says:

    Sorry Ira but I don’t really give a damn about the Hlazers disappointment! I only care about mine and the thousands of other Buc fans who have and will keep on supporting aka enriching this team it’s players coaches and owners. I pay hard earned money to sit in my seats and watch this garbage every home game for the past 22 years! I’m sick and frighten tired of the same garbage!!!!

  21. Swanee Says:

    Why would you wait till they lose the New Orleans game to sit JW. Makes no sense at this point. Start Fitz now and give him a full week of practice with the starters . He gives the Bucs the best opportunity for a win . If you want to keep JW in there and finish out the season to obtain a high draft pick I am ok with that too.

  22. Jim Says:

    Ira, about that 5-game winning streak you predicted… Listen, this was far from “Unthinkable”, was predictable. Winston was given all the “weapons” this year, but he’s just a very slow learner. We all knew that when he climbed on the table to belt out filthy rap lyrics while under a rape investigation, THEN lied to the Florida State Disciplinary Panel, somehow not realizing THERE ARE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS in the cafeteria. So the idea that if you just load him up with “weapons” he’ll carry the team,..well, that’s just not a good idea…

  23. Jimmyjack Says:

    Ndog we can argue back and forth on it. But you can’t just pin it all on Winston and a few drops.

    Dirk doesn’t go blameless here and if you need a fact then Give him blame I’ll give you one……..End of the 2nd quarter we get the ball back with a chance to score but Dirk blew it. He leaves all three timouts in his back pocket that go unused and wasted because there is only 20 seconds left to play.

    He took an opportunity away from our offence and potential points off the board…….If you don’t call that pisspoor coaching then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  24. Melly Mell Says:

    Ira sucks, the Joes suck and this team sucks……Bucs fans abandon ship quick!! Im hopping on the Pats bandwagon. This team is going no where! I will not listen to a single podcast on this site no longer. This team is trainwreck. Screw them.

  25. grammaticascoins Says:

    they are all talk zero motivation

  26. Ndog Says:

    So your saying the coaching sucked cause they didn’t try to score from our own 20ish yard line with 20 seconds left. Thank you for making my point for me. SMH get a new sport bro.

  27. Captain Big Stick Says:

    I blame hurricane irma

  28. ruggyup Says:

    Do I need reading lessons? Just not hearing nor reading about current adulation for JW’s leadership skills driving this team. Time in grade ultimately reveals the truth. Or, is leadership by example simply exhibiting its painful truth? Send over the psychiatrists for shock treatment on coaches and entire team.

  29. Destinjohnny Says:

    We have 3 good drafts away from being a playoff team

  30. Born again Bucs fan Says:

    The Glazers need to do like Chris Stapleton and Fire Away.

  31. grammaticascoins Says:

    players need to do some soul searching how come when this team has some momentum they fall flat it’s players not coaching is the issue

  32. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I blame licht and his horrible judging of talent, the OL is below average, the DL is non existent, draft an RB, OL, edge rushers not the crap you have done, lichts moves make ZERO sense and my prediction of 7-9 may not hold up

  33. denjoe Says:

    He had a bad game, at the worst possible time! But they aren’t helping him any making him throw 40 passes when he’s not !00% and yes he has flaws but help him out some with some running plays. There is a lot of reasons why this team sucks not just one!

  34. Jimmyjack Says:

    Ndog, your comprehension skills do not help your assessment of the team and they are not going to make anybody think you know what your talking about and we don’t.

    It’s pretty sad actually that I have to explain this so thoroughly for you…….but………timeouts equate directly to the time left on the play clock.
    A common way for an NFL coach to use a timeout is in such a way that allows for his offence to have more time with the ball. If Dirk had used his timeouts wisely he could have given us more then 20 seconds on the last drive of the second half.

  35. JonBuc Says:

    Bucs doing their best to make sure Winston switches to baseball in the next few years. Only half kidding here…

  36. Jimmyjack Says:

    Gameclock***…… not playclock. I didnt mean to confuse you again

  37. BucThis Says:

    6-10 at best. You hear fans chanting “Gruden ” as the left?! Lol

  38. TonyC Says:

    Who cares we go through this nonsense every year. I should of stopped watching in 03. So what’s the plan moving forward? Start playing younger players like Barber, see what you have in Griffin and consider getting rid of players who believe this team is “cursed.”

  39. Jeffbuc Says:

    Melly mell if you can just instantly start liking another team and jump ship then you weren’t a real fan to begin with. A true die hard bucs fan knows we will always watch and suffer and come here to vent our frustration. But I could never just start liking a new team next week. If it were that easy there would only be patriot fans. This team is all I will ever know you root for players you know them by number. You know there prior mistakes you know all there stats in your head. That’s why it is so frustrating. And what makes it worse is turning on other games and watching supposed inferior players running wide open and inferior qbs hitting receivers when they are open. We all want are team to do great and none of us have realized that we are the Cleveland brown of the NFC. Every one else in football America see us as a joke and every week we defend why we are not. Then every Sunday we are on this site wondering why we sucked. We have no talent we have bad coaches and our qb is average. Do you think Houston would trade us straight up Winston for Watson. What about wentz or even goff. We have two players that might get a first round pick in a trade Evans and. Damn even then I couldn’t come up with a second player. Maybe Winston to Cleveland or someone like that. we suck every year we had two good coaches and we fired them. Koetter wouldn’t be offered a head coaching job in this league if we fired him today. He would be an offensive coordinator at best. And Mike smith would have to be a position coach to get a job.

  40. Jimmyjack Says:

    Denjoe, they sure didn’t do Winston any favours with those 40+ passes. The nature of those throws is what bothers me most of all.

    Our generic deep pass attack allowed the Panthers to pin their ears back all day. That works against some team but that’s playing right into the strength of Carolina. I lost faith after the first half and wasn’t surprised when Winston spent the 2nd half running for his life.

  41. Pelbuc Says:

    The Den of Depression, the Museum of Sadness, the Cathedral of Confusion, the Summit of Underachievement, and yet Sucs fans were hoping for competence. Fooled again for many years running. Raheem, Schiano, Lovie and Dirt. The horror show continues. When will it end. Start by firing the GM and get a football guy that knows what he’s doing and clean house before the trade deadline. Winston will never be the answer!

  42. Ndog Says:

    So if we hit on the 3 bombs that were called and not completed then was the coaching still horrible? Or how about the perfect defense called when Evans went behind the receiver instead of playing the ball. You sir have no clue what you are watching but I knew from your first clueless comment. You see I actually watch the games for what they are worth with no agenda unlike yourself, so I am not blinded by what I want to see rather I actually just comment on what actually happened. Watch and learn.

  43. Bird Says:

    See yah later mell mell

    Jump on the patriots bandwagon. What’s true fan

    Let me guess. You like the warriors too

  44. Lamarcus Says:

    Passing is bland. So basic. This team kinda believed it’s own hype. Hard knocks? The wake up call is real. Jw is slightly improved. Keotter got him Blaine gabbert matt Ryan. let him be winston he will be ok as in Vh3 playing press is who he is

  45. Bobby M. Says:

    Winston is hurt….both o-line and d-line are terrible, no running game, defense is meh….If the team were smart, they’d unload McCoy, Martin, Ward, and Jackson….stack up picks and make everyone else play for their jobs. Put Winston on bench or IR to heal.

    Also….I would expect the owners will explore every option before giving Winston $20+ million per yr as THE GUY. We may see a 3rd coach by his 5th yr

  46. Jimmyjack Says:

    Ndog……You need to calm yourself down bro. Your silly insults don’t make you look smarter about football. If you want to battle wits then I’ll give you the W.

    You are an irrational poster to take an argument which was about one specific part of today’s game and your rebuttal has nothing to do with that part of the game at all.

    Look I get it your angry, so am I. But if you are unable to stay on topic then pick a fight with somebody who will go tit for tat with your name calling nonsense……I gave that up several years ago.

    Now, if you wanna debate football then simply explain to me what is so clueless about my first comment. Which was about VHIII. I’m pretty sure I’ll disagree

  47. Bird Says:

    Go to the patriots game

    The bucs played like crap for 1st three quarters and then went off in the 4th quarter So it was good coaching in the 4th quarter?

    When will people understand. It’s not the coaching. the offense goes as Jameis goes. And he is not playing consistent football. Has a good quarter here and then craps the bed.

    Has a good game and everyone calls him americas quarterback. The franchise. Hope he does one day but we are in year 3 and he is making same errors. I mean good quarterbacks would dream to have this talent on offense

  48. Bird Says:

    1 good game out of 4 is unacceptable and not coaching

  49. Jimmyjack Says:

    I thought the coaching sucked badly in that pats game bird.

    What I hated about it was that our defence got us a three and out and a pick against Brady and somehow the Pats manage to totally own the TOP in the first quarter.

    IMO if you get a chance to own TOP against an elite QB you take it.

    Martin was hashing them in that game but we played one dimensional and took the ball out of his hands. I thought it was a horrible attack plan

  50. Ndog Says:

    No name calling just stating that anyone who blames this game on coaching is clueless, if you fall into that camp so be it. Simply put if Jameis plays the way he is capable today we win and everyone including you would not be saying a word about coaching. Now against the Vikings and Arz the coaching sucked but when players are running all over the field wide open and we miss them time and time again that is actually good coaching cause he is getting players open and the players are not doing the job they are paid handsomely to do. I am just sick of people saying the same crap every week like last week people blaming Jameis was idiotic and this blaming coaching is the same!

  51. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its a hard life being a Bucs fan. HARD man!!

  52. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    Rod Munch, that’s a good one…. “The Bucs should’ve never fired Lovie”
    I appreciate a good joke on an otherwise miserable Bucs Sunday

  53. DallasBuc Says:

    Moderate me all you want but your sacred cows are failing you. Oline is embarrassing

  54. BrianBucs Says:

    Very much hate to say it, but through 7 games the best the offense has looked was with Fitz under center. The playcalling was different and the offense ran with more purpose, precision and spark. So why can’t our coaches incorporate that into when Jameis is playing?

  55. DallasBuc Says:

    Donovan Smith? Stop protecting this guy. Horrible

  56. Defense Rules Says:

    Bird, I respectfully disagree … coaching plays a huge role in this whole thing. Jameis isn’t out there ad-libbing for the most part. He has progressions, options, etc. What I saw today was a QB who was just flat-out inaccurate. And even worse, his throws at times were setting his receivers up to get demolished (ie, Hump & Martin & others). His throws were not only off the mark all to often, but they also lacked his usual zip. 2 INTs, 1 fumble, plus the OLine wasn’t doing all that good a job of protecting him (3 sacks allowed today). I’m convinced that he should’ve been on the bench to rest that shoulder.It’s just plain stupid to jeopardize his career when there’s obviously something wrong.

  57. Jimmyjack Says:

    Fair enough Ndog……I will suggest you throw the phrase “I think” into your post when voicing your opinion because it makes your comments sound arrogant.

    Reguarding your opinion of our coaching staff sucking in Minnesota and Arizona I agree and believe they need to get fired. There’s not enough games in a football season to have our coaches sucking from time to time.

  58. DallasBuc Says:

    This football team is sick and bad. Starts with the GM
    Wake the eff up

  59. Ndog Says:

    I’m so sick of this crap every year. I wanted Jameis on this team almost more than any player ever. But now I am even questioning myself cause I am less convinced than ever he’s our guy. He just can’t miss that many players and us have a successful offense. It is so hard to get guys open in this league you can’t afford to miss 5-6 on a game.

  60. Jimmyjack Says:

    Agree Dallas our GM and his posse put their heads together and decided to use the brunt of their money to buy a WR before this year started.

    Call me crazy but WR was the least of our issues. Personally I thought passrush was a bigger issue.

    I think the Glazers need to get to the bottom of who thought Djax was the perfect signing to get us over the top and they need to fire his ass after the season. And maybe they need to fire whoever came up with that idiotic idea and Licht as well for believing it.

  61. Bucs55 Says:

    I think playcalling is predictable expecually going into year 3 into the offense defenses have had time to scheme on us and we have not made any changes and have not added anything to counter to the scheme all we do is play action on most of our pass plays exactly why Jameis is getting hit so much there is no quick routes no cut off routes no hot routes nothing to help the QB out expecually in this age of QB play yes a lot of blame goes to Jameis but most of it goes to our coach for not putting our QB in the best position to win he does not want to adapt and continues to try to run his play book no matter what sometimes that got him fired in Atlanta

  62. Silverhorse32 Says:

    I have read all of these posts today. Not one person has even mentioned the fact that if Jamess had a bad shoulder why is he throwing the ball as much as he is. Does he really have a hurt shoulder? Why would you put your franchise quarterbacks career in jeopardy if it was truly as bad as they say. I tore my rotator cuff playing softball, I know what it feels like to play with a sore shoulder you really can’t do it effectively and are a detriment to your team. Why haven’t there been other posts questioning the same thing. If it’s truly this bad he shouldn’t be playing period. Is Dirk trying to make a point with Jamies?

  63. Jimmyjack Says:

    Bucs55…..agree, we are very predictable.

    I didn’t think we were predictable in 2015 and am starting to believe because it wasn’t Dirks gameplan.

    In 2015 Dirk did a lot of good things with Chuck Sims and he just won’t go back to that. Last year when Martin went down he toyed to keep running Sims as a bell cow type runner and took him three games to quit on that experiment. Now this year we keep seeing Sims line up at slot unable to make plays. I don’t remember seeing Sims in the slot today so hopefully that failed idea is in the past………..Actually I didn’t see him in the game at all today maybe Dirk just gave up on him all together.

    Oh well, we had a few disgruntled players going into the game, one more won’t be too big a deal.

  64. Silverhorse32 Says:

    Sims needs to be released he is a waste of a roster spot.

  65. Ndog Says:

    But guys that’s it we keep saying we don’t have short routes but we do Jameis just doesn’t throw to them. Prime example the first throw today where he threw to DJAX over the linebacker to tall for Djax. He had Martin on the other side of the field wide open about 3 yards down field. Just cause he refuses to throw them doesnt mean there not there. If he would just take what’s there this offense would seem so much better.

  66. Silverhorse32 Says:

    If his shoulder is really hurt then why are they not running the ball more. Donavan Smith needs to take a seat.

  67. Silverhorse32 Says:

    The next BUCS home game give away will be paper bags with eye holes.

  68. gambelero Says:

    OL is the issue. Huge penalties on Smith, Jameis running for his life every play. Fumble on a sack. Interception when his arm was hit. Sacked and hit how many times. Hurried many others, including critical third downs. How many quarterbacks look good when teams consistently get pressure with only 4 rushers.

    Not saying Jameis played well. Kuechly interception totally on him. Overthrow of Evans same, but games turn on small things, dropped passes on third down, penalties that negate a 20 yard scramble, Kuechly’s tremendous tackle from behind on a screen that looked like it would go for 50 yards, missed pass interference inside the 5 yard line, punting on fourth and two at the opponent’s 40.

  69. Jimmyjack Says:

    Ndog…..I think if you read buc55s post he’s talking about a quick slant off the snap or a three step out……..sounds like your talking about a checkdown.

    IMO this offence needs more quick snap plays or three step plays, especially at the start of games because Winston always seems to start off rhythm leading to low scoring first halves.

  70. BucJ Says:

    Quite honestly I don’t have faith in the playcalling, GM, QB, Defense, and coaching. I never played a snap of football or really memorized formations, but when I saw a FB and a RB in the backfield, I go “that’s a run” and 9/10, I was correct. Also, I believe our playbook is extremely shallow. Most teams never use the same play multiple times but Dirk Koetter pulled like 3 receiver screens today and it’s so predictable. Also, JR Sweezy was a terrible signing. Why not put Leonard Wester at LT? I know he’s a RT, but honestly a 3rd grader can block better than DS76. Also, Licht allows for this mediocrity to go on for too long. His Jeremy McNichols pick was a complete dud. And Stevie Tuikolovatu is 26 and is done for the year. Plug in any bucs fan and they can build a better team than Licht. I feel bad for Jameis Winston, he’s an amazing person off the field and I respect him for maturing a lot after being drafted, but let’s face it. He just cannot to reduce his turnover margin. I don’t think he’ll last much longer.

  71. Jimmyjack Says:

    BucJ….Is Winston turnover margin that bad. Maybe I’m wrong, thought it was good coming into today.

    Watching the game I wasn’t surprised that Jamie’s had his worst game because he had a lot more havoc in the backfield then any other game, to me there is a direct correlation between QB pressure and turnover ratio. You could argue it led to his inaccurate passes too.

  72. BucJ Says:

    Jimmyjack, I mean his entire career’s turnover margin was horrendous. But this season he did limit his interceptions, but signs of him being boneheaded was out there. In the preseason, remember when JW3 faced Jacksonville and while he was being pulled down and he threw the ball for grabs and it was almost intercepted? Those plays that he never seemed to give up on almost guaranteed disaster. Today’s game was no different. We’re lucky when Humphries and Doug Martin got POPPED they held onto the ball. Or else that would’ve been 2 turnovers right there. And he threw it into double coverage to Mike Evans. So that meant someone wasn’t covered, but Jameis didn’t find them. But Jameis looked much better this season, but too many turnover “sprinkles” for a 3rd year QB

  73. LakeLand Says:

    The fans had high hopes for the Bucs this season. And as usual, they failed the fans with poor play.

  74. NFLNut Says:




    You nutjobs live week-2-week and make yourselves look like idiots.

    No one cares that Favre had some of the worst single games in NFL history, filled with insane throws, crazy fumbles, tons of picks, wild inaccuracy, etc., etc., etc … what people remember is that Favre loved football, loved his teammates, would play through anything, and when he was “on”, was absolutely dominant … all the same things can be said about JW through his first 2.5 years in the league and JW is building a great legacy … and you idiots are missing enjoying it … I feel bad for all of you.


  75. Tbbucs3 Says:

    YES NFLnut^^^^

    Bucs fans especial Joebucs fans are the most in the moment type of fans the the nfl. Last week it was fire Mike Smith , week before it was bench Vernon Hargreaves and now it’s bench Winston even though he has a hurt shoulder and gets 0 help from offensive play calling.

    The things that have been consistent throughout this 2-5 season so far is a bland lack of pass rush and awful play calling. Dirk has been the primary issue on offense there is no excuse for having such a loaded offense and no being able to do jack squat with it. Playcalling on 1st Down always consist of a predictable under center run with below average Doug Martin. We never catch the defense off guard the always know what’s coming because our offense belongs in Hillsborough county high school football.

    Dirk is too scared of turnovers to call plays and relies way too much on Doug Martin who clearly is not the same player he used to be. Open it up and be agressive, that’s when we actually move the ball and score. Today all of our plays were based out of fear of Luke Keachly.

  76. Season Is Over Says:

    In the moment? It didn’t take the Eagles a decade to rebuild. Why aren’t they done by Halloween? Maybe it is their kindhearted fans.

  77. Bucsfan107 Says:

    We need the in season fire of a hc this year we made a mistake pull the plug just line up someone new that way they get time to actually work with the players the rest of the season since in the off season they won’t get enough time don’t bring Arians he is a joke bring back gruden or anyone that may have something to prove it sucks but the truth is the carry a big stick only lasted half a season not very good we need a hc that knows how to get the best out of these players winston included he looks horrible this season and needs help as with most of our star players

  78. Bucraybolt Says:

    I would love to see an episode of the Bucs on Hard Knocks now!

  79. Clw JB Says:

    Its coaching plain and simple – how about we go 3 TE 1 WR again and run off right gaurd – he did it 5 times for no gain – just one example – why throw for one yd on 3rd 8 to the slowest smallest WR

    7 step drops 15 times against top 3 D

    The players see it up close and they have thrown in the towel

    It’s so obvious

  80. Ed Schwartz Says:

    If any of you watched the Seahawks-Texans game after the Buc garbage had been thrown out, you saw exactly what quarterbacks that can give their receivers a chance to catch the ball can do.

    Russell Wilson threw 2 or 3 deep balls in the last 5 minutes of the game that were not overthrows or underthrows, he allowed Baldwin, who isn’t in the class of Mike Evans to get position and jump up for catches 35 to 40 yards downfield.

    Russell Wilson wasn’t even a first round pick but like a Joe Montana, he has learned to run an offense like a pro. In the last minute of the game he had complete command of the offense.

    On the other side of the ball, rookie quarterback Watson is making amazing throws. I believe he was overlooked by many teams in need of quarterbacks. When I watched him play at Clemson I could see a QB with great mechanics who knew where to go with the ball.

    Winston had all the hype coming out of college, neither of these guys were considered “elite” but they know how make the right reads and get the ball to where their playmakers can make plays.

    How many times does Winston throw balls where Jackson or Evans can make a play. Most of Evans catches yesterday he was sliding on the ground or falling backwards. He ran a beautiful fly pattern, was so wide open and the ball not catchable. Jackson had beat the coverage was behind secondary and another ball that isn’t delivered on time.

    Most of the other quarterbacks in the NFL hit wide open guys, our QB can only throw to a designated spot and thats fine when you aren’t near the red zone but once you get into the red zone you have to throw the ball where the receiver is, not to a spot. Winston doesn’t make adjustments on the way he throws. Very mechanical, slow delivery and locks into plays instead of reading the field. Panicky?

  81. Jim Says:

    I agree with Ed. And actually, I think Tampa Bay has put far too much on Jameis, and unfairly. His presser after this game was sad…

  82. Bucsfanman Says:

    PRE-DICT-A-BLE! That’s our offense in a nutshell. Absolutely ZERO creativity with a roster full of talent.
    I cannot believe how bad our pass-rush is! We might as well convert all our d-lineman to LBs and put 4 cardboard cut-outs in their place!

  83. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    As a longtime Tampa area resident and Bucs fan, of course I want our team to win, but I will say this.
    JBF is a lot more entertaining, when we lose.

  84. Paydah Sudawaka Says:

    Ok, are the Glazers coaching the team?? It sure looks like it. I have seen in the past great players get drafted to a team that then attempts to reshape the player to become something totally different from what they were in college. It has ruined many a player. Donovon Mcnabb is a perfect example. First years in the NFL coaches tried to turn him into a throwing QB instead of a running QB. He was terrible. Then someone got the brilliant idea of letting him do what he did best. Boy, was he fun to watch. Robert Griffin III is another example. He was great but trying to rebuild him ruined him. In both cases it was because of the coaching. I am not saying this is what they are trying to do to Jameis Winston,but I will say ths; if they have franchise players on the field together and are completely failing at making something happen it falls on the coaching. End of story.
    38 years of watching and hoping and waiting always thinking of next season being the season over here in N. Ca. is just a little bit harder. I didn’t even meet another Buccaneer fan until the new uniforms came out. The butt of so many Raider and Forty-niner jokes I could put together an Encyclopedia set. What I have seen put together for this season is absolutely beautiful. With the starters that make up our offense thie offense could andshould be as good as our 2002 defense was in comparison.We have Hall of Fame players on both sides of the ball. But it’s like every player has their own coach and all the coaches are keeping they’re playbook a secret from the others. C’mon man!!