Trades, Trap Lineups, Midseason Draft Review, Ezekiel Elliott Update & Much More

October 27th, 2017

Midway point of the season and Todd has advice for you in many areas. Especially if you are sitting there staring at your record and your roster and convincing yourself that you need to make a trade. No, Todd tells you why in this podcast.

Also, many of you this week are falling into the trap of getting too cute or creative with your lineup. Don’t do that either. Todd also reviews the preseason draft boards and goes player by player to see what actually happened through these first seven weeks. Honestly, it is pretty ugly as most of those Top 60 were simply not worth where you drafted them. So if you feel unlucky this year, join the club. You have more company than you think. However, you are more likely to make the playoffs than you think.

Also, Todd has this week’s Ezekiel Elliott update and speaks openly to you owners who are worried Elliott’s suspension starts next week. Todd owns Elliott, got him at a bargain draft position, and tells you why you should not complain if that happens. The timing isn’t bad for fantasy owners. Again, Todd answers all of your fantasy questions personally at And if you are a member of a private golf club, Todd makes a nice choice for your next member-guest event and will NEVER be accused of slow play.

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