“It’s Almost Like He Doesn’t Understand The Blitz Is Happening”

October 5th, 2017

Skewered by former offensive lineman

Getting dissected in the film room by a three-time Pro Bowl center didn’t turn out well for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston this week.

Check out this cut from Playbook on NFL Network.

It’s former Giants and Browns center Shaun O’Hara carving up Jameis for being clueless on two blitzes by the Giants last Sunday — blitzes O’Hara characterized as “remedial.”

“It’s almost like he doesn’t understand the blitz is happening,” O’Hara explains while going through the Xs and Os.

In both film breakdowns, O’Hara claims Jameis is locked in on Mike Evans, subsequently screwing him up.

Joe’s not disagreeing with O’Hara at all, except Jameis overall is strong versus the blitz. He has been through most of his career. Hopefully, this is a quick, four-day fix by The Franchise.

31 Responses to ““It’s Almost Like He Doesn’t Understand The Blitz Is Happening””

  1. Alex Says:

    Did anyone else hear Ronde Barber say in the telecast that the Bucs don’t have hot routes for blitzes? Not sure how that’s possible in this day and age. At least twice the Giants brought all out blitzes and Jameis had no alternative but to throw it away.

  2. mark Says:

    Great analysis, those were both 3 and 10 plays and dumping it off means you are punting. Should Jameis be that aggressive, probably not but throwing in “remedial” is damn lazy and borderline insulting. Especially when Jameis historically is pretty good handling the blitz.

  3. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    That’s the one thing that will hold this offense and subsequently Jameis from reaching their potential, zeroing in on Mike Evans wayyy too often and mistakes being made because of it. Almost every time he forces the ball to ME13 their is somebody open on the other side of the field. I understood why he did it the past 2 seasons, the rest of the receiving corps was garbage. But they’re aren’t any more excuses to force the ball to Mike. In between the game vs ATL in last year’s season opener & the game vs PHIlly, where he had like 4 or 5 touchdowns each game, I know he’s capable to spreading the rock. He just has to do it

  4. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Yea, I saw that garbage…some analizers analogies are part true but more specific its Jameis trashing…

    Jameis definitely understands and sees blitzes but just like the other 31 QB’s he gets hit sometime. It is too simple to find those few times and analyze them to make your point.

    Another unbias guru may show how well Jameis does against the blitz.
    All depends on what is driving your narrative.

  5. Pistol Pete Says:

    I have noticed he is staring down receivers far more this season than last season. It’s weird because he has multiple targets .v last year. Hoping he gets more time in the pocket and can get through his progressions and make a decision….once that clicks it’s going to be awesome!

  6. Gencoimports Says:


    I remember that comment by Barber – I think he meant there were no hot routes for the particular play.

  7. darin Says:

    Yeah and it looks at times like its spot on. Im still confused as to why we have no quick slants goin on. It seems to me like a good way to get djax and evans some qucik hits to get in rhythm and some yac. Maybe tonights the night. That patsie pass d looks awful. Go Bucs

  8. unbelievable Says:

    @Alex I head that too and was pretty much dumbfounded if that is true. Jameis is best running a no huddle with reads and hot routes.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Alex, I heard the same comment by Barber. And I came away totally puzzled for 2 reasons: (1) Ronde should know as well as anyone whether we do or don’t; and (2) IF we don’t, does that maybe explain why I’m seeing so few dump-offs to the backs this year compared to last 2 years?

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Winston is one of the best in the league at avoiding, moving, scrambling and improvising while keeping eyes downfield and throwing on the run. Stats back up that statement.

    Bring the blitz often Belicheat – I dare you!

  11. LongSeason Says:

    Jameis is good at handling blitz. That is something that he does very well.Part of it is his ability to move around and extend a play. I think if it is right that the Bucs don’t have hot routes then that is a problem. I can imagine Humphries on a hot route, Brate and Sims, too.

  12. Getaclue Says:

    New York players bashing Jamie’s when NY loses he throws no picks over 300 yards and multiple touchdowns. Think it’s going to be a shoot out tonight

  13. buc15 Says:

    We either have hot routes or hot reads for the blitz. Com’on man

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    omg 2 bad plays omg

  15. BucsFan90 Says:

    Who the fook is shaun ohara?

  16. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Ah, recognize the blitz and react. One upon a time there was a QB who reacted quickly when the saw the blitz on 3rd and 10. He skillfully dumped it off to his checkdown target or threw the ball out of bounds. He got the completion for a 4th and 6 and his team lost the game. He went on to CHI to get benched in Week 4.

    I think Jameis is just fearless; not saying that’s always good. But we know he will hold on to the ball and try to make a play.

  17. JJBucFan Says:

    Didn’t Sean O’Hara play for the Giants? Bet he still bleeds Blue. Just saying’ Anyone who watches the game knows that Alex above is correct about no hot routes or WR not recognizing the blitz and screwing Jameis by running up field. Makes him look like he doesn’t understand the blitz.. more reason for the Haters to Hate!!


    Joe… Was my comment too offensive to be shown or what?

  19. NFLNut Says:

    Jameis was #1 in the entire NFL against the blitz last year … me thinks O’Hara is a loon

  20. Not there yet Says:

    Winston stares down all of his receivers not just Evans, guess you can’t work on that in the off-season

  21. ben Says:

    Winston may be a good leader but as an accurate qb,not so much…Look at the nfl qb ratings

  22. pick6 Says:

    it’s possible (not saying it’s true, i honestly don’t have enough info to say) that Jameis can be both bad at recognizing blitzes and good at handling them. It would indicate that his pocket presence is ahead of the curve and that his pre snap recognition needs improvement. I was at the game so i didn’t hear the ronde comment about hot routes but the fact that there apparently wasn’t one on the blitz in question would support the notion that Jameis did not recognize the blitz and adjust the call accordingly.

    whether true or not, the kid is 23 and leading his team to W’s despite having alot he can improve on, so i’m encouraged regardless

  23. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree…2 plays is a small sample size to call someone “remedial”…if I aint mistaken didn’t they blitz on the play Winston hit brate for the game winner?…GO BUCS!!!

  24. Bradinator Says:

    There might be a little something to this. I thought I noticed Jameis missing blitzers on a couple of plays and not adjusting for it. He is good at avoiding the pass rush but there is difference between avoiding a blitz rush and diagnosing the blitz before it happens AND adjusting accordingly. I’m not convinced he is there yet.

  25. Big Stinky Says:

    Would normally jump in and talk chit but today is NOT the day to rag on Winston. Have to say he played well last week and hope he does tonight too. It”s probably just as much the WR”s fault for not breaking off their route. Guess they have to be on the same page anyway for it to work. Hard to believe that is even happening but any quick pass would probably get less than 10 yards anyway. Beat the Pat”s! Playoffs or Bust! Go BUCS!

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I heard Ronde say it, and it must be true. Why else would he say it ?

  27. Big Stinky Says:

    BTW! I don’t expect to win tonight. Think maybe Pat”s 42 Bucs 34 and Brady throws for another 5 TD”s and 400+ yards. Can’t wait to get Kwon and LVD back!

  28. grafikdetail Says:

    it was funny because the studio put on the screen jameis was 90+ passer rating when blitzed right when he was saying that crap…

  29. Buc68 Says:

    He picked out the two blitzes that got home. I was actually shocked by those plays because he’s usually automatic against the blitz. The giants blitzed in nearly every passing situation. For all of Winstons faults he’s been exceptional against the blitz dating back to college. So much so I am shocked people still do it so much. I’ve always felt he struggled more against teams who force him to be patient.

  30. Gambelero Says:

    First, I thought the two Barbers had an ESPY-worthy game, really tremendous. Three things Ronde said in particular stood out to me: No hot reads/routes by the receivers (noted several times above). The comment during the two minute drive “I’ve seen Jameis many times over the last couple of seasons. This is when he’s best. Much better here than when he gets plays from the sidelines.” Refusing to take the 10 second runoff and using a timeout which came very close to costing us 3 points. And not challenging what was clearly a fumble and a recovery by Conte.

    I’ve been really surprised by the lack of attention to the unchallenged fumble.

  31. Gambelero Says:

    Okay. So that was four things not three.