Understanding Fan Rage In September, Decimated Defense, Koetter & Jameis Decisions, Some Positives & More

September 25th, 2017

Win or lose (and man, the Bucs sure did lose),  Joe looks at a bunch of things Bucs fans might not be considering. Joe’s booming podcast network continues to thrive! Monday Morning Joe is presented by Lakeland Automall  & Discount Garage Doors, Inc. Joe will be serving up deeper insight into key topics and deliver fresh takes in the podcast. And as the podcast evolves, Joe also will get a little personal and there will be loads of fun and insider stuff mixed in.

Monday Morning Joe is now available on iTunes and at Google Play. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Understanding Fan Rage In September, Decimated Defense, Koetter & Jameis Decisions, Some Positives & More”

  1. Cash rules Says:

    You sound like a newborn baby. Here’s some simalac
    So you posted 4 times today the same basic thing: you don’t like negativity after a loss. Got it. –Joe

  2. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Nice podcast, Joe.

    Regarding the finding a unified approach and message to be sending to the NFL vs the kneel… I agree, but the big issue here is that this is an INDIVIDUAL’s expression of freedom to stand or kneel. They don’t have to explain anything to anybody, other than what they personally believe. That being said, from a PR perspective and trying to explain to fans what they believe will go a long way in helping folks empathize with what they are feeling. If you remember last year when Mike Evans kneeled, he really didn’t have a great explanation of WHY he was doing it and resumed standing after thinking it over a bit more. This issue will certainly evolve as the season progresses.

    But kudos to you Joes, for treating this issue with respect and not shoving personal beliefs down people’s throats.

  3. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    Great work Steve!

  4. unbelievable Says:

    @bucsfaninchina that last part nailed it.

    I watched multiple players, coaches and even some owners speak eloquently and passionately yesterday about their stance and their issues with the what was said by mr. orange.

    But I hear Evans speak and he still doesn’t explain his viewpoint well. Same as last time, he sounds uninformed compared to a lot of these other guys. That’s not a good look.

    People should also recognize they still had their hands on the hearts. That is not disrespect. They were not sitting with their backs turned or staying in the tunnel.

  5. Trevor in Orlando Says:

    Great podcast Joe. I appreciate the POV that just because we express frustration at a loss, doesn’t make us any less of fans.