The Calamities Continue

September 10th, 2017

The list grows

Think about the bizarre situations the Buccaneers’ last three head coaches went through.

And now it’s Dirk Koetter’s turn.

First, it was Raheem Morris, whose inaugural offensive coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski, literally didn’t know how to be a playcaller and was fired after a few preseason games. The Jagodzinski mess was one of the great WTFs in the history of professional sports.

Raheem’s defensive coordinator? You remember Jim Bates, he was fired midway through the season when the Bucs’ brass realized they hired him for a defense for which they did not have the personnel.

Enter Greg Schiano. As his second season was about to kick off in 2013, Schiano’s franchise quarterback inexplicably went mental and never recovered. And all that went down as MRSA infected the Buccaneers locker room and Schiano’s All-Pro guard, Carl Nicks, was the lead casualty.

Welcome, Lovie Smith. The Bucs opened the 2014 preseason in Minnesota and hours later, Jeff Tedford, Lovie’s handpicked offensive coordinator, nearly died and never returned.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

((And no, Joe’s not counting the mind-numbing stupidity of signing Josh McCown to start at quarterback, cutting Darrelle Revis and Michael Bennett, and not signing a significant free agent after a 10-win season.))

And now the spotlight falls on Dirk Koetter. Last week, his team was a darling playoff pick around the NFL as the season was about to kickoff. And then a hurricane blew out the season opener and wiped out the Bucs’ bye week. And then the same damn hurricane will disrupt the team’s week of practice and preparation for a de facto, Week 2 opening day.

The Bucs were scheduled to return to work/practice on Tuesday. There is simply no way that will happen now with many players scattered around the country.

Koetter spoke in July on the Ira Kaufman Podcast about mind games/motivation of players and how much effort he puts into it. (18:45 of the audio linked here.) Fantastic stuff. Koetter knows he has to get through to players and puts in the work to find just the right touch.

Raheem needed a lot of time to right his ’09 mess. Greg Schiano and Lovie Smith failed to overcome their adversity.

The challenge in front of Koetter now is immense. He’s got to find a way to keep his team focused amidst real distractions, not the cream puff kind delivered by Hard Knocks.

If the Bucs get off a strong start to this season, then Koetter will be worthy of every accolade thrown his way.

18 Responses to “The Calamities Continue”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Don’t worry Joe – Its da Bears we are playing.

    Our talent runs circles around theirs. Just show up at RayJay rarin’ to go next Sunday Buccaneers. Practice or no practice we gonna woop some Chicago ass.

  2. bucnut2 Says:

    Stay safe and dry Joe’s

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I was literally just thinking about how all these things. Team seems so snakebit. Although one could argue, the Raheem staff hirings were the result of Raheem and Dominik’s inexperience.

  4. bucs_kg21 Says:

    It really is unbelievable the stuff we have seen over the last decade here. I just died remembering the whole Tedford thing and then fans showing up in hazmat suits during that nationally televised game. Unprecedented calamities for a decade straight.

    But now we have Koetter who is a different breed than the last 3 knucklehead coaches who i trust to push us through this mess. Jameis leading the charge not giving a damn about circumstances certainly helps.

    Its LiTiRilla season and we don’t need a bye. LETS GO!!

  5. Guzzie Says:

    Pickgrin….if they just show up, they will lose, need to prepare like they are 85 Bears, besides no one can say for sure whether the Bears are a bad team yet, or whether we are a good team, we have problems just one je everyone else

  6. Guzzie Says:

    Just like everyone else

  7. tmaxcon Says:


    Any team that has Mike glennon at qb is a bad team whether he’s a starter or bsckup

  8. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Forget about “cutting” Darrelle Revis, what about the “mind-numbing stupidity” of signing him in the first place? trading the 13th overall pick (plus another conditional pick), and paying $16 million for a one year rental of a corner, who didn’t really fit the kind of defense we run/ran, and was coming off major knee (ACL) and micro-fracture surgery! Not the swiftest move! But it’s water under the bridge. I guess every team can look back and ask “What were we thinking on that deal”? The bright side of this is that the Jets are such a lousy team now, its like the Football Gods have taken revenge on them for fleecing us out of those picks!

  9. NOSBOS Says:

    As far we’re concerned I see a potent football team. Yea it’s just pre seaon but I don’t recall a single three and out from my starters. Everyone was up in arms over td passes as if we’ve never seen Fameis throw one of those before. And did our starting defense give a touchdown???? No. Didn’t. Recall one deep pass completed on Ryan or VH3. I did see LVD,Lynch and my rookie Beckwith force turnovers and VH3 had two timely picks. Fameis had quality timw to throw behind Ali and our new O line. I don’t need to see 30 points in the pre season,I do wanna see flashes of execution which I did. We ready to do exactly what I expect we’ll do this.. Kick some @$$.

  10. NOSBOS Says:

    Add inn Folk solid and Anger is one best punters in nfl. Dude stay placing the fotball inside the 10 yard line. If Koetter has good sense which I know he does he’ll allow Reedy to these kicks. Duke was averaging 29 yards a clip and around 15 yards a punt return.

  11. NOSBOS Says:

    Pay attention today to whatever teams you folks feels are the bad boys of the nfl. I assure you when watch them you’ll come away realizing no team in this league is flat out better than the Bucs. Cross the pats feom your minds,them and that over 500 yard squandering defense of theirs.

  12. Toetoleather Says:

    When the going gets tough the tough get going. Ok Jamieis…. time to dedicate this season to win for the city of Tampa taking a direct hit from IRMA. Let’s do it guys and Jamieis…..take the charge!

  13. P'cola Buc Says:

    Question: What is the difference between our be loved Ira Kaufman and Hurricane Irma?

    Answer: Only the letter”M”!!!!!

  14. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Tampa vs Houston in February for the Hurricane bowl.

  15. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey tmaxcon! At least Mr. Glennon is a QB in the NFL. This season as the starter in Chicago. Hey mr. tmaxcon are you, a QB in the NFL? Are you even the laundry person on any NFL team in the league? So again to refresh my memory,
    “Any team that has Mike glennon at qb is a bad team whether he’s a starter or bsckup”
    From where do you draw your ills for Mr. Glennon? (still hung up he stepped out of bounds before the first down marker) (let it go) We all know you are not a NFL player, or even any small part of an NFL organization. Because it is that obvious.
    I am a fan of all the players on our team, and a few players who were on our team. I rarely ever have bad comments on former players of our team or players ON our team. I am a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, since I moved to St. Pete in the fall of 1975. Where is your fan support to our players? Be them Great, or Bad. They are the ones who put in the risks of playing, so that you can put your jerky opinions out at every occasion. Tired of your BS negativity. Be a fan or not. Yes I do know that Mr. Glennon plays for the Bears now. I am rooting for Mr. Winston to win.

    What a crazy Bucs Life it always is.
    Coach Kotter is going to do his best to keep the ship on course. I would follow his leadership. No BS, Leading from the front, you always know where you stand with him.

  16. Not there yet Says:

    What the hell are you talking about. This wasn’t a self inflicted wound like the other coaches, a hurricane should affect one more than one well of practice it’s not going to be a theme for the whole season, why does the media exaggerate so much.

  17. Sierra119 Says:

    This disaster will be a rallying point for the Bucs organization, the city of Tampa and their fans. The Bucs will be ready and we the fans will be ready. Bring on all comers !

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Players and people fled the state over this? LOL!

    Anywho sitting on my porch all night as this “hurricane” passes by and, well, they should have played football today.

    But I didn’t have cable all day so I guess it’s best they didn’t.