No Surprise For Hargreaves

September 26th, 2017

Talks Vikings loss.

Sunday was not one of the best times for Bucs corner Vernon Hargreaves.

When Bucs killer, Vikings quarterback Joe Montana Case Keenum, had a field day Hargreaves was not spared.

Joe spoke with Hargreaves after the game to see if perhaps the Bucs were caught by surprise.

“No,” Hargreaves said. “They ran really good routes. The quarterback was on the money. They knew what they wanted to do and executed well.”

So here is hoping Hargraeaves and Ryan Smith and the Bucs were just victims of a faulty gameplan. If things don’t get fixed quick, then the Bucs will be staring 1-3 in the face.

76 Responses to “No Surprise For Hargreaves”

  1. Dylan Says:

    THIS Guy is a bust

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Holy smokes Joe, you nailed what I said during the game up in Minneapolis. I actually turned to my wife and said “Vern’s getting burned all up and down. And the next guy is Ryan? We’re in trouble. 1-3 on the way if they don’t fix this.” Somewhere about the 350 passing yards mark I begged my wife to let us go, find an early taxi, and fade back to our hotel until the bird to freedom flew us away. But she insisted on pain.

    No, I don’t think Vern is a bust. I know he’s not. This Bucs team did not havd football in their brain Sunday. It showed from the minute I saw them at their hotel. And I blame the owners and coaches as much as I do the players.

  3. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Played like dog Sh!T💩 I can’t remember a game where he honestly looked worse! Really stood out in a big way, BAD.

  4. FortMyersDave Says:

    Mike Smith was paid a boatload of money to design a scheme to prevent that garbage so was it a faulty gameplan that contributed to case Keenum looking like Warner on the ’99 Rams? If so, shame on Coach Smith or was it a talent or motivation issue since it looked like the entire D from the absent QB rush to the 10 yard cushion of the secondary were not in game mode due to lack of prep and or talent, well then it looks like the Bucs really dropped the ball in the offseason by neglecting to fortify the D while free agency and the draft were utilized to create a “high flying” offense that has sputtered so far. Disappointing to say the least but a beating of the G-men on Sunday should right the ship. Yet why does this team always seem to be in a Groundhog Day mode every September by struggling out of the gate to go either 0-4 or 1-3 every season? If the culture around One Buc is changing then Sunday is the day to prove it! Get a W!

  5. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    This was without a doubt his worst game since that dumpster fire of a game vs Atlanta last year.

    He was looking really good in training camp and in the 1st preseason game, but i haven’t seem him make a play since that pick against cincy.

    He has got to be better.

  6. Roy T. Buford Says:

    “They ran really good routes. The quarterback was on the money. They knew what they wanted to do and executed well.”

    Wow. Are you kidding me? He should have just said “They ran” and that would pinpoint the problem. Keenum even threw high arching passes, and the Bucs weren’t in any shape to get them. There was no difference in Viking warm-ups and the actual game. The resistance was the same.

    All day long I got the “Skol!” chant followed by the fans doing the big “V.”

    Yeah, we got “skolled” all right.

  7. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Blake, thanks for reminding me of another nightmare. Of course, that was a home game vs Atlanta, but Sunday looked just like Arizona in Game 2 last year. Went to that one too. Hell, maybe it’s me. Gotta stay home.

  8. ARGH_M8E Says:

    SORT IT OUT D, VHIII!!!!!!! BRENT, PLEASE DON’T MISS ANOTHER, WOW. OFFENSE TOO, shhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee-it!!!! I HAVE TO WORK THRU THE WEEKEND, thank god. 1st game I’ll miss in many years, at least the day won’t be ruined. Good luck, and we’ll need all the luck we can get if this garbage continues.

    * REFS, YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL, THEY SUCKED!!!!!!!! Like usual *

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Dave, the Bucs were in full protest mode. They all looked care free at the hotel, going into meetings at the hotel they looked disinterested, coming out they were talking about other stuff, the look of determination was only during their protest. They sleepwalked through the game. The Glazers statement basically gave them a pass to take a bye, do whatever the “feel.” They took Sunday off. The only difference between them and me is I paid for my ticket to watch the game.

  10. FortMyersDave Says:

    ARGH_M8E said: * REFS, YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL, THEY SUCKED!!!!!!!! Like usual *

    Well the refs are supposed to be fair and unbiased and all that crap but it does seem like teams like the Bucs and the Lions always seem to get the short end of the stick on calls while certain clubs like New England and the Cowboys always get the breaks. I would bet that if the Pats or Cowboys scored a TD like the Lions did with 8 seconds left that either the play would have stood via the replay or if it was overturned the team would have got another play as the 10 second rule would have been “conveniently” ignored…. Maybe this is sour grapes but if the Bucs laid out some of the hits the Vikes did on the Bucs, particularly Brate, well they would have been flagged and fined ala Deshon Goldson but since the Bucs D really did not show up Sunday we will never know….

  11. JAcko101 Says:

    Ha the raiders last year he looked just as bad. Amari Cooper had his number also. It’s sad because the redskins CB’s beyond Josh Norman player those same receivers and held them to 3 catches

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    LOL!!!!! Is that what you saw Joe???? That the players were ready and that the scheme held them back!!!!! Come on, you know how spooked the sheep are these days!!!!! Or are you riding the emotional roller coaster too and just went from Superbowl bound to top 10 draft pick in 1 Sunday?????? And what do you expect VH28 to say???? If it was the flat out truth it would be, ” we did not have our best players, we were “distracted” ,we had no pass rush, chris conte played like chris conte, and the secondary was ate up!!!!!”

    to think this will continue is asinine, and as foolish Joe already marking the Bucs down as 1-3!!!! 1 game at a time!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  13. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Well, if there’s anything to find some kind of solace in, is that we went through these kind of games last year, and we rallied from it.

    Vernon was playing damn good football down the stretch after getting abused in the early part of last season.

    Same thing goes for Jameis. Maybe the make-up of the roster we have currently is always going to struggle a bit to start the year before rebounding. Obviously I’m merely speculating, but it’s an interesting thought.

    Here’s hoping that Jameis goes Super Saiyan on the G-men. He has everything it takes to be a world champion. He has the weapons, he’s getting time more often than not, hell he’s made some great throws.

    But he has got to eliminate the game losing picks into triple coverage, in favor of scanning the field and taking the high percentage throws.

    At least that’s what I think, what ever that’s worth.

  14. Warrenfb12 Says:

    WHat a great response

  15. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Without McCoy, Spence, David & Alexander this defense is shot!

    Lets see if Winston digs deep and collects himself. Our backup defense has put him behind the 8 ball. For us to win he must become right now a precise gunslinger.

    Winston its time to take over!!! A 2nd trip to Minny is up to you and only you right now. Good luck!!!

    Without a doubt this team now really goes where Winston goes. We might be playing we a 2nd string defense for a while. We might be going back down to the Lovie defensive embarrassment again.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    @FortMyersDave … “Bucs really dropped the ball in the offseason by neglecting to fortify the D while free agency and the draft were utilized to create a “high flying” offense that has sputtered so far.” Yes, we have a winner! During the offseason we added Swaggy to our defense to clog the middle … Swaggy wasn’t there Sunday. We drafted 1 Safety (Evans) who didn’t play, and 1 DT (Stevie T) who’s on IR PLUS we drafted Kendell Beckwith (who started & played 74 defensive snaps … 100% of them … and had 8 total tackles).

    If ALL of our defensive starters are in there we can be a relatively good defense, potentially a Top-10 or Top-15. But the drop-off behind our starters is quite dramatic, and with Grimes-Swaggy-Kwon all out to start the game we were in serious trouble at the git-go. Injuries during the earlier part of the game to Spence & GMC didn’t make it easier. Other injuries to Lavonte & several others really complicate our situation in coming games. Our only hope going forward IMO is that our “high flying offense” finally spreads its’ wings & takes off because this defense will be hurting for awhile it sounds like.

  17. Ocala Says:

    He was awful
    He Was playing off ten yards every play and then backpedaling at the snap.

  18. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Maybe if DE Smith, Baker and Grimes return there night be hope. I was excited to see the McCoy and Baker 1, 2 punch this season. They were solid stopping the run against Chicago. To bad McCoy is injured.

    With Spence probably playing with 1 arm again his production might be minimal. I doubt he will perform like last year this time.

  19. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    That’s on Mike Smith just as much as Vernon.

  20. FortMyersDave Says:

    @ Defense Rules: Agreed on the significance of Grimes/Swaggy/Kwon MIA on Sunday really made this a trap game for the Bucs as Joe alluded to in his pregame posts.

    What aggravates me is that it seems that other teams seem to have the depth to compensate for injury yet the Bucs seem to be thin year after year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Bucs had some awful drafts back in the pre-Licht years where rock star Dominick and Bruce Allen wasted many a pick ( and thus the Bucs have had so many holes to fill in the past several years…. Finding quality depth and not getting into cap trouble is a tightrope for sure but some clubs seem to nagivate this prob much better than the Bucs have.

  21. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    This Team as a “whole” sucked on Sunday, can’t point to one guy, yes he got burned but he wasn’t the only one. Defensive scheme sucked from the beginning, offense sucked, they stopped running the ball, started passing but the turn overs killed us, and they were playing zone it looked like…. maybe “zoned out defense”, ya that works well with Kase Keenum wtf really! Zero Pass rush…….. Any one else see our d-back and corners lining up past the 1st Down marker? Were the coaches sick too? where was the splash plays? i saw one to Reedy a sweep or play action, no reverse?, no trying to mix it up? did
    the coaches think what we were doing was working?

    Only good i see is that hopefully we took a big slap in the face to wake up this early in the year, get the “bad” game out of the way and i know our injuries suck but we kept winning last year some how and that my friends is what makes a great team, you find ways to win.

  22. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe faker has repeatedly stated that the 2016 draft is the worst draft in the history of the bucs franchise…and thats pretty bad”

    Kobe Faker

  23. tnew Says:

    Blake/Ocala, thats also on the linebackers for not dropping quick enough. When he is doing that the LBs must be the ones that take away that lane. My biggest concern is how poorly he is playing the ball. For his game to work, he must be a beast once the ball is in the air. He is just getting beat repeatedly on that aspect of play.

  24. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Kobe Faker also stated how good the defense was going to look without Kwon before this past Sunday.

    Why do you continue you to post here dude? Literally nothing you’ve ever said has been remotely correct.

  25. The Buc Realist Says:

    Kobe Liar has repeatedly lied!!!!! in 2016 he welched on a bet!!!!!!!!

    The day kobe faker became kobe liar!!!!!!!!!!

    Kobe Faker Says:
    November 20th, 2016 at 10:42 am
    Yes, i will sacrifice myself in behalf the the tampa bay bucs.

    If tampa wins i will not post here ever again

  26. RayJameisStadium Says:

    we were “distracted” — The Bucs Realist!!!!!

    Hilarious!!!! You have been wanting to write those words since after Hard Knocks!!!!!

    A game to late to re-post that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    Distracted with what??? The brand new stadium?!?!?!

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    Distracted with what???

    If you don’t know, then you have not been paying attention!!!!!!! But a few examples are – The reality TV show, The hurricane, The week off with hardly any practice, The Flu, How to protest, are just some!!!!

    Also the fact that the offense still needs time to “gel” with all the new pieces, remember, that over 60% of the O-line just had their first road game in their new positions!!!!!! I said that the Defense had to carry this team until the offense came together, and the Defense was unable to carry the day, and we just saw what it looked like!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Conte Piscateli Says:

    The fact is you can’t let any quarterback throw to their first read, on time every play. Either you need quick pressure or you need to disrupt routes. In each game we have failed to do either. Opposing quarterbacks consistently hit their drop and the ball is out on time to the first read. It’s like they are doing 7 on 7 drills. Maybe Mike Smith felt handcuffed with personnel this weekend, but the way we are playing pass defense we won’t keep anyone under 300 yards and 70%. I’d rather have penalties and feel like we are challenging receivers than play there soft cr@p we’ve been playing

  29. Chrisco4BUCS Says:

    It takes a pass rush to make corners look elite, and we didn’t have anything comparable to a pass rush

  30. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Either give the practice squad kid a shot – (CB) David Rivers / or make a trade.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Maybe a change of scenery will do (CB) Malcom Butler some good.

  32. Destinjohnny Says:

    He is short and slow.
    He has great feet and a great attitude and tackles well.
    He was drafted to high.

  33. Eric Says:

    Good routes and on the money passing?

    Who woulda thunk it.

    Not like he is playing in a league comprised of the best football players on the planet.

  34. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Raiders game last year was worse, cooper lit him up for 12 and 170, crabtree probably had another 130 and derek carr had 500 yards, same thing no pass rush and horrible secondary play, it just happens that this game it was a 3rd string qb and not all pro wrs lighting hargreaves up

  35. Dreambig Says:

    Every phase of our game was bad on Sunday including coaching. I have to give credit where its due and Keenum truely had a remarkable game. Every time we blitzed not only did Minnesota pick it up but Keenum immediately went to where the blitzing players came from and threw incredibly accurate passes. Thats hard to beat with a wounded defense. I have posted on here numerous times on how fun it was watching Joe Gibbs team in 1990 with Mark Rypen. Gibbs would open up almost every game with a bomb down the field. When you complete those and follow it up with a competant running game the defense is screwed. Thats what the Vikings did to us and they had a stud running back that we could not ignore to drop everyone in to pass coverage. Mike Smith and his staff had no tricks left when the D line couldn’t generate pressure and the blitzing just got us burned worse. It was just a total a*s whopping by the Vikings from the coaching staff on down. Time to put it behind us and move on.

  36. Dreambig Says:

    And how about Noah Spense? He is quickly demonstrating he does not have the size to play on the D line. It seems obvious when you see him standing next to his peers. Even if he has the speed and technique to overcome his size, his body does not seem like its going to let him.

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    You could kind of see it against the Bears. He kept thumping his chest, but their WRs were dropping balls while he was 2 yards behind. He is definitely struggling and the Vikings EXPOSED him.
    Hopefully he can rebound because we are thin as paper in the secondary.

    And, here we are again with the pass-rush. We got everything we could out of a one-legged GMC and ZERO from anyone else. If we don’t find a pass-rush soon, we will see a lot more of VHIII getting torched. Sorry, right now, it’s the truth.

  38. mike n Says:

    The kid struggled, but I’ll say this… no Dbs look good when there is no pressure. Even a back up will light you up if he has all day to throw and the offense needs to be able to stay on the field. We have no pass rush, therefore our D sucks

  39. Dreambig Says:

    And coaching … Whats up with Koetter and his stuborn insistence in playing Sims over Barber? Sims does not pass any measure for competance as a RB. He fails the eye test, the yardage per carry test and every other test you can think of. He is a horrible running back and he fails everytime he gets the ball. He either slips and falls or dances his way to the line to be crushed for almost no gain. When is the last time he averaged 3 yds per carry? When is the last time as a third down back that he actually picked up a first down? Could Barber be any worse?

  40. James Walker Says:

    Biggest bunch of cry babies I have seen outside of St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital.

  41. Dreambig Says:

    So James, go back into the Women’s hospital where your safe.

  42. Roy T. Buford Says:

    James Walker…your comments are not cool. Those folks in the women’s hospital have been diagnosed with cancer, have lost babies, have life-ending illnesses. Get a clue you idiot.

  43. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Joe, get rid of the piece of crap James Walker.

  44. RayJameisStadium Says:

    @TBR…. I’m with you in the second paragraph. But the first paragraph is just life. They are young adults and well experience with multi-tasking.

    We just see things different with that one.

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kobe Faker … “repeatedly stated that the 2016 draft is the worst draft in the history of the bucs franchise.” Not even close Kobe. OJ, Godwin & Beckwith will all be starters for years. Getting 3 starters from any draft is actually quite good.

    @FortMyersDave … “Bucs had some awful drafts back in the pre-Licht years.” That’s probably an understatement. Drafting poorly is one issue, but it gets worse IMO. Thanks to our ‘coaching carousel’ since Jon Gruden was fired (and he drafted poorly too) we haven’t developed players nearly as well as many other teams have. Plus many of those talented players that we did draft (Talib among them) are now doing very well … for other teams. Bucs coaching & management has screwed the pooch in many different ways, and we’re simply paying the price right now. Licht has done a excellent job in turning that around as quickly as he has. But turning it around takes years.

    For all those blaming Smitty for a poor gameplan … GET REAL. We added no DEs this past offseason to help with the pass rush. We added a good space-eater (Swaggy) in the interior but he’s not gonna be the answer to the pass rush. Our CB depth is marginal & our safeties are probably average at best. Our starting LBs are VERY good, but take Kwon out of there & we’re average there too. Smitty had close to nothing to work with Sunday against a talented offense, and it showed. Throw in a Bucs offense that provided zero help to the defense (actually make that negative help because of the turnovers) and you’ve got a prescription for losing.

  46. Kobe Faker Says:

    The Buc Realist, Blake bucsfan, Kobe Faker

    Will be giving out

    “Free OJ Stocker” to the 1st 100 JBF posters

  47. Kobe Faker Says:

    @ defense rules

    2016 draft

    Nowhere spence
    Yippy a
    Ryan griffen smith
    Celeb benonoch
    Devonta bond
    Dick vitale

  48. Wausa Says:

    I still am not sure why the Bucs did not go after glaring weaknesses in the 2nd round(I get the OJ Howard pick in the first even though it wasn’t a need), but the Bucs have a glaring need at pass rush yet the Bucs did nothing about it. In the 2nd round the Bucs drafted Justin Evans, but if not for his draft status he may have been cut.

    If the Bucs were not going to draft a running back in round two they could have and obviously should have drafted Demarcus Walker from Florida State, Carl Lawson from Auburn or Jordan Willis from Kansas State.

    Drafting a pass rusher doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a success but it was obvious to most the Bucs needed to address Running back, corner and pass rush in either free agency or the draft.
    The Bucs chose to only address one of those positions and that was a running back late in the draft that did not make the team.

    Every team has a weakness but the Bucs have three areas of their team that must be addressed in a significant manner next offseason.

  49. Dean Says:

    Hargreaves was so badly beaten trying to cover only so-so receivers. He stumbled all over the field, way late catching up and looking like he was way outmatched.. When he was in the proper position, he missed tackles. I counted 10 different plays that he was left floundering.. When he was injured and left the field, I actually held back a cheer. I know that sounds terrible, but he was that bad.

    I would trade that loser for one of Arthur Blank’s $5 hot dogs. We haven’t had a cover that incompetent since Toast.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    Kobe, my apologies. I lose track of years sometimes (need to start wearing a calendar on my wrist instead of a watch). Now that I’ve stepped back into the future, I agree with you. Although I still think that VHIII is OK when paired with someone like Brent Grimes (consider Brent to be a ‘coach on the field’ type of player).

  51. Pvine Says:

    A very bad #1 draft choice. Very bad!

  52. Not there yet Says:

    I have to admit I was not a fan of vh3 pick and Sunday I couldn’t tell the difference between him and Ryan Smith at all. No need to call him a busy since I thought he’d be an average corner anyway. These corners sure are laying off like in lovie Smith’s defense and I hate it. Weak corner play when you are to small to have receiver’s it means your corners are to small or not good enough. Just imagine what the Giants number 1 guy will do to him if Grimes isn’t there which he won’t be able to stop him either

  53. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    We dare not mention that name around these parts.

  54. Kobe Faker Says:

    @ def rules

    No problem…i agree with you licht did well in 2017 with OJ,godwin and bechwith

  55. Frank Pillow Says:

    VHIII is a slow smurf out there…outmatched in nearly every way, physically.

  56. cmurda Says:

    If i see a pass rush worth a crap and the secondary still getting burned, then I will point fingers at VH3. Keenum sometimes released quick throws but whenever he needed some time to find somebody, it was no problem. Our D Line is still non-existent. You can’t hide that with blitzes and you can’t expect CB’s to cover guys for 5, 6 or 7 seconds. Any good secondary has a good D Line in front of them. VH3 didn’t play great and there is no disguising that but the much bigger problem is the crap that resides on our D Line minus McCoy.

  57. Frank Pillow Says:

    I should also add that he will continue to be exposed so long as we continue to NOT rush the passer. Dirk can get mad at me all he wants, but by not bolstering DE and/or developing rushers, our mediocre DBs and slow to recognize S’s will be targeted.

  58. Defense Rules Says:

    With so many defensive players out, I’m sure communication was a big issue with so many subs in for the starters. Remember the first games last year until ‘the light came on’? Big issue was communication, but once they got that rectified mid-season, Bucs defense did quite good. Smitty simply doesn’t have any ‘weapons’ to work with, and there’s no way to continuously game-plan around lack of talent. Bucs need for the offense to step up quickly and start putting points on the board (like 30-35 a game), stop turning the ball over, and start eating up the clock to minimize the defense’s time on the field. If not, we’re in for a long, disappointing season.

  59. JayBucBoi Says:

    Does anyone remember our Superbowl year? The “Welcome To Tampa” (home of the Raymond James) song was created, a Tampa knock off of the “Welcome To Atlanta” rap tune. Leading up to the Eagles Championship game, the local radio station ran that tune every hour on the hour to send those good vibes. Speak our victory into existence, being that we had lost 3 straight years to the Eagles in the playoffs and earlier that year, then came our dominating performance over the Eagles and eventual SB victory! This is a real thing ppl.
    Case Keenum destroyed the defense again this year because we spoke that thing into existence. Now of course, you have to line up and play the game. Do your job, and our secondary/defense didn’t do their jobs all that well, but we spoke that into existence Joe. Calling Keenum the Bucs killer. Dan Marino second coming.

    14 games to go, let’s do our part as #StickCarriers to change the narrative of this season before this poison gets to our squad!!! We are still #StickCarriers right??
    Let’s act like it!!!

    -Signed loyal Bucs fan

  60. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Defense Rules

    Spot on!!! And do not forget that the “play caller” is not on the field to make the audible calls to get in the correct adjustments!!!!!! henceforth the Bucs play a much more vanilla defense!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Bucamania Says:

    If what Roy says is true, and this team was too distracted and disinterested to play then they deserved to get their a$$es handed to them. They got punked. I’m sorry Roy and the rest of us had to watch it.

  62. adam from ny Says:

    bring in revis NOW

  63. 813bucboi Says:

    no doubt VHG had a bad game….but jameis was just as bad….3INTS all at the worst time possible….smitty has to let the cb’s play their game….VHG is a man press cb….let him get up in the wr face and go to work….playing that sift off coverage is a good way to “die slow” which we did….GO BUCS!!!!

  64. LakeLandBuc Says:

    A piss-poor D-Line, 3rd rate secondary and a clueless DC= MAJOR DISASTER

  65. D-Rome Says:

    The mouth-breathers who keep saying VHIII is a bust are the same ones who said Aqib Talib is a bust.

  66. firethecannons Says:

    Honestly–VH3 is a bust
    The game is long, no reason you should keep allowing yourself to get burned over and over, he was useless, he spent entire year one not applying any pressures and is doing that again, Ryan Smith just as bad.

    VH3 compared to Eli Apple coming up.

  67. firethecannons Says:

    Yeah–I saw it in the Bears game–he’d be like thumping the chest when their receiver just dropped the ball through NO intervention of his. He did nothing in that game also, except let a ball that TJ Ward tipped up for him fall through his hands.
    He is not making plays period.
    Mike Smith needs to light a fire under his ass.

  68. cmurda Says:

    VH3 is way better than Eli Apple. We are talking about the same Eli Apple that helped set up the Eagles game-winning FG? I’m just trying to make sure it’s the same one.

  69. Bucamania Says:

    Terrible scheme or not, VH3 was absolutely terrible on Sunday. He’s probably still backpedaling somewhere. Oh no, he just slipped.

  70. LakeLandBuc Says:

    VH3 secondary mate at UF ((Brian Poole) went undrafted in the 2016 draft. He has been playing lights out football for the Falcons. And the 11th pick ( VH3) has struggled.

  71. Ramon Says:

    How about JBF favorite D. Smith, he’s been playing lights out…all we have to do is measure L. tackle performance by how much pressure they allow.

  72. destinjohnny Says:

    he isnt a bust. he was just way way way over drafted.
    should have been a 3rd round pick.

  73. BringBucsBack Says:

    I don’t think that VHIII is good-yet.
    I also don’t think that playing 12 yards off of the line of scrimmage is his preference.
    Shame on Smitty’s weak game plan.

  74. jb Says:

    So here is hoping Hargraeaves and Ryan Smith and the Bucs were just victims of a faulty gameplan. If things don’t get fixed quick, then the Bucs will be staring 1-3 in the face.
    Try 1-8! We don’t have a gimme game until we play the Jets in week 10 and look what they just did to the Dolphins.

  75. Dave Says:

    Some of you pseudo fans are so pathetic.
    Last week you are screaming for the world to look out, this week you’re screaming the season is over. You people are just very ignorant football fans.
    It’s the NFL. Any given Sunday.
    Heck, The Steelers were just beat by the Bears. The patriots looked horrible in a game earlier. The Raiders got it handed to them. Packers lost this season. The Cowboys lost this season.
    All alleged SB teams.

    Chill out with getting too up or down and enjoy the season a bit.

    The only concern right now should be Smith, Spence, McCoy, Ayers, Kwon , David, Grimes ….

    This defense can be damn good and two players away from being elite, but with injuries like that, that’s scary

  76. LakeLandBuc Says:

    7-9 isn’t bad, i’ll take it.