Kicking Game Solved

September 10th, 2017

Weighs in on kickers.

The ghost of Roberto Aguayo still haunts Bucs fans.

And while Nick Folk has kicked well his last two preseason games, Bucs fans seem to believe Folk won the kicking job not so much for his proficiency but because of Aguayo’s ineptitude.

Former Bucs great Ronde Barber doesn’t believe that.

Recently, Barber, who also is the Bucs’ preseason TV analyst, did a spot on CBS Sports Radio with his brother, Tiki Barber and co-host Brandon Tierney. There, Tierney asked if the jettisoning of Aguayo has solved the Bucs kicking woes. Ronde believes Folk won the job rather than Aguayo losing it.

“I think it was a question we’ve gotten answered or at least the team has answered,” Barber said. “Nick Folk won the job. And they are comfortable with Nick Folk as the kicker. The competition in camp, it was really up and down, dude. They both had great days and they both had terrible days.”

Ronde, who is also part of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht’s kitchen cabinet, must have been around One Buc Palace when Aguayo was given his walking papers. Why? Consider what Barber had to say about the day after Aguayo gagged at Cincinnati to open the preseason.

“You could just feel it in the building the next day that his time was done,” Barber said. “Everybody saw that on ‘Hard Knocks,’ too.”

Sort of demonstrates how close Barber is to the braintrust of the Bucs if he was at One Buc Palace on an August Saturday when there was no practice scheduled.

Barber, despite being close to Licht, seems to remain objective discussing the exit of Aguayo.

“When you lose out on second-rounders, you are hurting your team-building,” Barber said. “It stinks he wasn’t able to make it but I think they made the right decision.”

Yeah it stinks because Joe just can’t get it out of his head that the Bucs could have easily traded up a few spots to snag Jags defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, who had eight sacks as a rookie and Joe knows folks at One Buc Palace really liked him.

But because the Bucs burned their powder for Aguayo, the was not ammunition to go get Ngakoue, a guy Peter Schrager of NFL Network picked as one of his top five breakout players of 2017.

8 Responses to “Kicking Game Solved”

  1. DB55 Says:

    And he did the same thing in 17. Maybe next year Siri can make the pick. Can’t be any worse.

  2. al121976 Says:

    with who?? this was not a bad draft this year

  3. '79Defense Says:

    I’d think about picking up the kid who is filling in for Janikowski today. He nailed a 52 yarder at halftime and apparently did good during preseason. Just hit another long one as I type this.

  4. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The man has made more than enough great picks to offset the occasional stinker. Licht is already the best GM in franchise history IMO. He’s picked the best QB in Winston and most likely the best HC as well. I trust his abilities.

  5. JonBuc Says:

    SeaBass might be done in Oakland…they put him on IR…not sure if he’s designated to return or not. I predict Aguayo-no! will never kick again in the NFL. He’s notorious now and his mechanics look awful.

  6. JonBuc Says:

    I think I’d prefer a Barber/Brooks braintrust at the top and Licht as a lead scout. I know it’s never happen but Licht seems more of a scout than a “suit”.

  7. darin Says:

    And bout Calais Campbell getting 4 sacks today. Whew bet they arent worried about payin him that money now. Also Joe that still eats at me too. I sent messages back then on draft day. I was saying they couldve had javon hargrave and malcolm mitchell with those 2 picks, without trading up for either. Oh well JL learned a valuable lesson. Id love to have yannick also right now too. Go Bucs

  8. darin Says:

    Wow Joe I just looked up what Yannick did today. Wont help u get it out of your head but he had 2 sacks and a fumble recovery. Hargrave had a sack and tfl. Not bad for a dt. Picked him and wouldnt have needed tree humper. Jax defense could be dang good with all that talent. Have to check em out against someone other than houston but thats a big time performance on the road in an amped up environment. Everyone had jj getting 10 sacks and the mvp. Go Bucs