“Dumpster Fire”

September 29th, 2017

Is it true?

The Bucs are officially jinxed now.

Joe’s good friend Jason McIntyre, founder of TheBigLead.com and a FS1 and FOX Sports Radio personality, has all but given the Bucs a win Sunday.


Because McIntyre believes there is no team in the NFL, not even the bungling Bears, which is a “dumpster fire” quite like the Giants.

This makes Joe want to hide in a closet. Please don’t anoint a Bucs opponent as the rottenest team in the NFL, at least not until the Bucs play them.

You can see McIntyre’s take below.

29 Responses to ““Dumpster Fire””

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    Let’s hope so.

  2. I Bleed Red Says:

    Talk about a set-up. Manning will probably have a career day if history has anything to do with it. Buc’s notoriously always play down to their opponents level. Play tough teams tough and play bad against teams they’re expected to beat. Winston needs to elevate his game.

  3. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I got the Giants by 10

  4. MIKE Says:


  5. Topcoach1978 Says:

    So what will that make us after Sunday? Smh

  6. Alaskan abdominal snowman Says:

    This place is turning into joepessimistfan.com

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Man, sometimes I really think that a lot of the posters on JBF are happier when the Bucs are losing as many never contribute anything positive about the club. I get it if you don’t like the protests or a coach or a certain player but man, the hate runs deep and its not just from the occasional troll who supports the opposing team, this is from posters who claim to be Tampa fans yet never say anything positive. Negativity is good when it leads someone to search for a solution and find something positive to use but in a lot of cases I think the its just being served to “stir the pot and incite controversy” like certain members of the local media thrive on…. It seems to me that Tom Jones seems to have a lot of company on the message boards…..

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    So when the Bucs lose this game what does that make them? Riddle me that.

  9. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    Everyone was pumped up after last season. 9-7 it was nice I was too . Truth be told we overachieved. I had us going 8-8 this season after watching last week I have lowered my expectations to 6-10. You can call me a non believer or whatever but I have been watching this team for a long time and it’s nothing new to be disappointed. They didn’t quit I will give them that.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Did McIntyre really say that the AFC West was the best division in the NFL? Chiefs (3-0) are a bonafide contender, as are the Raiders (2-1) IMO. But the Broncos barely squeaked by the (0-3) Chargers by 24-21 and lost to the (2-1) Bills 26-16. Personally still think that the NFC South is just as good as the AFC West. Falcons are doing well (3-0) as are the Panthers (2-1). Bucs (1-1) are still a question mark at this point, as are the Saints (1-2) who may be in the process of turning things around defensively (they intercepted Newton 3 times and sacked him 3 times in beating Carolina 34-13 (those same Panthers had given up only 6 pts TOTAL in 2 games prior).

  11. Brandonbucsfan Says:

    Wow! You call this a Bucs fan site? Jeez

  12. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Once again, bad or struggling teams always manage to get well against the Bucs. Manning and OBJ will probably have record days. We’ve seen this movie too many times, and fully expect with Mike Evans lack of maturity and continued poor decision making, he will once again be distracted and continue being a catalyst for his teams ugly loss, this time at home. Last year when the Bucs got blown out in Game 2, they came back and dropped another to the LA Rams and then to the Broncos the next week. Prediction: Going into Week 5 the Bucs and Giants will both have won ONE game. Sorry to say, but the writing is on the wall.

  13. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Hopefully the team will get healthy before the division games come up. Elite QBs can make up for poor defense, but Jameis isn’t elite just yet. I can deal with another rough start to a season, as long as they progress to respectable before it’s over. Right now depth is an issue. Still here since 0-14.

  14. FortMyersDave Says:

    Defense Rules: I suspect the Saints win at Carolina is more about problems with Carolina than the Saints getting it together. Carolina’s O is getting really banged up, similar to the Bucs D and it is affecting their whole game (O not on the field losing the TOP battle and Cam turning it over trying to do too much with no weapons). Cam is now without his 2 best receivers and he is nowhere near 100% and the Stanford RB is their only offensive bright spot; the Saints exploited that and their O simply took advantage and buried a Carolina D that got wore down. That being said, I know a lot of Miami fans are going chicken little and predicting a bad loss in London to these Saints as Miami has not even played a home game yet (and are probably as out of shape as the Bucs and even more gassed after travelling from CA to NY and onto the UK a nice 8 hour time zone jump), that would put our Bucs down in the basement if they crap out against the Giants like everyone is predicting.

  15. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Bucs are about to be a bigger dumpster fire after they get blown out by the Giants and the Pats in a five day span smh.

  16. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Chicago might be having a few dumpster fires…..Clipboard Glennon….still the same.

  17. Easy Denman Says:

    Lets see how well Eli plays on the road this weekend. I hope the crowd is super loud and we need to blitz, blitz, blitz Eli up the middle!

  18. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I agree on the blitzing part but then you have to play some man coverage and not sure who you want covering OBJ on an island that plays DB for this team…..i mean realistically Mike Smith should tell VH3 you are a #1 pick and supposed to be the guy go cover beckham all game because we are blitzing eli

  19. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I am not pessimistic about the team when healthy, but having Kwon, David, and Ward out is going to make our secondary extremely weak and they were already gettting abused by the likes of Glennon and future hall of famed Case Keenum. Sadly I don’t see us winning this week and of course not on a short week against the Patriots. Hopefully the 10 days after that Thursday game will give them time to heal and come back healthy. A 1-3 start is bad but not insurmountable. They will have to hope to stay healthy from that point forward if they have any chance and rallying back from 1-3.

  20. JWBUCS Says:

    This guy Jason McIntyre is brutal…. He sure knows how to pile on the compliments!

  21. bucvol72 Says:

    LOL! now that’s funny. If they lose lets fire all of them and start all over. Isn’t that the Tampa way??

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    we have a deep history of losing games that we should/expected to win….I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost…I would be mad as he!!…

    with that said, BUCS-28 GIANTS-10….GO BUCS!!!!

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:


    THe broncos are legit. They destroyed the Chargers all of that game until a fluky interception and then a Jamaal Charles fumble lead to 14 points in 1 minute for the Chargers.

    Other that 1 minute of the game and like 1 other SD drive; Denver was dominating all game. THey destroyed the Cowboys. Bills loss was unexpected but that defense is #1 against hte run and was already the best pass D in the league coming in. Simien is also playing OK and their run game has been solid.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The way Tampa fans talk, I thought for sure the Dumpster Fire was the Bucs. I was ready to say otherwise!

    We are two games in and sitting at .500. That isn’t as good as 2-0, but it is a whole heck of a lot better than 0-2!

    I’m hoping last weeks loss turns into a good thing, as in making the boys try harder. We have an extremely tough opponent on Thursday. Sure would be nice to come out of these next two games at 3-1!

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In the scenario in which we lose the next two games, which is possible, I believe both the fans and Joes will cry that the season is over.

    That won’t actually be the case, but there are some who will never admit that.

    TouchDownTampaBay said it well enough.

  26. REAL Says:

    Ok I have to comment on this it’s so crazy how so many BUC fans lost hope already when we only lost one game is that what it comes too last time I checked there are 16 games not 2 or 3 I for one still have great hopes for this season and believe in what coaches and players are doing no team is in mid season form at the beginning of the season there will always be kinks that need to be worked out no team is perfect yea there’s teams 2-0 but even they will say they can get better just really confusing on how fans say they are fans but have comments like this to say yea it’s your opinion but damn every heard of KEEP YOUR HOPES UP yea hope only takes us so far but it’s there yea we got burned for years but hey it is what it is I have faith in the BUCS with that being said GO BUCS!!!!!!!!

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    Ok I have to comment on this it’s so crazy how so many BUC fans lost hope already when we only lost one game

    its not the lose it self…its how we lost….we looked overwhelmed…we looked out matched…we looked unprepared at times…we were out coached…we were frustrated…

    fans are pissed because that performance looked like something from the previous regime….GO BUCS!!!

  28. REAL Says:

    I totally understand the frustrations of fans I am one myself but again it’s early in the season no need to panic as quickly as fans are

  29. Broy34 Says:

    What blows my mind is that people never learn. They think one game represents 16 games for a team. They aren’t a lock to win Sunday but my god they had a bad day. Simple. While I believe the giants win I think itll be close because the only thing I don’t like is our secondary vs the wideouts