“I Don’t Think They Have What They Need”

September 5th, 2017

Running game addressed

Iconic and versatile broadcaster Chris Myers has been calling play-by-play of Buccaneers’ preseason games since 2003.

And as part of the broadcast team, Myers talks to all the movers and shakers at One Buc Palace to prepare for the broadcast, in addition to consulting with his well-plugged-in, on-air sidekick, Ronde Barber.

So given that, Joe found Myers’ recent chatter about the Tampa Bay running game very intriguing.

Myers joined the Bucs Uncensored podcast yesterday and was asked about the rushing attack. He spoke as if Doug Martin was not part of the team or has little value.

“Honestly, I don’t think they have what they need to compete with some of the other teams at the highest level,” Myers said of the Bucs’ running backs stable.

“And you’re right, when [Dirk Koetter’s] at his best, that’s what Dirk Koetter would like to do … you gotta run and then the play-action. And certainly with the personnel we just named on offense, but it’s hard to kind of commit to a handoff, no offense, to Jacquizz Rodgers or Peyton Barber when, you know, when you’ve got Winston with his arm who can throw to [Cameron] Brate or [O.J] Howard or DeSean [Jackson] down the field, and Mike Evans who can make spectacular catches. So it’s that sacrifice.

“But then you can’t become one-dimensional and pass-happy, or you have the turnovers and the mistakes. I hope the offensive line is improved. I think that it is. That should help in that area.

“They can get by like they did, and they did a terrific job last year when Doug Martin was out and Jacquizz Rodgers was picked up off the street, basically, and plugged in. And he fights hard and you get the most out of him.”

Myers added that the NFL is trending back to featured running backs being critical for success.

“It would be nice if they had a three-down back that could get you the 3rd-and-1 or 3rd-and-2 on the ground, or be a threat to go downfield,” Myers said of the Bucs. “So to me, that’s an area of concern on this team in terms of measuring up to what the rest of the offense has.”

Later in the interview, Myers talked about asking Bucs officials about adding a running back and Joe Haden. He said the Bucs were interested in Haden and quipped, “Who knows where the running back decision is?”

What that all means, Joe doesn’t know. However, it’s interesting that a guy around the inner workings of the Bucs the past month isn’t talking about Doug Martin as a certain contributor in 2017.

30 Responses to ““I Don’t Think They Have What They Need””

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    I hate Chris Myers, he ruins Bucs games with his awful boring terrible calls. He has the personality of wallpaper. Putting him on a podcast for any length of time is incredibly dangerous and reckless as people listen in their cars and he’s human ambien in it’s most potent form.

  2. westernbuc Says:

    Well he referred to Rodgers and Barber as handcuffs so that should tell you something

  3. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    No one with more than half a brain cell gives any weight to any of the incoherent ramblings which spew from Chris Meyers’ maw.

  4. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe I would guess that he was primarily referring to how the Bucs running game will perform during the first three games without the services of Martin. Basically he is stating the poor quality at the position and specifically named everyone but Martin as being bad to mediocre. I think that was almost an endorsement of Martin being the only credible RB they have.
    You might want to listen before you guess. –Joe

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    LOL Rod – “human ambien”

    Pretty sure Myers was referring specifically to the 1st 3 games with this quote Joe. Nice attempt at trying to find someone – anyone who is as convinced as Joe is that Doug Martin won’t be here in 2017 though….

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    X factor = Peyton Barber imo.

    We know what Quiz brings basically. He’s a mediocre RB at best that can get the job done but isn’t going to cause any coordinators to game plan or feel a need to stack the box.

    We also know what Sims brings as a pass catcher and runner.

    If Barber doesn’t show something special week 1-3 then we will need Martin back imo.

  7. SCBucsFan Says:

    OMG we don’t have everything covered. Fire the GM.

  8. LJS4th Says:

    They should have moved up in the second round and taken Dalvin Cook. That would have made our offense complete.

  9. Casual Observer Says:

    My guess is that the RB situation will be fine.

  10. Tom S. Says:

    Jason Licht decides to trade up for Roberto Aguayo in the 2nd round, but one year later when Dalvin Cook starts freefalling and he has the Rehab Hamster as his only true starting back, he sits on his hands and takes a new 4th safety to continue the trend of second round question marks.

    You wonder why not everyone is enamored with Licht. Makes some decent moves and does truly stupid moves at the same time.

  11. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So let’s recap. We went 9-7 last year with a defense that didn’t show up until the second half of the season (give them a break they had to learn Smittys D) with one great WR…and once competent TE…NO RB to speak of..with all due respect to Quizz…Doug was no good and Sims was injured…our Oline had Hawley…large heart bum knees and small size at Center. We had a 2nd year QB still learning the game.

    #3 improved from year one to two…from 58% completion to 60%..from 22 to 28 TD’s. He still hadn’t mastered calming himself for a start of a game.

    This year in preseason…he throws for 70%…I didn’t see the rain game against Cleveland but in the first two games against respectable defenses #3 opened each game…calmly…under control..and marched his team down the field.

    So what has changed? #3 has another year of experience! He now has OJ to go with Brate and DJAX and Godwin to go with ME13 and Hump. Our OL has definitely improved in the interior because Marpet is simply better than Hawley and Sweezy replacing Ali at RG is a wash.

    Our defense has improved…we’ve added Baker….Noah has a year of experience and a healthy shoulder…now TJ Ward…Beckwith is an upgrade at LB even as a rookie.

    I agree with Rod…Myers is human Ambien and how many times does he not even get the names of our players correct?

    I am not a huge Doug Martin fan…nor a giant detractor…when he is healthy and motivated he runs hard and can get the job done. His worst deficit is that he is not a threat to take it to the house…we won’t need that with DJAX…Godwin and OJ. Doug will be as motivated this year as he has ever been. It’s not just his football career…his entire life is on the line.

    I just do not see all this doom and gloom? #3 has improved…his OL is improved and his targets have improved off the charts compared to last year…why will our offense take a step back.

    We were 9th in team sacks last year…we’ve added Baker…Spence has more experience and the entire D has a year in Smitty’s defense under their belt.

    I realize I’m the blog optimist…Mr rose colored glasses but really…where is all this doom and gloom coming from. What is it based on factually?

  12. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Blake, your malicious and false commentary didn’t make it through and you know better. You are now in the commenter cooler for a while. –Joe

  13. darin Says:

    I am surprised Licht didnt trade for a back. I thought for sure he would pick someone up that was released. I wonder if he put in a waiver claim on someone who was scoooped up earlier. Im not as down as myers tho, just thought we would have 4 rbs. I think the boys will get going once they are playing together longer than 20 plays. Quizz can get it done as we saw last year. The passing game will give a bit more running room this year. Settle down myers its gona be ok. Djacks gona take the extra safety out. Go Bucs

  14. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Joe, you’re losing all credibility with this witch hunt. I half expect you to start ranting about how the earth is flat next. It’s great that u can find a few straggler supporters for your theories – but by not highlighting the scores of knowledgeable analysts who think Martin looks fantastic… it comes across like a personal vendetta of some sort. It’s getting a little creepy, man.

  15. bucsfaninchina Says:

    It would be nice if they had a three-down back that could get you the 3rd-and-1 or 3rd-and-2 on the ground, or be a threat to go downfield

    Which backs qualify as this? Because last I checked most teams employ a team of backs with different skillsets, that play different situations based on strengths and weaknesses. Sure I would like a three down back who is big enough to take hits and gain yardage on obvious running situations, as well as be a downfield threat. I’d also like a sh*tter made out of gold, baby

  16. Lamarcus Says:

    Who cares what myers think. He not even sure himself. And it seems the bucs other backs not named Martin took a huge diss from myers.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    I have to agree with Tony… the Martin out of town express train has clearly gone off the rails and is barrelling towards a bunch of boxes labelled TNT that are sitting outside of a nuclear power reactor and Joe is thinking the TNT boxes will not explode but instead bring the train to a gentle and safe stop before causing a nuclear holocaust.

    But that nuclear winter is coming to Muscle Hamster haters…. it’s coming….

  18. Shing Says:

    He is correct. The threat of a good back makes linebackers step up and opens those holes behind them for the passing attack. Winston is great at play action, which is moot with these average running backs. If the Bucs ever get a stud RB like Dallas, WATCH OUT!!!

  19. SmokeyMountainBucFan Says:

    Myers doesn’t know Jack about the Bucs. He’s just here every summer doing Preseason games making some extra spending money… half the time he stumbles through the players names… Which by the way I think he and Ronde both suck at the tv gig..

  20. bucsfaninchina Says:

    @Shing Ok so if the Bucs do so horribly that they can have a top 3 pick to draft a generational back who may or may not pan out (Trent Richardson, anybody?) that’s when you’ll be satisfied?

    We have Doug Martin who has a pretty damn good all-around game but excels at running between the tackles due to his vision and ability to cut on a dime. Teams would be falling over themselves to get a Doug Martin to run between the tackles on early downs. For evertyning else, that is why there is a committee who have their own pros and cons. Just like every other team in the NFL.

  21. SmokeyMountainBucFan Says:

    Get tired of all the freaking negativity, Myers go on back to NASCAR until next August and keep your mouth shut

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    SmokeyMountainBucFan – Actually Ronde I think could be good and will prove that once they take that anchor that is Myers off his neck. Ronde will often explain things happening on the field, properly predict where the ball is going, why a defense works or doesn’t, etc – meanwhile dummy Myers just blabbers on getting like 40% of the calls wrong, not knowing names and boring the audience to death. Ronde has a good personality and can be talkative and will, rarely, take shots at Myers for being a waste – I’d assume if you talked to Ronde 1-on-1 he’d tell you how awful Meyers is. There needs to be a #FreeRonde campaign before Myers drags him under.

  23. BucTrooper Says:

    “It would be nice if they had a three-down back that could get you the 3rd-and-1 or 3rd-and-2 on the ground, or be a threat to go downfield,”

    You mean like DALVIN COOK??????

  24. JayBucBoi Says:

    Come on kats. Joe noted all season, and we all saw for ourselves, that when given the opportunity Quizz was a much better back than Doug. That was with little push from the line! Dude consistently found, or created, the right hole.
    Season starts and Quizz makes fans out of all the doubters. That’s what I say. Have a little faith guys.

    Can’t blame a #StickCarrier for wanting the best for their squad tho!

  25. BucEmUp Says:

    This is why I wanted Samaje Peine. You need a goal line back, the man is a tank. But we passed on him and got jeremy the next round just to cut him. Should have got Perine in the 4th

  26. Ptwalk Says:

    Don’t sleep on Barber.

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    Chris Myers said:

    They can get by like they did, and they did a terrific job last year when Doug Martin was out and Jacquizz Rodgers was picked up off the street, basically, and plugged in.

    Meyers is clueless. That or listening to the local anti-Martin crowd.

    The Bucs were 3-5 when Martin was out and Rodgers was The Man, 6-2 with Martin.

    Wins are all that matter.

  28. Issic Haggins Says:

    I am more concerned about teams that are 3 and 4 receivers deep , who’s going to match up !!

  29. godzilla13 Says:

    I think we are overthinking the opinion that the Bucs are not able to compete at the same level as our division rivals with our running game. I see nothing wrong with Rodgers 4.3 yard average complimented by Charles Sims 3.9 career yard average. No one has mentioned that the offensive line will be improved n the running game either.

  30. Joeypoppems Says:

    Is it too early to get the offseason motto trending? Dont really partake in the Tweeter to know. How about:

    #SaquonOnDayOne <—- My pick cause it rhymes a little…