“He Wanted It As Loud As Possible”

August 5th, 2017

Blame Dirk Koetter

If you’ve been to Buccaneers training camp this season, you’ve no doubt noticed a difference.

Obnoxiously loud music is thumping during practice, louder than Joe and many others can ever remember.

It’s been a common comment and/or complaint among fans and media across the practice fields and stands.

You want to point a finger of blame? It’s on Dirk Koetter, claims Bucs director of football administration Mike Greenberg.

Greenberg joined the Buccaneers Insider show on the team website this week and explained that Koetter wanted to bring a new level of juice to camp.

“Coach Koetter came to us and, you know, we were doing budgets, and seeing what we wanted to bring in. And he said he wanted it as loud as possible, wanted a lot of energy. And you know, I think we accomplished that,” Greenberg said of the new and giant sound system.

For an unknown reason, the Bucs chose to place this wall of speakers immediately next to the official media area in the north end zone of the main practice field.

Hmmm, Joe suspects technological advancements could have led to it being placed elsewhere, but nope, it’s there blowing out the ears of the men and women invited to cover the Bucs. What great hosts these Bucs are!

Joe really doesn’t care about the noise, but poor Casey Phillips and Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com, who host a daily show next to this massive wall of sound. Joe suspects any local audiologist in the Tampa Bay area with a working decibel meter would advise them to tell their employer that their hearing is being placed in jeopardy.

Personally, Joe doesn’t care. It’s just interesting that Koetter wanted the driving beat, and where the speakers are located.

On it being placed next to media, Greenberg said, “That’s just a bonus.”

10 Responses to ““He Wanted It As Loud As Possible””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    โ€œThatโ€™s just a bonus.โ€ LOL. I’m now wondering if all those speakers were specifically aimed at Tom Jones.

  2. Fire The Cannons Says:

    Hahaha I like it!

  3. SeattleBuc Says:

    Saw the video, Don’t know how close they really are but Seriously though, sitting next to a loud PA can mess up your hearing. Hopefully they move Scott and Casey’s kiosk since they were complaining about it, they were not joking.

  4. Bird Says:

    Defense Rules-

    That is hilarious. Dying laughing at 630 in the morning. Tom jones does deserve some uncomfortableness from the bucs.

    Seriously though. How great is dirk koetter. Don’t know how he ends up record wise or if he takes them to the big game but what a straight shooting cool dude who the players really connect with…Reminds me a lot of the Rays old coach who takes the prize of cool dude

  5. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Don’t worry the Stick Carriers will drain that noise today!

  6. BoJim Says:

    Hey! Tinnitus is cool.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    My first job in broadcasting was as a rock and roll disc jockey…ala Ron Diaz.

    My major second job was in Bristol/Kingsport/Johnson City as a TV Sportscaster.
    The first race I watched at Bristol Raceway I decided to take the earmuffs off for just one lap..the start….HUGE mistake. My ears were ringing for the remaining five hundred laps!

    By the age of 50 I was wearing hearing aids. We can all joke about this but I can tell you after 20 years of wearing them they are not fun. And they are NOT like glasses which return your vision to 20/20. They are hearing AIDS..not replacement and you never again hear what you did as a young person.

    Not to be like those ciggy smokers on the tube who scare everybody with their cancer….but seriously guys…if you’re at practice and the noise seems loud simply put in some of those spongy earplugs or better…the kind hunters and skeet shooters wear. Do not be that guy stuck in hearing aids….ME!!!

  8. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Wear earplugs. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  9. Maze Says:


  10. 941bucsfan Says:

    Good. Im going to send an email to the bucs and tell them I dont think its loud enough.. make it louder