It’s Still Way Early

August 12th, 2017

Not stressed.

Joe noticed a Bucs fan sprinting to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge last night.

But before the hysterical Bucs fan did the unthinkable, he commented on after viewing last night’s loss to the Bengals that the Bucs would finish the season at 3-13.

Calm down!

As Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said last night, it’s so, so early to begin slitting wrists.

“You just don’t know yet,” GMC said. “You’ve got to see what’s going to show up on the film. We’ll see once we get back to the film room. It just felt good to be back out there. I always expect the first preseason game to be full of mistakes. It’s rare you go into a first preseason game, your feet are always right, you step straight and you don’t lose on a rush. That’s how the first preseason game goes.

“[The first preseason game is] going to be rusty, but that’s what it’s for. They’re keeping score, so obviously we want to win, but we’ll see how it looks on film. We’ve got a lot to fix though.”

America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, looked sharp, until he got in the red zone (bad Jameis!). Mike Evans was in midseason form. Vernon Hargreaves appeared to advance his game.

The Bucs still have a month to go to get Miami-ready.

24 Responses to “It’s Still Way Early”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I thought we looked just fine for the first preseason game. We aren’t going to show too much. Plus, since Dirk has very soft practices, you have to expect the team to struggle initially with tackling and blocking. They’ll be just fine by Miami.

  2. MadMax Says:

    Our 2nds and 3rds just didnt play as good as their 2nds and 3rds.

    Our 1sts on the other hand were driving down on theirs, and that VH3 int sealed that stop. Grimes wasnt even in. I liked what I saw from the 1sts, and from a few of the 2nds and 3rds. Hawley balled out and MLB Bullough apperead to be a pass rush specialist against the bengals 3rds.

    Bullough just might be our 2nd mlb while Beckwith continues to heal and adjust. Yep I said it, Bullough the bully is making the team!

    And thats why not much is put into preseason 1sts playing. Its about the rooks, 2nds and 3rds. Some fans dont understand that, so F them if they think we’re going to lose reg season games based on preseason results.

    Ball out Bullough the Bully!!!

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s getting absurd! I’ve read threads where people are actually criticizing DK’s the first preseason game!!! LMAO!!

    Does anybody think DK’s play calling had anything to do with actually winning a preseason football game?

    Or could it be other influences were more important? Such as trying to determine the teams strengths and weaknesses? Finding out our RB depth chart?

    Do we think he’s going to be showing the league our REAL offense? I do not believe he cared squat about OJ’s receptions or lack of targetting….he KNOWS already what he has in OJ…the rest of the league can find out soon enough…after the regular season starts.

    I took just a couple of things from last night’s game. #3 and the offense will be fine! And Ohnono should be gone before Monday morning! Drama is great for HK but I’m more concerned about the Bucs than HBO’s ratings and we simply do not need the drama.

  4. InJameisWeTrust Says:

    Lol that fan is an idiot. The starters played fine, but need to work on run defense. The only player capable of pissing me off yesterday was Aguayo……

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its still way early?? DaHa..thats what we say…every year!!

  6. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    Horrible run defense all the way through the roster…need work there

  7. Cannonfodder Says:

    Truth StPete! Perfectly said

  8. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s really early yes.
    But when your 2nd defensive and offensive lines dominate….
    That’s when u know ur team is good.
    We have passed on a lot of lineman in recent drafts in later rounds that have gone on to being ballers.
    We have zero depth

  9. JJV Says:

    James still targets Mike Evans way too much. Granted Mike is a superstar and he fells very confident throwing to him in every situation. But I think better defenses and coordinators will see that tendency and adjust. I remember when Jon Burden did the show when James when he first got drafted. They watched film of James in college and Gruden commented how he kept targeting his favorite receiver over and over which lead to turnovers and with good defenses secondaries.. Three years later he still is the same. Like the redzone plays back to back to Mike. You have two super tight ends and DJ. But he was just stubborn to keep throwing to Mike. Just a casual observation that I am sure that other coordinators will use against him during the season.

  10. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    The good teams always drive the field and score on their initial possession of their first preseason game. We did that and then some. And the D made a backbreaking turnover on the goal line to thwart a really good Bengals offense on their first possession. Check. Good, not great start. The rest of the night was absolutely meaningless. Except for Aguyao. He’s Rod Jones. Otherwise, the rest of the NFC South should still be afraid.

  11. Mitch Says:

    The starting offense moved ball efficiently and effectively down the field, and scored points(6 would have been better obviousyl ). The starting defense prevented points and forced a turnover to boot. Our punting game is great with Anger. I no longer take a hard look at the return game because of the rule changes, and really it has been a Tampa curse since the organizations inception; with a smattering of much to brief reprieves from Michael Spurkock and flash of Clifton Smith. Today, for this teams success, I only take exception to Aguayo’s mental fragility and inability to produce on the professional level. Barring a rash of injuries the only thing that may hold the team back from being competitive to make the playoffs is a reliable kicker. Please fix that issue, Coach Koetter.

  12. JJV Says:

    Sorry, my pad was not typing James properly.

  13. JJV Says:

    *Jameis, Gruden

  14. JayBucBoi Says:

    No game plan. Just line up and play. Would still like to see us man handle in the run fame on both sides, but it is the NFL people. Defense showed what it is last year.
    R-E-L-A-X people.

  15. JayBucBoi Says:

    Justin Evans looked lost most of the game tho Joe.

  16. Cobraboy Says:

    Hell, they don’t hit any more in TC. So the first PS game has changed. It’s not to knock the hitting rust off players as much as anything else.

    The first PS game is less meaningful than ever.

  17. nate12345 Says:

    TO MANY DROPS guys way to many! wide receivers disapointed me big me time… Our 2nd round safety cant tackle and plays slow to me.. We need to bring in the back up bengals kicker to kick field goals imo.. We dont have a power running back to many finess guys who cant take a hit… If you watch the tape on the dline that baker guy sucks running back ran by him all the time he looks bad id rather have mcdonald in there.. the goods oline looked great and jameis looked great the corner play looked good and line backers look solid…

  18. Maze Says:

    Football is confusing for some fans

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Lol maze. It sure is…

  20. Cannonfodder Says:

    Haha maze!

  21. FearTheFlag Says:

    PERSPECTIVE People…We did some solid things, we had some guys look like the rookies they are. We have a month of practices, and pre season games to get better, just like the other 31 teams. We all know we saw LOTS of Vanilla play calling on both sides of the ball.

    BUT: that doesn’t mean there weren’t some important observation to be made.
    WINSTON: I feel like he still doesn’t throw enough balls to receivers IN STRIDE. They constantly have to change speed and direction to catch his passes. That’s affecting YAC and frankly, the receivers safety. Yes, of course let the big guys use their size and athleticism to our advantage…but not every time.

    DEFENSE: I actually have some faith we’ll be good to go come game 1 but I’d feel better about that if we can stop the run better in the next 2 pre season games. My gut tells me Mike Smith (DC) will work tirelessly with these guys (as well as DL Coach J Hayes!) to tighten up everyone’s technique and gap responsibilities. Truthfully, we simply have too much talent on D not to be a top
    tier squad. Luckily (at least at this point) there seems to be a higher level of drive and pride about this defense this year. Hoping that translates to dominance on game days!

  22. Big Daddy Says:

    I’m just glad that the team came away healthy (with the exception of griffins shoulder}Anybody notice how many blown knees their were Friday and Saturday across the 32 teams??
    The Aguayo decision was a no brainer ,he had many opportunities to get it together.Just cant leave points out on the field. The bucs lost enough games by six or less to keep them out of the playoffs last year.Not to mention the psychological effect it has on the team when unable to hit kicks from inside the 40 yard range.Nick Folks is a proven commodity. I feel bad for Aguayo but it is what it is.

  23. Billy Sunday Says:

    I don’t think Jamies targeted Evans too much. It looked to me like they have been practicing the back shoulder pass to Evans and wanted a second chance. The 2nd attempt was a much better throw and would have been a touchdown if the DB wasn’t holding, a badly missed call.

  24. teacherman777 Says:

    Chris Baker looked like he was avoiding contact.

    Anybody see how Dontari Poe is doing in Atlanta?

    He would have been the ideal starting DT next to GMC.

    HUGE mistake notting signing Dontari Poe and signing Swaggy.

    Swaggy doesn’t look like a hardworking dude to me