Spotlight Hits “McWeapon” Extreme Highs & Lows

August 9th, 2017

Hard Knocks dialed in to rookie RB Jeremy McNichols, including how Snoop Dog tutors him. (Photo courtesy of

The exciting new meat in the Buccaneers’ backfield had all kinds of face time — good and bad — on the 2017 debut of Hard Knocks last night.

Bucs fans learned plenty about Jeremy McNichols.

First, the 17th running back taken in this year’s draft, the fifth-rounder out of Boise State, is known as “McWeapon” at One Buc Palace, per the Hard Knocks narrator.

Dirk Koetter is heard talking with his special teams coach praising McNichols’ grasp of the passing game and his receiving skills. But also showcased was McNichols’ struggling to master special teams duties. That was pretty darn ugly.

Special teams chief Nate Kaczor politely asks McNichols after he botched an assignment during a kickoff return period, “Do you know where you’re going?”

Bucs fans also were shown McNichols getting eaten up twice in pass protection drills, which was/is supposed to be a strength of his. And running backs coach Tim Spencer implores him to get in his playbook during his off time.

Then, McNichols is shown in his Bucs hotel room talking with one of his mentors, Snoop Dogg, one of his youth football coaches. Yes, that Snoop Dog. “Uncle Snoop,” as he calls him, reminds McNichols that the NFL is “super-sized’ time compared to what he dealt with mentally in the college game. “He who knows the most plays the most,” Snoop offers.

“Stay on your mission. I see you in that rotation, man. Go and get that spot. Doug [Martin?] don’t want to be there too long,” Snoop said.

Hmm, does Snoop have a connection to Doug Martin and inside knowledge? Joe doubts it, but that sure was an eyebrow-raiser.

The highs and lows were typical rookie stuff. Joe’s not reading too much into it. There just wasn’t enough of a look at McNichols.

The current key for McNichols is what happens when he gets the rock Friday in the preseason.

24 Responses to “Spotlight Hits “McWeapon” Extreme Highs & Lows”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    I heard that part about Doug and was somewhat surprised they aired it, but then again…. drama!

    He def looks smooth passing catches (McNichols), but the pass blocking was abysmal. He’ll learn tho.

  2. RayJameisStadium Says:

    I’m looking forward to see how he develops. Friday should be interesting. I would love to see him develop to be another Sims but a healthy one.

  3. EA Says:

    Uncle Snoop was pissed when we beat the Steelers to earn the first win under Uncle Lovie.

  4. Pa Privateer Says:

    All Rookie RBs have a learning curve to pass protection. That doesn’t mean McNichols’ has bad technique or cannot do it. It simply means the defenses in the NFL play faster and there may be an adjustment to the speed. There also is likely an adjustment to reading more complex defensive formations.

  5. AC Says:

    doubt there is anything behind that.. just a lil sh!t talk to motivate him to do better

  6. 1sparkybuc Says:

    McNichols runs better than Sims now, and catches just as well. Improve his pass protection, and bump Doug down the roster if not off.

  7. Fsuking Says:

    Still Joe? Even though Doug is clearly our starter and according to Hard Knocks footage, as much a part of the team as anyone? The doubts about Doug need to stop it’s just like digging a never ending hole for yourself that’s gonna have concrete dumped on it either way

  8. Bucsfan951 Says:

    That’s spelled dogg. My man didn’t go through a murder case to be spelled with only 1 g 😜

  9. DB55 Says:

    Yes, I believe the correct spelling is D O double dizzle.

    Shiii sounds like Doug and Gerald want a trade and I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world. They are the 2 hold-over from the losing culture we can add LVD too but that would break my heart.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Some on this site are so up Doug’s Jock it’s amazing!!! They make the old MGM look like lightweights!

    Apparently it’s caused them to lose reading comprehension skills. Joe has NEVER lobbied for Doug to be released. He’s NEVER lobbied for Doug to be retained! He’s simply posted FACTS.

    OK DMM….if the truth hurts avoid it!!! Martin was successful for 40% of his five years with the Bucs…that’s not hate it’s a FACT!!!

    Doug Martin’s total failure last year is a major reason the Bucs did not make the playoffs….we blew 4th Q leads because we didn’t have our “star” running back to eat up some clock. That’s not hate it’s a FACT!

    Doug Martin appears to have some more tread left on his tires…many here have pointed out that Doug seems to play for a contract or when he NEEDS to…
    Doug has talent…that’s also a FACT.

    What makes Doug so freaking popular that folks lose their reading comprehension?

    I’m meh about Doug…neither wanting to see him cut…nor retained….I’m all about letting it play out and may the best man win. What is so evil or hateful about that? When I scored 40% on my tests in school I received an F. Were my teachers haters.

    Love Doug all you want but could we stop with this lie that Joe is out to get Doug cut…or that he has posted anything but FACTS!!!

  11. unbelievable Says:

    Careful DB you’re starting to sound like tmax! Lol

  12. DB55 Says:

    When I scored 40% on my tests in school I received an F
    When is the last time a TB RB ran for more than 1000 yards? Let’s include former Buc RB that have been traded to other teams or cut for chits and giggles.

    Fact is only one other RB has chased the rushing titled twice in the last 5 years and that’s AP.

    And Doug runs behind one of the worst oline in the NFL and has been doing so for a while.

  13. DB55 Says:


    True story. Lololol

    I really would love to trade GMC for Leonard Williams though. This team so young and GMC is the old man.

  14. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Stpete that’s 100 percent false, Steve Joe has said he doesn’t want him here on numerous occasions. Go back and listen to his first monday morning podcast and tell me different.

    You’re slipping in your old age.

  15. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m certainly slipping in my old age. 🙂

    I generally do not listen to the podcasts…more of a reader.

    I have said myself that it’s far better for the Bucs if McWeapon turns out to be the next coming of Doug. First off are the $$$ although I concede with our cap space that’s not critical…but Doug is not getting younger and it just stands to reason that if we found a younger version that would be best for the team’s long term interests.

    But as DK says you can never have too many good players and if Doug is starting in week 4 I’ll be cheering for him. I’ll also suspect that unless they think Barber or McWeapon still have a lot of growth ahead of them that we’ll be drafting another RB high in next year’s draft

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW DB55

    If Quizz had the same number of carries as Doug had in 2015..his last 1,000 yard season..he would have ended up with over 1200 yards.

    If you feed ANY RB the football enough they’re going to get 1,000 yards with todays 16 game schedule. 1000 yards is good but it’s no longer excellent.
    Just do the math.

    16 games means you need to average just over 62 yards per game or if you get the ball 20 times a game just over 3 yards per carry.

  17. LongSeason Says:

    McNichols doesn’t look to bright. He who is non-too-bright must take flight back home after coaches chewing butt just before getting cut. I don’t think McNichols makes team.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Our Run blocking was the worst in the league last year. Let’s please not forget this folks.

    Yes, DM has had 3 bad seasons and 2 good ones, but ppl seem to forget he was also injured all 3 of those bad seasons. His numbers during his 2 good years were not just good, but phenomenal.

    If he stays healthy, I think he has a monster year since he has something to prove. THEN, you trade him or release him. But hey if McWeapon becomes a stud, then even better. I think it’s gonna take some time though.

  19. LongSeason Says:

    One observation about McNichols. He looks ripped. Maybe he’s too ripped to function or to perform in the NFL. His technique was horrible so it is possible that he had zero coaching before arriving at the Bucs. That is one problem with some pee wee ball, PAL or even High School coaches is they get a kid with all the athletic ability and forget to coach the kid. Then that kid with all the natural ability and talent in the world arrives in the NFL and is eaten alive by lacking in the mental aspect of the game.

  20. DB55 Says:


    Which begs the question why didn’t he have more carries?

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I think the answer is pretty obvious isn’t it. Doug is the team’s star and he was going to get the bulk of the carries until he forced DK’s hands.

    Now days I tend to look at yards per carry as opposed to total yards per season.]

    First if a guy is a true workhorse he’s getting enough carries to easily break 1000 but secondly more and more teams are going to RB by committee which can limits all the backs carries.

  22. DB55 Says:

    You’d figure you’d want to go with the hot hands. Best players play, right?

  23. Raptor63 Says:

    Keeping Doug on the team will come down to money, as is with most NFL decisions. I think McNichols will be better then twinkle toes. Our O line was not that good for run blocking – 8 men in the box. TB management has a dollar amount that they want to get Doug. No way he gets his 7 mil.

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Jeremy looked really bad to me on the show. His running back coach did not look impressive either. Really hope to see him get better. It’s pretty cool to be able to follow the players this closely.