Short Memory

August 19th, 2017

Wired differently.

Coaches like to say one of the best qualities for a cornerback is to have a short memory.

Joe isn’t sure that applies to quarterbacks.

It was the first practice the Bucs have had since Thursday night, when everyone and their brother seemed to rave about the game turned in by America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. Joe can’t quite go there. Joe has a long memory and that dumbarse stunt Jameis pulled falling down and heaving the ball in the end zone is just unacceptable.

One would think after getting raked over the coals for such a play — as if anyone with the football IQ that Jameis reportedly has would try such a braindead pass — Jameis would be a bit more careful with the ball during his very next practice.

Joe shouldn’t assume, though.

Late in practice, Jameis went back to pass and was rushed right away. In an effort to get rid of the ball before he would have been sacked (the Bucs were in shells and, of course, there is never any hitting on the quarterback in practice), Jameis side-armed the ball to the spot where the receiver is supposed to end up. If nothing else, Jameis is a spot-thrower.

Well, since the pass was rushed, it was a bad pass, despite the ball nearly being caught. And, of course, it was nearly picked.

Joe is more and more starting to believe Jameis is the second-coming of Brett Favre. It just is not in his DNA to give up on plays even when it is the smart thing to do, if not plain common sense.

No amount of hollering from a coach is going to change Jameis. Oh, he may not take as many chances, but Jameis is going to be Jameis.

That’s both a blessing and a curse.

18 Responses to “Short Memory”

  1. dis Says:

    We’re talking about practice? Practice?

  2. darin Says:

    Indeed. Gona have to take some of the bad too. N if he ends up being favre ill be ok with that. Of course id love to see less ints but ole brett was, for a few year stretch, the best qb i ever saw waltz into tampa. N there were quite a few good ones over the years. As long as the bucs win we can deal with those plays. Go bucs

  3. dis Says:

    Godwin wasn’t the intended, was he? He seems to be a a yard or two off on every route, so far. I know, I know….he’s a rookie.

  4. Alaskan abdominal snowman Says:

    This reminds me of Jameis running 20 yds back into his own end zone and then completing a 50 yard bomb to Evans vs the Bears.
    I remember thinking no no no then YEAH!!!!
    When he made that pass Thursday I thought wth was that. The more I think about it though that’s just Jameis. He tries to make something out of nothing and sometimes it looks like sh!t and sometimes he’s spectacular.
    Joe you write articles about not coaching the Jameis out of him and this is just part of his DNA. If Mike Evans soars up and catches that pass Thursday then it’s a different story and were saying how amazing Jameis Is and how he keeps plays alive.

  5. Mojiska Says:

    Talk about the fact that he has improved too? He completed 71% so far. He has shown that he can take the checkdown, throw as he is stepping up, patience so far this preseason. I understand that was a terrible play, but it was just that. 1 terrible play. He made a ton of good plays too, you will always have some bad ones, especially at 23. I was hoping for a solid breakdown of his entire 29 throw half. Not just article after article of 1 throw.

  6. BucEmUp Says:

    Alaskan hit the nail on the head. As fans we must take the good with the bad. There will be momenrs we say why? And then there will be moments we say what the fu…..YEAH BABY!!!!!!!


  7. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    I’m not as concerned with him taking chances as I am the boneheaded throws like in the redzone. Yeah the throw into dbl coverage was almost picked but that would have to be an insane athletic play to be made. We will see reward from those throws as well

    It’s the plays like the redzone one or just him throwing the ball blindly tmax boner length(4 inches) from the ground about to be sacked.

  8. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    “Joe is more and more starting to believe Jameis is the second-coming of Brett Favre.”

    I literally said these exact words in the comments on your “It was just one play” thread. You should give credit where credit is due, Joe.

  9. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    I know I’m channeling my inner Bucs Realist, but here you go:

    Ben the GA Buc Says:
    August 18th, 2017 at 5:11 am
    He IS the second coming of Favre. Brett did stuff like that until late in his career.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive been saying that he plays like Bret Farve for months- back to last season.
    And I love it! Loved Farve too!
    Never say die, Young man!
    I can live with a few interceptions- to see the Magic u can pull off!
    Just be yourself Jameis- we’ll love you for it!

  11. NFLNut Says:

    I have never had more fun watching an NFL QB play than when I watched Favre … and Jameis is the Favre 2.0 … he is way better than Favre was at this age and he will be way better than Favre was in his prime once Jameis hits his prime imho

  12. Fsuking Says:

    You guys are being way to hard on Jameis for two little mistakes. If anything, the play in the game shows how much heart Jameis has. It’s PRESEASON for Christ sakes! The day Jameis stops taking risks is the day I want a new QB

  13. Steven007 Says:

    Dirk, that leader of the loser posters Club reference in your last paragraph was hilarious. Well done!

  14. gilhealy Says:

    In his press conference after the game he said “I was hot…I thought someone would get it.” He smiled and acknowledged it wasn’t the thing to do, but didn’t apologize for his optimism. He said he knew it wasn’t a free play, he just thought he was on fire and would complete that pass. Gotta love the guy. Check it out on

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jameis has heart and you gotta have heart. Jameis is young. This will correct itself over time. Meanwhile, enjoy the show which is about to commence.

  16. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    Hey look peeps ! Bret farvra won a damn Superbowl with how he played and so did Joe Montana. If there is a way to be a mix between the two , I’d hope it would be jameis Winston. With the better % accurate passing on his part in preseason so far looks a little more like West coast joe Montana style but with the tendency to go deep as well and be creative in the process like farve.take it deep or be creative when needed but also choose wisely ! Go bucs and keep getting better jameis

  17. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Oh I am loving most of these posts…I agree wholeheartedly with most of them and I agree” THE DAY JAMEIS STOP TAKING RISK IS THE DAY I WANT A NEW QB”
    To change him is to rebrand him Jameis is not Favre, because he is a better version…as long as he is improving and lead the team to the promise land LET JAMEIS BE JAMEIS😲
    a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities
    Go Jameis, go Bucs☠.

  18. bucsalltheway Says:

    well since watching hardknocks i swear he takes the coaches words to heart coach always preaches giving your guy a chance and maybe jamies was doing just that giving the whole offense a chance on that play. maybe it was a silly play but it is preseason and he was probably practicing a situation…preseason picks are senseless and not a big deal hell brady threw two last year in the preseason game against the panthers i guess he’s a horrible qb who will never get a ring lol