Rodgers And His Role

August 23rd, 2017

Wants touches Saturday.

If Doug Martin was not scheduled to serve the three-game balance of his four-game suspension to open the season, it is very likely he would be the No. 1 running back.

That is not the case.

Last year the Bucs rescued Jacquizz Rodgers from the streets and he turned into the No. 1 running back by default when Martin was hurt. So this summer, the Bucs are in a pickle as to who opens the season as the top back while Martin watches on TV (he isn’t allowed to show his face at One Buc Palace or a game during his suspension).

With the third preseason game just days away, that is usually the dress rehearsal for the opening game. The first team offense and defense often play well into the third quarter then get the fourth preseason game off.

Joe asked Rodgers today after practice if he is expecting to carry the load Saturday against the Browns. Rodgers stated he wasn’t sure.

“We haven’t decided how we are going to split up the game yet,” Rodgers said. “So, hopefully, I can get more touches and get going.”

Rodgers also stated that training camp for him hasn’t changed a bit given the uncertain future of Martin.

“It is the same. It’s training camp,” Rodgers said. “In training camp, you just come in looking to get better. Just tying to compete so you can develop a role on a team just like any other training camp. But also, work into shape so you can get ready for the first game.”

Whoever gets the most touches Saturday night, specifically, in the first three quarters, that running back would be a safe bet to place cash on as the go-to back for the Bucs while Martin sits at home.

35 Responses to “Rodgers And His Role”

  1. LocalJoker Says:

    Bucs will keep Barber. When Martin returns, Rodgers will be cut. Can only keep 4 RBs and create space for LB Joe Dirt. If Dirt cut will not clear waivers. Numbers game!

  2. darin Says:

    Lol. Theyre not cutting rodgers over fear they will lose a guy they release. Dont think they will be too worried IF riley gets released, wether he makes it to the practice squad. If he is good enough to make the team he will. No way rodgers gets cut. Go Bucs

  3. pick6 Says:

    i’m assuming rodgers is a vested veteran, so his salary is guaranteed if he’s on the roster week 1, but he seems like the most likely cut when doug is reinstated week 4. dirk is raving about sims, it’s clear that doug is the best of the bunch thus far, mcnichols is a rookie, and barber is the only anvil in the backfield. that leaves rodgers, who hasn’t looked all that dynamic in his limited action and who has been a fringe NFL player most of his career for a reason

  4. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Again I ask one of our obsessed guys who really pay attention to everything and even rewind game highlights.

    I have not paid attention to ST’s. Is Joe Dirt/Fabio playing on them? How has he done. IMO that is critical to his making this team. Somebody has to play ST’s and backup LB’s are usually tasked with that chore. So has Riley looked good?

  5. Upstate Stickcarrier Says:

    We cut McNichols and put him to Practice squad. If he gets picked up by another team, then we lost him and I am not overly concerned about that.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    you people are hilarious mcnichols and rodgers are not getting cut regardless. remember you are talking about a unreliable POS who has sucked more than he is has been good. they will NOT go all in on martin by cutting either mcnichols or rodgers that is beyond stupid thinking. i am assuming you guys are joking.

  7. Architek Says:

    Why would the Bucs cut Rodgers??? That’s just moronic. Geez man you guys …

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    they went all in on martin last year and the pathetic POS cost them the playoffs… hard to keep a hamstring healthy using either of martins preferred alleged substances. hydration is key. so his injuries were a lifestyle choice anyway you look at it. screw him…

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Upstate Stickcarrier Says:
    August 23rd, 2017 at 3:15 pm
    We cut McNichols and put him to Practice squad. If he gets picked up by another team, then we lost him and I am not overly concerned about that.”

    Where are you seeing this? Google is not confirming..

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    why would mcnichols make the 53? what did he do so far? lol! best thing he did is he is from boise state, but on the field…nada

    dude is going to the practice squad and absolutely no team is going to pick him up

    “Iv heard Snoop blocked his phone number”

    Kobe Faker

  11. unbelievable Says:

    McNichols will have 2 more weeks to prove he can make the 53, but I see him going to the practice squad like others have said.

    I would do a realist style repost to show you all that I actually said this 2 weeks ago, but that’s not really my style.

    Koetter loves Sims, and Barber seems to have that tough yardage role that no one else can do. So if McNichols does make the 53, then Rodgers seems to be the odd man out when Doug gets back, UNLESS he lights the world on fire during these 1st three games.

  12. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Either Barber or Sims has got to be the odd man out here. Doug and Rodgers certainly are not going anywhere

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    How has Rodgers looked in camp? I really haven’t heard much about him and his in game performance has been pretty flat. Are we certain Rodgers is even going to make the team? I mean the guy was on the street last year and came in and did a decent job, but he was on the street for a reason. The Bucs gave him little guaranteed money as well, if OverTheCap is correct it’s just $600,00 on his 2 year 3.3mil contract. Sure over a half-million is good money, but replacing him with Barber actually saves the team money. We shall see but I’m thinking he needs a decent game on Saturday or he might be in more trouble than most people assume. However I could completely be off base in my assumptions as I’m not sure how he’s looked in camp since I just haven’t heard much about him.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    if the bucs are lucky martin will just relapse between now and week 4 so it will save you fanboys a heart break when he returns and screws his teammates over AGAIN… martin can’t be trusted to unreliable and not a driven winner. he should have started acting like a VET rookie year Jameis Did, Kwon Did… now we are supposed to give the POS credit because he finally realizes he needs to act like a vet after taking the money and disappearing. you martin fanboys are the lowest of the low standard. no way in hell Licht will count on martin again. he’s not a fool he admits his mistakes.

  15. Lord Cornelius Says:

    McNichols has barely had any opportunity to do anything yet. I’d like to see him get some snaps with the 1s or have more than 13 total preseason carries before forming a definitive opinion

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    First Down – Sims is the best 3rd down back in football, it would be beyond moronic for him to get cut and he’ll instantly get signed from the waiver. If the Bucs for some reason didn’t want him, which would be moronic again, then they could trade him, he has value. Sims has to be safe or Dirk is off his rocker.

    I don’t agree that Rodgers is safe – each runningback on the roster has a different skill set except for Rodgers who sort of does everything but not very well. I’m not that sold on Barber as the team needs to be and I have zero doubt Barber would make it through waivers and onto the practice squad so I think Barber will be the odd man out, but end up right back with the team.

  17. Kobe Faker Says:


    Quizz is a cutback runner. he gets his yards when he cuts back when they over pursue….cutback runners never look good in practice

    quizz will be starting or at least have equal carries when stumbling druggie comes back just like last year

    this is the new modern running game. 2 tandem runners and having them fresh end of the year. 1 workhorse back is so 90s

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    tmaxcon – LOL! The Martin haters crack me up. You all say your history means nothing (Martin is the only 1st team all-pro runningback in team history) yet you want him cut based on his history. Get your story straight kiddo.

    Martin is by and far the best RB on the team and you need do nothing except watch the games, it’s very very clear. Also how exactly is Martin going to let the team down by keeping him? You and Joe want him ran out of town so what’s the difference if it happens now are in say week 11? Should he get hurt is that is letting the team down, because that happens during the NFL season as well.

    Martin isn’t going anywhere and you Martin haters are just going to have to deal with having one of the top running backs in the NFL on the roster.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Kobe – Yeah Martin will split carries… with Sims, just like they did in 2015 when they were the top running duo in the NFL. Rodgers just filled the role of Sims last year and did OK, not good, but OK – and certainly a few notches below Sims when it comes to that 3rd down back role. Sims is NOT an every down runner and I hopefully Dirk remembers that – I mean all he has to do is look at his own play calling from 2015 – and games 1-3 it should mean Rodgers will play the Martin role. Everything comes down to how Rodgers performs assuming he is indeed the week 1 starter – which again I think is the case, I’m just not 100% certain of it anymore (and I have Rodgers on a few fantasy teams so I hope that is the case since I stacked him with Martin).

  20. unbelievable Says:

    How many posters do you think tmax has of GMC and Doug hanging up in his bedroom? I’m guessing they have bullseyes drawn over the faces with darts sticking out too.

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    no posters of losers in my place. i don’t have time for losers. i just don’t get the connection you people have with proven unreliable mediocre players. gmc, martin and dotson represent the basement years… kwon, jameis, evans, godwin represent a successful future. results matters. raise your standards.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – 1
    Tmax – 0

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    That death stare from dm on hard knocks had tmaxx wantING to commit suicide. U hate him even more lol. That stare was classic.

  24. Lamarcus Says:

    And then again

    Not even the Browns dont cut good players ( gordon) he is still on the team. Wtf. He hasn’t played since 14.

    Where’s the outcry

    Steelers still have Mbryant? But we cut martin? Tmaxx and Joes. Get hold of yourself as u guys are so wrong

  25. Maze Says:

    It was only a matter of time until this had to be said. I see you Joe. Sadly Rodgers seems flat so hopefully he explodes this next game or his days may be numbered given the rest of the depth in that room.

  26. Kobe Faker Says:

    cut sims?

    you know how fast 14 short passing teams will fight for him

    and yes all 3 of our divisional rivals will be salivating for him

    he is the best pass catching rb plus rac skills in the nfl

    sims is a future 1k pass catcher and a all pro

  27. Kobe Faker Says:

    …oops my bad

    but not here in tampa

  28. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Tmaxcon says, “results matter”. Yet he lists a rookie without a NFL snap as “success”.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Sims is not going anywhere. He’s the ONLY back we have who can produce in open space. And DK loves him.

    Doug, McWeapon and to some degree Peyton are similar backs…hard runners…can be at times punishing runners…but none of them can make their own space….they all NEED blocking and none can take it to the house.

    Which leaves Quizz. He hasn’t had any opportunity this year so it’s hard to really evaluate him. Hopefully he’ll get plenty of touches against Cleveland.

    BTW saw BSPN report that Kizer will start for the Brownies on Saturday night and that Osweiler will not play at all. Don’t know whether that is good or bad given how rookies have fared against our defense in the past.

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    spbf says:
    “none can take it to the house”

    I know the NFL is different than College – but Jeremy McNichols scored 53 TDs in 25 games at Boise State – do the math.

    JMac also ran the same 40 time as Dalvin Cook and CMac. He is the fastest Buccaneer RB.

    The kid may not have his playbook down yet – but to suggest he can’t score from anywhere on the field is likely an inaccurate supposition.

  31. Lamarcus Says:

    I am concern about mcnichols. He is scared. His running demonstrate that. Plus this playbook issue. We are not rebuilding. We are win now. Mcnichols gets cut

  32. Reach87 Says:

    Tmax you are a moron. You call Martin a POS. He is arguably the best back on the team and committed no crime. You ma’am are a moron who should choose her words more carefully. Or admit that you are not really a Bucs fan, but rather a moronic troll.

  33. Issic Haggins Says:

    Given 100 carries each , Barber will be your avg per carry winner and will also get stopped for a loss 75 percent less than Martin and Sims but there is still allot more to a RB than stated above. HOWEVER,

    The problem with the 2- 11 and 2nd and twelves is Winston is a gambler and a gamer and his strength is def not patience , SO they are not where a staff wants any QB but even less so Winston . Winston with 2 nd and 9 , 2 – 7 is still a very manageable place for him ; Less hero more game plan !!

    Negative yards on first down are very very very overlooked and are death sentence for an offense and even more so for Winston as he will push more than the avg Qb . Bonus ……..Negative yardage 1 down runners are seldom good short yardage backs and the Bucs were prob as bad in short yardage runs as they were YAC , although Rogers isn’t to bad !!

  34. Kstoges Says:

    I think sims and Rodgers are safe idk about barber even tho he’s looked good and coaches like him

  35. Brandon Says:

    Rodgers, Sims, Barber, and McNIchols make the final 53. After serving his three game suspension, Doug will be brought back into the mix and a decision has to be made. Chances are likely, given the nature of the NFL, one of the four RBs that made the team will be hurt (smart money is on Sims, unfortunately), whomever that RB is, he goes on IR. If no RB is hurt, there is a very real chance Rodgers gets cut IF and only IF these things happen: Rodgers isn’t playing extremely well and any other RB has passed him up on the depth chart. Rookie McNichols hasn’t shown his worth on special teams or shown he can contribute on offense.

    This is WHY Rodgers could be cut…. neither him nor Martin play special teams. It’s tough to put a RB on the roster that isn’t starting and also not a special teams player.