Practice Standards Have Changed

August 23rd, 2017


More often than not, winning head coach Dirk Koetter has walked off the practice field recently and said his team didn’t practice well at all.


That’s a mystery, considering the strong leadership on the team and a second-year head coach and returning coordinator, along with a veteran coaching staff.

Today, Koetter said the effort was bad, which is never a good sign.

The only thing Joe could read between the lines is that Koetter has raised the bar on practice from last season and the team hasn’t caught up. Joe asked Harvard man tight end Cameron Brate about this after practice and, per Brate, Joe’s insight was on the money.

“100 percent,” Brate said about the practice standard being higher this season. “Yeah, I think with the new guys we added this year, with the influx of talent, we do hold ourselves to a higher standard. You know, last year we were so close to making the playoffs. So you figure if we’re one game away last year, we have to do something different. We have to do something better. So the easiest thing to do is just improve the intensity of practice.

“When we’ve had practices like we’ve had this past week, you know, it’s frustrating. I know Coach gets frustrating. We have one more day to prepare for Cleveland on Saturday night, so hopefully tomorrow we bring a little more juice.”

Interesting stuff.

Joe’s just surprised the team hasn’t risen to meet Koetter’s new bar consistently.

Hopefully, they can do to the Browns what teams should do to the Browns on Saturday night. That’s likely the best judge of practice effectiveness.

18 Responses to “Practice Standards Have Changed”

  1. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    shouldnt the quote from Cameron say I know Coach gets *frustrated*? Just curious.

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I really think many moons ago when the glazers hired coach shiano. ……they envisioned the things Koetter is doing

    ……..but the coach “toes on the line” went off the deep end trying to use coaching methods from college. …..

    …..but hey, shiano was one helluva LBs coach!!!!! 😉

  3. unbelievable Says:

    It’s all about the little things.

    When the team is this far into camp, guys are getting tired and sloppy, messing up on the small things. I believe that is what has Koetter fired up.

    He’s holding them to a higher standard, and letting them know when they are not reaching it.

    I would imagine most coaches have similar thoughts after practice, where surely there are plenty of guys making mistakes as they run through drills.

  4. tnew Says:

    Good coaches are always moving the bar. You always want to encourage the players to push, to strive, to never be satisfied. Koetter is of the mindset that the worst thing in a team is complacency. Every year they get better it is Koetter’s job to expect and demand more, while keeping them energized to chase that uncatchable bar. Its a tough balance. As soon as my coach comes out and says, “my team is doing everything like I want” he should be fired. Anyone remember “Tennessee ready”.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    More intensity it’s what I been itching for. Especially our defensive line. Not intense dancing or joking. Like more hitting. Like other hard knock shows.

  6. Jim Says:

    I think he said it all “new guys”…..shaggy…needs to get on board.

  7. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    Joe, Do Not Sleep on Cleveland’s Defense this year. They have unbelievable potential. Whether they reach that potential is a another story but those guys have been answering the bell over there.

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    tnew Says:
    August 23rd, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Anyone remember “Tennessee ready”.

    Oh lord…………………I wish I could erase those two horrible years from my memory!

  9. Bucfan87 Says:

    Lamarcus, the only hitting the d-line is going to be doing will be on your QB and RB( not countingnblocking). Why in the world would you want to see more hitting on practice. Watching hard knocks and seeing the DLine dominate the Jags o line in their drill should change the way you perceive them. Let them dance and have fun. They should be loose. Plus I’ve heard multiple times from the Head Ball Coach that GMC wrecks half of practice. Noah looks great. And guys don’t forget Jax Smith will be back and George Johnson is returning. Don’t know how good the latter is but the former could be sack leader if he could stay healthy

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Agree with all. If you’re not getting better you’re getting worse.

    I must say I thought the Bucs improved incrementally from the Bengals game to the Jags game…but then again the Bengals are talented…the Jags…not so much.

  11. Couch Fan Says:

    The Jags are actually extremely talented, except at the most important position on the team.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ve often been critical of Koetter. But he knows whats coming. Everybody has gotten better this upcoming season. And I know he’s concerned about us constantly marching up to the red zone and coming away with nothing or 3 pts. You won’t beat the better teams like that. So it is good he’s bearing down on these men. They gotta play up to their potential.

  13. darin Says:

    Exactly. Jax has a very talented team, especially on defense. Their corners were out but the bucs still mandhandled that pricey defensive line. Cleve has a talented D too so we will see how we progress. Go Bucs

  14. BucEmUp Says:

    Players are provably tired of watching baker sit on his ass. The man needs to get up and practice

  15. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    August 23rd, 2017 at 2:13 pm
    The Jags are actually extremely talented, except at the most important position on the team.

    ON PAPER…………..they are extremely talented, but somehow every season they play like poo

    every year they’re a hyped up team…..

  16. unbelievable Says:

    couch fan is right. The defense has been stockpiling good players and is pretty decent. The offense has been what’s hurting them, mainly their QB play and terrible o-line. Can’t blame it on the defense when your QB is throwing pick-6s.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    Good. We needed higher standards around here.

  18. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    Don’t think I ever saw Lovie gripe about effort, and frankly, having them out there in the worst heat does nothing for teaching them to think about their play as they go, so it’s been much better going early. But still gets hot. While the game doesn’t count, Bucs have had 8 days to prep for this, while the Browns have four days and a wake-up, with Osweiler not playing at all. All Kizer and Kessler I suspect. Hopefully the Bucs starters get their work done and get the heck off the field before the 3 quarters. I’m fine with half Jameis wth Quizz, Sims, Barber, OJ, Godwin and some DJax and the rest “Syfo” and the backups. Fitz ain’t going to get any better at this point (I hope he doesn’t get any worse).