Picks? Deal With It!

August 19th, 2017

Is Jameis more Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers? (Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com)

Joe’s head is still hurting from Thursday night.

No, Joe did no partying. He was working at the Gator Bowl covering the Bucs-Jags games.

(Yeah, Joe knows the stadium — a very underrated stadium — where the Jags play is not called the “Gator Bowl” any longer, but Joe prefers the traditional names of stadiums. Joe also loathes stadiums that change names every two years or so just because some financial outfit or other company cuts a check. If these firms want Joe to use their names in relation to a stadium, then Joe is willing to listen to any and all offers. Hey, Joe’s a capitalist, too.)

The reason why Joe’s brain is still pounding is that godawful play by America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Dude was getting dragged to the ground and he just tossed the ball in the end zone, a half-arsed prayer. It was picked but by the grace of the zebras, who ruled Jameis down on a sack, the pick was nullified.

Joe thought only someone as dumb as Wrongo Starr would try to pull off such a stunt. It p!ssed Joe off watching it live, and it still does. That type of play is simply unacceptable. But in the words of Andy Benoit of theMMQB.com, Bucs fans better get used to it because Jameis is going to throw picks, but his positive plays will outweigh the picks.

@Andy_Benoit: Winston may always be the type who throws INTs (like Eli or Favre). It’s a survivable tradeoff given playing style. … many of Winston’s INTs stem from him being over-aggressive on reads that most young QBs wouldn’t even know to consider.

This is why Joe thinks Jameis is more Brett Favre than Aaron Rodgers, who winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter compared Jameis to. The stats may show Jameis is more Rodgers, but Jameis’ mentality is Favre, through and through.

Just like Favre, Jameis thinks he can complete any pass. Just like Favre, Jameis hates giving up on plays when often that’s the smart route. Just like Favre, Jameis loves a lightning-bolt pass.

At worst, Jameis is anything but boring. Could be maddening, but this Bucs team wouldn’t have been in the playoff hunt the last two years without him.

27 Responses to “Picks? Deal With It!”

  1. Dano74 Says:

    I do see the similarities to Favre. And I think his accuracy will improve this year because he has better weapons around him.

  2. Capt. Blighe Says:

    Jameis is very disciplined at talking a good game.
    Doing it, not so much.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s my guy and I’ll ride with him good or bad.
    But that play was unacceptable.

  3. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    I’m not as distraught as you Joe, but yes it was very concerning at first glance.

    Interceptions happen, that’s just the way it is, and that’s ok if you’re a gunslinger that makes many more positive plays from taking those risks.

    But there are different levels of picks. And just tossing it while you are going down/ practically flat on your back, that’s the worst kind of pick.

    On second and third glance, I assumed that his thought behind it must have been that he thought he was being fouled and in turn presumed that he had a free play. What’s worrisome is that I’ve yet to hear him say anything of the sort.

    But yeah, all things put into perspective, it was a horrendously ugly play in an otherwise terrific and precise game for Jameis. And the arrow is still pointing way way up.

  4. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Jameis will give you that and 4000 yards per season. That we know. The history gods have shown that.

    We probably didn’t see the last bad pass out of Jameis. I feel confident in Jameis reaching the 5000 yards this season the way the o-line is playing.

    This coming season will make Mr. Deflated, Mr. BillyCheat, AP and Drew Brees seriously think about retirement because of the new sheriff in town.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!!!!!

  5. tnew Says:

    Ok.. we get it.. he made a bad decision, this is the 7th article to mention it. Honestly, I didn’t mind this one as it was at most a 3 point gamble. Defense is playing good and the turnover would’ve happened way inside our territory. Being that it was 3rd down, the most he could “lose” here is 3 points but he could gain 4. Was it great, no, but it wasn’t the end all be all play. I understand the “gamble” that a young confident QB will make in this spot and I recognize that over time, he will make many throws that make you say, no, no, no, YES!! Jameis will never be the robot passer that only makes high percentage throws.

    The one that I did mind very much so, was the throw on 2nd and 17 from inside the 10 inside of 3 minutes in the half. It was late to the inside. That could’ve been a pick 6 really easy or a turnover deep in our territory, which would be a huge momentum swing at a bad time in the game. He must learn that 2nd and 17 is a two down event. Game circumstance. That was a BAD gamble. I was happy to see the check down on third that led to a punt.

    But I’m so happy he’s our QB. He’s growing every year, every game, every play.

  6. FowlBall Says:

    I like Jameis both as a person and as a QB. A lot.

    But the last time I saw this type of panic play was during my grandson’s Pop Warner game (9-10 yr old boys) last year. Same result.

    Reminded me of another ludicrous Jameis play against Oregon.

    Leaders don’t do that stuff.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, you’ve written before that Jameis is more like Favre than Rodgers because of his gunslinger mindset, but I still don’t see it. Might’ve been true of Jameis 2 yrs ago, but not today. He’s matured tremendously, in no small part because of Koetter & Bajakian. School-yard plays like the other night are actually amusing … as long as they happen in preseason (also good learning experiences).

    Back to Favre. Over his 20 yrs, he played in 302 games (15 per season, altho he only played in less than 13 games in 1 season, his rookie year). Durable as all git-out. His career completion % was 62%, similar to Jameis now, but Jameis is improving rapidly, and I’d expect to see him end up closer to 66-68% in his career. Favre threw for over 4,000 yds in 6 of 20 yrs; Jameis is 2 for 2 already. Favre was intercepted 336 times (almost 17 INTs per season). That’s similar to Jameis’ 1st 2 yrs, but look at the OLine & receivers he was working with. He’ll do better this year I’d bet. And based on his 186 wins, Favre’s ‘average’ season was between 9-7 & 10-6. In that regard, I now hope you’re right about Jameis being like Favre. Not a bad career average for wins.

  8. JabooBuc Says:

    Of course it was a bad decision. However, keep in mind he dropped a dime to Mike Evans on the same drive that was dropped in the end zone. Also, this guy is still so young! He’s going into his 3rd year and he’s still only 24. The things he has that can’t be taught like desire and leadership should make Joe feel good about what is in store for this team going forward. Experience will teach him to not make that throw. No worries!

  9. BucEmUp Says:

    Gotta take the good with the bad with our young gun slinger.

    Put someone who can actually call a defense at DC and we won’t have to worry so much. I will bet the bank young Jameis will be playing from behind yet again this year all season due to ridiculously high completion percentages, offenses driving down the field and eating up the clock.

    Spare me the dominant 5 game defensive streak argument. Jameis will always have to force things when he knows our D-scheme allows too many points and completions. Fix the D and the man will be able to relax back there a bit and manage the game. Until that happens he is going to be forced to take unnecessary risks.

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    I loved that team game this past Thursday. Still clouds my mind that frigging pass Winston. I think his awareness in those situations just says “throw it” His instincts kicks in and to him there is no such things as sacks, slides, or throw aways. I think his mind says he needs to complete every pass. Etc. This kid WANTS to be the best.

    It just him and I think it’s nevery going away. So keep it coming because it’s coming

  11. mark2001 Says:

    Simply, he is more like Favre now, but hopefully he can become more like Rodgers.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    The thing about Favre is that he did two great things for every bonehead play. I remember when he threw the ball into DB’s (I believe it was DB) chest in one game about 5 yards from his own end zone…a rocket. DB didn’t catch it. The Packers beat us that game, and if DB had made that play, it could have been different. So the bottom line is that if he made 4 great plays and you burned him once or not at all, he and the Packers were fine. But if you got him twice or of those four plays, your receivers dropped one or two of them, you had him and the Packers.

    And you don’t believe me…if any of you know DB, ask him. If that was he, I’d bet he would remember that play…he is a smart guy and that was a rare situation.

  13. darin Says:

    U nailed it with the gota take the good with the bad thing. Not sure why u think the bucs will be playing from behind all year tho. So how much is in the bank? I might be willing to talk numbers n details on that one.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Guess we aren’t going to see JBF/Ed Morse Cadillac anytime soon….

    As for Jameis….it’s too bad there wasn’t a consequence for that play (other than an a$$ chewing from Koetter)….

    I’d like to think that Jameis wouldn’t do that in a real game….but I’d be wrong….it’s simply his nature.

    One thing I am noticing is that Jameis isn’t running unnecessarily, whe h

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When Jameis comes up to the LOS and has a chance to run for the 1st down or dump it off for 4 or 5 yards….he dumps it off…

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    There is absolutely no question that Winston is more Favre than Rodgers – and that’s not a bad thing – if the Bucs don’t get screwed in that home game against the Lions in 2010 with that offensive PI call the NFL later has to apologize for, the Bucs make the playoffs and the Packers are the ones out – so Rodgers never wins a Super Bowl and he never get those endless discount double check commercials.

    Favre was amazing – watching him his entire threw the NFC Central, those battles with he Bucs all-time great defenses – it was something special. For example I think it was a MNF game against the Bucs in Tampa, Favre is sacked 6 times, throws like 2 INTs and has two fumbles lost and is getting his rear whipped the whole game – then magically he starts a 4th quarter comeback and has the ball at the end with a chance to score. He doesn’t – the Bucs finish him off, but how he made that even a one score game I don’t know. It’s amazing performance even though he lost. But Favre against those Bucs defenses won about as many as he lost, something really no one else can say. In his wins he made a lot of mistakes – but also by bring a risk taker he made plays only he would make. As Favre got older, into his 30s, he finally started to to take less chances and his stat line looks nice – but he won a championship as an unapologetic gunslinger.

    Favre was a no-brainer 1st ballot HOFer and he also has by far the NFL’s all-time turnover record.

    Obviously it’s too early to say Jameis will have the career Favre did, obviously way too early, but man does he remind me of that early-mid 90s Favre right now.

  17. Capt. Blighe Says:

    I don’t how many of you youngsters remember the vibe of gameday when we played Farve. Its was very positive.
    We knew he was good but….
    We always knew we would get a couple picks
    And if the game came down to a final drive. We had at least a 50% chance he would throw it to us.
    I was never worried we farve came to town.

  18. NFLNut Says:

    If Rodgers retired today he wouldn’t have accomplished anywhere near what Favre did (2 NFC titles to Rodgers 1 and more individual accomplishments) … I loved Favre … but Jameis is WAY AHEAD of where Favre was at his current age!

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Blighe – I agree with you, I always put my faith in the Bucs versus Favre at the end, but the Bucs had one of the best defenses in the history of football. If that Bucs defense was playing ANY quarterback in NFL history I’d still have complete faith in them. I have a lot more faith in Favre than Rodgers in that situation, I mean Rodgers gots manhandled by the Josh Freeman Bucs and then cried the grass is too hard (seriously, look it up).

  20. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    He was being yanked by the back of his helmet,a personal foul should have been called end of story. What y’all call bone head I call heads up.

  21. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I’m waiting on one of y’all( you included Joe) to explain to me how I’m wrong. If it were Brady or Rodgers a personal foul would have been called. After his head was released by the defender he launched the ball because in his mind he had a free play.

  22. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Maybe another one but I ain’t giving y’all that one.

  23. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I’ll check back after awhile to see what any of you have to say.

  24. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    So if I’m in pursuit of the QB and I raise my hand to block his pass and I inadvertently touch his facemask that’s a personal foul like we’ve all seem before. But if I yank him forward by the back of his helmet that’s legal??? GTFOH man.

  25. Bojim Says:

    One of the very rare times when I got my wife to watch football a bit and Jameis throws a WTF. lol

  26. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Didn’t think anyone had a viable rebuttal.

  27. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Preeeach NOSBOS🤗