“Non-existent” Pass Rush

August 26th, 2017

Can Mike Smith fix it?

Even winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter is getting fed up with no sacks.

As Joe pointed out earlier this evening, with Gerald McCoy sitting out with a groin/pelvic injury, the Bucs pass rush was AWOL.

Or, as we have become accustomed to around this parts, SOS (same old sh!t).

Koetter called the pass rush this evening “non-existent.”

It is just unconscionable to Joe how this franchise simply cannot develop a consistent, decent pass rush. It’s not just this current regime, but it encompasses three general managers and four coaching staffs.

Yes, Noah Spence had a sack early in the third quarter thanks to a Robert McClain blitz. More often than not, when going against Browns stalwart left tackle Joe Thomas, it was a total mismatch.

Yes, many Bucs fans have brought to Joe’s attention this Kony Ealy, who was released today by the Patriots. To Joe, if Bill Belicheat cuts you two weeks before the start of the season, then that’s a major red flag.

As Joe looks at the horizon in late August, once again — for how many friggin’ years in a row now? — the Bucs will have to look at defensive end as a priority in the offseason.

27 Responses to ““Non-existent” Pass Rush”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive been saying it for 7 years

    . . . If only we had a DE . . .

    When Sapp arived on the Scene, the Bucs quickly got a Great DE, to keep Sapp from being double teamed all the time.

    They have let McCoy suffer alone on that line so long – yes, its criminal!!
    We will never get anywhere in the playoffs, without a great DE to help McCoy.
    Try Blitzing Aaron Rodgers! He’ll pick you to pieces.

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Joe Thomas is a future HOF tackle going up against a 2nd year player.

    Let’s rephrase that. Do we suppose a matchup of an 7X All Pro 1st teamer…2nd team All pro two other years..10X Pro bowler…#3 pick in his draft…6-6 312lbs future HOF goes up against a 2nd year 2 round draft pick…not 3rd overall..who stands 6-2 250lbs is going to be a mismatch? DUH!

    We could play the Browns 16 more times…we could bring back Simeon Rice in his prime…and the result would be the same. Thomas is the best tackle in the game and considered generational. He is an ATHLETE..he punted, place kicked, played TE, Fullback and DE in high school.

    Who was the wag who said they pay the other guys too.

    This is NOT to excuse our dismal pass rush. But it’s never…ever…ever going to be over Joe Thomas. But Thomas is ONE player…don’t know what happened to the rest of the rush.

  3. Pa Privateer Says:

    SOS “same ole chit” got me laughing, then made me turn for the bottle and a long long long, unhealthy swig

  4. SB Says:

    CMON tMaxi…………..No GMC , No Pass Rush????
    Geesh I thought this was supposed to test the team?
    Love your off kilter insidious comments though.

  5. Joe Says:

    SOS “same ole chit” got me laughing, then made me turn for the bottle and a long long long, unhealthy swig


  6. Mike Says:

    St Pete- good post up until saying Simeon wouldn’t get by him either

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    St pete
    – so I guess we might as well give up before we play- because Joe Thomas rules the football universe . Just start waving a white Flag!

    Ive seen McCoy run thru him,on a switch

    Thomas gave up 2 sacks and 3 hits in 2016.
    Hes not an Immortal.

    But I do agree that he is always gonna overpower a 6’2″, 248 pound guy.
    Then, why sending a 248 pound defensive end at him?

    Simeon Rice was 6’5″, 275#
    And believe me on this one- he would got a sack playing against Thomas.
    He averaged nearly one a game

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Why not bring in DE/DT – Desmond Bryant for a tryout?

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    DE/DT – Desmond Bryant (31)
    • Height: 6’ 6″
    • Weight: 290 lbs

    Career Stats
    • Total tackles: 238.
    • Sacks: 26.0.
    • Forced fumbles: 4.
    • Fumble recoveries: 2.
    • Pass deflections: 3.

  10. tnew Says:

    Joe Thomas is good for sure (Capt Tim,that stat line, given the Browns QB’s last season and how much they were behind is pretty close to immortal), but he’s the measuring stick that you want to see Spence against. I have been a staunch defender of Spence but he’s got to figure some of this stuff out. The chip blocks are in his head. He is hesitant whenever a back or tight end gets rolled to his side. But, he was the most active of the bunch save a missed assignment that let Lambert through.

    All of you guys that don’t think GMC is important to this group, you are missing the boat. It is imperative that GMC play and play disciplined football.

    One more thing. Kizer was doing a very, very good job of getting the ball out on time and his receivers were making plays for him. Our game plan was very basic, his reads were uncomplicated. They did little in the way to confuse him. I know its preseason, but I’m not sure why the Bucs played so vanilla. I’ve watched a ton of NFL preseason, (thanks to Game Pass and the 40 minute games) That was as boring of a game plan as I’ve seen. I know Koetter likes his guys hungry, but they need swagger too.

  11. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Mike Smith …time is running …I’ve heard somewhere that you were the best signing of the off season! Our pass rush is nonexistent!! Mike can you hear me now!

  12. Rossta Says:

    Just got my season tickets and yes I know it’s only preseason game but come on man! it just look like no effort from the team I’m so sick of losing at home preseason or not

  13. Jersey Buc Says:

    Brandon Graham of the Eagles had 40 QB hurries by himself last year. The bucs as a team pressured/sacked the QB a combined 76 times last season or 4.75 a game. If you’re able to watch the replay, you’ll notice the bucs actually “touched” the QB FOUR times last night! I say they’re pretty much on target from last year. Lol.

  14. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Ronde said it several times, The Joes have said it several times, we ALL have seen it too many times… outside of GMC this defensive line cannot generate a consistent pass rush.

    The solution then (and I hope that Mike Smith doesn’t shy away from this) is to get creative with who you bring. LVD is one of the best blitzing linebackers that I have seen. He’s had a great preseason. I know the game plan against the browns was pretty standard (how many times did I hear the word vanilla during last nights telecast). Let’s hope and pray that with the full compliment of starters in the secondary, Mike Smith unleashes LVD.

  15. CautiousOptimism Says:

    Without a pass rush we are going to make Jay Cutler look like Dan Marino in an embarrassing season opener. Bring in Kony Ealy, Simeon Rice or whoever the hell you have to because the crap we are watching now is unacceptable. They better figure it out in a hurry.

  16. Kalind Says:

    Joe, (not advocating for the signing) the reason Ealy got cut wasn’t red flag worthy. He just didnt fit their scheme. Not the first time that’s happened.

    We could bring him in for a workout, see what he has, but he’s not going to solve the problem.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:

    St pete
    – so I guess we might as well give up before we play- because Joe Thomas rules the football universe . Just start waving a white Flag!

    No Capt Tim it doesn’t mean “giving up” it means game planning around the other team’s stud. We’ve heard a million times from all the coaches in our division how the game plan around GMC…they don’t give up…they use a better strategy.

    We’re not game planning in the pre season…if Smitty has some exotic blitz packages we’re not going to see them until Miami although he did send a CB last night.

    I certainly accept tnew’s points about judging Noah against the best and clearly he’s not ALL PRO level yet. I didn’t get to see the game up here. Some posters have claimed Thomas got away with a ton of holding…but I gotta say I trust tnew and if he didn’t go to that excuse then I can only assume that Noah is not All Pro yet. Are we really surprised?

  18. Owlykat Says:

    I pegged Beckwith as an inept choice for lack of speed and failure to get off blocks the day he was picked by Licht. I pegged Justin Evans as another Licht bust because he would bring penalties because of his hard high hits and is a poor tackler who does not wrap up. We needed to move up in the second round and got a top running back–our running last night was subpar. With the fourth pick there were still defensive ends we could have used last night. Licht’s 5th pick that he touted is a bust too. And every year with Licht we have had the worst third string players too. Even the Browns had better third string players than us and the Browns are undefeated this preseason and have obviously out drafted Licht despite their terrible reputation, including also picking up two great offensive linemen in free agency. If we do not make the playoffs we need to dump Egotistical Licht and hire the Titan’s much better GM or another Good GM.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    No McCoy..No pass rush. So much for the GM haters!

  20. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Anytime you hear any color commentator start to talk up George Johnson, I think that any realistic person suddenly gets a distinct twinge of the all too well known around here, Buccaneer Apprehension/Impending Doom Syndrome.

  21. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Owlykat Says:
    August 27th, 2017 at 10:46 am

    And every year with Licht we have had the worst third string players too.”

    I am willing to not wait any longer: Hottest take of the day!

  22. Jim Says:

    Want know why there is no pass rush?
    1) Adams (Bust…no disrespect)
    2) Clayborne (Bust)
    3) Bowers (BUST)
    4) Gholston (Solid…but average)
    5) Spence (not a bust yet)

  23. Jersey Buc Says:

    Pre season games are like lies, there’s an element of truth somewhere. Donovan Smith is terrible. Noah Spence gets the best of him most days in practice. Doesn’t mean Spence can play because, again, Donovan Smith is terrible. Ayers has done next to nothing, Gholston can’t rush the passer and the beat goes on from there. Mike Smith needs to stop messing around. Put Gholston and Mccoy at DE, move one of those monster DT’s to NT, have David and Alexander as the outside linebackers with Beckwith and Glanton at inside linebacker…and work combo blitzes with these guys. Spence is just an option right now, for third down situational pass rusher.

  24. BucEmUp Says:

    Again…..Mike Smiths defense sucks. Mike Smith impresses me zero. Still not seeing anything but the old soft zone lovie ran. He just got lucky and opotunistic in three games last season, the other two were against horrible offenses. I would have never extemded.Mike Smith as DC, I am just thankful that Jason Licht holds yhe pwer because he will.make.the tough calls. Its time to start looking at Jay Hayes being promoted and running a real defense

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    – dont get me wrong, my friend, I agree with you about Joe Thomas. He is probably the Best Tsckle in the game.
    But thats how you win. Your best beats their best, or at least makes a fight of it! I would loved to have watched Simeon Rice ( in his Prime) against Thomas! That matchup would be worth watching all game.
    Our best pass rushergot pancaked, time after time! They actually highlighted that match up once. Again, Thomas crushed him.
    And I dont blame Spence. Hes got talent, but awful small for a DE.
    Too small.
    And hes our best Pass rushing DE.

    If this team is ready to win now- we need to find a pass rusher to get anywhere
    Might wanna see if we can Trade Martin and 1st to get one

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    You’re missing McCoy (and was Ayers even playing, I didn’t notice) and Mike Smith played a very basic defense – no blitzing of David, nothing. Also again I’ll point out Cleveland has one of the top 3 offensive lines in football – if you’re missing by far your best d-line player and you won’t blitz or do anything else, then you’re not going to do much against them. The issue is Miami isn’t too far from Cleveland in how good their o-line is and if you give Cutler all day to throw he’s going to have 400 yards passing. With all that said the Bucs in the first half held the Browns to 3 points and got two turnovers, so it’s not exactly like the Browns did anything. But still Smith will need to open up the defensive playbook in Miami – and I think he will.

  27. Brandon Says:

    Ealy is a Jet… and for anybody wanting any other pass rusher that is available, sorry to say it, but he’s not going to help.

    I have yet to see a snap from the game, but considering it was wet, it is extremely common for teams to not be able to rush the passer in wet field conditions. If this was the case, i’m not worried about one game. The other games are what concern me.