Kwon Gets His Facetime

August 23rd, 2017

Fire on-field; chill off.

If seems the folks who weren’t familiar with “Hard Knocks” clamored, demanded or fully expected Kwon Alexander to be a big star of the NFL Films-produced HBO reality series.

Joe didn’t buy that for a moment.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Kwon, the Bucs’ fantastic middle linebacker. He is a total warrior on the field and a nice guy off the field and someone Joe likes a lot. And that is why Joe thought Kwon would not be a significant player on “Hard Knocks.” Off the field, Kwon is really a laid back dude. A chill guy. His on-field personality is nearly polar opposite of his off-field personality.

And that does not make for compelling TV. Remember, outfits like HBO are in business to draw eyeballs to the TV, not bore folks and make them reach for the clicker.

So Tuesday night, finally, Kwon got his facetime on the series. But it was what he did on the field of play that was much more interesting than off, which is what Joe has been cautioning folks about for weeks.

Early in the show, Kwon was shown at a hairstylist getting his cardinal-do brushed up.

That scene didn’t last long (for obvious reasons — not exactly riveting TV watching a guy sitting in a chair looking in a mirror checking out his ‘do.) But on the practice field Kwon was caught holding on a pass play and Dirk Koetter chews him out for it. “You just lost the game!” Apparently Kwon — who adores Koetter — didn’t care for the scolding and must have shot Koetter a foul frown and Koetter said, “Don’t give me that look!”

Later, in the best scene featuring Kwon, he puts a Jags player on the ground with a shoulder drive and then, when the Bucs force the Jags to punt during their preseason game, Kwon screams, “Get your sorry @ss off the field!” and waves his arm wildly as if to say, “Go home, losers!”

Now that was cool!

3 Responses to “Kwon Gets His Facetime”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Dont give me that look!”
    Sounds like my Mother! Lol
    Dont Worry- Kwon will become a household name when we start winning Playoff games!

    . . . Still need a DE

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    You’re right captain Tim.

    Gholston has looked really slow coming off the ball.

    I freaking love FULL HD.

    Anybody else notice how GMC gets off the line so much faster than anyone else??

    Its crazy!

    The guy has the first step of Allen Iverson!

    We need 2 Defensive ends!!

    Make some trades Licht!!!

    I want Hughes from Buffalo. Proven Vet.

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    Loving the looks at coach Koetter’s no nonsense side that we are getting via Hard Knocks.

    He knows that greatness needs to be pushed.

    Even our best players like Jameis and Kwon will get yelled at fiercely if they make big mistakes.

    Dirk may be a “player’s coach” – but he certainly doesn’t hold back when someone deserves an ass chewing.