Koetter: Godwin Looked Like A No. 1 Receiver

August 27th, 2017

Uncork the champagne. Call a pool party. Start a savings account for playoff tickets.

The Bucs are going to have a high-flying offense this season to match their solid defense.

Yes, Joe is feeling frisky after hearing winning head coach Dirk Koetter stand at the One Buc Palace podium today and say rookie receiver Chris Godwin needed to play like a No. 1 receiver last night without DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans in the lineup — “and he did.”

What major league praise for Godwin, and Joe assessed this in detail as the game wrapped up.

Koetter added today that Godwin was strong in blocking as well as pass catching, but he needs more stamina to play 60+ plays. However, Koetter said, the Bucs aren’t likely to ask him to do that.

Regardless, the Bucs now know that Godwin has it in him to be a starting receiver. So now what? Koetter says repeatedly that he wants his best players in the field and will adjust to make that happen.

If Godwin is the next Roddy White, as Koetter has implied multiple times, then Koetter would be foolish not to open up the offense to get Godwin on the field regularly with Jackson and Evans.

And there’s still O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate to give playing time.

Let it fly, Coach. Joe can already see the chains moving and six- and seven-man boxes for Jacquizz Rogers and Charles Sims to pick apart from the backfield.

8 Responses to “Koetter: Godwin Looked Like A No. 1 Receiver”

  1. Maze Says:

    No doubt and when week four finally rolls around this offense can really open up. Going to get crazy

  2. Easy Denman Says:

    If Humphries hip injury is serious he will be getting a lot of playing time week 1.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    He looked very good – but saying he looked like a #1 WR? That’s pushing it a bit. However the fact we know he’ll be the #3 WR in place of Hump, that’s a great thing. Also when DJax gets hurt and misses 5-7 games like he does most years he can step in and be a solid #2.

  4. SB Says:

    I wanted Godwin in the Second. How he lasted until the third is Beyond me.
    Oh BTW Samaje Perine (also on my wish list) is tearing it up for the skins. Jay Gruden calls him “the total Package” I hope I can pick him up for my FF league. Will def be taking McCaffery too. He is gonna get alot of work with the Stinkin’ Panthers

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    SB – Matthew Berry is a huge Redskins fan, like an actual fan of the team, and he says Fat Rob has the starter job locked up and all the hype around Perine is just that, hype. Perine is the 3rd RB and hasn’t shown anything that would move him up into the starter job and all the hype is based on some offseason workouts.

    I haven’t paid attention other than to see Fat Rob is going late in drafts, way beyond where a starter should go, so I’ve been grabbing him. Hopefully Berry is correct.

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    Koetter needs godwin in the slot and practice the quick slant/ short crossing routes/rub plays with jameis

    Godwin needs to be the possession hot read wr for jameis

    Unlike hump, godwin can turn the corner disengage and make yac rac yards. This playmaking skills are necessary to allivete some of the burden jameis from doing too much and creating turnover

    Its a mismatch nightmare for def coords to contain godwin with the 3rd best nickle corner or safety

  7. JAB83 Says:

    Samaje Perine…. Get use to that name…. My evaluation of him was something like…..

    This guy is a video game players dream running back.

    Wish we could of added him to OUR video gamers dream team of a team!!!

    Go Crazy Folks Go Crazy

  8. Eric Says:

    Ok so if Coach Koetter is a man of his word that regardless of draft position or anything else the best players are going to play Adam Humphries should be the forth receiver now!!