What We Know & Don’t Know About The Bucs

August 21st, 2017

Enter the world of Bucs Uncensored, birthplace of the Stick Carriers. All kinds of football talk today as the 53-man roster gets in clearer focus. Three times per week here, Bucs Uncensored and host Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski unifies Tampa Bay fans in every corner of the universe. Justin’s a former voice on the Buccaneers Radio Network and an ex-college football player, and a lifelong Bucs fan. Hear your Bucs take (if it makes the cut). Just email a 90-second-or-less audio blast to BucsUncensored@gmail.com. Listen above or subscribe on iTunes right here, or at Podbean.com. Justin’s work is not influenced by JoeBucsFan.com. Joe just thinks it’s very, very, very special. **CAUTION: some R-RATED language!* 


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One Response to “What We Know & Don’t Know About The Bucs”

  1. OneBucNut Says:


    No longer a season ticket holder, but still live and die Bucs. When Bucs win, life is amazing. If they lose, life sucks.

    Love the Stick Carriers idea. You need to lead a “stick standard” for our crazed Carriers to be allowed to take into RayJay. Come up with a product, maybe like the Number One Foam Finger material. Find a vendor who will donate ten or twenty or thirty thousand plus Sticks….similar to the Lightning sticks….and have a sea of Pewter and Red of the Stick Carrier Sticks for the players and TV to see. Just a thought, to either run with or use to inspire something else….just need a physical / visual something to take advantage of the fan energy.

    Whatever you decide, it will be awesome.

    Got to get back to work. Go Bucs!