Jameis Shares His Preseason Grade

August 14th, 2017

Every Buccaneers player was graded for his preseason performance against the Bengals.

Coaches, who know the assignments and playcalls, soak in the game film and fire up a report for each player.

Today after practice in Jacksonville against the Jaguars, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, shared his grades with assembled media.

“Well, the coaches gave me a B-minus,” Jameis said. “Obviously, preseason or not I just want to win. That’s the main thing. Definitely got to [have some] improvements. Scoring in that red zone – me and Mike Evans can’t get inside the two-yard line and not connect on two straight attempts. That’s the only negative I take away from that game. We looked good. We started out fast. Especially when your first drive is from the six-yard line and the next one is from the one, and you flip fields and you start off the game with a 92-yard drive, you’ve got to love it.”

Yes, that opening drive against the Bengals was impressive, sustained and diverse, too. The only glaring problem was the 0-for-2 Jameis referenced — two shots from the 2 yard line, and two bad throws to Mike Evans covered by Adam “Pacman” Jones man-to-man.

The Bucs simply have to convert that kind of opportunity 75 percent of the time.

15 Responses to “Jameis Shares His Preseason Grade”

  1. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    That 0 for 2 has me puzzled. If Koetter were interested in scoring why have ME line up on the left side of los forcing Fameis to throw across his body. To me the right side makes more since.

  2. TBSwarm Says:

    Pretty sure they were practicing that play under a game condition.

    Should be a good learning experience going forward.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s an idea – don’t come out in an obvious passing formation when you’re at the two yard line. You see Dirk the idea there is to make the other team think you *might* run the ball and you keep them off balance. Overall Dirk had a dramatically better game calling plays than he did all of last season when he was awful, but still, you get it to the 2 on 2nd and goal bring in the goal line package and if you want to pass the ball do it out of that. I still think Dirk is sacred from his awful play calling that game at Washington when he had the ball at the 2 and run it up the middle 3 times in a row and failed to put the Redskins away. But Dirk, just because it didn’t work once, doesn’t mean you totally abandon at least the idea of running from the 2 yard line.

    Still Winston was off on the first throw – on the 2nd throw when rewatching it I don’t see how it wasn’t pass interference, Pacman was all over Evans before the ball even came out. Some benefit of the doubt however is from the angle on TV it’s difficult to tell where the ball is – was it really outside further than it appeared?

    Regardless it’s the preseason so I’m not worried in any case. The offense looked very good but Winston was a little high on everything – which is normal for Winston early in the game.

    Also that first past to Evans which looked like Winston threw into double coverage and the ball got deflected or something – it was something with the angle the Bucs had. I saw the Bengals replay of that play and Mike was open and caught it clean – it was a total camera angle trick. Just pointing it out for those that saw that play and wanted to know what happened and the awful Bucs broadcast team (well awful because Chris Meyers is sooo bad he detracts from anything positive Ronde does) they not only incorrectly said what happened they never showed a replay.

  4. Brett Says:

    Jameis targeted Evans too much. Bucs didn’t go get all those weapons so he can just throw to Mike Evans.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Brett – They sliced through the Bengals defense with ease. You see brah a big part of getting all that talent was so that the Bucs could get Evans 1-on-1 with corners, and when he is 1-on-1 he wins those contests most of the time. Then you see if teams say we have to double up on Evans, it means there is a hole somewhere else on the field. Really basic kindergarten level logic. Glad I could help.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    You really bitching about playcalling in the 1st pre-season game Munchkin??


    Coaches have specific things that they want to see and preseason playcalling is highly geared towards getting specific looks on tape vs opponents in games that don’t count – + you are always trying to be vanilla and not show much scheme wise.

    That said – you get two chances at one on one coverage in the end zone with Evans and can’t complete either – that’s definitely a “Fail” in terms of execution.

  7. SB Says:

    Some of you guys make WAY too much out of a Pre Season game. If you expect to see Koetters best playcalling in PRE SEASON then you need to study up on Football

  8. buc15 Says:

    RELAX it was just a practice session for the goal line offense. A regular season game would have been called quite differently.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    What Pickgrin said. Coaches do not game plan against opponents in the pre-season!!! Ripping playcalling in the first preseason game is almost as bad as betting on one! BTW does anybody remember the line? Can you actually place a bet on a preseason game?

    So here is another thing I thought was outstanding in that first drive. It’s the FIRST time I can recall where #3 didn’t come out with eyes as big as saucers…jacked up like he just took some speed and chased it with a six pack of Monster energy drinks.

    I was really impressed with #3’s calm demeanor…horrible field position…and you could see he was calm and had control of the huddle from the very first play. That is a MAJOR improvement.

    Don’t know if the video is the same for the TV8 broadcast and the Cincinnati TV…I saw the latter and they had quite a few shots of #3’s face in the huddle passing out directions and calmly calling the play. He improved DRAMATICALLY in that area.

  10. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Yes! JW is also thinking 2017 Lombardi or bust!!!

  11. MOBucs Says:

    Am I the only one who saw two blatant PIs on the red zone TD attempts. Hell, even the Bengals announcers admitted that!

  12. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Let’s not get all in a huff (no pun intended). Preseason games are still just glorified practice. No game planning on either side. Koetter was most likely calling plays he wanted the offense to work on. The same with the D. Koetter won’t show the “real stuff”, and Mike Smith already said they’re running packages in practice that we won’t see until the second half of the season. Neither team showed thier hand and we still drove down on them. As the season goes on we will se a more diverse O and D.

  13. Shane Says:

    Didn’t like the play call there at the 2. Then you run the exact same play? I believe in Koetter but I don’t think it’s only the players that should’ve gotten a bad grade.

  14. Maze Says:

    Bitching about preseason football playcalling makes you look like a fool

  15. Maze Says:

    Bitching about preseason football playcalling makes you look ridiculous