Jameis Being Jameis

August 3rd, 2017

Jameis enjoys hanging with fans after practice.

Pretty cool scene at One Buc Palace yesterday.

Sure, Chucky was the star and why not? That’s the first time that Joe can recall Chucky coming to a Bucs training camp since he was jettisoned. Hope it’s not the last.

No, this time it was none other than America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. It seems a Bucs fan from Jameis’ hometown of Bessemer, Ala. drove nearly 10 hours to watch practice. The fan brought along his little son.

Jameis met the fan and his son — high-fived with the little boy — and it seemed Jameis and the Bucs fan have a mutual acquaintance. You can see part of the two talking in this video.

Jameis was so impressed that he Facetimed with the fan’s family back in Alabama. A member of the fan’s family is also a Florida State fan, which seemed to delight Jameis.

As the Facetime ended, Jameis said, “Go Noles and go Bucs!”

How many quarterbacks do you know who will stop after practice and Facetime with a fan’s family?

What a monster this guy is!

2 Responses to “Jameis Being Jameis”


    I will admit that I am using this article to launch against posters of recent posts that say STUPID things like “let’s see him cut down on 18 interceptions”. This man is a God-send!! I will take ALL DUMBASSES that wanna propose that America’s QB throws 19 picks this year. With 1 qualifier. While I KNOW he won’t, anyone that wants to throw away their expendable fortune, please make an offer. My only qualifier is, if Jameis throws 19 picks, the bet goes away IF he throws 37 TDs. And….he MUST play in 14, not 16, games to make this official. And it must be posted on this site so there is no debate. All of you that wanna cry over tipped balls and lack of accuracy, step up on this site and be counted for. If, and when, you don’t, I will call you out so much that you wish your were tmax!! And, tmax, put your money where your mouth is!!! GMC gets 10 sacks this year, as long as he plays 14 games. Put up or shut up people!! STOP TALKING AND START CHALKING!!! GO BUCS!!

  2. Coach Says:

    When you only have 1.5 legit pass catchers to throw the ball to, as was the case for Winston’s 2 years so far – you’re going to force passes. And when it comes to the other guys, like Martino, Dye, and Hump (sorry, he can’t get open on vertical routes, curl/comeback routes, digs, etc – he can only get open on screens and immediate crossing routes) you’re going to take chances and throw passes to guys that can’t get open, run crisp routes, and have little to no field awareness. This is where the interceptions mostly come from. Now i understand some of the picks were from bad decisions (from a growing qb), but most of these picks were due to nobody getting open and Winston having to force passes to his 1.5 pass catchers (Evans/Brate). Now that he has legit NFL caliber choices at basically every position, he is going to slice and dice his competition. I’m predicting at least 35 td’s and less than 12 picks.