“He Can Play Every Position In The Passing Game”

August 24th, 2017

Koetter goes all-in.

Joe has written for years that Dirk Koetter loves him some Charles Sims. Absolutely loves the guy.

No surprise, Sims is an explosive play waiting to happen when he’s healthy. But he’s more than that.

Koetter explained after practice today, just a few days after calling Sims’ camp performance “outstanding,” a word the head coach rarely uses.

“He’s hittin’ the holes hard in the running game. He can play every position in the passing game, and he’s one of our best protectors,” Koetter said of Sims. “He’s also doing a really nice job on special teams. He’s playing in the core on special teams. So he’s doing the dirty work on special teams because he’s such a good blocker. Charles, he doesn’t say much, but he is as solid as the day is long. He’s just a really good football player.”

How about that for an endorsement! Damn!

And to think some misguided folks actually believed Sims’ job was in jeopardy this season.

33 Responses to ““He Can Play Every Position In The Passing Game””

  1. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Those misguided folks really don’t know too much about football..lol..I’ve always praised him..

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Sims has had a good preseason, and should make all Bucs fans happy. I’d always a expect a coach to praise good performance. But use of the word “misguided” is misguided! Why? Because use of “was” is still “is.” Specifically, I’d also talk up Sims if I was thinking of putting a high draft pick in his final year on the trade block about Week 4. Some guys just don’t see the business side of things, and that’s fine.

  3. Blade Runner Says:

    I’m sorry but to me, Sims has been a non-factor since he has been with the Bucs! Rarely do you hear his name called during a game for making a play. I think Rodgers and Barber are more talented than Sims.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    The kid is explosive!!!! Injuries are his problem!!!! When he was injured last year, the Bucs lost their only explosiveness for the year!!!!! he is one of our better pass protection as a RB for the Bucs!!!!!! It seems like some want a FB and a RB that just runs between the Guards all game long!!!!!

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    That’s strange Joe, I don’t remember you praising Sims running between the tackles last year. Quite the opposite actually. And I seem to remember reading a few comments here & there after we drafted McNichols about Sims being expendable since the two had similar receiving & blocking skills but McNichols was supposedly better at running the ball.

    I guess a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum … Sims rose to the challenge this preseason. Competition brought out his best. Alleluia! And in the last year of his contract no less, wow. If he can stay healthy, Sims will have a good payday coming up, either with us or some other team. Gotta love competition.

  6. Pick6 Says:

    1,000 all purpose yards in his only heathy season thus far. the problem is “only healthy season”

  7. Pick6 Says:

    it’s impossible to look at that little catch and run week 1 in atlanta and not want to incorporate this guy into the game a little more. i get the strong feeling the bucs are holding back on some Charles Sims plays for the regular season. he is a much bigger back than most who play that “wildcard” RB role (sproles, woodhead, dion lewis, etc) but he can be used in the same way those guys are used, or how CAR will likely use McCaffery. everybody wants a guy like that in their rotation, the bucs felt strongly enough about it to draft a similar (Mc)weapon so they don’t lose a chunk of the playbook if he does get hurt again

  8. Pistol Pete Says:

    Don’t get too excited…
    16′: 2.9 YPC, 1 TD rushing 1 TD passing. Played in 7 games
    15′: 4.9 YPC, 0 TD Rushing, 4 TD receiving. Played in 16 games
    12/24/16 Chest Pectoral Tear Grade 3
    10/2/16 IR with a torn MCL, eturned in Week 14.
    8/12/14 Pedal Ankle Fracture in offseason, had surgery.
    Missed the first 10 games of 2014
    11/1/12 Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2

  9. blind melon Says:

    224/3.9 PC/2 TD
    94 rec/941/10 avg/5 TD.

    Must stay healthy. Prime age. average to above average 3rd down back.

    If he can beyond the 1st level, it’s game on.

  10. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Going into camp, I’ve thought Sims was most vulnerable–still do, though it’s currently closer with Quizz. I think against Cleveland, short of a couple of runs (if any) by Doug Martin, we’ll see mostly Quizz and Barber first half (and that will be telling of what the Bucs want to do Games 1-3), Barber and Sims running third quarter as well as Barber and Sims alternating as third down back for all of the first three quarters. If Quizz does well and Barber shows he can pass block and catch as 3rd down back, then Sims is the odd man out and will be traded about regular season Week 4. If Quizz tanks, maybe he’s on the bubble, but he’s done well in practice. But talking up Sims smells a lot like setting up for a possible October trade if Quizz and Barber do well Saturday and the next few weeks. A bad urinalysis is the only thing that will be Martin cut right now.

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have to admit, I was one of those opinionated misguided folks, who did not believe that Sims was an NFL Level running back.
    I have been wrong about players before, and would rather have Sims prove me wrong, then be an “I Told You So”.
    If I am wrong about Sims, this means that Sims is playing well, giving my Bucs a better chance to win this year.

  12. unbelievable Says:

    “Only healthy season”…

    Exactly! That’s been the problem (and his twinkle toe running last season, but that looks much improved this year).

    He obviously has some tremendous skills, but being a “core” part of special teams is only increasing his injury risk. #JacSmith

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    Can you say “revisionist history”?!!!
    Are we really going to trot out Sims as an “every-down back”?! No, and it’s not misguided. He cannot run between the tackles and has shown to be injury-prone, thus unreliable. He’s a specialist. If he can stay healthy, he adds another dimension/weapon to this offense.

  14. Tom S. Says:

    A 4th round RB who has missed 1/3rd of his career due to injury and averaged less than 3 yards a carry for 2/3rds of his career because he has ‘Dance Fever’ is never a ‘lock’ to make a roster given that history.

    Joe, misguided would be guaranteeing that a league-worst kicker would be on the team for ‘at least two years’ purely because he was a second round pick and proclaiming that several times to readers. That would be misguided.

  15. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’ll never understand why we haven’t tried to use him more in the slot.

    Great on the screen game. And ran for almost 5 YPC one year so he obviously can run between the tackles when healthy and the blocking isn’t terrible

  16. Tom S. Says:

    Edit: Licht burned a 3rd round pick on Dancin’ Charles Sims, not a 4th round pick. 2x Pro Bowl Guard Trai Turner and Gabe Jackson were both available at the time and guard was a pressing need. But hey, at least we have someone who has a reasonable chance to be on Dancing with the Stars when their career is over.

  17. SB Says:

    I’m telling you guys now that barring an injury Chuck ain’t going nowhere

  18. Lamarcus Says:

    Is this the same as dm? When we needed him the most he hurt? Otherwise a fantastic football player and love his juke moves and ankle breakers. Highlight reel. Makes me laugh when seeing an opposing player just fall trying to touch him in open space

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Dirk, glad you love Sims – but stop running him up the middle on every first down. He’s a 3rd down back that CAN play a series or two as your primary runner. If you want to see a perfect example of how to use Sims look no further than your 2015 tape – you used him and Martin nearly perfectly that year. As for last year, burn the tape – you used him completely differently and it was a complete disaster.

    Credit to Sims however at the end of last year the WR position was so beat-up he was playing a lot of WR. Sims has shown he’s one of, if not the best, pass catching RB in football – so use him like one, just like in 2015.

  20. Wausa Says:

    I think he is what he is. He is a good 3rd down back, that should probably get 4 to 7 carries a game and 3 to 5 catches. He is really helpful to the offensive if you use him in that capacity. However, he has proven to really struggle if you try to use him as an every down back.

    With all the weapons the Bucs have I think the most concerning lineup to a defense is if the Bucs are in a passing situation and they have Sims at Running Back, Godwin at the slot, Brate and OJ at TE and DJax and Evans at receiver.

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    That’s quite an endorsement coach.

    Nice to have a utility weapon like Sims on the team. He’s a specialist – but can play that role of 3rd down/relief back about as well as anyone in the league. And he can run between the tackles quite well as a change of pace back when the blocking is there – just as he proved in 2015 with almost a 5 yd per carry average on over 100 rushes.

    I wasn’t even aware that Sims was doing so well on Special Teams – so Sims is an obvious lock to make the squad and will get 5-10 touches a game as long as he stays healthy. Injuries have been his only drawback/problem.

    Hope Sims shows us this year why he deserves a nice fat 3 year contract offer at the conclusion of this season. It will mean he stayed healthy and kicked ass when called upon to make plays.

  22. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    I really like the player that Chuck has the physical potential to be. But you’re crazy if you think that his spot wasn’t just in the same amount of jeopardy as Martin’s.

    If he were running tentatively, hesitating in the hole, or dealing with injuries, his spot would be up for grabs. Especially if McNichols was performing exceptionally as opposed to struggling.

    But hey I’m super pumped that the arrow is pointing up for Simms.

  23. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    RB and LB are going to be toughest position cuts for Licht and Coach K.

  24. BadHomebre Says:

    We need Sims for depth and change of pace. After week three his touches will be minimal anyway.

  25. The Buc Realist Says:

    The guy brings something different to RB position!!!!! Everyone talks about home run ability and CS34 has it!!!!!

    He just needs to stay healthy and we will see a big year from him!!!!!!!!

    Just a reminder for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joe Says:

    We need Sims for depth and change of pace.

    What is Sims’ change of pace? Instead of dancing to the right he dances to the left?

  27. GrudenForPresident Says:

    You’re the ONLY misguided fool here if you’ve been praising that ballerina since day 1. Dances around in the whole way too much couldn’t pick up the slack when Doug went down. Is a 3rd down back only. But yea you’ve been praising him!!😁😁

  28. Joe Says:


    You forgot: Injury-prone.

    Still blows Joe’s mind Lovie picked this guy over Devonte Freeman. Which is why Lovie is in Champaign.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    So Joe you hate Martin and Sims? The top running back duo in football in 2015 – and you’re wanting both out of town? Wow. Rodgers was picked up off the street because no one wanted him and he was OK last year – to say he should be the starter for the year is nonsense. He’s never been a 16 game starter and there is absolutely nothing special about him. I really don’t get the Martin / Sims hate – they’re really a perfect pairing of both can stay healthy. The health issue is the only concern with Sims – that and if Dirk can’t figure out he’s not a 3 down back.

  30. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’ve always thought Sims was as good as his health which sadly has been spotty so far.

    But remember the TD in Atlanta? There is NO other back on the Bucs roster who can make that play. He is the ONLY back we have who is a threat to take it to the house.

    I’ll take “dancin'” if it’s to the endzone. Hard runners are great…unless they’re always finished as soon as they blast into the tackler. I like that we have hard runners..Doug…Peyton…but it sure would be nice to have a least one explosive back.

  31. Anthony Says:

    Uh.. it was joe that was ragging on sims…Suddenly back pedaling. I’d like to see joe own up to his opinions.

  32. Kstoges Says:

    Love when’s chuck gets the love he deserves guys dripping potential and is a premiere 3D down back

  33. BigHogHaynes Says:

    I’ll say it again ….he should have been moved to wide-out…..Hump needs to be repealed and replaced!!!