Part 4 Of Dirk Koetter On The Ira Kaufman Podcast; Coach Talks Throwing Deep, Slow Starts In Games & Seasons, “Low-Percentage” Offense

July 11th, 2017

It’s Part IV of winning head coach Dirk Koetter sitting down with Ira Kaufman and Joe for a casual yet intense conversation about all things Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Parts 1, 2 & 3 can be found easily at iTunes or Of course, candid Koetter lets it fly like only he would. The Ira Kaufman Podcast keeps you informed and entertained every Tuesday & Thursday. Listen to Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter by clicking or downloading above, or listen (and subscribe) at iTunes or It’s free and easy. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Part 4 Of Dirk Koetter On The Ira Kaufman Podcast; Coach Talks Throwing Deep, Slow Starts In Games & Seasons, “Low-Percentage” Offense”

  1. macabee Says:

    To make the playoffs this year everything has to get better. As Ira suggests the slow starts were a problem last year. Jameis has to get better and Koetter’s play calling has to get better. No single person at fault here but we won’t win unless they both improve.

    Koetter recognizes the problem because he contemplated giving up play calling duties at the beginning of the year. He said “I’m contemplating, ‘How does our team get better in all areas?’ ” Koetter said. “And when we look at everything, is there someone out there who can do a better job to help us than me calling the plays? Then that’s something we have to take a look at.”

    He has since changed his mind and will call the plays as it should be. And Jameis is hard at work on the long ball and reducing INTs. It can happen, but everybody has a hand in making this a year to remember. Go Bucs!

  2. SB Says:

    Where did the morning cup of joe go

  3. RayJameisStadium Says:

    The additions this off season plus a second year for our defense to tweak and continue dominating are to obvious to give credit to the “history gods” that say there is a better chance for the Bucs to start 1-3 again. That is not even logical when so much has changed and progress with Winston and the defense can be taken to the bank.

    Expect different folks! Join the Stick Carries!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  4. SB2 Says:

    I second the notion about the morning cup of joe. I looked forward to those every weekday morning. #bringbackmorningcupofjoe

  5. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Joes and Ira, you guys are incredible. The content you put out is remarkable and I feel I speak for almost all of us when I say thank you for providing this site for us

    I know it’s summer and it’s slow but I still need my fix. It may be selfish but I need minimum of 6 articles a day😃 I’ve boycotted any other Bucs sites except the team site but they’re not putting anything out

  6. Welcome Back Koetter Says:

    Regarding Coach K not calling timeout vs the Lambs….he had them in a cover 2, didn’t call a timeout to keep them in a cover 2 and he called (his words) a “cover 2 beater”. He was correct…V Jax was wide open and Jaboo sailed it into the stands. Correct call. Bad execution. Simple as that.


    Keep up the great work JOE!!


    Stick Carriers!!!!