Joe Buck Talks To Joe

July 26th, 2017

Joe is cleaning out his voice recorder as we inch toward the start of training camp. Today, Joe brings the words of FOX Sports broadcaster Joe Buck.

Yes, the son of famed sportscaster Jack Buck — who Joe grew up listening to — has carved out his own name as the national voice for the NFL and Major League Baseball on FOX. Buck was mobbed by reporters when Joe caught up to him, and he was kind enough to field a question from Joe, in the mass of humanity, about America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

JoeBucsFan: The few times you covered a Bucs game before Jameis arrived, how much of a chore was it to know you would be calling a game in which the Bucs had garbage at quarterback compared to now when they actually have a quarterback?

Joe Buck: Well, I think we all know in this league, you cannot win without a quarterback, meaning you can’t win without a good quarterback. I mean, you can see what the Houston Texans paid for Brock Osweiler [and then let go]. With the market that will be out there for a quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterbacks are hard to find so it seems like – I don’t know him at all – but it seems like whatever troubles [Jameis] had in college, he’s grown up. And it seems like as good as his talent is on the field, he has also become a vocal leader. I don’t like the quarterbacks that are shrinking violets and seem like they have no fire. That is one of the cool things about [Tom] Brady, after all of this winning, you can catch him on the sideline ripping his helmet off and screaming on the sideline. I love that! I think it sends a message that this guy cares and if Tom Brady cares, then the backup linebacker better care. And so I think that’s what you have now in [Jameis] and that is a valuable – invaluable – piece of property.

As a favor to Buck, Joe thought he would plug his book, “Lucky Bastard,” available on iTunes.

Buck’s book is a look inside broadcasting, both the seedy and noble sides. Good people and creeps. Oh, and his dad, Jack Buck, had a squeaky clean public image in St. Louis. In real life, however, his lifestyle was anything but, which is how the book got its title if you get the drift.

You can listen to Buck’s interview on the Howard Stern Show earlier this year to hear some juicy tidbits featured in the book (yes, Joe bought and read the book).

8 Responses to “Joe Buck Talks To Joe”

  1. DR FEELGOOD Says:

    I’ve always been frustrated by the preponderance of nepotism in this industry. Joe Buck, however, is a major exception, IMHO. I think he’s as good as it gets, gives quality insight, and like Al Michaels, when you hear his voice you know you’re watching an important sporting event. I don’t get, though, why so many media types lately talk about Jameis becoming a vocal leader!!! Dude was a vocal leader from day one at FSU!!! This hasn’t recently developed. GO BUCS!!

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Agree Dr. Feelgood but there is another exception I’d point out…

    Harry Carey is as legendary as Jack Buck with a totally different style. Loved the SNL skits on ole Harry. Buck had a great voice and impeccable delivery…Harry was the clown just having a hell of a time…I think he brought people into that fun.

    Skip Carey did not have either of the Buck’s set of pipes…his “instrument” just wasn’t that strong. But when TBS created that “Superstation” format I was living in Tennessee and all over the South the Braves became the team to cheer and Carey was the guy we loved. Skip was the opposite of his father. He wasn’t the goofy cheerleader…he had a great wry sense of humor and was just so easy to listen.

    We see in ALL walks of life how poorly nepotism usually turns out…but in the case of the Bucks and the Carey’s the sons were also very talented.

  3. Joe Says:


    Sadly, Joe Buck may be the posterchild for nepotism in broadcasting. He was calling Cardinals games when he was still in college. If not for his father, that simply would never have happened.

    If you read his book (which isn’t a bad read at all), to his credit, he acknowledges this but you can tell it is a sensitive subject for him.

    Granted, if he wasn’t any good, he wouldn’t have been working for FOX all these years. Still, he got a lift from someone into the business that 99.9 percent of the broadcasters both working and in school simply will never have access to.

  4. Bucsfan951 Says:

    His interview with Stern was great. But then again, Stern can interview an apple and make it amazing.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I always turn the sound down when Buck is doing play by play.

  6. DooshLaRue Says:

    The only thing bigger than this dude’s ego is his forehead.
    Good voice but annoying and at times biased.
    Al Michaels is far and away superior.

  7. Joe Says:

    Good voice but annoying and at times biased.

    Annoying? At times, sure. (Never understood the “bias.”). Sometimes, Buck is too much like Dull Patrick with the forced smarm, look-at-me schtick.

    Thing Joe really likes about Buck is, for the most part, in a big game in a big moment, he pulls back and lets the game do the talking, doesn’t try to smother the broadcast with hollering nonsense.

    Less is more.

    This was pretty cool, though.

  8. dooshlarue Says:

    Bias was during a Dodgers post season series a couple of years ago.
    He also seemed to favor the Indians over the Cubbs as well.
    Just little remarks ya know.