“It’s A Different Mindset”

July 24th, 2017

Work still to do.

Since the Bucs fired Chucky back in January of 2009, a true dark day in the history of the franchise, there has been constant talk of changing the culture.

It was a big focus of former Bucs commander Greg Schiano. And it seemed he was about to do just that until leaky, sleepy Josh Freeman went mental. Then the floor caved in like a Land O’ Lakes sinkhole.

That same theory was also cited when Lovie Smith was named coach. In fact, the mindset and personality of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was a huge reason why the Bucs wanted him over Marcus Mariota, who the team thought had the aura and demeanor of a cold fish.

The Bucs wanted a guy who would grab the team by the collective throat and shake them out of their losing ways and mentality. Jameis fit the bill.

In his rookie year, there were signs this was working. The Bucs, with a horrid defense, found themselves in a wild card hunt in December after a home beating of the Dixie Chicks, which included an improbable never-surrender run for a first down by Jameis.

That run personified in one play why the Bucs coveted Jameis. As a Bucs veteran told Joe a couple of weeks prior in a postgame, pointing at Jameis at his locker, “We needed that guy!”

Alas, the Bucs ended the 2015 season with four straight losses, including a horrible defeat to the rotten Rams in the final NFL game in St. Louis, and a poor loss to bumbling Chicago the following week, which ended any wild card dreams.

Last year, the Bucs missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker, finishing 9-7, the first winning season since 2010.

And Jameis isn’t satisfied.

This summer at his youth camp in suburban Birmingham, Jameis was asked if the vibe of the team is different with the addition of DeSean Jackson, O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin.

Jameis admitted the vibe of the Bucs is better, but there is much work to do to play meaningful games in January.

“It’s a different mindset,” Jameis offered. “Because we are trying to change the culture. We are trying to change it into a winning culture.”

A lot of quarterbacks, a month prior to their third NFL seasons, might look back on guiding their team to a playoff chase the previous two seasons and believe all to be on the right track.

Jameis, as one can read by his own words, isn’t wired like that.

10 Responses to ““It’s A Different Mindset””

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Can you smell the change Buc fans?????? Can you smell the change in the air sheep????? We fans are so glad to have the “Coaches” that promote and foster that change!!!!!!!!!! That hold this team and players to a very high standard!!!!!!!!!! Last year was about the “changing the culture” and they succeeded in changing the losing culture!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are implementing a “winning” culture!!!!!!!!! It is all pretty amazing when you remember that they were “coaching the lovie out of them” last year and fixing all the mistakes and bad coaching from 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “Real” Buc fans are very excited to see what all this work produces!!!!!

    know that when other fans see “Bucs” on the schedule, that they say “Ah SH!t They Comin”!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tnew Says:

    Its amazing how many Buc fans have still not embraced Winston. He is winning them over but there are still so many that want to see him fail just so that they can say “I called it” I think the biggest reason is the media painted a picture and created a dialogue about him (which some are clinging to still) without really doing any research on him. Many fans still believe those things but if I could buy stock in Team Winston, right now before Hard Knocks, I would push all in. He is the definition of a young man that “gets it”

  3. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    For me the season kicks off at the first pre-season game. I love the pre-season games, some people don’t care about them but i love watching our depth and new players bid for spots and scoping the talent. I

    I CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dlavid Says:

    Same theme here as the McCoy article ! #3 brings the desire , will , passion , fight , etc to the field and plays his guts out every play . Leadership at its best that has been sorely missed around here for a long time !

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    The FORCE is strong with this one…

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Jameis isn’t satisfied because Jameis has an uncompromising winner’s mentality and there’s only one way to satisfy someone like that … W-I-N. I’m convinced that Jameis could go 16-0 in the regular season then win the Super Bowl and he still wouldn’t be satisfied, because he’d already be looking forward to the next season. He recognizes this team’s potential; now it’s time to translate that into W-I-N-S. Get ready NFL, here come the Bucs.

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    Look who is back …Its The Buc Realist

    How was your annual vacation to Sebring? I heard its beautiful this time of the year

    Can we have your Tampa record prediction? or do we have to beg? or are we unworthy?

  8. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Exactly. If we went undefeated and win the SB #3 would simply say…good that’s the first step to his real goal…being the greatest of all time…and that there is still lot’s of work and winning left to accomplish that goal.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW Just curious as to how many JBF guys saw the last five holes of the British Open.

    I’m not a huge golf fan but when history is on the line and you KNOW that you are watching greatness being expressed…it’s hard to not just sit there and be amazed.

    Jordan Speith was beyond amazing and we now have a truly great playing again.

    I wonder how many Buc fans realize that we are watching history and the kind of stuff that only happens once every couple of decades or so.

    Enjoy watching #3. Yeah I want to win…but along the way I’m going to enjoy simply watching #3 perform. One day you’ll be telling your grandkids that you got to see the greatest QB to ever don a Bucs uni. Do NOT take this moment for granted…suck every bit of the joy you can from it.

  10. The Buc Realist Says:

    @kobe liar

    Colorado was great!!!!!! Lord Corn is right!!!! Red Rocks might be the best place to see a concert!!!!!! But now that I am done climbing mountains and slapping bears around!!!! It is good to be back to good ole St. Pete!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have how good they are on Paper!!! And now we just need to see some “on the field” training camp and a preseason, Then when Joe does the annual ” Go On The Record” story I will give you the official prediction!!!!!!!

    We all sit in the same room around here, kobe liar, its just that you still have to sit at the “kids” table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!