Anquan Boldin Needs A Map

July 25th, 2017

Wrong route

Joe got a little hot in the pants last month and it had nothing to do with the searing sun and beautiful scenery on Honeymoon Island.

Anquan Boldin, the ninth leading receiver in NFL history, said he wanted his next team to be in Florida.

Bring in Boldin for a tryout and a conversation, Joe bellowed. What does talking and evaluating cost?

The 36-year-old Boldin is hardly washed up. He caught 67 balls and eight touchdowns on just 95 targets for the playoff-bound Lions last season, and Detroit was glowing in its praise of him.

As a regular listener of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Joe has heard many comments and stories of what a locker room rock Boldin has been during his career, the kind of guy you want around.

Call Joe crazy, but Joe thinks Boldin might be a little better than undrafted rookie Bobo Wilson, Josh Huff, Bernard Reedy, Donteea Dye, Derel Walker and Freddie Martino. Boldin also could impart valuable wisdom to the various offensive players, including America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

And Boldin played for less than $3 million last season. NFL peanuts.

This week, reports emerged that Boldin had a tryout with the Bills. Buffalo?? Isn’t that the sort of the opposite of Florida? C’mon.

Boldin left Buffalo without a contract so there’s still hope the Bucs will inquire. Keyword: inquire. Maybe they’d like what they see. That’s all Joe’s saying.

Joe can already hear loud fans barking, ‘Yeah, but Boldin doesn’t play special teams, and backup receivers have to do that.’

It’s a great point, but there are lots of guys who play little or no special teams for various reasons. There’s always a way if the desire and need is there.

34 Responses to “Anquan Boldin Needs A Map”

  1. Stud Says:

    Where/when does he play?

    He won’t play or be ahead of Evans or Jackson unless there is a major injury.

    Joe has stated many many many times this team loves Hump, if Boldin is signed and plays he takes valuable snaps away from Godwin’s development. As a team you can’t pay a 5th WR that amount of money for limited snaps and no contributions on special teams.

    If the Bucs wouldn’t have drafted Godwin I’d be right there banging the table for Boldin but with Evans, Jackson, Humphries, Godwin, Brate and Howard I just don’t feel there is enough balls to go around for a Boldin to be happy here.

  2. PhillyBuc Says:

    Would be a nice luxury to have in case of a wr injury…

  3. Iamabuc Says:

    The sorry ass Bills didn’t pick him up. A team in need. What does that tell you, Joe? No, thanks. We’re good.

  4. JAB83 Says:

    If we dump a kicker and a QB as well as a DB and potentially make room for him by keeping one less running back THIS YEAR ONLY.

    We might sign him.

    Problem with signing him is you have V-JAX that is 10 TIMES more valuable for every reason and more.

    If you think the sign this chump vs the chump aka V-Jax your being careless.

    Bank on it. V-Jax will be resigned before Boldin


  5. JAB83 Says:

    V-Jax likely has fresh legs too… And if he gets to skip out on Camp he will still be more ready than Boldin…

    Jax would be a much much MUCH more wise choice for a situational veteran WR that is also a CAREER GAME CHANGER…

  6. Zwak Says:

    It takes two to tango Joe, I’m sure if the Bucs wanted him for one year and made an offer he would come..

  7. JAB83 Says:

    You must of forgot about V-Jax… The God Father of the “Dunkaneers”. Which will finally materialize to its potential this year with our without him….

    So you gotta have DAAAAAAAA’ MAN… Honestly, when we resign him. Men’s hearts are gonna fail them for fear of whats to come. Others will fall to the ground in a fetal position and start sucking they’re thumbs…

    Prepare to have your minds blown by what this team is about to do….

  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    Beating a dead horse, er, make that an older player…….this ship has come and gone……Joe would have loved George Allen and the old Redskins who never met an aging player they didn’t like…

  9. BigHogHaynes Says:

    They should have inquired about Colin!!! Fitz ain’t it!!

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    I bet Jerry Rice has a little something left in the tank as well. LOL

    Fred Biletnikoff chimed in and said for $3M he’d come out of retirement…

  11. LocalJoker Says:

    Don’t listen to Joes! Great bloggers, but low football IQ. Keep up the good work Joes and leave the football matters to Ira! Lol.

  12. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Joe let it go!

    Have you being hanging out with Gruden? Gruden always wanted all the super stars in his team.

    We are so close to the beginning.

    Go Bucs!!!

  13. Pick6 Says:

    “It’s a great point, but there are lots of guys who play little or no special teams for various reasons. There’s always a way if the desire and need is there.”

    the need is debatable and the desire is obviously non-existent. as for the “various reasons” they would be production as a WR or production as a returner. if you don’t have one of those then you are wasting a roster spot taken from the next potential russell shepherd who actually helps the team on at least 10 plays per game (kicks, punts returns) or the next potential adam humphries

    $3 million is too much up front for a mentor + cheerleader + practice field pace-setter. yeah it’s not our money but it’s a slap in the face of a cam brate or an adam humphries to pay 5x their salary to a guy you hope doesn’t crack the lineup

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m with Tom E and others. With no longer desperate enough to need older retreads who were once true stars…that includes VJAX as well.

    As for Boldin’s decision….again I know nobody here believes me but these guys are already FABULOUSLY WEALTHY! 3 million for last year added to how many tens of millions he’s already earned.

    Unless he’s gone bling and car crazy Bolden won’t be looking at his next team as money. Like most talented athletes near the very end of his career he’s going to be looking for OPPORTUNITY. Where can he get PT…..hard to imagine with the Bucs!

    After the signing of DJAX…the drafting of Godwin and even TE OJ who will get some of the touches in the receiving game what WR would even think about the Bucs. Now if this was LAST year it would be an entirely different story.

  15. Buc Fresh Says:

    I think the reason why Boldin is not sign is because we need our 4th and 5th receivers to play special teams

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Stud nailed it. He just doesn’t fit what we need. I’d rather snaps go to Godwin’s development as the #4 WR than to Boldin as the #4. Does Boldin really want to come in and be the #5 WR and barely see the field the entire year? Dude deserves better imo

  17. R.O. Says:


  18. BFFL Says:

    Joe….wrong site again. This is Joe Bucs Fan not Joe FSU fan.

  19. Buddy Says:

    Joe- why don’t you find out why the Bucs indoor being completed is pushed back now until November 1. Lol lol. Typical Bucs

  20. Charles Stevens Says:

    He may be a rock in the locker room ,however there is only one footballs to feed some big egos !

  21. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Randy Moss or Ochocinco!!!

  22. Pcola-Buc Says:

    He’s easily better than any other options we have at 5th receiver. If injury were to take Evans or Djax off the field, I would prefer to have Boldin playing on the outside over Humphries or possibly even Godwin, depending on how he looks in the preseason.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Quality depth is what Bolden would bring here. Sign him up.

  24. jay Says:

    According to Anquan Bolden’s Wikipedia he is a member of the buffalo Bills already. But the hometown news hasn’t broke the news yet so who knows.

  25. BucEmUo Says:

    Can’t agree with you more on this Joe, I wanted Boldin back when Schiano was here

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    What would be the point?

  27. Armybucsfan Says:

    I would only take Bolden if and only if Mike Evans or DeSean Jackson get injured as insurance. I also agree with many of his bucsfans that say it would take away from Cameron Brate, Chris Goodwin and adam humphries development as future all star players. Right now this team is loaded with offense firepower getting Bolden would be the luxury at this point. Especially since Chris Goodwin hasn’t even caught a football in the NFL

  28. TrollSlayer Says:

    im guessing the WR chart will look something like this


    after 4 kind of a toss up– i really like dye and i have been pulling for bobo wilson as well but i guess #5 spot will go to whoever contributes most as a special teamer i wonder if boldin would be willing to play ST im with everyone else tho if evans or jackson went down boldin would be one of the 1st WRs i would look at

  29. Maze Says:

    Nah give Marvin Harrison a call

  30. BucTrooper Says:

    I never understood why the Bucs didn’t make a push for him earlier in his career. He was Floridas first Mr Football and Mr Basketball out of HS. He was an FSU LEGEND who changed positions mid career. Why wouldn’t he be enticed by Florida. Always loved that guy.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m against this. Mainly because we do not need him. We are stacked at WR, and frankly, I wish we could keep 7 WRs this year…just because there are a couple guys I think might turn into good WRs down the road.

    As it stands, we only have one developmental spot open…the 6th spot.

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Evans, Jackson, Humphries, Godwin, and Walker. 6th spot in the air, but I’m thinking it will be Martino because he shows the most promise of what is left.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buddy Says
    “Joe- why don’t you find out why the Bucs indoor being completed is pushed back now until November 1. Lol lol. Typical Bucs”

    What does it matter to you??? It’s not like the fans would even get tours of the place until next year. They’d said from the start it would not be ready in time for Training Camp.

  34. Gilhealy Says:

    As much as I like Hump, it’s not a given he’s a shoe in to start. Godwin is a much better prospect than Adam. He’s simply a better athlete. If he works as hard as Hump, I see him, Mike, and Deshaun lining up the majority of the time. Kid’s a straight baller. Dirk will play the best at each position. Adam may well be that guy early on, but if Godwin excels during camp, it may be an easy decision. Plus, with Howard taking snaps spread wide, and McNichols shifting to slot pre snap, it’s not like we’re forced to use Hump. Face it, the guy was in a great situation to get the most snaps and opportunity to prove himself. It ain’t the same situation any more. Only the best will see the field. Winston will assemble his ‘boys and we’ll roll with that. WR for the Bucs is a tough gig to get now. Hump’s gonna hafta show out more than ever. And in my opinion, he’s behind the 8 ball, irregardless of prior success. It’s not personal, it’s business.