Hands-On Reliability

July 8th, 2017

More takes from JoeBucsFan Saturday columnist Gil Arcia

National love for the Bucs dates back some time. And after the acquisition of DeSean Jackson in free agency, and drafting tight end O.J. Howard as well as wide receiver Chris Godwin, high praise for receiving units across the league has shifted Tampa Bay’s direction.

I was recently thinking about an article from Bleacher Report’s Doug Farrar, in which he ranked the NFL’s top receiving corps and listed the Bucs as having the second best set. But one thing got me thinking deeper.

Quarterback Jameis Winston had pretty reliable hands to throw to in 2016. Of Winston’s 571 targets, 30 percent were for Mike Evans, who caught 55 percent of passes thrown to him. However, what was incredible was Winston’s targets outside of Evans.

And actually, it was a couple of his receivers with an impressive catch percentage.

Tight end Cameron Brate caught 70 percent of the passes thrown his way, Adam Humphries caught 66 percent, and Freddie Martino finished with 72 percent – albeit a small sample size (11).

That’s a credit to Winston for putting the football in a catchable zone. Factor in the talent upgrades of Jackson, Howard, and Godwin, and Winston and company will look scary good.

We’re practically two weeks from training camp, which includes our first taste of Winston and his toys. Optimism is in the air. And excitement isn’t too far behind.

13 Responses to “Hands-On Reliability”

  1. PSK Buc Fan Says:

    Gil, I’m excited just thinking about it and can’t wait!

  2. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    But but wait Gil,people round here complain about his deep ball as if those passes are high percentage.

  3. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:


  4. darin Says:

    People complain about anything and everything. Depends on the person and tbeir level of insecurities. Too bad this social media crap came along and these idiots get heard too often. It takes all types. Ignore em. Go Bucs

  5. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Rodger that darin.

  6. BradentonBuc Says:

    Social media is the worst, even though forums like this kinda represent the precursor to it. Even worse is the pessimism from so called scribes like Tom Jones. Unless Jamies has some unforeseable regression then how can you not appreciate the additions. Outside of Mike Evans, there isn’t a player that Jamies is throwing to that was drafted before the 5th round. And when ASJ was healthy and available Jamies was getting him the ball, how can you NOT like the additions? The dude is 22-23 and is making undrafted free agents lead the league in touchdowns for their position. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??

  7. DBS Says:

    Let’s see. 22-23 is a loser. Not even a 50% QB. He has folded 2 years in a row and people have used every excuse under the sun. Age, pressure, weapons. It’s all funny as hell really. If everything goes right. It’s all Jameis. If it goes wrong? It’s a TEAM game .
    And before you talk about idiots and social media. Notice even you can’t spell their Mr perfect.

  8. BradentonBuc Says:

    Lol I was referring to his age not his record. He Has thrown for more yards then any qb in his first two seasons. Can you name any QB under 25 you would rather have? While we are washing the sand out of where the good lord split you maybe try day drinking like i was when I posted it. It’ll help you not hate yourself and your team a little less.

  9. DBS Says:

    Just for the record I don’t drink nor want to. And who said 22-23 was his record? His record is 16-17. Not a 50% QB. Who cares how many friggin yards he threw for?? They did not get us to the playoffs. When he gets us to the playoffs and does not fold at the end of the season he will get my respect. Until then he is just another pipe dream we thought might get the job done.

  10. Iamabuc Says:

    Joe, DBS needs to be banned for those coments….wtf! Nobody disrespect the Messiah! Go Bucks, f..ck anything else!

  11. BradentonBuc Says:

    That’s fair dude. How does being a young man make him a loser? But what you have is a mind set that you should start shedding. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch every game in person his rookie year and the dudes passion is so real. The stat you should care about is wins, and the dude won 6 and then 9. Mean average of 5ish wins a season since we won the super bowl. In the last two years, at a small sample size, is 7ish mean average. The only sustained success was Grudens last two years… 9 years ago. Idk about you but I was pretty stoked for the 07-08 seasons even though we colossally failed starting with Monte Kiffins change of plans and the following Monday night game against the panthers. All in all, times haven’t been this good for Bucs fans in awhile. It’s still summer and nothing is gauranteed but look at the numbers and our recent win-lose history. it’s called an upswing.

  12. DBS Says:

    Iamabuc needs to be ban because he can’t even spell Bucs. His own team!!!

  13. John Ensch Says:

    Way to much hype for the Bucs before the season even starts. I’m glad to hear the national media giving the Bucs attention. I just think that it’s filling the players heads with to much your great garbage and might tend to make them over confident, that’s one thing that is not needed going into this season. I would like to see them go to the playoffs not tank.