Times, Tom Jones Get It Wrong Again

June 25th, 2017

“Chins up, fellas. The truth is out there.”

What the hell is going on around this town?

Why are the Bucs and their fans again subject to nonsense in the local newspaper?

It’s a steady stream of love and respect for the current Buccaneers regime daily on SiriusXM NFL Radio (listened to by millions), whether it be from hosts Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt, who had winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter as a weekly guest all last season, or from former Jets personnel chief Pat Kirwan, Maurice Jones-Drew, Booger McFarland or Brady Quinn (all hosts), among others.

There’s also a true love-and-respect affair for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Good Morning Football, NFL Network’s daily morning show. Co-hosts Peter Schrager and Kay Adams routinely express their special affection for the Bucs. Joe has documented that many times.

Jason Licht, Gerald McCoy and Ali Marpet have been recent standout guests on Good Morning Football. Hell, Schrager has even publicly shared his admiration for all things JoeBucsFan.com and he routinely takes the opportunity to get fans across the nation on the Bucs’ bandwagon.

Yes, there’s more consistent and national respect for the current Bucs regime and team, too.

Adam Schein is a powerful columnist on NFL.com and a pro-Bucs voice who hosts daily on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio. Don’t forget Chris “Mad Dog” Russo himself, who brings JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman on his airwaves for a weekly, prime time segment. Ira shares loads of respect for the new Licht-Koetter regime to a huge national audience.

And then there’s the most powerful voice in NFL media, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com. Florio’s website is the standard, the go-to destination for NFL news and analysis. Florio also hosts PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio every weekday morning, an all-NFL show simulcast on NBC Sports Network.

Opinionated Florio has great respect for the 2016 and 2017 Bucs. He repeatedly has touted Tampa Bay’s weapons-rich offense as one that might be unstoppable this season. (Yes, Joe listens and/or watches daily.)

How ’bout a little more?

Opinionated Tiki Barber co-hosts a national show on CBS Sports Radio, and he is very much upbeat on the current Bucs, at times sharing with America what he hears from his brother and Bucs insider Ronde Barber.

Also with a national NFL media platform is Father Dungy, who said this year that he sees the Bucs as a true 2017 contender — and that was before the NFL draft, where the Bucs’ performance was lauded by nearly every national pundit and draft guru around.

Even the ESPN “analytics team”and its super computers ranked the Bucs in the upper half of the NFL earlier this month.

Joe could go on and on but will stop there.

That brings us to Tampa Bay Times columnist Tom Jones, whose dogged research in his latest column makes believe none of the above exists.

“The rest of the country looks at Tampa Bay the way we look at the Bills, Browns and Rams,” Jones wrote yesterday.

So sad — and false.

Click through above and read Jones’ column and see the few examples that led him to conclude the Bucs reside in the NFL dumpster of embarrassment.

“I get why the rest of the country is treating the Bucs with little respect,” Jones wrote.

Wow. Joe doesn’t get why the Times would run a column that’s so misguided.

66 Responses to “Times, Tom Jones Get It Wrong Again”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m still mad at Jones for that ridiculous piece he did on Jameis, but I don’t think this one is that bad. While we are earning lots of believers, there’s still a ton of people that think we will finish in the basement again. He’s saying that the average fan thinks of the Bucs as losers, mainly because that’s what we’ve been doing most of the time. A large portion of people are never going to believe in us being any good until we actually make the playoffs. It’s as simple as that, and that’s actually the way I prefer it.

  2. vic Says:

    Hawaiian – Get your head out of the sand. The Bucs had two games flexed last season in December and were all over the national radar for the right reasons, in additional to all the stuff Joe mentioned. … Jones is just being negative and ill-informed because that’s all he knows these days. ….And you know what, the average fan in other cities realizes the Bucs have turned the corner with a franchise quarterback. They’re not as stupid as you think.

  3. Destinjohnny Says:

    Stroud also dropped the ball today on the oj story.
    He put a racial spin when there didn’t need to be one.

  4. Atlbuc28 Says:

    Joe, I stopped readying Tom Jones many moons ago because of the constant negative spin , just for shock value writing style . I even had the in laws mail me the Tampa,St pete papers for my Bucs fix… Now with the additions of Ira.. aka irv. Rock and a host of other changes. This site has completely blown away everyone else. I even believe the Bucs own site has really had to step up their game because of You and the “Next Level” that has been achieved here on Joebucs! Thanks again for keeping us Bucs junkies going!

  5. Buc Neckid Says:

    Why would i waste my time to “click and read” that crap?

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Don’t take me for someone who likes Jones. The opposite is actually true. However, most of my friends are not Bucs fans (I’ve lived outside of Tampa the majority of my life) and I can assure you that little to none of them expect us to make the playoffs next year. I understand the people who are paid to be experts on each and every team know how good the Bucs can be, but the average fan doesn’t pay much attention to us. How often do you think about the Tennessee Titans and their playoff chances, because their fans feel exactly the same way we do. Most people acknowledge that we are getting better, but until we actually make the playoffs, we aren’t going to get recognized. But you know what – who really cares? Just win football games and let them keep doubting us.

  7. Destinjohnny Says:

    Winning is a cure all .
    We ain’t done squat

  8. TinoinRuskin Says:

    Starting to think Jones and the Times crave the negative attention this kind of hooey draws from Joe. That would actually be smart business by them. … And I agree with DestinJohnny, that piece on Howard was not only bad, but the whole race thing was laid out very poorly and didn’t need to be in that story.

  9. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs fans' Says:

    Tom Jones is a sad sad little man…

    This take might have been valid 3 years ago, but just like the Times, Tom Jones’ is irrelevant in the Tampa Bay community at this point.

    Everyone knows he’s a hack.

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    i am not one to defend hawaiian often but he is right. This team and organization has had 4 good seasons in 41 years that is a joke. The bucs have never been serious contenders. under Dungy they made the playoffs but failed they were a GREAT defense on a bad team that was poorly coached by a one dimensional clown with a career losing postseason record. You couple that history and the fact the buc have not won a playoff game since 2002 nationally the bucs are losers. It’s not about being negative it’s about being a realist. The bucs need to EARN the right to be in the contender discussion. A few positive moves here and a feel good story may be enough for you to crown the bucs contenders but until they make the playoffs and actually WIN a playoff game the criticism and skepticism is legit. I guarantee you jameis does not join you in the we are there fantasy world. it must be earned by victories.

  11. BucEmUp Says:

    I don’t see the problem with the article. He makes it very clear that he sees where the Bucs are headed along with many others fans. He’s not hating on the Bucs and they’re efforts to improve the team. He makes a valid point, until they make the playoffs and scare every team they face, there will still be the expectation of failure. Had I not clicked on the link to read it I would have thought he was bashing them left and right. Truth is had they shown up against new orleans and dallas to end the season last year it would be a little different but the still have a lot to prove. Very realistic outlook in my opinion. The potential is there but they haven’t proven a god d#@$ thing!

  12. BucEmUp Says:

    Hawaiian I think anyone who knows football and pays close attention can see the Bucs and Titans are both two teams on the cusp….but yeah the average fan who only pays attention to they’re home team ( which are probably 50% of them) won’t give a team credit until the wins start racking up. Nothing but the truth here

  13. BucsWin Says:

    Love this kind of debate because it shows how few of you know how to read. Did you even see what Jones wrote?

    “The rest of the country looks at Tampa Bay the way we look at the Bills, Browns and Rams,” Jones wrote yesterday.

    That’s a flat out lie and a gross distortion. You can say all you want that he’s sort of on point but that doesn’t make it true. The Bucs of today are not a national joke like those teams are. We all know it, but you sheep are afraid to call it straight — even here. SMDH

  14. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Why include the link to washed up libtard jones column? Why even acknowledge his head up up his own rear opinion? He, along with the management of that useless as even toilet rags paper, are clearly of the mindset that only wants to focus on and circulate the negative. Not even because there’s any truth behind the crap they sling, but just for the sake of doing so. It truly is better to burn out than to fade away, so I for one will gladly sit back w/ my popcorn ready and laugh as those like jones desperately grasp at straws to twist and turn into shock lines just to get clicks and attention as they slowly fade into oblivion. GO BUCS!!!

  15. Bucs Says:

    I wish he and duemig would leave town

  16. BucInJAX Says:

    The Times is still relevant — if you are wrapping fish.

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Who will respect a NFL team that haven’t been to the playoffs in 10 seasons? If the Bucs were getting so much ‘national” respect, the oddsmakers in Vegas wouldn’t be picking them to finish last in the NFC South. The oddsmakers at Brovada are giving Jameis Winston 66/1 odds to win the MVP. They are giving Matt Ryan 16/1 odds, Drew Brees 25/1 odds, Cam Newton 25/1 odds, Marcuse Mariota 33/1 odds, Dak Prescott 12/1 odds, Derek Carr 9/1 odds.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    don’t you people WANT your TEAM to EARN it on the field. Or do you just want to read positive BS and spin all negatives (aka Facts) as HATE… the reality is the bucs organization under the glazer sons, has been a national embarrassment. hell the glazers boys at one point were undisputed worst owners on two continents. the team is moving in a positive direction now jameis that is running the show licht is replacing the hold over choirboy losers. the ice cream man has melted away to the training room with sore knees in the off season. It’s all positive that being said the bucs have done nothing but lose for a decade so until they win a playoff game and actually contend the eutopia some of you are searching for will not exist.

  19. 76pure Says:

    Txaxcon, why are you so filled with hate for the Bucs coming off a 9-7 season with positive vibes across the country for the team? C’mon. Jones’ article would have been accurate and appropriate 12 months ago, but it’s pure BS now. And you know it!!!

  20. tmaxcon Says:


    it’s not hate it’s fact… not one thing I mentioned was not true. they must earn it on the field first which they HAVE NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!! Raise your standards you either are a winner or losers there are no points for trying hard or moving in the right direction.

  21. Outlaw Says:

    Failing fish wrap. TJ never lets the truth get in the way of a crappy article.

  22. SB Says:

    I live in Montana and I’m the only Bucs Fan in this town. Believe me people do not look at the Bucks the way they do the bills in the Browns

  23. JOEinPHX Says:

    Sounds like Tom Jones has an ongoing agenda, kinda like those ‘Doug Martin has to go’ folks.

  24. K2 Says:

    I think Tom Jones could do a great job for the Browns! Maybe we could go together and buy him a ticket…Cleveland would be a much better place for him.

  25. Birdman Says:

    If Tom Jones was a football player he’d have been drafted by the Browns.

  26. Bucamania Says:

    Anyone who ever listened to their dreadful radio program knows Tom Jones is a buffoon. Good lord that show was awful.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    tmaxcon ..it’s not hate or fact. It’s an opinion just like Tom’s. Joe clearly stated his opinion on the matter and used multiple instances where national media DID recognize the Bucs as more than the Bills and the Browns. NFL network and the like, trash those teams, but not ours as of late. That was Joe’s point and it was a good one. Meaning Jones is out of the loop in his own town.

  28. Jimmy Says:

    Was in a Kansas Verizon store two weeks ago while out of town for work. Had phone issue. Twentysomething clerk pulls up my account. Sees I’m from Tampa. First thing he said was, “Jameis is going to do some serious damage this year!”

    Nobody outside of Florida respects the Bucs? Right!

  29. DBS Says:

    Just because you add a few players does NOT make you a playoff team. Every year we hear and think “this is our year” and what happens? Great . 9-7 did not make the playoffs! So until they can and do get to at least the playoffs regularly they are who they are . Just the Bucs. No great national NFL team that anybody cares about or even thinks about. Even if they get to the playoff people will think of them as “One and Done”.

  30. mark2001 Says:

    As a guy spending a great deal of time in Packer territory, I can tell you that Jones is off base….but not by alot….there is a point to be made. Until you go smack a team in the mouth, or get smacked in the mouth by another team, and get a number of signature wins.. especially against THEIR team, they won’t believe it. It is human nature….just like criticizing a Political figure until they actually pass legislation that smacks you in the mouth. That is why this talk is interesting, and on some level, amusing, be it sports or politics. You want to know how good the Bucs are? You want to know if Trumps policies will “make you and America great? Just wait…and you will see. We have done nothing yet this year…Trump has passed nothing. Because, bottom line, all the talk and BS really means very little in the scheme of things.

  31. VA Tom Says:

    I am at work in Reno, NV today. Waiting at breakfast for a table and a group of elderly gentlemen were talking sports betting. One mentioned he’s behind the Bucs for super bowl betting. A couple other guys nodded, there wasn’t the standard guffawing aw in you might have heard previous seasons.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    And more people read JBF in a day than read his paper in a month. Joe is one of the few 😂. Truth.

  33. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Outside of our market I think it is simply a reflection of how ardent a fan we’re talking about. A real die hard? Or just a casual fan? Somewhere in between?

    The fans who know football know the Bucs now and respect us. The casual fans will need some post season success to jump on the bandwagon.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe cited numerous occasions where national types are talking about the Bucs.

    Then you have fans come on here and say. They haven’t earned nothing that’s why no one is talking about them.

    Again…Joe cited numerous occasions where national types are talking about the Bucs in THIS article. Can you people read?

  35. SOEbuc Says:

    Tom Jones is a moron and writes nothing but the most blatantly obvious headlines and articles. A monkey could come up with his stuff. And he said in his own opinion that Captain Fear is the worst mascot in the NFL. Jackass.

  36. mark2001 Says:

    Buc…they are talking about many teams….every day on ESPN and such. Maybe you could ask someone that knows Jameis to ask him what they have accomplished to this point? Frankly, I’m hopeful. But in this league, you earn every yard….no one of us, even the professionals, can bestow even one yard on any team, not earned on the field. And yes…the Bucs are just starting to break through…and that is great…or have you forgotten our record a couple of years ago already?

  37. mark2001 Says:

    BTW Bucs…did you read this article? We hear a lot of hopeful, great draft, upper half. I agree with all those things. But we haven’t even made the playoffs yet…and until then, they are all “learning experiences” and “moral victories” while we are hopeful the playoff prize is likely within our reach, and SB prize at the very tip of our fingers.

  38. Q Says:

    Mark the article is about Tom Jones saying the bucs get no positive reviews outside of tampa….its completely false…they have us ranked in the top 10 in the NFL outside of the Tampa media…tom Jones needs to go back to st Louis or wherever he is from and hide under a rock

  39. Thomas Says:

    I actually think Jones has a point. The old Lambardi saying, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Without a playoff appearance in over a decade it’s hard for team fans outside of our division to take us seriously. Im positive abput the momentum this team has been generating and it’s all positive but got to get to the post season

  40. passthebuc Says:

    He is probably correct when speaking of the average football fan. They are usually 2 years behind in what other teams are doing. They won’t catch up until we go 13-3 and then just barely

  41. Back up kicker Says:

    Conversation ends at Tom Jones. Worthless, annoying POS. Skip Bayless of TB.

  42. mark2001 Says:

    I never had belief in 90% of what Jones says? Why would you worry about it? It isn’t like he is Hubert Mizell.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I have not read the times in years. Too many of their people make things up.

  44. Dreambig Says:

    No way I am clicking on the Tom Jones link. His writing is bad, his local attitude sucks and his point of view has always been bad. If you click on the link, you feed the troll. Same reason I never listen to Dumeg unless the Joe’s are on there. If you tune in or read what these losers say, you are keeping them employed.

  45. Howard Cosell Says:

    This kind of attitude can be construed in no other way then that the St Pete Times wants the Bucs to fail (since TJ is merely and extension of the SPT agenda).

  46. Casual Observer Says:

    Times = Fake News.

  47. JonBuc Says:

    Desperation is a stinky cologne….print media is on the ropes….JBF scooped up Tampa area treasure Ira via a rescue helicopter….a better happy ending than those at Mons Venus.

  48. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Tom Jones clearly has a severe case of proprioception and should see a doctor immediately! A Bucs winning streak will cure him.

  49. Bucfanrich Says:

    Tom jones is a idiot….His team is the steelers..He doesn’t give a s**t about the bucs

  50. Me? Says:

    Yea jones isn’t wrong though. The national media is starting to get on board, but until we actually don’t suck, we won’t see stories about the bucs like we do the giants, pats, steelers, etc. I live in another city and when I wear my bucs gear I get laughed at. Off-season champions ain’t gonna cut it

  51. Rrsrq Says:


    I just read the Stroud article on OJ, what is the racial spin, he just told OJ’s story, yeah, it is some sad truths that yet still exist, I thought it was an interesting article

  52. BurgDweller Says:

    Man….Tom Jones is such a buzzkill. I have not read one of his articles in about 2 years so I will not be clicking on the link. Sounds like he is writing articles that are just trashy click bait at this point in his sad little career. What a loser.

  53. James Walker Says:

    %^&$ you Tom Jones.

  54. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The bucs are obviously rising but havent yet arrived. If this team had made the playoffs last year, then the national fans would have to respect the bucs. No playoffs, no respect. Certainly the media types that cover the bucs and know football are up on the bucs. But the basic fan in missouri doesnt give 2 turds about the bucs and any hype around them. They will say, “Prove it first, make the playoffs.” And after the bucs make the playoffs it will be “win a playoff game.” Etc. Respect is earned! And that is how it should be. Remember…. speak softly, and carry a big motherf***ing stick!

  55. Wesley Says:

    Tom Jones has zero credibility, I could care less about his opinion.

  56. USFBUC Says:

    Can’t be bothered to click through and give Jones any attention because the less he gets the sooner he is gone. To the issue at hand, I think most people see the Bucs as an exciting outside pick for a deep playoff run this year but would not be surprised if the team fell just short of the playoffs or was a one and done. People I talk to from other states and friends all say that in another year or two the Bucs will be one of the teams to beat.

  57. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Times cut back on NFL stats during the regular season in the paper. Who needs it! I find all the Bucs info I want and more right here at JBF. Thanks for being here.

  58. Elvis in STL Says:

    You do call RayJ the “Den of Depression” Joe. Does that sound like a team that strikes fear in the hearts many? Just because the media is hyping someone doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the country agrees, right? We need another winning season for some real respect… and we’re gonna take it. Go Bucs!
    Look, Joe made a very clear and factual case here, and Joe didn’t even mention what Jones wrote in mid-May — before he apparently changed his mind over the weekend. “”But somewhere along the way, the Bucs became the cool kids in town. They are the buzz around Tampa Bay. They are the talk across the country. National talk-show hosts are pumping them up. National publications are singing their praises. Every year, some team becomes the chic pick to make the leap from missing the playoffs to being a postseason threat. This year, the Bucs appear to be that team.”–Joe

  59. Eric Says:

    Who cares what these people think.

  60. Wright Says:

    SB, You are not the only Bucs fan IN Montana! Join the club!

  61. Tom Says:

    Tom Jones is a Screamin liberal who defends Colin K and his protests and subsequently fired from WDAE for his idiocy.

  62. Wausa Says:

    I quit reading the Tribune/Times when they got rid of level headed writers like Ira and keep ridiculous hacks like Matt Baker and Tom Jones.

    Tom Jones is awful but Matt Baker is the worst.
    Matt Baker’s article on Jameis on February 26, 2015 compares the situation of Jameis Winston to that of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. He further opines in the same article how awful people had been to him after he continuously attacked Jameis in his articles. What someone like Matt Baker doesn’t consider or care about is the large contributing factor of hate that Jamies still receives as a result of his one sided articles have caused.

    Matt Baker is the writer that deserves the most vitriol regarding his coverage.

  63. mark2001 Says:

    Wausa…it is bizarre. Twenty five to thirty years ago, the Tampa Bay newspapers had some of the greatest sports writers in the nation. I know…I moved from the Midwest to Tampa Bay in the early 80’s, I read the paper daily, and was impressed with the quality of the work. We do have some fine on line sites, thank goodness, including of course this one. But I miss those writers…though I don’t miss the “lack of competitiveness” of most of those Bucs teams.

  64. webster Says:

    @ tom

    Who cares what his political views are. So you saying you would only listen to a person if they were conservative with alternative facts? People like you are the reason why this country is such a mess. If people dont think like you then they should be ignored i guess. Thats not what the four fathers had in mind. Grow up.

  65. Trevor Says:

    tom jones is the sue carlton of sports. just plain sad. he sucked on wdae, his analysis is always way off base, and he’s a whiny little kid.

  66. THETRUTH Says:

    I can see where fans of other teams see us as doormats , but football knowledgeable people see a raising team.

    I guess we can do the same to
    Other teams when we look at schedules and say that’s a win without blink.

    Tom is writing for attention that he is lacking in his profession, he will create a theory of a scAndle next. Right now there is nothing but upside to this team and I don’t see any thing pointing down so he creates stories. Ignore him and his columns that’s how u get to him.

    Go Bucs!!!