Depth Shaping Up At CB

June 13th, 2017

Being noticed.

As the Bucs prepare to start minicamp this afternoon at One Buc Palace (of course Joe will be there) it seems one position fans won’t have to lose sleep over is corner.

Yes, the Bucs have savvy veteran Brett Grimes and promising second-year man Vernon Hargreaves as starters. But after that, it looks very deep.

There’s last year’s nickel guy, Hey Jude. There is the star of unseen December practices, Ryan Smith. There is also special teams ace Josh Robinson and free agent veteran Robert McClain. Oh, and one guy who isn’t making coaches forget him is Javien Elliott.

Last week at underwear football practice, Joe again saw Elliott make a play on a ball and get a pick. And from the words of winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, it doesn’t sound as if Elliott is going anywhere soon.

“Javien always makes plays,” Koetter said. “Javien’s a guy that came here as a tryout player last year and ended up starting a couple games for us. What the coaches notice is, every single day 35 [Elliott] makes a play or two. He’s just one of those guys. He knows what to do and how to do it and he shows up and makes plays.”

Joe understands coaches are very, very reluctant to wash their hands of players who make plays.

Some NFL analysts are leery of the Bucs at cornerback with Grimes turning 34 next month. Joe understands their thinking, but the way things are shaping up, cornerback could be very, very deep.

36 Responses to “Depth Shaping Up At CB”

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If there’s a chance in hell – that Jason can make a play for Richard Sherman.
    Now would be that time.

    Defensive Backs
    • (RCB) Richard Sherman | Ryan Smith
    • (LCB) Brent Grimes | Josh Robinson
    • (SCB) Vernon Hargreaves | Jude Adjei-Barimah
    • (S) Chris Conte | Keith Tandy
    • (SS) J.J. Wilcox | Justin Evans

    Couple that Unit – with our front 7.
    Now you’ve got yourself a Top-5 Defense.

    Then I would have not problem with saying; that we’ve got action at the “Ship”.
    That one dude – could really bring this defense inline.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If there’s a big question mark on the team right now – It’s at corner.

  3. Getaclue Says:

    I really wish you would all stop disrespecting Tandy. Dude should of gotten a fair shot a while ago cause he made splash plays before in spot duty and after last season people still want to write him off

  4. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Luv, I have to disagree, between the kicking battle and the unknown of J.R. Sweezy, CB looks solid in comparison.

  5. Fsuking Says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we have terrible depth at CB. If our 1/2 go down, our only hope is Ryan Smith and nobody even knows that he can play, given his inconsistency in practice and zero NFL defensive snaps. Our slot CB situation is shaping up to be below avg at best with the potential to be disastrous. McClain can’t stick with a team anymore and there’s no guarantee he sticks with ours. Jude sucks, has always sucked and will continue to suck. Javien Elliot is a great player until he suits up with the big boys on game day and gets tossed around like a rag doll. He has the instincts but he’s tiny and brings almost negative physicality to the defense.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Quality of depth and who sees the field as 3rd CB shall be determined by how well and how quickly Ryan Smith, Hey Jude and Elliot are able to “develop”.

    Drafting a CB in the 1st 2 rounds is very likely next year due to Brent Grimes’ age

    But we are soooo much better off right now at CB than we were year before last

  7. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    When he’s named the starter.
    Then performs at a Top Level for a full 16.
    I’m sure U won’t hear a word. But until then; he’s fair game.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Some NFL analysts are leery of the Bucs at cornerback …”. So am I Joe, but only because our CB depth lacks real game experience. Lots of potential, but potential doesn’t win football games.

    VHIII & Grimes apparently have the starting CB jobs locked up, but only Brent has any INTs. As I look at the others, Josh Robinson has 5 INTs … in 5 yrs … and Robert McClain has 4 INTs … in 7 yrs. The others (Elliott, Smith & Jude) have a grand total of 0 INTs among them … and a grand total of 4 yrs experience. Between the three of them, they’ve started 9 total games (and 8 of those starts belong to Jude). Lots of potential from what I read, but I’m sure hoping that VHIII & Brent Grimes stay healthy.

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Not worried about Kicker situation now – with Folks.
    Caleb Benenoch looked good in spot duty.
    So If Sweezy back flares up. I’m comfortable with him filling in.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is a difference between depth & quality depth…..We have quality depth at QB, TE, RB…..not so sure about corner…..would like to see Ryan Smith in actual games…..I have been impressed with Elliott when he’s had an opportunity.

    I’m sure some would argue about our depth at RB….but, we’ll have to simply agree to disagree….

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Elliott has look good at times.

  12. Broy34 Says:

    Joe weren’t you saying for like six months how corner is a need and weakness now it’s a strength. I happen to believe it’s a deep position. No team has three nasty corners. We have two very solid corners and Grimes will be fine.tProbably corner first round next year butiI feel we are the second most complete team behind new england

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Richard Sherman 2016

  14. Maze Says:

    No thanks on locker room drama that is Sherman

  15. uckinator Says:

    Sherman – A million dollar talent with a 10 cent brain.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    sherman would instantly be the best defender on the bucs roster. unlike gmc sherman has actually accomplished something in the NFL besides losing and getting embarassed time and time again

    you character guys kill me. your locker room choirboys are failures in every sense of the word. complete and total failures.

  17. Maze Says:

    Or maybe some personalities clash with the majority of others. Sherman is at the end, not the beginning of anything but still running his big mouth

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    I think the Bucs believe Ryan Smith can be a solid corner for us. Otherwise they would have made a move. Its Scarry as a fan to trust an unproven player but Ryan made plays on Special Teams last year so maybe there is hope

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    So how are you genius’s going to afford Sherman? Are you going to use Evans future salary? Or Smiths or Marpets? Or kwons?

    Its just a ridiculous notion. Anybody with a clue knows the Bucs don’t need to be paying high salary to bring in anybody new here on defense unless that person can plant QBs into the grass

  20. nate12345 Says:

    richard sherman always got bailed out by his safeties we got none

  21. DB55 Says:


    I’m with you Sherman would instant help Jameis and Evans too. Elliot is a baller. I was watching week 16 vs Carolina last night and Elliot almost made a miraculous one hand Int but lost the ball when he hit the ground.

    I think bobo will has a similar impact this year too. These fsu cats can play.

    Still think we should have drafted Cook. Then again I think we should have drafted Aaron Donald too so obviously I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ LUV

    No disrespect to Sherman but I don’t think he fits the mold of the type of corner Mike Smith likes to use. I may be wrong but I thought he liked more athletic guys with good feet that can be versatile and Sherman is more of a physical big CB.

    If our top 2 CBs went down yeah we’d be thin but so would pretty much any NFL team. Depth at corner reminds me of our O-line. VHIII / Ryan Smith / Elliot will only be entering their 2nd years in the NFL; and Hey Jude will be in year 3. CBs, like O-line typically take a couple years to develop.

    After this year we should have a clearer picture of O-line / CB in terms of what we actually have in a lot of the young guys

  23. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I SUSPECT that EVERYBODY on this board knows you hate GMC.
    It’s growing weary like hearing a standup comedian do the same jokes over and over and over and over and over again. Dude! You NEED some new material.

    And you’ve let your hate mess up your critical thinking skills.

    you character guys kill me. your locker room choirboys are failures in every sense of the word. complete and total failures.

    That is just soooo incorrect!!! So Merlin Olson, Leroy Selmon, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Ronde, Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott are complete and total failures?

    Where your mind has betrayed you is you’ve conflated the POSSIBILITY that being a total dooooshhhbag doesn’t necessarily mean you can be a great HOF football player….see exhibit A…-Warren Sapp But somehow you view that as an actual advantage. Furthermore you incorrectly say that class acts cannot be great players….now we could spend the next month typing our lists of HOFers who were indeed CHARACTER guys…some make me puke like Roger Stauback…but he was great….and he does have character…and you know what TMAX….I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger was literally a choirboy!!!!

    But not to get too personal…but really your posts just beg this question…I can easily prove your statement is incorrect…plenty of great players where character guys…some even choirboys…I think the great Reggie White was a Minister….we all accept your point that being a total jackwagon doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. Where you lose us is acting as if a team of thugs would be better than a team of class acts….that’s just totally false! What makes anybody cheer for NEGATIVITY? It has nothing to do with winning and losing!

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sherman – A million dollar talent with a 10 cent brain.


    The Rose That Grew From Concrete

    A student at Dominguez High (Compton, Ca), where Richard Sherman compiled a 4.2 grade-point average and played football and ran track.
    Graduated with a Master in Communication from Stanford

    Very few defensive players analysis every facet of the opposing teams offense; like Richard Sherman.His football instincts and IQ – are on par with some of the best that have ever played the postion.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    His a better version of…
    • Chris McAlister 6-1, 206lb – Baltimore Ravens
    • Rashean Mathis 6-1, 200lb – Jacksonville
    • Brian Williams 6-0, 200Ib – Jacksonville / Atlanta
    • Desmond Trufant 6-0, 190 Ib – Jacksonville / Atlanta

    Plus Smitty runs a 4-3, zone-based scheme.
    Richard Sherman plays in a very similar scheme in Seattle.
    He typically takes away his 3rd of the field —→ deep.

    So its a WIN – WIN

  26. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Desmond Trufant 6-0, 190 Ib – Atlanta

  27. Bucsfanman Says:

    Sherman’s an instant upgrade. I doubt he comes here, but if he did, I’m sure Smitty could find a way to use him.

  28. Pickgrin Says:

    Sherman ain’t coming here so why even bring it up LUV?

    Too expensive first and foremost. Sherman makes $13M each of the next 2 years and it would take at least a 1 high draft pick and perhaps more to trade for him. No way is Jason Licht gonna pay all that for a 29 year old CB that makes headlines more frequently for what comes out of his mouth than for what he does on the field.

  29. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @LUV good links. In general I’m sure mike smith would be happy with Sherman but I give it a 1/1000 type chance of happening if that.

    PFF rated our secondary 15th last year in the NFL with the group we had. That’s with the first half of the season being pretty rough so that seems pretty solid actually. Especially considering that the amount of snaps by rookies (VHIII & Elliot) or 2nd year player (Hey Jude).

    I think we were about average in terms of passer rating against as well

  30. unbelievable Says:

    Great stuff LUV! I don’t think it’s going to happen, but one can dream..

    St. Pete- very well said, sir. tmax has become a prisoner of his own mind.

  31. westernbuc Says:

    Sherman is great if the pass rush is great. The fact that his coaches want to get him the hell out of their locker room should be enough to keep Licht from trading for him.

  32. Iamabuc Says:

    No, not Sherman…he is Mike Evan’s play rag doll.

  33. 813bucboi Says:

    I like our cb depth….ryan smith and josh robinson can play…..they aint pro bowlers but they aint camp meat either….GO BUCS!!!

  34. Buccfan37 Says:

    I for one am not bothered by tmax’s posts, look forward to them all.

  35. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m not bothered by them. If they’re GMC post is simply scroll. It’s simply grown boring from repetition.

    When he posts on other topic I too look forward to them and read them

  36. Brandon Says:

    Trading for a divisive hotheaded CB that would cost way too much in compensation and then will want to turn around and be the top paid CB in the game. That was a bad move when the CB wasn’t a divisive hothead.