Cap Casualty In 2018?

June 23rd, 2017

Interesting player contract structure.

In case you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you saw the announcement that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr hit the lottery. Big time.

This can only make America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston (and his agent), smile broadly. Jameis is in the third year of a four-year contract with the Bucs having the option to pick up the fifth year at what will be about $21 million in 2019.

So in roughly three years, barring a nightmare injury, Jameis is going to be one very, very wealthy young man. Florida-Lottery-like wealthy.

This is why Joe has been saying for the past year or so the Bucs have a very short window to make a powerful Super Bowl run. Jameis’ next contract will eat up a very large chunk of the salary cap (about $30 million per year) and likely cause the Bucs to wave goodbye to very good player(s) as a result.

Could Lavonte David be one of them? Andy Benoit thinks so.

The and analyst only had to eyeball the players the Bucs drafted to determine the star Tampa Bay linebacker may not be with the club much longer.

@Andy_Benoit: Do #Bucs have plans to cut expensive LB David after ’17? Can do so penalty free. Why’d they draft Kendell Beckwith in 3rd round?

Joe nearly fell back in his chair. But, to be honest, when the Bucs drafted Beckwith, what Benoit suggested briefly crossed Joe’s mind. Briefly. However, Joe quickly chalked up the Beckwith selection as just a big sign the Bucs were going to run a 34 defensive front more than they did last year.

The Bucs think they got a steal in Beckwith because he fell in the draft due to a knee injury (they’re confident Beckwith should be practicing no later than the start of the regular season). David’s contract is not guaranteed after this season. (Neither is Gerald McCoy’s).

David’s salary rises to $8.75 million next year. And the key here is in 2020, David, at 30 years old, would be due to make $10,750,000. That is also the same year Jameis would be earning Powerball money.

Joe doubts David will be given his parting gifts after this season, though there is certainly a painless out for the Bucs. It is after the 2019 season (if David lasts that long), when David and the Bucs very well could go their separate ways.

46 Responses to “Cap Casualty In 2018?”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Don’t forget that GMC93 will be coming off the books soon!!! (That’s detailed in the story.–Joe) Most likely we will hear GMC93 will retire before we hear of JW3 new contract!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BucEmUp Says:

    Small window my ass, new england has tom brady and they continue to sign whoever they want. Its also about getting the most out of your young players. Winston will get paid but if hes really worth the money there should be no small window for a superbowl. . Licht needs to structure things out and negotiate wiyh the players and agents. Build a team known for winning and players will want to come here and win a ring

  3. Buc 4ever Says:

    Who is to say Jameis will command $30 million a year. He has said he want to win championships and should realize that he can’t do that while taking that large chunk of the salary cap. Tom Brady is no where near that amount and has 5 rings. When Manning, Rodgers, Breeze, and now Russell Wilson took those large contracts it handicapped the team ability to sign other players. Jameis has already said he will take a pay cut to play with great players so let’s hope he mean it. Winning championships will build endorsement deals where he won’t have to handicap the team by taking that much money.

  4. Dooshlarue Says:

    Well, I guess the local Baskin Robins better start planning for a big drop off in business.
    I like LVD, but understand the possibility of losing him.
    Hopefully Beckwith or another draftee next year will soften the blow.

  5. James Walker Says:

    The greed is disgusting.

  6. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I think Jameis would take a pay cut, after his 2nd contract. He needs to get paid first so he is set for life. Then he can worry about helping the Bucs out. Not until then.

  7. Joe Says:

    Small window my ass, new england has tom brady and they continue to sign whoever they want.

    As much as Joe likes Jameis, he’s no Tom Brady, an all-time great. And Dirk Koetter is no Belicheat. Those two are why the Pats win year after year, despite a salary cap.

  8. rayjay1122 Says:

    This is why it is so important to win in the draft. Drafting talented players to keep your team young and under the cap is critical. That is how teams stay good even when they have to let expensive vets go when the price tag becomes to high. The only exception obviously are the elite players on a team that are too rare a commodity not to suck it up and pay the big bucks.

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    I’d hope Jameis would be more Brady like and take less to have a better team around him rather than care about the big money. With that said I hope he earns the 30 million a year with improved play.

    Based on his current play he’s not a 30 million a year player. As fans let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. I’ve seen too many young Bucs start off promising then flame out for whatever reason.

  10. Doctor Stroud Says:

    If all goes well this season, the Bucs will most likely extend Jameis Winston’s contract sooner rather than later (as the Raiders did with Carr). Let’s hope that the salary cap increases by then because $30-40 mill/year range sounds about right. Yes, JW is no Tom Brady, but he is just as valuable to the team, and I don’t see the front office starting over. Have the Bucs ever re-signed a starting QB that they drafted? I can’t think of one. Winston might be the first!

  11. THETRUTH Says:

    This is so funny we don’t need to cut anyone , we usually 12 mill or more under cap each year and cap limit goes up every year. Just like we had to cut Revis for cap reasons yet we had about 19 mill at year end.

    You can work the numbers so it won’t be 30mil , also resign guys early like this year to use some of the cap salable now.

    Throwing lavante DAVID name out there is just dumb and to me it’s just creating news to make articles.

  12. passthebuc Says:

    Insane. Sorry, but neither Carr nor W. are worth that kind of money.

  13. THETRUTH Says:

    Sweezy, Martin and may be gone freeing up money as well
    Two years desean also may be done.

    This is strictly joes and this other guys thought and rumors to stir up news.

    What’s next kwon has drinking issues cause he says no alcohol lo make body healthier. That’s what people do when they train to build body , yet we tie it to drinking issues to make news

  14. R.O. Says:

    Just rediculous Carr or any of these QBs who have done nothing, won nothing are going to be paid like they’re HOF players. Going to eat up 15%-18% of the cap haven’t even won a playoff game.

  15. ndog Says:

    Joe Says:
    June 23rd, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Small window my ass, new england has tom brady and they continue to sign whoever they want.

    As much as Joe likes Jameis, he’s no Tom Brady, an all-time great. And Dirk Koetter is no Belicheat. Those two are why the Pats win year after year, despite a salary cap.

    You’re right Joe, Jameis and Dirk did much more in their first year together as head coach and QB than the TB12 and BB did. So they should aim to be better and do more than those two. It is the attitude you displayed above that holds people back! They and we must have belief that this team is going to win the Super Bowl every year they strap it up. While I would like to believe that myself it is impossible without a QB but now WE HAVE ONE so why not believe? It is clearly possible, see NE, so why in the world would you blow that notion off so quickly. Just rename this site to Joe doubter fan if that is the attitude you’re going to have.

  16. Bucsfanman Says:

    When you are successful at building a franchise, these are decisions that you are forced to make. While you certainly have to have the mindset of “win now”, you must also look to the future.
    As exciting as it may be to speculate right now, these are not issues for THIS season. LVD, GMC, DJax, and possibly DM22 are going to be wearing the pewter this season. Get ready!

  17. Bob in valrico Says:

    While Jameis leadership and competitiveness are 2nd to none he is not playing at the same level as Derek Carr yet.Carr had only 6 INT’s and
    nearly 60 completed passes over 20 yards. His stats are here :
    Hoping Jameis makes a big leap this year so that he gets a lucrative
    contract and gets us deep in the playoffs.

  18. Eric Says:

    I love how everyone is saying these guys aren’t worth the money. If we or Oakland don’t pay them, then someone else will. It’s a qb driven league. It will be that way forever. there are like 9 teams still searching for their guy. Once you find him, you pay him, period.

    JW’s salary will be worth that ring one day. Maybe more than one.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    David has not been playing all that well anyway. Sure, we can make excuses for him, but the bottom line is that he has not become the elite player we believed he would become. He’s good, not great.

    And ‘good’ can be replaced.

    In regard to GMC, I love him here…but I would have traded him this year for a couple first round picks (would have gotten them regardless of what Realist might claim).

    However…I do not believe he will ever be a cap casualty with the Bucs. If anything, they will let him play out his contract or rework a new deal. The only exception to this would be if the Bucs find a much better replacement…which hasn’t happened yet.

    I will say this though…I am curious what he’ll do in a DE role this year as they move him back and forth.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Winston will earn what he earns. Of course he isn’t playing at the same level as Carr yet…he hasn’t been playing as long.

    But when the time comes to re-up? He might be better by then.

    Doesn’t really matter. He;s a few years off from worrying about.

  21. tnew Says:

    Jameis loves winning above all else. No doubt he will command and should be the highest paid Buc. With that said, his maturity is off the charts. He will realize the fact of his combination of personality and winning championships will pay more in endorsements than just a salary from a mid level team. Will he be paid, no doubt but I never see him asking for money that will leave the franchise in peril.

    With this being said, I think McCoy is in as much danger as LVD. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, he isn’t. The day that he is cut there is a huge hole to fill. But, and I believe Joe did a write up on this at one point, the allocation of funds to the undertackle spot is not a good strategic move from a salary cap perspective. Because of the way the game is played, its just difficult to argue that should be the spot to spend most of your cap dollars.

    Licht’s job is about to get much more difficult, but hey all of the guys clamoring for copensatory picks, we are about to get them.

  22. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Don’t underestimate Licht and his staff. The GMs always have to be planning years ahead. McCoy and David are good players IMO. But they are not Stick Carriers like Ayers and Alexander.

    If Licht finds their replacement, I’m perfectly OK with letting them move on at the right time. Winning the Super Bowl might make that date sooner than later.

    In Licht We Trust!!!!

  23. Eric Denman Says:

    GM 93 will be coming off the books and that will help with some cap flexibility but the QB contracts are slowly starting to affect the cap.

  24. RayJameisStadium Says:

    @BB It doesn’t make sense to get rid of good players at this point with out their replacement. Being this close to the trophy makes you pull on the reins.

    Their time is coming though.

    I love Licht’s acquisitions for this team. I want more Ayers and Alexanders on this defense.

    Go Bucs!!!

  25. feelthepewterpower Says:

    BucEmUp Says:
    June 23rd, 2017 at 7:01 am
    Small window my ass, new england has tom brady and they continue to sign whoever they want. Its also about getting the most out of your young players. Winston will get paid but if hes really worth the money there should be no small window for a superbowl. . Licht needs to structure things out and negotiate wiyh the players and agents. Build a team known for winning and players will want to come here and win a ring.


    Brady restructured to make his deal more team friendly and allow the Pats to go after/keep whomever they choose in return for more chances at a ring. He’s actually the 14th highest paid QB according to

    Winston is currently 26th and Glennon even makes more than Winston for the time being. –

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    I would cut Mccoy after this year in a hurry. Like after the their last game when clock hits 00.00

  27. martinii Says:

    Just a couple of comments; I am more focused on the next two years and winning Super Bowl. So far I don’t see Jameis as a guy that is going to sacrifice his team for a contract, Finally it is quite possible that a few top players may be cut or traded, especially if their games fall off. couple more draft picks like OJ Howard will help and each year the league has found a way to increase cap space trough TV revenue. The Buc’s miraculously avoid Cap hell each year and I am sure that will continue. This is a conversation you have this time of year when there is not a lot going on.

  28. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    It won’t even matter the cap is going up every year with the pay its a wash! Manage the cap right and it works it’d a not an issue! DA

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    I love how these conversations inevitably end with ridding ourselves of GMC. And just who would you geniuses replace him with?!
    Time is not on any player’s side, but why do we seem to want to push a good football player out the door? Same with David. There’s no reason to believe that the Bucs can’t afford to keep these guys. They are CORE players! You don’t let core players walk without extreme pause.
    Stop comparing Tom Brady. He’s been in the league long enough to have already signed 2 extensions, if not 3. He may be 14th in salary NOW, but I guarantee that was not always the case.

  30. PistolPete Says:

    Total Tackles
    16′ 87
    15′ 147
    14′ 146
    13′ 145
    12′ 139

  31. tmaxcon Says:

    Bottom Line GMC and LVD are NOT Buccaneer MEN… Buccaneer Men are Hostile, Winners, Hate Losing and want to be on a badass team… No one has ever accused lvd or gmc of being winners, hostile or mentally tough…. Out with the old in with the new. The new buccaneer man cares more about winning than meaningless pro bowls, tv time and ice cream. Good Riddance they are a stain on buc history with the blowouts and lack of effort during the home losing stretch. It’s time to raise your standards fanboys… its time to win! NO MORE ICE cREAM

  32. Lamarcus Says:

    Agree. Gmc and David are not Buc Men. More like Browns players.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    David and Beckwith play different positions.

  34. thespiritof76 Says:

    I’m starting to think that the NFL needs their own Larry Bird rule to prevent one players high salary from forcing other good players to get cut.

  35. SOEbuc Says:

    If we could win the division and a nice run in the playoffs (heck even second round), I believe JW would take a pay cut. He seems to be very honest when it comes to his team winning and him becoming a dominate QB in this league. I can’t name a team that makes it deep in the playoffs or SB that doesn’t already have a good QB.

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    That’s why they have drafts every season. If you draft wisely, and maintain depth at every position. You will always be ahead of the game, if not, then you will always be behind the game.

  37. Mojiska Says:

    They drafted Beckwith to have more versatility on do. Along with baker and stevie the it opened up the 3-4 along with a solid 43. they want to see David moved around more.

  38. Bo Nanna Says:

    America’s Quarterback? Really?

  39. Aaron Says:

    Tom Brady has Gisele – she’s worth $350mill and made $30mill last year – that’s why Tom can offer team “friendly” contracts. I do think Jameis will offer some contract flexibility…Go Bucs!

  40. webster Says:

    The jokes i read everytime i come here. Small window? Last i checked, brady and belicheck arent the only teams with a huge window. The steelers are in the hunt every year. The packers are in the hunt every year. It comes down to having a franchise qb (check), great drafting (check), and health luck and you will be in the hunt every year. Thats all you can ask for is a chance because only one can win. No, this window is not small. Thanks for the laugh though.

  41. Pick6 Says:

    Linebackers can play at a high level throughout their early 30s, especially a guy like Lavonte who has not had any major injuries and has athleticism and range to spare. Between the growth of the cap and continued production, i think LVD will be a good value for the life of his career. Beckwith might be the longer term replacement, but even if he is Lavonte can keep him on the bench or over on the Strong Side for most if not all of KB’s rookie deal

  42. NFLNut Says:

    Derek Carr got hosed from what I understand … the contract has nowhere near as much truly guaranteed money as Andrew Luck’s did.

    As for Jameis … he will become the highest paid player in the NFL very soon imho.

    As for LaVonte … no need to cut him after this year as Jameis’ will still be on his rookie deal next season … I’d rather see the Bucs bring LaVonte back next year and then TRADE him before the deadline for a pick!

  43. USFBUC Says:

    I think both GMC and David will play out their contracts. The time to move them was in a trade after the 2014 season. They were a few years younger then and we could have snagged two more picks maybe three for the two of them. It would have probably resulted in less wins in 2015 but we would have had a shot at a better player or trading back and getting even more value if we still took VH3 in 2016.

  44. JonBuc Says:

    Carr is somewhat unique in that he was a second rounder…therefore the 5th year option was not an option…just the franchise tag…which currently has the Redskins over a barrel by Kissin’ Cousins. I think JoeLee is right with the potential “window” theory. Jameis and Mike Evans will require a ton of cap room in the near future. Sense of urgency, people!

  45. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Jameis is good not great. Lets not write him a monster check just yet.

  46. DalvinTheBeast Says:

    Jameis loves winning and being great more than money, more than almost anything except maybe his family. If he thinks the Bucs are close, he’ll let the Bucs use the money elsewhere. If he sees more of the same from this franchise, then he will go elsewhere, again, not for the money but for the chance to win Superbowls.