Top Peer Honor Bestowed On Gerald McCoy

May 22nd, 2017

Greatness, per NFL players.

There’s no division title or playoff game on Gerald McCoy’s resumé, but it is loaded with accolades.

McCoy racked up another one today.

In case you haven’t heard, NFL Network is broadcasting its Top 100 NFL players of 2017 feature. Players make the list based on votes by hundreds of fellow players across the league. The series is broken down into weekly “unveiling” segments.

Earlier tonight, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, made the list for the first time at No. 57.

Gerald McCoy checked in at No. 52 , as Nos. 51-60 were revealed. It was his fifth consecutive “Top-100” selection. McCoy’s 2010 draft-day rival, Ndamukong Suh of the Dolphins, ranked at No. 55.

McCoy was honored at No. 63 last year.

Many players were interviewed for the McCoy segment, including Jameis and Mike Evans. They both talked about how nice-guy McCoy transforms into a nasty competitor between the white lines.

A couple of NFL offensive linemen not on the Bucs praised McCoy’s get-off and technical prowess.

Well done, Gerald!

Joe hopes next year McCoy isn’t introduced again on the show as a superstar who has only watched the playoffs from his couch.

26 Responses to “Top Peer Honor Bestowed On Gerald McCoy”

  1. Milenkosoe Says:

    lol nice guy

  2. Buc Dat Says:

    Let’s go!!!

  3. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    He is a nice guy and there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m a USF student who waits tables. The Friday right before week 1 in Atlanta, I took care of Gerald and his dad. Really is as nice as advertised and very willing to make time for fans. Also 100% tip on the check! Go Bucs

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    and all that love from peers has never won a single game on Sunday. just win everything else is meaningless noise.

  5. HOLLY BUC Says:

    if nice guys cant win, explain tim tebows college career

  6. Lamarcus Says:

    Weird that he voted before Winston. Ackward. But his “peers” voted it and guess that’s what counts in the top 100…… when I see him play in don’t think he makes the 2000 lol. Jk. Jk.

  7. LocalJoker Says:

    Congrats! Geraldini93.

  8. celly Says:

    This doesn’t make sense….

    Certain people on this board have been touting the fact that McCoy is a bum and a bust.

    Clearly they know more than the people that actually play the game.

  9. LakeLandBuc Says:

    When was the last time we had a Edge Rusher ranked in the Top 100 ( or the top 300)? A blind man can see the problems with our D-Line. And it’s clearly not #93!!!!! Congratulations Gerald McCoy, an honor well deserved.

  10. Pick6 Says:

    congrats GMC. i guarantee you that there will be a number of players ranked higher than him who have not played for consistent winners. i wonder if the GMC haters will take note of and discredit all of those players also. Heck, Aaron Donald, the gold standard of those who think GMC can do better, has zero team success to point to other than the dubious honor of beating our bucs multiple years in a row. I don’t watch this offseason filler, but i would be alarmed if Donald didn’t show up in the top 25

    This NFL Top 100 exercise, for all its flaws, will reinforce what objective football fans already know: that having greatness at a couple of positions is no antidote for having a roster that has been way below league average in terms of talent, which describes the bucs for almost the entirety of McCits career

  11. Pick6 Says:

    McCoy’s career….missed a couple keys there at the end

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    Well. CAM was number 1 last year.

    It was just my opinion. Damn u can’t have a opinion now days. See look here. I’m a fan of mccoy. But gmc hurts my feeling by watching his play. Only good about his game is get off. Every thing else seems like fools gold. I’m still for his moment, his year, his heart ( oooops?) But I think now after 8 years we won’t get that. We have to accept his superstar prestige for what it is and it doesn’t help us win games. He can’t make other around him better. I can’t get over that stupid Cowboys which he wasn’t doubled and was still a non factor. But he is a buc now and love him for that reason ONLY !!!!!

  13. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I have heard it all now. A DT has the responsibility of making others around him better. It’s a DT that will lead us to the playoffs.The DT is the leader of the team. lol only in America!

  14. Dave Says:

    Well said Lakelandbuc.
    I don’t remember Calvin Johnson winning any super bowls.
    So he must be a lousy receiver.

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    Well deserved Gerald. Now go out and have a career year and help Jameis lead this team to a Super Bowl.

  16. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    Not a fire and brimstone speaker, McCoy leads well by example. In how he plays, and in how he lives his life. He’s hands down better than Suh in all ways. Well done Gerald!

  17. teacherman777 Says:


    Not won a single game?

    In fact,

    he helped us get to 10-6.

    The next season, he tore his bicep against the 49ers and we couldnt stop anybody from that point on!

    Gerald McCoy is a better player and a better HUMAN BEING than Suh!

    We are lucky to have him!!

    Go Bucs!!

    GMC has 2-3 years left!

    Get him into the freaking playoffs!!!

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    LakelandBuc you nailed it. Too many fans & media types (yes you Tom Jones) look for scapegoats for losing (Problem 1). Bucs have done plenty of losing during GMC’s career here, and to some he’s become the poster child for losing. Unfortunately for GMC he also makes a ton of $$$ doing what he does (Problem 2?) and some apparently think that $$$ are supposed to equate to wins. Oops, almost forgot Problem 3: apparently he’s not Sapp.

    Most Bucs fans know what it takes to win in the NFL … a quality T-E-A-M with strong leadership at all levels. And piece by piece we’re building that here: A top-notch coaching staff, a quality starting rotation backed up by quality depth, and an excellent managerial staff that knows how to build a T-E-A-M. May or may not be this year, but the Bucs are well on their way to ending our playoff drought and building a lasting contender. Let’s all enjoy the ride.

  19. THETRUTH Says:


    haha really no good guys have ever won anything. guess Alstot was a bad guy, lynch, ronde ??

    Good job McCoy , his skill is noticed by people who actually play the game, who I can respect opinion.

    to many Buc fans who think they experts cause they paid for a ticket or play Madden on xbox wanna run the guy out of town..

  20. Dave Says:

    We all need to just ignore the McCoy haters. They are completely ignorant fools who do not understand football one bit. We need to just stop giving them the attention they seek like the whiny little two-year-olds they are

  21. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Individual honors are great…congrats GMC and #3 but it’s the team honors that count as in SB Champion.

    And the thing is that if this team performs as well as hoped and goes deep into the playoffs…individual honors will also increase. GMC and #3 move up next year and other Bucs join them.

    Just win baby!

  22. SB Says:

    Hey Maxipad………..You gonna keep spewing that drivel when the PROS vote him better than themselves.
    Mindless Idiot.

  23. SB Says:

    Wow… I’m under moderation.

  24. Fsuking Says:

    Doug Martin will be on that list after next year!

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Congrats GMC! Well earned!

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    GMC is a great player – no, he’s not Warren Sapp – but there are no other Warren Sapp’s. To those dolts you don’t think GMC is a great player, perhaps you should spend your Sunday afternoons at a local bathhouse since football clearly isn’t your thing.