Andrew Luck Vs. Jameis

May 29th, 2017

“You better pick me, Joe.”

If you are an NFL head coach and you needed a quarterback, who would you pick? Andrew Luck of the Colts or America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston?

Joe knows who he would pick. More on that later.

NFL Network analysts were asked who is the better QB. Jameis got a lot of run but not everyone polled chose him. Former Saints fullback Heath Evans loves Jameis, but in the end he went with Luck.

Luck’s resumé includes a crucial edge
I went back and forth on this one for quite a while, but I’m going with Andrew Luck, simply because I’ve seen more. These two are relatively close in terms of production, but Luck has made three playoff appearances in five seasons. This league is all about getting to and winning the postseason, which gives the edge to Luck.

And this is where Joe stands. Look, no one is in Jameis’ corner more than Joe. But Jameis leading a team into the playoffs is just speculation. He hasn’t done it. Yet.

Luck is a premier quarterback and one of Joe’s favorites. Luck is pretty much a one-man band and, as Evans said, he’s gotten the Colts to the playoffs three times and once to the AFC title game.

This is a helluva argument, but it is pretty much like choosing a guy for what he has done in the past or choosing a guy for what he may do in the future. It’s not like a debate on who one would pick between, say, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.

29 Responses to “Andrew Luck Vs. Jameis”

  1. holymoly13 Says:

    I will still take Jameis. Luck has produced, but is also a bit fragile. Hoping this is the year the Bucs and Jameis will end the playoff drought . Thanks to those who died for us so we can talk about silly stuff like this. Happy Memorial Day !

  2. tnew Says:

    Good discussion. Although, the needle is pointing flat with Luck, up with Jameis, plus, Luck has made the playoffs in arguably, the worst division in football over that time period, but he did win playoff games in two of those seasons. NFC South has put a team in the Super Bowl for both of Winston’s seasons.

    I would also argue that no QB in the league can come close to Jameis for intangibles. Joe gave the best comparison that I think you can with Jameis during his rookie year comparing him to a young Magic Johnson. This has stuck with me and I think it is very accurate.

  3. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I get Evans argument and why it has swayed Joe. Football is a team sport and over such a very short sample as two years you can’t really lay all that much on the QB when it comes to W’s and L’ and Playoffs.

    Somehow the question got changed in mid stream from which QB would you rather have going forward to which QB has the most success so far.

    As far as winning the team DOES MATTER. Does anyone here wish to trade #3 for Dak Prescott? Look at his rookie season. Was it Prescott or Zeke or the ‘Boy’s OL? All of the above? Bottom line #3 did not play on that team and Prescott didn’t play for the Bucs….therefore comparisons become specious real fast.

    I’ve continually tossed props at 87’s direction for being correct about #3 and not just his physical ability but his heart and competitive fire as well as his leadership skills.

    Yes I’m a homer for sure but there is not one QB in this league I would trade for #3 right now. Brady is too old and boring….Aaron Rodgers….love him but I think #3 edges him on the fire although I do not dismiss Rodgers competiteness it’s just that #3 is in a different class when it comes to being competive.

    Joe posted a video earlier that pretty well illustrates why I’m a #3 man. Remember when he was going out for a pass at a youth camp and his girlfriend was covering him…what does #3 do? He blatantly pushes off his girlfriend to get open for the reception. The dude just competes…wherever…whenever..against whomever.

  4. Jim Says:

    Not a fair comparison, but the fact that Winston is even compared to Luck says a ton about how far the QB position in TB has come.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    So Heath Evans would pick Luck as his QB because he “made three playoff appearances in five seasons”. Is that any guarantee of a 4th playoff appearance in 6 seasons? Not at all. If we’re talking about which QB (Luck or Jameis) is most likely to lead his team THIS SEASON to a playoff berth I’d take Jameis. Personally think that Indy will come in 4th in the AFC South … Houston, Tennessee and Jacksonville are all loaded for bear. Indy, not so much.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    Playing Houston, Jacksonville and Tennessee twice a year I’d expect the Bucs to be in the playoffs every year.

  7. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    It’s not who’s been to the playoffs more often. Luck has had three more shots at it. Who has played better in their first two years and with what kind of teams? Winston is just now entering his third year where his development as a pro will come to manifest. Winston has already set records for the first two years that Luck did not. I suspect more of the same from Winston this year. I’ll keep our guy.

  8. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Kinda like choosing between two plums the same size yet, ones pretty much purple and the other is still green and growing.

    Happy Memorial Day everyone, please be safe.

  9. GZilla007 Says:

    I disagree with Ira.

    On offense, the only player Winston has had consistently was Mike Evans. The Dougernaut and the O-Line took pressure off of Winston in his rookie season by pounding the rock. Year two, there was no running game. V-Jax, was injured and Evans missed the first few games to injury. Winston pulled that game against the still out of his butt and began the process of making Cameron Brate!

    The Bucs have suffered bcz Winston has had a weak supporting cast. With the Colts, it’s the other way around: They’ve had a decent supporting cast but no Andrew Luck. The Colts WRs are burners! Their 3rd stringer, Moncrief, was faster than anybody else on our roster!

    …and did we need to compare defenses? I live in Denver and let me break this down to you. The Broncos had Manning (albeit getting older), D. Thomas and Sanders, one of the best WR duos in the league. When the played the Colts, their DBa consistently locked then down! Remember when the Colts knocked Denver out the playoffs? Compare that to Lovie Smith’s Ole defense.

    Lastly, we have 3 QBs in our division that were league MVPs. Luck …gets to compete against scrub QBs every single year. Yeah the Texans defense is solid but luck had still gotten the best of that matchup.

    While Jameis hadn’t been perfect, he’s done pretty well with the little he’s had to work with on both sides of the ball. McCoy finally looks like he has the help he needs on the D-Line to make people pay for double tanning him every play. Secondary is going to depend on the play of VHIII and the rookie Evans

    …But If the Bucs can stay healthy, Winston has a good shot at winning the division.

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    Tennessee, Jacksonville, Houston……

    Luck gets to play the AFC South six times every year.

  11. carrythatmofostick Says:

    we are about to embark, on an incredible journey, where as we get to witness, just how great young famous jameis is going to be, we have seen just a scant prelude of his incredible talent, one just has to go back to what i perceive as his signature game at home Vs chicago, when scrambling back into and out of his own endzone to hit mike evens for a big huge first down, the poise, the composer, the elusiveness, the leadership, and the arm, the competitiveness, and he did that without all the nice toys giving to him in this years draft and free agency. the bay area fans have never had this caliber of a QB and the offense to go with it, i see a man who reminds me of brett favre. and that’s pretty damn good imho, and i wouldn’t trade jameis for 10 lucks. soak it in, grab your favorite adult beverage, get the wings going, the next dozen years or so, god willing is going to be one hell of a ride, winston you rock!!!!!!!!!! go bucs, oh yea to the glazers pay this young man whatever he wants to keep him in tampa.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’d take Jameis, simply because of his age and I am confident the playoff drought ends this year.

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    Considering his age, current skillset, intangibles, history and cost for the next 2-3 years – I would take Jameis Winston over any QB in the NFL as my QB this year and moving forward.

  14. Maze Says:

    Nope Luck has a phenomenal receiver with elite speed

  15. JTHV Says:

    Andrew Luck is a great QB. But he’s another Phillip Rivers to me. Jameis will win a ring before Luck does and that’s all that matters. Stats are for losers, winners care only about the scoreboard (see Belicheat).

  16. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Tennessee Titans will rule the AFC South for years . Marcus Mariota will be the Alpha QB in that division. You heard it here first, my prediction for the AFC South.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    Mariota/Alpha – those 2 terms are not compatible

  18. Lamarcus Says:

    Jameis. He is better at his age than Luck was

  19. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Mariota/fragile is more like it

  20. LakeLandBuc Says:

    26-9 TD to INT rate is ALPHA in my opinion, especially for a 22 year old.

  21. keepdwightgirl Says:


  22. Joe Says:


    I would also argue that no QB in the league can come close to Jameis for intangibles. Joe gave the best comparison that I think you can with Jameis during his rookie year comparing him to a young Magic Johnson. This has stuck with me and I think it is very accurate.

    Thanks. All the stories Joe has heard about Magic Johnson and his personality and will to win, it reminds Joe of Jameis.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    April 23rd, 2015 at 7:27 am

    “I’ve been a pretty big Luck fan since his Stanford days. I’ll say this right now. Jameis will be better than Luck in the long run. Winston has been playing 2 sports for most of his young life. He’s now at the point where he can concentrate on just one. So I think his ceiling is still VERY high.”

    “I also picked the Colts to go to the SB last season, that’s how much I like Luck.”

  24. NFLNut Says:

    I love me some Andrew Luck and he MIGHT be “better” than Jameis right now … but .. Jameis is both better and more accomplished at his age than Luck was at the same age and I have no real doubt that Jameis will be better and have a greater career when all is said and done … it’s just that Luck is 4+ years older than Jameis and has had 3 more years of NFL experience right now so it’s not an insult to Jameis to say Luck MIGHT be better right at this very second.

    However, in regards to accomplishments I think Luck falls far short of Jameis despite being 4+ years older. The guy has won a couple playoff games while racking up some of worst QB playoff stats ever (i.e. tons of turnovers). Jameis went 26-1 at FSU, won a National Championship, won the Heisman, won ROY and threw for back-to-back 4k seasons to start his career … Luck did NONE of those things.

    I’ve said it before and will say it again, if every NFL player is thrown into a draft, Jameis is the #1 pick … and there isn’t even a close 2nd though it might be Andrew Luck (or Carr, Cam or Wilson)!

  25. NFLNut Says:


    LakeLandBuc Says:
    May 29th, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    The Tennessee Titans will rule the AFC South for years . Marcus Mariota will be the Alpha QB in that division. You heard it here first, my prediction for the AFC South.


    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, you must be joking LLB … right?

    I love Mariota as a person but don’t like him as a player at all … he’s Alex Smith 2.0 and there is NOTHING “alpha” about him … NOTHING!

    The guy is a gimmick QB and someone who needs a true alpha to lead his team for him while he quietly goes about his business in a professional manner.

    If you put him and Deshaun Watson in a room, Mariota will be the one carrying Watson’s luggage … and I’m not even a Watson fan but that kid is an alpha and a leader at least.

    I don’t get the Mariota love … there is nothing about his game other than he doesn’t throw many picks because he basically refuses to throw deep routes or into coverage and plays extra safe ala Alex Smith … and that’s not a good thing imo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think he can have a great career as he plays in the worst division in the NFL and in a Conference that should be wide open once Brady and Big Ben retire … and I feel he could certainly win SB’s if he has a dominant offensive line, running game and defense around him as he’s “efficient”. However, if he ever has to “be the man” and “carry a team to a title” there is no way I can see that happening really … he’s just not “that guy” imho.

    Mariota is the kind of QB that won’t cost your team a game or win your team a game … he’s the kind of QB that a coach says, “Just don’t lose us this game and we’ll be okay”.

    Jameis on the other hand is a true alpha, the next generation Sheriff in the NFL, the guy all the up-coming youngsters will look up to and the type of QB that a coach says, “This is all on you, go win us this game” imho.

    Comparing Jameis and Mariota is like comparing Jordan and John Stockton or Kobe and Jason Kidd … they’re both excellent players who could end up in the HOF one day … but only one is the type of player that carries an offense, team and city on his back and that guy is Jameis!


  26. KeepingItReal Says:


    You need to follow Mariota more closely. According to PFF, his deep rating was 101.2 and ranked 12th in 2016. What you write are the concerns and projections for Mariota pre-draft. While Winston was more pro-ready coming out, Mariota IMHO has already exceeded Winston. Before you post, you need to spend some time watching film. BTW – the NFL players have Mariota ranked ahead of Winston.

  27. KeepingItReal Says:


    I forgot to mention the Mariota and Winston already played against each other twice. And many would agree, that Winston was on the far more superior team. You know the outcome.

  28. GZilla007 Says:


    …Winston had the far more superior team? Nah dawg. Even if other people hyped up the Bucs and made it seem like the Bucs were better, anybody with common sense couldn’t seem that azz whipping coming. The Bucs defense that entire pre-season under Lovie Smith was horrible. I knew we were in trouble. Marriotta had the best game of his career in his very first NFL game bcz the Lovie’s defense couldn’t stop the slant pass. In fact, didn’t his very first pass (a slant) go to the house?

    The 2nd time we played them, we were banged up. …but even if we were healthy, Marriotta just had a better team.

    I actually don’t have anything against Mariotta. I think the Bucs needed Jameis more than Marcus bcz he brought vocal leadership. Marriotta is more of a quiet dude but he’s a baller when healthy.

    Right now, this is the best Bucs team on paper I have ever seen, and I mean on both sides of the ball. The Defense will go as far as VHIII and Evans takes them.

  29. Eric Says:

    I honestly like them both. I wanted MM at first but im happier now we got jameis. They will both do well. just wanted to say the reason MM has better downfield stats is cuz he rarely makes them and when he does it’s cuz the recievers are wide open. Ive seen him almost throw many many ints downfield too. Some that shouldn’t have been caught at all.

    I just think at this point bucs fans wouldn’t trade for MM. I don’t think I could say the same for titans fans. it’s cute how they think he will be better in the long run than jw. Jw has the it factor. he has the makeup to be one of the best players in any sport, ever. MM does not IMO.