Aguayo Doomed?

May 17th, 2017


There are lots of angles Joe is looking forward to when “Hard Knocks” sets up shop at One Buc Palace in July.

One is the drama of the kicker battle, starring incumbent Roberto Aguayo and successful free agent Nick Folk.

If you listen to tomorrow’s “Ira Kaufman Podcast“– and if you don’t, what the hell is the matter with you? — Ira and Joe discuss Aguayo’s job status. There may be no other returning player on thinner ice.

And it’s not just Joe that thinks this. Over at, Bucs correspondent Jenna Laine believes Aguayo is a goner. She predicted the 22 starters for 2017, plus select special teams players.

K: Nick Folk: Folk went 3-for-3 on field goals from 40 to 49 yards last year, tied for best in the league, and went 2-for-4 on kicks from 50-plus yards. Roberto Aguayo made just 4 of 11 attempts from 40-plus yards last season.

About the only way Joe can see Aguayo sticking is if he is perfect on preseason kicks in the preseason — and doesn’t elicit boos from fans at training camp practices after shanking chip shot field goal attempts.

56 Responses to “Aguayo Doomed?”

  1. Brandon Says:

    May the best kicker win… it just sucks knowing that we traded up and spent a 2nd on Aguayo if we end up cutting him… would suck even more if we kept him and he continued to be horrible.

  2. Buc50 Says:

    Hate that we traded up for him but kudos to the staff if they have the guts to move on if needed

  3. 941bucsfan Says:

    Correction: the only way aguayo loses his job is if he misses more kicks than folk. If they both go 3-6 in the preseason, I can assure you Roberto aint going anywhere. Its folk who is under more pressure not aguayo.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    It’ll be fun to watch the Folk-Aguayo competition play out. I still don’t discount the possibility that the Bucs carry 2 kickers on the roster for several games or that Roberto ends up on IR if he’s losing the competition (Not that that’s ever happened before in the NFL of course).

  5. Destinjohnny Says:

    It wouldn’t be a buc draft unless jason traded up for someone who wouldn’t be drafted for 3 more
    Stupid stupid stupid

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    941bucsfan hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!! What is worst than trading up to the bottom of the 2nd round for a kicker??????? Buc fans booing their own players in practice!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May the best kicker win!!!!!!!!!!

    Go BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dude should never have been drafted. He got worse year after year at FSU from long distance and made a career of making short to mid range kicks and xps.

    Hell Zane Gonzalez made longer kicks more consistently and was drafted in the 7th round this year. Good luck Roberto hopefully you get picked up by a NFC team and miss kicks for them and help the Bucs down the road.

  8. Tnew Says:

    Way easier to see a late preseason “hamstring” or something like that than keeping two kickers. Going to be some hard roster cuts this year anyways. I would be really upset if they cut stocker or Martin, heck even Sperbeck or walker just to hope that aguayo starts figuring things out. I don’t see how Aguayo wins. Folk is a pros pro. I think Folk could win the job just by saying “Roberto have you ever tried (insert anything mental or mechanical in nature here)”.

    I really disliked that pick, even if he worked out.. And I think Licht is a very good GM.

  9. BoJim Says:

    ‘I can assure you Roberto aint going anywhere. Its folk who is under more pressure not aguayo.’
    At least Folk has been around long enough to handle this. I think Robert is gonna really be feeling it this year.b

  10. FireDaCannons Says:

    Don’t understand all the rooting for a Buc to fail. I can think of no better outcome than Aguayo winning the competion – it’d mean we have a great young kicker, for years to come.

    I mean, if the Aguayo from the first half of last season shows up, then sure, he should get cut. But if we have a 2nd year kicker that ends up being at least solid, then we are in a pretty good spot at that position. May the best man win. I for one, am hoping we ended up with a young stud who needed a year of polishing. If not, we have a great stopgap in Folk.

  11. Phreakybucfan Says:

    I’m just curious as to what Aguayo is doing this off season. Is he at home chillin’ or is he working his butt off somewhere trying to get better. Hopefully Jameis got in his ear and he is working with a kicking guru somewhere. May the best kicker win.

  12. Eric Says:

    Monstrously stupid draft pick.

    Kudos for fixing it is little consolation.

    See how easy it was to find another kicker? They are everywhere. Which is why drafting one in 2nd is lunacy.

  13. SCBucsFan Says:

    The kid clearly has talent; lets see what adversity does to him. Worst case is Folk is kicking for us because I don’t see the Bucs putting up with that performance for another year.

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    What a waste. Completely unnecessary unforced error. Blame Lovie

  15. Brett Says:

    I don’t thik his leg is strong enough to kick accurately past 40 yards. He couldn’t do that at FSU either. I wish him the best.

  16. BuccoDav Says:

    FireDaCannons Says:
    May 17th, 2017 at 8:37 am
    Don’t understand all the rooting for a Buc to fail.

    That’s what some posters do here. They find a reason to dislike someone and then root against them. McCoy, Glennon, Aguayo. There have been many others and there will be more in the future.

  17. tnew Says:

    Eric, I’m there with you. After they drafted him, I was in his corner and I went on youtube to watch every one of his college kicks.. I literally gasped at how all over the board they were.

    I am not hoping he doesn’t win the competition, I just don’t see how he can. I’ve spoken with a couple of ex NFL kickers that are friends. Both said similar things. He puts too much emphasis on his kick offs. Too much variety in his mechanics. One said flat out that coaches where always trying to get him to change his mechanics for better kick offs but he refused because, “they paid me to split the uprights, the day that I quit doing that, I quit making money”

    This was his draft breakdown video from 2015. He’s been in a slump for two seasons. I like the kid. I love his story. I just don’t see him pulling out of this. Its all about how erratic his mechanics are. A pro kicker has to make the majority from 40-49 just to even be considered for a roster spot imo.

  18. rayjay1122 Says:

    Yeah, Licht made a bad decision with the Aguayo pick but I still have faith in him as a GM. Every GM misses sometimes but Licht has made more good moves than bad. Folk will be our kicker since aguayo is just not an NFL caliber kicker. Time to cut bait.

  19. rayjay1122 Says:

    I also find it comical how some sources are down on the Bucs and some have us finishing last in the division. We missed the playoffs last season due to a tie breaker with Detroit. Aguayo cost us at least one game. Now with the off season additions, I do not see any scenario other than being devastated by injuries to key players that we do not at very least get a wild card spot.

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    Aguayo film kicking FGs, that’s a real snorer.

  21. '79Defense Says:

    I’ve mentioned it before, but he has to deal with the pressure of being a kicker who was selected in such a high round…and also a team having traded up for him. Seemingly the whole world was talking about how dumb it was to choose him. I wonder how he would have done if he was selected in the fifth round.

  22. Not there yet Says:

    What reporters think often doesn’t happen. The better player will stay that’s how competition works. Only the media would say oh this player is gone before training camp even starts. Comparing one year of stats for a ten year very to that of a rookie is still weak reporting

  23. Dreambig Says:

    Tnew – I think you nailed that one. The video is very telling. He made a few over 40 but missed badly on most of them. Its a crazy dichotomy that he was the most accurate kicker in NCAA history but yet severely struggles over 40 yards. Unless Aguayo worked his tail off during the off season and dramatically improved his long game, Folk will be the guy. Since Roberto was never good (at least in two years) beyond 40 yards he is fighting an uphill battle. Wish it were different but he does not seem to be fit for the NFL.

  24. JJBucFan Says:

    Dreambig- I just watched that entire video, what the F did you just watch? No where in that video did he miss “badly” His 56 yard FG was blocked, the 51 vs Houston was short, but his foot stuck in the turf, it happened again on a 26 yarder but he snuck it through. You people just talk ISH and have no idea what you are even talking about. Here are his career stats at FSU…
    Career Kicking Stats
    Year Team G FGM FGA Pct XPM XPA Pct Pts
    2013 FlaSt 14 21 22 95.5 94 94 100.0 157
    2014 FlaSt 14 27 30 90.0 55 55 100.0 136
    2015 FlaSt 13 21 26 80.8 49 49 100.0 112
    Career 41 69 78 88.5 198 198 100.0 405

    Longs of 53 2013, 53 2014 and 51 2015.

    He did not play well last year, we all know that, just stop making ISH up!!

  25. Duke Says:

    Dream big,

    A.C.C. History. Not NCAA.

  26. DEFF JEFF Says:

    if Finkle is Einhorn, then Aguayo is ________________?

  27. Fsuking Says:

    Jenna Laine is usually wrong… So expect Aguayo to be suited up week 1 in Miami

  28. Fsuking Says:

    And I can assure you, Roberto Aguayo was the best kicker in college football history

  29. bucs_365 Says:

    In the NFL, you need to hit consistently between 40-50 yards. He didn’t do it at FSU. He didn’t do it last year. Why should we believe he has the ability? He’s not good.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Nick Folk made 3
    Aguayo made 4

    lol 😛

    I think it will be a real competition, but lets not fool ourselves. Nick Folk is not a very good kicker over all.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    bucs_365 Says
    “In the NFL, you need to hit consistently between 40-50 yards.”

    Most kicks are not between 40-50. Last year was sort of a fluke that there were 11 tries.

    Just look at Nick Folk, who only had 3 opportunities to see that I’m right.

    And really…when Folk has to make 11? Then I’ll take that into consideration.

  32. Tampa Tony Says:


    What you assure us and what reality is are very different

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not there yet Says
    “What reporters think often doesn’t happen.”

    So true. Just look at the mocks vs the draft this year. Most were completely wrong outside of the first pick.

  34. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Last time I’ll complain…

    But just imagine if this team had that extra 3rd and 4th round talent (the picks they used to trade up for Aguayo) as depth on the defense or O-line right now.

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    Having the pressure of ‘Hard Knocks’ being there will certainly add to the suspense. I hope the kid can right the ship, it’s his job on the line.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sebastian Janikowski missed 10 FGs between the 40 and 50+his rookie year. Don’t you think people were saying he had no leg to go the distance too?

    Robert only missed 9, and he had a higher PCT.

    I’m not saying Robert is better…but that it is too soon the decide.

  37. Cobraboy Says:

    Aguayo has never had any real competition in college or the pros.

    That has cased his mental weakness to be firmly set.

    I’d be surprised if he is the Bucs kicker in 2017.

    The fact that the Bucs have guaranteed $750k of his salary is all you need to know.

  38. Dreambig Says:

    JJBucFan – The point that tnew made and I commented on is that a NFL kicker has to make the majority of his kicks between 40-49 yards. You conveniently left that out of your silly emotional response. Since I am making ISH up, here are some hard facts for you for attempts over 40+ yards

    Team. Att/Comp/Pct
    FSU. 9/5/55.5%
    Bucs. 10/4/40%

    For a NFL kicker 40% is not going to cut it. I am an FSU fan by the way and would love nothing more than for Roberto to succeed. Having said that, I stand by my point. If he hasn’t fixed his long kicking game, he wont be here.

  39. Dreambig Says:

    The stat for FSU was for Roberto’s last year (2015)

  40. MadMax Says:

    The football Gods blessed us with OJ to make up for that mess (your mulligan mr. Licht)….all is forgiven.

    Just dont waste a roster spot if he isnt worth it.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Anyone saying just to cut him is being an idiot.

    Let him compete in the off season program. If he has not improved, THEN you get rid of him. Just outright doing it before giving him a chance is dumb.

    And that’s the crutch of the matter.

    Many of you WANT to see him fail, either because he went to FSU or because he was taken in the 2nd round. You don’t want him to turn out like Sebastian Janikowski because that would make you wrong…and for you it is not team first, it is you first.

    Every Bucs fan should want Robert Aguayo to come in and be much better and consistent…for the good of the team.

    And all of these media people saying “You just don’t take a kicker in the 2nd round!” will completely do an about face if Aguayo suddenly starts playing well.

    So it is all on Robert. How he responds will determine his fate.

  42. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Bonzai:

    If he makes the team nobody wants him to fail. Of course we didn’t want his to fail last season but he did. It was clear the coaching staff lost confidence in him early on, and it was further clear from body language Aguayo lost confidence in himself.

    I don’t care what round he was drafted, or even if he WAS drafted. I’m no FSU or any other college homer.

    And I DO know the kicking game very well. I coached it.

    But the guy has every indication of being mentally weak. No competition is sports makes one mentally weak.

    It’s no different than the falloff of some guy who inked a bazillion $$$ contract when he then sees himself as bulletproof no matter what his performance (see comments folks make about Martin’s performance fall-off.)

    I could take or leave the guy. I just know he was the worst kicker in the NFL last season, stats be damned. And if this team expects to make a run, that crap has to change.


    I made a mistake in a post ^^^^above^^^^

    Cobraboy says:

    The fact that the Bucs have guaranteed $750k of his salary is all you need to know.

    I meant that FOLK has been guaranteed $750k. THAT is all you need to know.

    If there are Vegas odds for who is the Bucs kicker come opening day, I’m selling Mom CB to the Arabs and putting it all on Folk. 😉

  43. MadMax Says:

    I would never want to see him fail Bonzai. I thought he was a great pick at first until digging deeper and then watching him. Im pulling for him and Mr. Folk. May the best win that spot.

  44. Phil Says:

    I think Aguayo will keep his job.

  45. alamba78 Says:

    I’m officially rooting for the Bucs to draft Ricky Aguayo in the 2nd Rd whenever he comes out. :/

  46. Pickgrin Says:

    Its not inconceivable that we carry 2 kickers on the 53 man roster going into 2017.

    You heard it here 1st

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Pickgrin- We might have to if both struggle in camp and preseason.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    I want to vomit. The kicking situation in Tampa has been awful for years and years now. Over the last 5 we had to of lost at least 10 games that could have been Ws with better kicking. Its been embarrassing and pathetic.

    That’s why I have and always will like the move to get Agairyo. Our GM saw a problem and invested as much as he could to have it never be a problem again.

    It is just so frustrating it still isn’t fixed. Somebody please craft a lifesized dummy of Ayrgero. I’ll craft the log to pin it to for the 1st tailgate and I’ll bring the gasoline.

    The kicking has been so atrocious for this team I have no faith it will ever be good again. My prediction is that Folk and Ageryo both get cut due to inability and we suck at kicking again.

  49. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    The only way Aguayo gets cuts is if he does absolutely awful in training camp and in preseason. No way if he and Folk both perform at the same rate is the FO gonna cut a second round pick for an old journeyman kicker. Just not gonna happen

  50. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Way to disrespect the guy on his Birthday. Happy Birthday, Roberto.

    Bucs fans should be rooting for the guy. He didn’t draft himself in the 2nd round. Licht simply borrowed a page from Belicheck who values the kicker position. Note to the Bucs, get a kicking coach here. Only Baltimore has a kicking coach in the NFL.

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    @ First Down:

    The Bucs guaranteed Folk $750,000, which is MORE than Aguayo’s 2017 salary of $634k is.

    However, cutting Aguayo would cause a $1.3 million cap hit.

    But the Bucs have plenty of cap space, and far less margin of error on an Aguayo 2016 repeat.

    I do not think the F.O. is wedded to RA at all. Licht comes from the BeliCheat school of “cut your losses quickly and move on.”

  52. 941bucsfan Says:

    The 750k guarantee means nothing. Ask Michael Johnson and Anthony collins where those guarantees got them

  53. Cobraboy Says:

    @ 941: for a kicker?

  54. The Anomaly Says:

    The pressure is all on Aguayo not Folk. Folk is getting paid win or lose. Folk will get picked up the day we cut him if that’s what happens.

    Aguayo’s career is pretty dependent on winning the job.

  55. godzilla13 Says:

    Food for thought. In the two seasons prior to last year with the Jets Nick Folk was 12-19 63% from 40-49 and 5-8 62% from 50+. In Robert Aguayo’s first two seasons with Florida State he was 14-17 82% from 40-49 and 4-5 92% from 50+. Get off Aguayo’s back. Look at kickers rookie seasons and it is not uncommon to struggle.

  56. Nirvana9784 Says:

    So after one year, excuse me, after a rookie season, we should get rid of all players that have sub par years? Stupid! Give the man a break HE…WAS….A…ROOKIE! He had a rough start but after the Week 6 bye week he went 18 for 22 on fg and 24 for 25 on Xpt. A lot of great kickers had mirroring rookie seasons, but were given a chance to improve.