“Hard Knocks” Musings

April 4th, 2017

Frank discussion.

Yes, some in NFL circles believe the Bucs are a prime candidate to be featured this summer in the annual NFL Films-produced reality show, “Hard Knocks,” broadcast on HBO.

Yesterday, Joe brought word from the creator, curator and overall guru, the great Mike Florio, his thoughts on “Hard Knocks” in general, and on the Bucs in particular.

(No, Joe does not know the date HBO will announce this year’s featured team. Last year, HBO announced on March 23 it would feature the Rams. Today’s date is April 4.)

In short, Florio is bored with “Hard Knocks.”

Below is the full segment, originally seen on Florio’s weekday morning show, “PFT Live,” broadcast on NBC Sports Network. The video below also includes words from winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.


25 Responses to ““Hard Knocks” Musings”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’m all for it. The public needs to get used to the Buccaneers, we are going to be in the limelight for the next 7-10 years.

  2. StPeteBucsfan Says:

    I do not get the boredom with “Hard Knocks”. I still enjoy it but I confess it does depend on the team being covered. I was bored by the year the Cowgirls were in it…I’d hate to see several other teams as well but overall I still enjoy the show.

    Yeah the formula is getting a little old but no older than having games on Sat. Sun Thurs and all the other days. Either you can’t get enough NFL action or there is too much for you. I’m pretty content with the available amount. I spend 90% of my fan hours built around following the Bucs with 10% for the rest of the league.

    I guess you’d have to say I’m a much larger Bucs fan than NFL fan.

  3. greg Says:

    I hope that they refuse…if they can. There is no need for the distraction or added attention….just fly under the radar and let the record speak for itself

  4. Matt Says:

    Ditto Saint Pete

  5. Tucson buc Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of hard knocks. It’s the perfect time for tampa to be on. I would have been nervous in the past years but i think it would be one of the best hard knocks featuring our hungry young bucs!!! Fire the F###### cannons!!!

  6. tdtb2015 Says:

    If Hard Knocks distract a player them he is in the wrong business. We are talking about young adults becoming millionaires. They are no longer in college.

    Bring Hard Knocks!

    I want to see who is really ready to take their jobs seriously and make the team.

    Next people are going to say the cheerleaders are distracting the players. lol

    I WANT PLAYERS WITH THE SAME ATTITUDE AS JAMEIS! Bring players that earn their money and stay focus or Jameis will be all over their a$$$$.

    Lets go get that trophy!!!!

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Guess who else watches Hard Knocks?”

    Future Free agents

    The sun, beaches,Jenna Laine…JabooWins

  8. Bucfanupnorth Says:

    Living in Canada , and being a die hard bus fan 365 a year. I would love to get some of this inside action. It isn’t easy for some to see all the inside scoops.

  9. Bradinator Says:

    For us die hard fans that live abroad (Denver) it sure would be nice to see the boys in camp since i can’t make it down there to see it live. Be a nice break from being bombarded by Denver Donkeys news.

  10. big serious Says:

    i hope and pray that we get it.

  11. Bucfanupnorth Says:

    Bradinator I agree. My name is also Brad too so. Good on ya haha

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    I don’t want it, but wouldn’t mind if we were chosen….gives me something to do besides watching baseball….GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Q Says:

    I dont get all the talk about distraction. ….these guys are around cameras the moment they check in for training camp….was there a distraction when the major media came to training camp when winston was drafted? No! There is no distraction from being on hard knocks….everyone says oh well theres a curse…there is no curse. …jets were on…jets are garbage….they had Miami. ..miami was garbage then…bengals were on it….bengals were division champs that year….falcons were on.. Falcons made the playoffs….these are professional players….they will be fine

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    hard knocks needs to be a punishment!!!! The team the finishes dead last and gets the overall #1 pick should also have to do the show!!!!!

  15. Joe Says:

    I don’t get all the talk about distraction. ….these guys are around cameras the moment they check in for training camp

    Joe has tried to explain this before but it falls on deaf ears.

    Guess what is more of a distraction? A cooler full of ice water players can’t touch until there is a water break. Guess players should be banned from drinking water? Distraction!!!

  16. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Would Belichick allow it?

    We all know the answer to that. He kinda knows what he’s doing…..

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Absolutely don’t want to share my team with the rest of country. My beloved Bucs? Hell to no. I’m selfish like that. I don’t want them to see us coming.

    Sowin’ all your wild oats
    In another’s luxuries
    Yesterday was Tuesday
    Maybe Thursday you can sleep
    But school starts much too early
    And this hotel wasn’t free
    So party till your connection call
    Honey I’ll return the key

    Well, well, well you just can’t tell
    Well, well, well my Michelle

  18. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Make it so! Would make the preseason and training camp extra enjoyable!

  19. briandorry55 Says:

    I have to assume that anyone who doesn’t want the Bucs on Hard Knocks…doesn’t watch Hard Knocks.

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    I know I’ll be able to read all about the Bucs right here if they are on this program. That’ll work!

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn Says
    “Would Belichick allow it?

    We all know the answer to that. He kinda knows what he’s doing…”

    His team would never be asked to because they’re making playoffs all the time. Plus, they don’t need exposure.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “hard knocks needs to be a punishment!!!! The team the finishes dead last and gets the overall #1 pick should also have to do the show!!!!!”

    It would always be the same teams that way. What they need is new blood on the show.

  23. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I fell in love with Kourtnei Brown on Hard Knocks..I think that was the show that I saw him in and even my husband became a fan (and he has no idea what NFL stands for lol)..

    If that wasn’t the show KB was on, just correct me..but I do remember him on one of those NFL player shows..

    It made me pull for him and to this day I still follow him on Twitter and let him know I’m his biggest fan..

    Hel l yeah I want the bucs on it..absolutely!

  24. Tampa Tony Says:

    I have to agree with Joe here. Distractions? That’s bs! I trust in Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht to decide if they want it. Why not? The Bucs are the hot and upcoming team in league. The only other team I can see is the Las Vegas Raiders. But, I’ll totally for it! If Tampa wants to get on the national stage again, I’d be comfortable with it. Especially after we sign AP! Go Bucs!

  25. Buddy Says:

    Those who don’t believe it’s a distraction obviously haven’t stepped foot for even 1 day in a NFL locker room or know how much players begin acting differently. So welcome to not making the playoffs this year to all you people who want it. I don’t think the track record is very good for teams featured on it the same year. What makes anyone think that THIS team who hasnt even spent day 1 together yet is THAT team that can do it. Remember this is a different team from last year. New people will be brought in & others have left. Be careful what you wish for super fans out there. Probably better to lay low and just play the season out instead of bringing a bunch of attention to others in the league. Bucs already have a tougher schedule then last year. Better worry about that first