Good Targets Still Available

April 28th, 2017

Trade up?

Yes, these are giddy times, Bucs fans.

That doesn’t mean all is well.

Joe assumes many a Bucs fan will sleep in this morning, dealing with pounding heads and thick, fuzzy tongues from partying into the wee hours of Friday because the Bucs may have drafted the second coming of Ozzie Newsome, Alabama tight end O.J. Howard.

On paper, what a lethal passing attack this could be.

That doesn’t mean the Bucs offense is complete.

That sinkhole in the middle of the offense? That needs to be filled with a running back. There are 17 picks before the Bucs are on the clock. Unless the Bucs can somehow trade up.

Dalvin Cook is still on the board, but how long will he last? Joe is simply flabbergasted Cook slipped through the first round, and Joe has to believe teams must have dug up something gnarly on the guy. An every-down weapon like this guy is still out there? Ouch!

Of course, there is Joe Mixon, the notorious Oklahoma woman-puncher. Does drafting him in the second round make it more palatable?

Of course, there is South Florida’s Marlon Mack, who the Bucs showed interest in. Would he still be on the board come the third round tonight? Seems dubious.

And the Bucs still don’t have any depth at receiver. DeSean Jackson, not exactly the most durable wide receiver, if he goes down, the Bucs are right back in the crapwagon they were in last year. How long does Chris Godwin last? Or Curtis Samuel?

Can the Bucs roll the dice and pray that Cook/Mixon/Mack is available when they pick at No. 50 overall? Can the Bucs sweat it out and hope Godwin or Samuel are still on the board when they pick in the third round at No. 84?

79 Responses to “Good Targets Still Available”

  1. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    i Think we will trade up at some point to pick up one of the running backs. I attribute cooks fall to the shoulder surgeries. I have tons of problems with my labral tear that was over a year ago. Joe, are you planning to post a poll on the first round selection? It’d be interesting to see how the fan base feels outside the initial flash mob.

  2. 404Buc Says:

    Don’t panic. TN RB is still there too. Stay put. Keep the picks!!!

  3. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    Willis and Budda Baker will be the primary targets in Rnd 2. RB will be addressed later in later rounds. No need to trade up for Cook.

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    No need to trade up, obviously the Joes totally over-rated a certain FSU running back.

  5. Joeypoppems Says:

    No need to trade up for anybody at any position imo. Tonight is the true value of this draft. We need both of our Day 2 picks.

  6. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    If I was going to trade up baby for Bubba Baker! I’m not using a second or third pick for part-time receiver! It’s time for safety running back or corner

  7. Jonzey Says:

    Bucs 1st pick was a good one but we have to move up and get Cook, he is a game changer.

  8. KingBuc17 Says:

    Stay put we need to much depth to chase any position right now. We still need and at least one should fall into our lap at:
    Pick 50 SS Baker, Jones, Mayes
    Pick 84 RB1 Foreman, Mack, Parine, Hunt
    Pick 125 WR/KR Hernandez
    Pick 162 CB Markez White or Kazee
    Pick 204 WR KD Cannon
    Pick 237 QB2 Chad Kelly

  9. Rrsrq Says:

    Cook may not get past Green Bay, wouldn’t mind seeing D’onte Foreman, we still have chuck Sims as a capable 3rd down back. He can be dangerous with those outside targets

  10. Canadianbucsfan Says:

    It would be great if Cook slips to us in the 2nd! Being very wishful we can trade back into the 2nd and Melifonwu be there aswell.

  11. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:





  12. NJBucsFan Says:

    Joe is simply flabbergasted Cook slipped through the first round and Joe has to believe teams must have dug up something gnarly on the guy. An every-down weapon like this guy is still out there? Ouch!

    Joe is also flabbergasted that Manzeil didn’t make it as a QB

  13. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Cooks’ shoulder surgeries were from his hs days, I believe. It must be off the field stuff. Possibly work ethic, not a team guy?

  14. Boggie62 Says:

    If we was going to trade up I would want RT Cam Robinson. Third round take a center

  15. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m with Kevin!

    I would love Mack & Perine!!!!

    Wow!!! What a start?!?!?!?

    Infamous Dave got a wedgie from Jason Licht!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  16. Bird Says:

    I would agree to move up for budda baker. Sorry homer Nole fans but a running back could be had later. But would be stoked if moved up for cook too

  17. RawBucFan Says:

    To quote a famous GB QB “R-E-L-A-X!!!!! We will get to great value picks tonight either S/CB/DE/RB. Can’t be upset if we end up with any of the following:
    S Baker, Maye, Williams
    CB Awuzie, Jones
    DE Jordan Willis
    RB Cook, Foreman, Hunt, Mixon

  18. DallasBuc Says:

    “The sinkhole in the middle of the offense”?
    Surely you are referring to this oline that got horribly abused throughout the 2016 season.

  19. Rob Says:

    I can’t believe you’re into football as heavy as you are a joe and you are this horrible at picking guys in the draft. I don’t think Jason is going to give up valuable pics this year. I could be wrong but I think he’s going to hesitate because of what happened last year

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Pablo says it is all the Gangsta Types that Cook hangs with.

  21. tnew Says:

    The second round is going to be insane! So many good picks still available. GM’s more willing to wheel and deal in the second and third. This will be must see TV. I will be shocked if the Bucs aren’t very, very active today. Licht got his slam dunk safe, fits a need, best player available, day one three down starter dropped into his lap. He can be a little more bold in round 2 be it a prospect like Obi, or questionable character guys like Mixon, Cook or Malik McDowell (might make it to the top of the third). That makes a 4th round WR more probable than the 2nd. If you look at next years draft, I know I’m a geek, it is projecting to be a strong WR draft. That has to be taken into account.

  22. DallasBuc Says:

    The disappointment and sadness that oozes out between the cracks in every single article since Howard was selected is enormously entertaining! Can see the tears still welling up in Joe’s eyes this morning.

  23. R.O. Says:

    Chad Kelly.. Crazy!

  24. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    They didn’t need to dig up anything more than his 3 shoulder surgeries before he takes a snap as a Pro. And that he’s a fumbler.

  25. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Dalvin football lol

  26. alamba78 Says:

    I can tell you one thing for sure. Bucs are NOT getting Mixon. They already have a problem at RB with Martin and he pretty much was squeaky clean coming out of college. And Jason Licht has already mentioned “Safe and clean” for draft picks. They don’t need the distraction or PR nightmare that Mixon will bring. I prefer they go for Cook, Perine, or Mack if RB is a dire need. But before RB, I would rather they go after Budda Baker.

    Does anyone else think Alvin Kamara looks sluggish for a RB compared to the others mentioned above? His tape looks ugly to me when you compare his running style to the others.

    And for the life of me, get a vet QB to backup #3 already! We’re screwed if he goes down.

  27. Tampa Tony Says: lives on for another day

  28. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Caleb Brantley is available, Buddha Baker, Cook, Sydney Jones, Ryan Anderson, Joe Mixon, Dede Westbrook, no kicker!!!

  29. coopsxx Says:

    chill joe, can only draft 1 player per pick! cant fix all the holes at once.

  30. DallasBuc Says:

    All guarantees that Cook would never even make it to 19…then all the guarantees that if by some miracle Cook did slip to 19 there is no way that the Bucs would pass on Cook….
    Now we are still hearing all those guarantees that the Bucs would never draft Joe Mixon.
    Keep up those guarantees Joes and fanboys!

  31. HFXBUX Says:

    2nd – 4th rounds are full talent. RBs, Safety, WRs, CB, iOL and even a couple pass rushers. This is the year the Bucs get depth…. The depth they haven’t t had in YEARS. Deep teams win championships. Licht has done an amazing job rebuilding.

    Licht seems to favour SPARQ athletes who have great tape (Howard is an 84th percentile athlete) . It’s how he is avoiding draft busts. Great tape + Great athlete = low floor, high ceiling player.

  32. DBS Says:

    Mr Licht. The expert says you don’t need a TE. But you need to pick RB Cook at 19. What say you Sir. PASS!!!!!

  33. Eric Denman Says:

    I like what Licht is doing: staying patient and stay true to your board. They are letting the board fall to them and take BPA.

  34. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Stay put or make a move for Cook or Mixon?

  35. Eric Denman Says:

    Mixon > Cook

  36. Ndog Says:

    I just don’t understand the Cook hate and Mixon love on this site from you posters. I think you just want to be different. Cook is the better play er AND doesn’t come with the baggage of being a woman beater. How is this debateable?

  37. DallasBuc Says:

    Ndog- it is debatable because your opinion on the quality of Cook & Mixon as football players is subjective by nature. Do you really need this explained to you?
    Most people free of their high-horse agendas agree that Mixon is the better pro prospect based on the football tape, not the late night bar tape.

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The next pick should not be running bacK. It should be Safety because there are not many options left. Willis or Baker.

    Thing is, other teams know this too. We might have to trade up to get one.

    Running back is still available in aplenty. Even if Cook, Mixon and Sammie all go, there are more to choose from. Such as Conner…an amazing story with him, and we can get him in the 4th or 5th.

  39. USFBUC Says:

    Remember everyone said that Foreman looked good in his pro day running receiving drills. At RB there are several solid guys still. WR we can land in the third if we are going all out offense this draft again.

  40. USFBUC Says:

    Have to agree with Dallas here Ndog – virtually everyone is saying that Mixon is the second best RB behind Fournette. The only reason he didn’t go to the Panthers was because of the incident

  41. USFBUC Says:

    Still think we should have put a future first up to get back into the first round. Too many needs to fill with the picks we have.

  42. Guzzie Says:

    Why are you constantly trying to give away draft picks for an RB Joe? Stop trying to be GM, that’s not your forte, do you realize that “hole in the lineup” is not only easily fixed, but can also be the huge holes any running back gets to run through because of the weapons on the field! Evans, DJax, Brate, and OJ will be on the field a lot, Peyton Barber will look like Arian Foster versus 7 man fronts lol. There are at least 8 RBs that can come in and look like a star, Cook, Kamara, Mixon, Foreman, Hunt, Perine, Hill, and Mack, you trying to tell us the Bucs can’t get one of these guys, plus WRs available is ridiculous! Samuel, Godwin, Juju, Henderson, Taywan Taylor, Josh Malone, Ish Zamora (stud), KD Cannon, Robert Davis, Kupp, Chad Williams, Shelton Gibson….Joe any combination of these RB n WR and we are set, stop trying to give away you milk money bro!!!!

  43. bucNation Says:

    i really don’t think it has anything to do with off the field we have seen the report that all the stuff we’ve been hearing is bull from some guy trying to throw dirt on dalvins image but i think it more has to do with the way the board was shaping up and how much teams value the depth of this rb class for example the teams that were said to be interested in dalvin that picked before us were phi, ind, wash, and you can throw baltimore in there and you look who those teams took their was so much talent still on the board that they probably weren’t expecting to be there (barnett,hooker,allen,) and oj howard with us that teams decided that a better player and value was available given how deep this running back class is i mean seriously wayne gallman might not go til rd 5 the way this is shaping up its insane

  44. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Caleb Brantley, is another 1st round talent that slid due to a late night alleged incident, man is a stud and would nicely with the DL, love ryan anderson for edge rusher and then we probably will not get baker but marcus maye flies around and he will be available

  45. BuccoDav Says:

    I like Safety as the pick, as long as we don’t reach.
    If Jameis can progress this year and actually find open receivers instead of forcing the ball to ME, that will open up the running game for whomever we pick in the 3rd or 4th round.
    Licht got the “Weapons for Winston”. Now let’s shore up the D!

  46. tnew Says:

    One thing about the Running back position.. It just got a ton better. When you watch Howard’s film it is very impressive watching him block. With the interior of the line upgraded this lessens the importance for an elite RB. As fun as it would be to have Cook or Mixon back there, I think this is the time to really look hard at Defensive Line or Safety. My preference is to pick up the Dlineman first but its hard seeing the tremendous value being there, be it There was no value on the board when we drafted especially considering OJ Howard was there.

    The thing that will be interesting with Cook, he will either go early or he may slide all the way to 50. My big question with him is how much does he love the game. I don’t roll those dice in 1 but in 2 he’s worth the risk reward.

    The value on the board is tilting toward CB at this point and possibly Safety as the pick at 50 is approaching.

  47. Gencoimports Says:

    Cook’s fumbling numbers alarm me. He even fumbles untouched in open field. His history of mistreating animals concerns me. But I would take a risk on him before I would Mixon.

  48. Brandon Says:

    OMG, a Curtis Samuel mention! The most explosive jack of all trades in the draft finally gets mentioned on this site… of course this was after months of trying to will Cook into being the pick… while the rest of the league showed how ludicrous that idea was as he is STILL available. Some value at #19 overall… he proved he wasn’t worthy of top 32 consideration.

  49. DPewter Says:

    People in Tampa just need to let Cook go. We need a safety or pass rusher in the second.

    Third will most likely be a RB but it won’t be cook. Either pure power or pure speed.

  50. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pablo is right.
    Cook has some bad people in his”posse”. He is coming across as a ghetto hood.
    The exact kind of moron that the NFL is trying to distance themselves from.
    Add on being a fumbler, with “issues” already- including animal abuse,
    ( fear peta. Fear them! )
    -, bad shoulders!
    It all adds up to a bad investment risk.

    If you guys really want Cook, meybe we draft him in the seventh.

  51. darin Says:

    If anything we should move down a bit. Need another pick. I like the idea joe but i thi k u have the positions reversed. We need to get samuel or godwin in round 2 then hope macks there in 3rd. I think he will be. As we can now all see(hopefully) its a passing league. Rbs will always fall unless they are once in a decade guys. Cant recall who the few were who bet their houses (the virtual houses behind the keyboards)the bucs would draft cook if he were there. But im sure they will dissapeared now. If cook falls to them in 2nd tonight i sure would like the idea of cook n howard. Oj at 19 whew!! What a lucky bounce. Go bucs

  52. Eric Denman Says:

    Doug Martins impressive camp let them pass on Dalvin Cook- Rapoport

  53. BigHogHaynes Says:

    By the time the Day is over MIXON THE MIDIGATING FACTOR will be a BUC!

  54. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I’m liking Samaje Perine.

    The downside is he a bit slow however, he is such a bruiser, guy will average 4-5 yards a carry and will tote the rock like a beast. He might not always be able to turn that 30 yard run into a 55 yard td, but we will already have explosive players on offense.

    Having a guy who can consistently get us that 2nd or 3rd and short really opens up the offense,

    think when doug was good in 2015 how much easier it was for Jameis when he was set up on 2nd and 5 than on 2nd and 10 (like 2016)

  55. Gencoimports Says:

    Walter Football ran two 2nd and 3rd round mocks overnight and both of them have Cook and Mixon taken by the time the Bucs pick at 50.

    It is time to let them go.

  56. BuccoDav Says:

    I’m not sure the “experts” have much credibility anymore…

  57. denjoe Says:

    Hey theres always undrafted free agents, lol we specialize in that!
    I am grateful we have a coaching staff that developes players, but
    come on man! That is what my problem was with this minimalistic
    free agent aproach. We have way more needs (mostly on defense)
    than picks.

  58. DallasBuc Says:

    Genco- there will be terrific players worthy of pick 18 in round 2. However if the cost is minimal I will expect our GM to make his bones and go get the guy, Mixon of course!

  59. Gencoimports Says:

    For what it’s worth, the forecast is Mixon will be taken at 33 by the Packers. Wee may know early.

    I personally would love the idea of taking Samuel.

  60. Guzzie Says:

    Brian Hill in the 3rd would be amazing, my 2nd favorite RB in the draft, he’s got size 6’1 219, speed for his size 4.52, great character, no injuries, adequate pass carcher, great college career, he’s got everything we need at a reasonable price, Cook and Mixon more than likely are gone by the time we pick, Foreman and Kamara might be there but so could Godwin and Samuel, get one of those guys then Hill or Hunt, and our offense is elite for the next 5 years at least

  61. USFBUC Says:

    If Mixon and Cook are gone I would be okay with Foreman.

  62. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree there are several good RBs likely at no. 4. As listed above. Still think a pass rusher is needed/selected at no. 2 today. There are a few good ones likely on the board at no. 50.

  63. jake334 Says:

    If Cook falls to 50 then take him because he will be the best player on the board. If not, take defense in second and third. Do not trade up. Grab a running back later. I would prefer Baker, Jones, or Tabor. Brantley or Ryan Anderson would not hurt my feelings either.

  64. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Wheres that nole buc fan that promised we would draft cook…crickets from him #coward

  65. CalBucsFan Says:

    Foreman will be one of those backs that every other team will wish they have drafted. I would take him over Cook.

  66. JameisDungy Says:

    Hypothetically speaking

    If Baker, Cam Robinson, Mixon or Cook is available

    who would you take?

  67. Xandtar Says:

    Safety or DE in the second unless another gift falls to us.

  68. BucfaninMo Says:

    Really hope we get McDowell. This kid can be special.

  69. Casual Observer Says:

    I agree about Foreman.

  70. MrNolesAllDay Says:

    Mixon will be Aaron Hernandez 2.0 mixed with Ray Rice
    Cook will be Warrick Dunn mixed with Devonte Freeman
    Draft Cook .F Mixon

  71. MrNolesAllDay Says:

    ^^ Meaning Mixon will be a Felon before all is said and done. He will beat a b in a Tampa bar, then shoot up her bfs car outside. Hernandez-Rice

  72. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Mr nole you’re corny af

  73. Tampa Tony Says:

    Mr nole

    No bias, right? Ha ha ha

  74. Bucman0620 Says:

    DallasBuc, you have got to be the worst judge of football talent in history if you think Mixon is better than Cook. Before I run numbers on your joy of bashing people because you don’t like a certain guy. Let me say Mixon had a much better line to run behind than Cook.

    While Mixon had a better average I will put that on the Offensive line. But what I don’t understand is even with a better offensive line how is it that Mixon can have 7 games of not reaching 100 yards? Dalvin had 4 with a lesser line.

    How about career TDs in NCAA Mixon “in two years” Dalvin “in three years”

    Mixon 27 Cook 48

    Give me the guy that is going to score all day and if by chance, the line doesn’t live up to standards the guy that has proven he can do it without.

  75. MrNolesAllDay Says:

    Tampa bay all day – eat a big d$&k you’re corny.
    You probably don’t know anything about ball. FU 🤡

  76. MrNolesAllDay Says:

    tampa tony- just a little lol 🙃

  77. Joeypoppems Says:

    The more I think about it, the more I hope we land Chidobe Awuzie. CB would be set for a loooong time.

  78. NFLNut Says:

    Do NOT trade up … there are still at least SEVEN quality RB’s available, lots of quality WR’s and still FOUR quality safeties … DO NOT TRADE UP!

  79. BuccanAy Says:

    Dede Westbrook would make an outstanding Buc wr