Pass On Campbell A (Good) Pattern

March 9th, 2017

Behind the scenes.

Bucs fans last night turned bitter when manbeast defensive lineman Calais Campbell brought his football wares to the state of Florida.

Problem was, it was the Jags.

Even though Joe wants Campbell badly, Joe is conformed to know it very likely was the call of Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht. Why is this a good thing? Consider:

Licht and Cardinals general manager Steve Keim are the closest of friends. There must be a reason the Cardinals let such a good player like Campbell go and if that is the case, Joe is confident Licht knows exactly why.

Also remember from whence Licht came. He worked with the Cardinals. Campbell was on that roster.

There can be no person outside the Cardinals organization with better intel on Campbell than Licht.

It is very much like the Michael Floyd thing. Bucs fans screamed at Licht for not signing the veteran wide receiver (ignoring 30 other teams passed on Floyd). But once his season was finished, Floyd had to serve jail time for a second DUI. And once he is let out of his cage and begins serving home detention, Floyd won’t be allowed to leave the state of Arizona.

It’s hard to have a guy participate in underwear football when he can’t legally leave his home state.

Is Joe disappointed that the Bucs did not get Campbell? Yes. But Joe is also certain there is an underlying reason and legitimate reason.

51 Responses to “Pass On Campbell A (Good) Pattern”

  1. PRBucFan Says:

    lol really Joe? Bad move on Licht’s part, very simple.

    And he’s not a Cardinal for the same reason Jefferson isn’t.

    The Cards could not afford to keep them all.

  2. PRBucFan Says:

    O rather, to pay them all.

  3. Gut above is a debbie downer Says:

    Woulda been a good signing for us… 5mil/yr less than he is gunna get,the gholston deal is waaaaaaay better for us…..chilll y’all,remember when he didnt sign hardy and everyone cried

  4. Guzzie Says:

    This is the exact kind of signing the Bucs would always make, the big splash free agent, winning the offseason, and then losing the real season, Simeon Rice is the only splash free agent I can think of that really made our team better, I’m not talking VJax, he was only on 1 winning team, build through the draft is something every team preaches but rarely have the patience to see that plan through, I’m sure the Bucs will sign some guys, but doubt Licht wants to pay outside free agents exorbitant amount of money, take care of our own, and dive into the 2nd tier free agent pool, get more depth, let the Jags become the old Yucs, our future is bright if we stay the course

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Sounds like this is a done deal based on some other reports (also sounds like it came down to the Jags & Redskins in the end, so apparently Licht was never serious about Campbell anyways). May have strictly come down to $$$ if Bucs aren’t willing to allocate huge amount to 2 interior DLine players (GMC + high-paid FA). Sure did like Campbell’s flexibility though to play inside & outside. Bummer.

  6. Joeypoppems Says:

    Gotta fill that DT spot still tho. Johnathan Hankins is who I’m banging the tabke for now that Campbell is gone, but we gotta get somebody.

  7. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Here come the Licht haters

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    Nope quite simply it’s the first time Licht has disappointed me since he’s been here.

    I’m saying I feel it’s a bad move on his part, a “Licht hater”? Negative ghost rider

  9. 941BUC Says:

    I read that he will sign the the Jags “BARRING” any other last minute I heard he wanted $13mil/yr. This is just better in the pursuit of Demean Jackson.more money to throw his way if he needs any convincing.

  10. Guzzie Says:

    I hope we pass on DJax, rather get Robert Woods and/or Terrel Pryor

  11. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    I agree Joe, 14 mil a year for him? WOW, good for the guy, but NO thank you. So, you can pay Campbell 14 mil, or possibly pay a little less and get a stud CB like Bouye? Great move, we need WR, S and DL help, fill more holes with that cash.

  12. Jacko101 Says:

    Correct PR-Bucsfan….. there is no underline about this, cards couldn’t afford him and Bucs are being conservative. Nothing more or less. I think we are content with the general area that we are, but in big games last year (minus KC and Seattle) we got smoked (Broncos, Cards, Falcons, saints game 2). Every team is getting better. We had an easy schedule last year, this year it’s much harder.

  13. Eric Says:

    Circle the wagons.

    What’s next, a participation trophy?

  14. Bird Says:

    He got almost 15 mil/year. Bucs weren’t gonna pay that Especially when he is about to turn 31
    Sucks. Free agency most years with cap going up let’s teams like the jags, browns and 49ers overpay cause they have to get guys to go to a crummy organization. Messes up the market.

  15. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I’m starting to get the vibe that maybe the Bucs will not be major players in FA, despite the huge amount of cap space. Still think Desean Jackson will be here, but not sure if any other big names will be signed. I guess we will see what happens later this afternoon.

  16. Jonzey Says:

    I hate that we didn’t get Campbell but that was to much money, but we need to get McCoy a sidekick and a S,WR, and CB, in free agent’s. Draft Cook 1st round. I believe Cook is trying to make his stock drop during the combine so he could go to the Bucs. JW stated that he hope he don’t do good at the combine so his stock could drop, so we could get him.

  17. Bird Says:

    Bucs had an easy schedule last year. What have you been smoking?
    NFC south (each team twice) which includes should have been Super Bowl champ Atlanta and Carolina who was in last year super bowl and saints made run to late. They played cowboys, Seahawks, chiefs. Raiders-all tops in divisions

  18. Rrsrq Says:

    Not just Campbell, the Bucs pass on Jefferson. The ghost of Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins, will not overpay for free agent

  19. Q Says:

    For 14 million per year…and with the jags? I really hope this was jason not wanting to pay that kind of money…if not im really nervous for someone to take a gig in jacksonville over us when we are in more of a better position to make the playoffs….the jags really calias???

  20. Bird Says:

    Cards and broncos

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs have to be major players in FA IF they expect to be competitive this year & next. that’s a given to me … There are simply too many holes in the starting & key rotational lineup that can’t be filled through 1 or even 2 drafts. None of us really know however how the Bucs coaches & management have defined & prioritized their needs to flesh out the offensive, defensive & ST lineups. It’ll be fun to watch the next couple of days unfold because we should start seeing that more clearly.

  22. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Oh well most of these guys never workout anyway .

  23. @Hands2theface Says:

    B. Williams can still be had at DT. Name is out there mentioned with 9ers, Gmen and Ravens (resign). Young guy with heart and hustle.

  24. Chyno Says:

    Idk why people are so mad about missing out on Calais. He wasn’t a NEED for us. Granted we lack depth behind GMC but it’s not like we need another big name at the position. Not only that there was no need to tie ourselves into a big deal for an aging DE/DT. Yes of course he would’ve helped n made our front scary to block but he wasn’t a need. We really just need a big bodied guy that’ll stuff the run for the first two downs. Then we’ll kick either Ayers or Gholston inside n bring Jac Smith in. We’ll have Spence n Jac as our edge rushers on passing downs. I like that n I can live with that.

    We can simply add a big body in the draft or through FA at a better price. For what the jags are giving him I’m definitely passing on Campbell! Bucs fans seem to forget that we’ve had a long history of throwing big money at free agents, and they just bomb out. Besides Simeon Rice and VJAX, we’ve had more misses then hits in FA. Just look at us a few years ago when we brought in michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, and all those guys. We won the offseason n proceeded to completely blow the REAL season.

    I’ve definitely loved how Licht has pulled back the spending, and has focused on building through the draft like it should be. We sign the depth pieces, and the good value guys but let the other teams sign the big fishes. Idk what Bucs fans are so upset about. I applaud Licht for seeing the big picture because we’ve got some important extensions coming up this year, like our big guy Mike Evans! So save the money for our guys. Pat on the back Licht!

  25. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Joe says Licht knows all about CC#93…well let me be the first to say that CC#93 knows all about Licht…..The Back Stabber!…But we gonna continue to Build A Wall…but not in Mexico…dumb ass!!

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    First of all, this team was one game out of making the playoffs. The roster isn’t full of massive holes. Second, this is a prime example of what the Jags do every year, and if Campbell just wanted to get paid and live out the rest of his football career losing and miserable, good for him.
    There are still a good six or seven FA defensive linemen out there that can make a difference for this team at less than $14 million dollars a year. Williams, Baker, Poe, Sheard.

    On top of this, the 2017 draft is absolutely loaded with d-linemen.

    They need to bring in one or two offensive weapons, a safety, and maybe a DT in this free agency period. Then extend Evans and Brate and go into the draft able to draft BPA.

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    I remember last year people trying to talk themselves into why passing on Olivier Vernon was a great idea… Or how cutting Revis was a great idea since it meant we could sign a bunch of FA busts with his money.

    No, passing on quality players at a position of need when you have a ton of money is not a good thing, but if the team really was going to go after Campbell I doubt they give Gholston a fairly sizeable contract.

  28. DallasBuc Says:

    The underlying, legitimate reason being that Licht has an abhorrent free agency track record in talent evaluation and decision making.
    I love it when people around here bend over backwards to make excuses for a GM that can’t find room on a talent starved roster for good proven football players!
    Do-no-wrong Licht

  29. Ghostofschiano Says:

    Nick Fairley if the Saints don’t resign him.

  30. Ghostofschiano Says:

    A quality pick up and a hit to the Saints.

  31. pabucsfan Says:

    I really didnt get people expecting us to sign him after we re-signed Ghoulston.

  32. martinii Says:

    Sounds like he was never in the cards for the Buc’s. There are plenty of younger, cheaper options out there. Other than GMC if you checkout the snap counts for each of our DL the rest of our players were basically rotational players. I like the “Keep Fresh,” situational approach. So lets go get one of many players that fit that profile.

  33. bucNation Says:

    it’s simple i think we wanted to bring the guy in but when you hear he’s gonna make 14 mil a year u known licht wasn’t having that and was gonna let some other team make that mistake

  34. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I have been saying that Licht will have the best intel on Campbell for weeks.
    As much as many of us want a big name defensive player, we tend to forget that Kiem of Arizona and Licht are the very best of friends.
    I have to trust that Licht knows something we don’t, at this point.

  35. Ghostofschiano Says:

  36. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Now I’m on the Brandon Williams band wagon. And Jonzey don’t say that I don’t think the organization wants people being aware of that. I told them all his combine was strategic and they figured me to be smoking dope.

  37. Jersye Buc Says:

    I’m pretty sure Licht was thinking about the dollars, he’ll be giving Evans and Winston in the near future…which is why Campbell landed elsewhere.
    Now of course they’re going to over pay for the one trick pony/diva supreme Jackson. They better have a plan for the draft, because of right now they’re still getting nothing from their other DT position. Basically playing with a three man line. Sorry Spence and McDonald but you two have done nothing the past couple of years except get trucked by opposing offensive linemen. They still need another edge rusher. Jack Smith is an injury waiting to happen, as we all know. There’s no decent back up for McCoy who will again get injured, as we all know. Their left and right tackle positions, corner, safety, strong side linebacker…and WR. For a 9-7 team, you wouldn’t think there would be this many holes to fill. Should be interesting be now and training camp.

  38. Broy34 Says:


  39. Jonzey Says:

    I agree about B. Williams we need to get him now before is gone. We always wait to long. We need to sign D. Jackson now, along with other good players that can help the team.

  40. Jonzey Says:

    I say sign Jefferson, and resign Smith(olb) for 1 year in the 3rd round sign a OLB in the draft.

  41. BigHogHaynes Says:

    This is what Litch does ……allow the big fish to get away!

  42. R.O. Says:

    Been saying it all along. We were not going to sign CC. When we re-signed WG it was the writing on the wall. Not sure why the hard on’s for CC. Let the Jags overpay. If he’s signing with the Jags he was only in it for the money. Not to Win….

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    2015 New York Giants (Defense)
    • Points Against: 442 (27.6/g) 30th of 32

    Depth Chart
    • DE -Robert Ayers
    • LDT-Cullen Jenkins
    • DE -Jason Pierre-Paul
    • RDT-Johnathan Hankins
    • LB-Devon Kennard
    • LB -J.T. Thomas
    • LCB-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie*
    • RCB-Prince Amukamara
    • SS -Brandon Meriweather
    • FS -Landon Collins

    2016 FA Period – Giants started with $56.6 million in cap space

    Add 3 Major Uprades to Defense
    • (CB) Janoris Jenkins -Signed a 5 year, $62.5M
    • (DE) Olivier Vernon -Signed a 5 year $85M
    • (DT) Damon Harrison -Signed a 5 year $46.25M
    • (LB) Keenan Robinson – Signed a 1 year, $2.6M

    Also Retained
    • (DE) Jason Pierre-Paul -Signed a 1 year, $10M
    • (LB) Jasper Brinkley –Signed a 1 year, $1.8M

    Their Defense went from 30th in Points allowed 2nd!!!!

    2016 New York Giants (Defense)
    Points Against: 284 (17.8/g) 2nd of 32 ←-

    Now their in the process of going after – Yet Another Premier Defense Players

    DT Brandon Williams

    E-Jason Pierre-Paul
    T-Damon Harrison
    T-Brandon Williams
    D -Olivier Vernon

    The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer – SMDFH

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yet Another Premier Defense *Player

  45. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Here comes the couch gm’s again… Always happens this time of year.

  46. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Could be a sign that the Bucs are targeting a d lineman or two in the draft. I would prefer Mcaffrey or even trading up for Cook than a d lineman, but if they are not even attempting to get the best on in FA it looks like the draft is where it will be addressed.

  47. Jonzey Says:

    I agree we need Cook get DL in FA, Mcaffrey is good but he didn’t do anything this year. Last year he was good, but Cook is good every year. Did Mcaffrey have over 1000 yards this year

  48. Tom S. Says:

    If being the GM of a team that has a player means that you have the best insight to the value of that player and are destined to make the right call, then Michael Bennett and Aquib Talib would still be Buccaneers. Brad Johnson, Keenan McCardell and Simeon Rice would have never signed as free agents to team up for a super bowl and Vincent Jackson and Joey Galloway would have never come to Tampa to become legitimate number one receivers.

  49. Dubcity06 Says:

    I wasnt sold pn tge guy like yall were. Too old and too much money for a DL player. Hes not the same

  50. bucs_365 Says:

    Joe Says;

    But Joe is also certain there is an underlying reason and legitimate reason.

    14 million reasons. That’s just too much. I know Joe doesn’t care about the cap, but that’s way too much.

  51. Hig Says:

    Very insightful Joe. I agree with you that Licht is on target with everything!