No Linebacker At No. 19

March 31st, 2017


Sometimes, Joe wonders if some Bucs fans even have a clue who starts for the team.

Take this nonsense you see pop up every once in a while that the Bucs will draft a linebacker at No. 19.

Have folks not heard of Lavonte David? Have they not seen Kwon Alexander play.

Yes, the Bucs play in a 43 front, which means there is an opening at strongside linebacker. And that position will not be filled by a first-round pick. Joe will let multimedia maven Scott Smith explain. He was asked if the Bucs would draft Florida inside linebacker Jarrad Davis.

The third linebacker spot is on the strong side, and that’s also the position that generally comes off the field in the nickel alignment. It doesn’t have to be that way – the Bucs would surely leave their two best nickel linebackers on the field no matter what positions they played in the base defense (although one of them would need to be the player with the receiver in his helmet for play-calling). But Alexander and David are both excellent nickel linebackers.

Thus, whomever plays the strongside linebacker position for the Buccaneers is only going to be on the field for about half the defensive plays. I know Davis is listed as an inside linebacker, but given his athleticism, he could probably thrive at any of the Bucs’ three spots. So, presumably, if he was drafted by the Buccaneers he would at least start his career as the SAM linebacker. I just can’t see the Buccaneers pursuing a draft strategy that would push Alexander or David out of their current roles. It seems more likely to me that a team needing an immediate starter at an inside linebacker spot would jump on Davis.

Joe fully agrees with Smith. No way, barring an injury, are the Bucs looking to move David or Alexander to any other position. And besides, the strongside linebacker last year played less than 50 percent of the time. Closer to 40 percent, actually.

When teams select a guy in the first round, it is an investment (because he will be paid first round cash). They want the guy on the field, preferably full-time.

Only way Joe can see the Bucs drafting a linebacker at No. 19 is if the guy is a complete freak of an edge rusher. So in nickel and dime packages, he can move to defensive end thereby becoming an every-down defender.

59 Responses to “No Linebacker At No. 19”

  1. USFBUC Says:

    Hit the nail on the head with this one Joe.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Personally haven’t seen anyone write that the Bucs should draft a LB in the 1st rnd Joe. Can’t even say that I can remember anyone on JBF even identifying LB as a priority need. Several have noted our lack of depth in the LB corps, and I personally agree with that. We’ve got Lavonte & Kwon with good experience, and as of right now it looks like we’ll be starting Devante Bond at the strongside LB position. Beyond that we’ve got Cameron Lynch and Jeff Knox on the roster, with a total of 4 yrs experience between them. If 1 or 2 LBs get injured, we’d be hurting. With Daryl Smith presumably retired, looks to me like the LB group could use another experienced LB as depth.

  3. DB55 Says:

    DeAndre Levy would make a perfect addition to the group at slb

  4. BigHogHaynes Says:

    MIXON @ 19 I’m beginning to see it clearly now! This could be the Swagger we looking for! This guy is good real good, an every down back, that is what we’re looking for right? I’m gonna keep my eye on this guy’s career, he is gonna be AP special!

  5. TrollSlayer Says:

    i had a real good laugh when bucky brooks mocked davis to us at 19—its still hilarious no way in hell we spend a 1st on a part-time LB

  6. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Defense Rules

    Ever since Bucky Brooks mocked us Jarrad Davis at #19 it has been a debate. On this site, the only guy I’ve seen pushing for a LB at #19 is 813bucboi lol

  7. SB Says:

    I used to think that your idiocy had boundaries big hog.

  8. SB Says:

    Davis is going to start day one for whatever team gets him. It won’t be the Bucs though because he won’t be available in the second round.

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    smitty wants to run more 34…davis is good at rushing the passer….bucky didn’t mock him to us for nothing….we have 2 great linebacker but who else after that?….bond?….he might to this years k.bell….I remember when joe and many other on here didn’t think we would draft VHG, while I continued to beat the drum for him….davis is versatile enough to play all 3 positions….I still think we draft him not because of need but because he will be the BPA….GO BUCS!!!!

  10. BFFL Says:

    I believe LVD can be cut next year with no dead money. If we keep him then he will be owed about 9million. I don’t think he has lived up to that kind of pay especially when the Bucs will give JW huge money. So i think next year LB will be a huge need if they choose to cut LVD to save cap space. Given that, im ok with drafting Davis this year only if he’s the best player available.

  11. DB55 Says:

    What in the world would you wanna draft a gator for? Haha just messing with you SB. Carry on.

  12. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Thank you joe. These UF homers are clamoring for a LBer when it is quite obvious we don’t need one

  13. Buccaneers Says:

    Lavonte david underperforms IMO. Hes not the stud we thought we had a few years back. He shows flashes surrounded by bad games and missed tackles. Thankfully we got Kwon leading the unit or we probably would be eying a LB. Its a nice dream but just a luxary we cant afford with gaping holes and chasms in our roster from a decade of inept drafting.

  14. DB55 Says:


    It’s not healthy to be drinking so much so early in the morning. Mental health is serious and should not be taken lightly.

  15. R.O. Says:

    We can try and Trade LVD… and take JD who would probably be an upgrade. I think LVD has been invisible for 2 years and not a “Special” player. This guy can be special…

  16. BFFL Says:


    So given a salar cap constraint you think LVD is worth the huge money?

    If so then you’re nuts.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    For those of you bashing Lavonte & praising Kwon, you might want to take a step back & review some film. Lavonte got screwed up under Lovie’s tutelage & wasn’t used properly (Greg Schiano did a much better job of using Lavonte’s talents IMO). Our current defensive system channels a lot more stuff towards Kwon than towards Lavonte from what I’ve seen, so Kwon gets more tackles, as he should. But again IMO, too many of those tackles are too far down the field (remember Barrett Ruud?) as opposed to at the point of attack. Kwon’s quick, but I think he gives up too much in terms of size (6’2″ & 227 lbs) & doesn’t shed blocks as well as he should. Not yet at least. To me the ‘standards’ for modern-day MLB play are Ray Lewis (6’1″ & 245 lbs) and Brian Urlacher (6’4″ & 258 lbs). I’d bet that Mike Smith would like to have him a MLB with the size & talent of either Urlacher or Lewis.

  18. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “I remember when joe and many other on here didn’t think we would draft VHG,”

    lol what

    I don’t recall that. He was mocked to us and it was a major need…

  19. Joeypoppems Says:

    Just my opinion, but $9 million for LVD when we might have just as much, if not more, cap space than we had this year is not “huge money”.

    And there is 0 chance LVD becomes a cap casualty unless he takes the Doug Martin route.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    There is a scenario where the Bucs could decide to move on from Lavonte David. He really hasn’t done so well the last 2 years, so justifying paying him $9+ next year might be difficult.

    Drafting a replacement this year would give us time to develop him a year so he can step right in.

    I’m not saying I want this to happen. I’m just saying the scenario ‘could’ exist.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In fairness to Lavonte David, although he has not had a great 2 years on paper, he has played hard and his talents were not used right. He played on a largely neglected defense too. Just like McCoy.

    Honestly, Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy have been wasted over the years. Things are improving for defense now though.

    And I believe Mike Smith was promised the first pick to get him to stay. So I’m expecting a defensive pick.

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    @lc…you never recall anything when your wrong…..

    glad to see fans putting their thinking caps on…..lots of people making some valid points about LVD and his performance/salary…..not as bad as verner but the same concept….one could argue his last 2 years don’t equal to his salary….I simply think that he would be the BPA at #19 and would provide an upgrade over d.smith or……licht said he wants competition at every position….Jarrad Davis would provide just that….GO BUCS!!!!

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “813bucboi Says:
    March 31st, 2017 at 11:16 am
    @lc…you never recall anything when your wrong…..”

    Wtf are you talking about? What am I “wrong” about? I said he was mocked to us which was a fact. I just googled 2016 mock drafts and the 2nd one I read had us taking VHIII. I said it was a need which was a fact. Everyone knew we needed a DE/CB. What is wrong with you? Why can’t you just own your sh1t when your called out on it?

    I just googled Joebucsfan articles from before the draft and there are multiple ones endorsing VHIII or talking about how he is likely the pick:

    “It would not shock Joe one bit if the Bucs drafted a cornerback at No. 9.”

    I actually wrote in the comments of this third link that VHIII had the same measurable’s as Chris Harris Jr – in defense of him as a potential pick. I never had a problem with us drafting VHIII personally – pre draft or after. I think he’ll be solid for us long term.

    Sure there were some fans that didnt want him and those are the same fans that still think he will never be good because of his height. There is never a consensus opinion in these comments. But it’s a joke to act like you were the guy pimping VHIII while JOe and others said it’d never happen. THat’s delusional – and the facts are plain as day.

    Just about as accurate as your Dirk Tomusla BS joke analysis

  24. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m also not that worried about LVD quite yet. He seemed to come on more towards the end of the year in this system. In the last quarter of the season he had 27 tackles, 4 sacks, & 2 tackles for loss

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Somebody here posted something regarding Lovie “screwing up” LVD. Really?! So, we’re just giving guys passes now? The guy’s a LB not a quantum physicist! See ball, hit ball! (BTW please don’t break down LB responsibilities to me. It’s F’ing football for pete’s sake!!!!!)
    There is nobody on this team without fault and every single player needs to continue working on their respective craft. If LVD has a similar year to last, he won’t and shouldn’t be here much longer.

  26. LovieBall Says:

    I still don’t know who our third LB is.

  27. Maze Says:

    Draft a linebacker at 19? 😂🔫

  28. Joeypoppems Says:

    If we blitz more often LVD could be a darkhorse candidate for 10+ sacks.

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    @lc…lol…feel better?…..cause your still wrong on so many levels….GO BUCS!!!!

  30. Bucssteve Says:

    I agree with joey if we blitzed more lvd would be a big name he crushes the QB when he gets the chance I believe he needs to work on his coverage skills a little more and to defense rules I heard the exact same thing on an interview last year about lvd play and how it may be declining.

  31. Chris Says:

    If Bucky Brooks mocked it, it’s bound to be wrong. This guy’s mocks are worse than Kiper and Mcshay, and that’s saying something

  32. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “813bucboi Says:
    March 31st, 2017 at 1:02 pm
    @lc…lol…feel better?…..cause your still wrong on so many levels….GO BUCS!!!!”

    Is this supposed to be a counter-argument? Well said man. You really got me

    I forgot that it’s in the better interest of my health to ignore you. If this site had that feature I would have done it a long time ago

  33. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Ppl still aren’t giving up on it even after you said all that joe. I gave up on debating about it cause those fools will never give up on it. Just completely duh! No gm in this league would say ‘heck yeah I’d draft a part time player in the first round’ smh. Duh!

  34. hjbashus Says:

    What about the team running more 3-4? Wouldn’t bringing in a kid that can play strong side in the 4-3 and inside in the 3-4 allowing David to be your standing edge rusher make sense?

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    Duh. Why even bother to write about this? I think there’s only like 1 or 2 posters on this site talking about drafting a LB in the 1st round. So this article is for you I guess 813…

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    @HJ…..^^^^^^BINGO!!!!!….that is what some of these people don’t understand….VERSATILTY IS KEY….GO BUCS!!!!

  37. 813bucboi Says:

    @pickgrin….so the joes never ever been wrong before huh?….right….GO BUCS!!!!

  38. BucinJax Says:

    Tie breaker here: LC vs 813bucboi. I vote for LC.

  39. gotbbucs Says:


    Absolutely not. You seriously want to take David out of coverage and try him as a stand up edge pass rusher? C’mon.

    Can we quit trying to make excuses and find make believe reasons to draft an overrated middle linebacker? Blitzing through open gaps when the rest of your defensive teammates are covering for you does not a great pass rusher make. Davis is not a great pass rusher, he was allowed to freelance because the rest of the players around him on that defense were top round caliber players.
    This has got to be the most ridiculous player that I have seen mocked to the Bucs this year by far.

    Joe, please don’t feed into these fools games.

  40. gotbbucs Says:


    There is a big difference between a player being versatile and fitting your scheme and forcing a scheme to fit a “versatile” player.
    I have yet to see where Davis is versatile, he’s a down hill LB, of which there are dozens in each draft.

    They aren’t going to switch to a 34 defense, they will run over/under fronts on passing downs that give the 34 look. You don’t draft a thumper LB in the 1st round to come in and play in nickel. He’s an early down MLB that will come off the field in nickel.

    Thanks Joe, now we can all suffer a full thread of comments on this foolishness.

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    We have the same player on the roster right now, his name is Kwon Alexander.

  42. Lord Cornelius Says:

    thank you gotbbucs for the refreshing logic

    Who would have thought that a 4-3 OLB isn’t something you just plug in as a 3-4 pass rusher?

    I mean there’s a reason they list the pass rushers as 4-3 DEs or 3-4 OLBs.. not 4-3 OLBs/DEs. Or in this case MLB/pass rusher lol

    Funny thing is I will eat crow if we somehow draft this guy. I will tell 813 he was right – for the first time ever. I don’t take pride in lying on the internet for my ego.

    Last year I debated sh1t all year with him and quite literally every single thing he was predicting early was incredibly wrong. Said we wouldn’t win more than 4-5 games and compared Dirk Koetter to Jim Tomsula. Said he lost the locker room. Said the defense didn’t show ANY signs of improvement early on when I was pointing out the signs (way better on 3rd down D; way better in penalties; just giving up big plays on blown assignments. We later ofund out they needed to communicate better and once that was fixed we all saw the results). It’s all in the comment sections early last season

    Never owned up to the fact that he was wrong about it all. He still thinks he was right somehow – and twists all of reality to feel that way. I’d feel like an a4shole if I talked all that sh1t about the team and they proved me wrong. But to each their own GO BUCS TEEHEE

  43. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Example of 813 bullsh1t – He said the locker room was lost after the Oakland game and the players were giving up vs Atlanta (despite NO stories to support this or any facts at all). He made fun of me & realist for saying it was probably due to a short week and them playing 1.5 games worth of snaps 4 days prior.. You know.. something factual based and pretty logical / scientifically supported.

    That’s the kind of sh1t that drove me crazy. He still will say he was right probably. I guess Dirk lost the locker room that day and got it back over the bye lol.. f*cking rediculous

  44. 813bucboi Says:

    @gotbuc…obviously I haven’t seen him play…..davis can rush the passer from the outside or be a thumper in the middle….davis has sacks, pd’s and an int on his resume….I guess you missed the part the part about smitty wanting to mix fronts and obtain versatile players that can play 34 or 43…davis is not Reuben foster. A down hill linebacker….he is not Ryan Anderson..a down hill linebacker….

    and david’s most productive season came when he was rushing the passer(under schiano)….so why wouldn’t he be successful…..I see you and LC have a lot in common…that is a sad thing….GO BUCS!!!!!

  45. 813bucboi Says:

    LC….LOL…feel better?….when it comes to football, the bucs and knowledge of the 2, you are so misguide it makes me wonder do you know the difference between football and soccer….GO BUCS!!!!

  46. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @SB: there is an old saying in the league that goes if that’s the player you want and need them then you go get him, if not for the punching incident, this idiot would venture to say MIXON would not be there at 19, because he’s that damn good. Payton got a second chance, Big Ben got a second chance, he’ll even Winston got a second chance (thank you LOVIE) I know some love to COOK but he ain’t no MIXON!! BUILD THE DAMN WALL…DRAFT MIXON…#POUND THE ROCK!!

  47. 813bucboi Says:

    LC…plenty of other posters can see it happening….just read above, even tho I know reading isn’t your strong suite….GO BUCS!!!!

  48. Lord Cornelius Says:

    813 – Great argument again man. You really proved me wrong by just saying I’m misguided. No need for logic or facts right? I mean who would ever use that to support their opinion or position. It’s much easier to just say “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Very mature. That’s high level debate strategy folks.

    I could say 2+2=4 and you’d say “Wrong” and your argument would be “You’re so wrong! You’re so misguided it makes me wonder if you know the difference between math & science” … yet… in the end… 2+2 still = 4 and you’re still just a jack4ss in a comment section.

    Today I learned that a blitzing linebacker is the same thing as a pass rusher. Why did we even draft Spence when we had Lavonte?

    lol. GO BUCS TEE HEE HEE!!!!

  49. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “813bucboi Says:
    March 31st, 2017 at 3:24 pm
    LC…plenty of other posters can see it happening….just read above, even tho I know reading isn’t your strong suite….GO BUCS!!!!”

    I have read the other posters. You’re the only one here being a jack4ss.

    Yes we use 4-3 and 3-4 looks… No one is argue-ing that. There was ONE poster who suggested that we could draft Davis and use him as an inside LB in a 3-4 and have Lavonte as a standing edge rusher. Then another poster immediately explained that Lavonte David is not a 3-4 OLB edge rusher lol.. which shouldn’t even have to be said.

    But hey go ahead and prove me wrong again by simply saying I’m wrong. Everyone here surely thinks you’re a genius and just takes you at your word

  50. 813bucboi Says:

    math is a universal language…..but you’ll probably say im wrong….today I learned that your still lacking football knowledge…which is not surprising….no sense in going back and forth…im a grown man(obviously your not), so i’ll be man enough to agree to disagree….cant argue with a child….let alone a foolish child….GO BUCS!!!!

  51. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d love to see a poll on who people think is more childish between me and 813…

    What kind of person says “agree to disagree” before throwing in multiple insults?

    A mature grown man named 813 that’s who. If only we all could understand football as well as him.


  52. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Not even a debate here. No way we waste a 1st round pick in a LB who will play only on 1st and 2nd downs. Laughable

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    LC…I haven’t even began to insult you….that’s how clueless and childish you are….GO BUCS!!!!

  54. gotbbucs Says:


    Yes, LVD did get a few more sacks under Schiano than he did under Lovie or Mike Smith. They were mostly on zone dog blitzes where he walked up in the middle of the line and blitzed while guys like Adrian Clayborne dropped into coverage. A truly magnificent defensive mind that Schiano had…pffft. If you honestly think that having Lavonte David set the edge in a 34 defense is a wise move then there really isn’t much more I can tell you that will sink through your skull.

    Jarrad Davis will make a good middle linebacker for some NFL team, but it won’t be the Bucs unless he falls to about the 3rd round, which I think is entirely possible in this draft. Even then, there are much bigger fish to fry for this team. If your logic in picking him is that he is one of the top 20 players in this draft to be a BPA pick, then once again, there isn’t much I can tell you. He’s maybe on the verge of being one of the top 60 players.

    You need to take a long hard look at how you are defining versatility with regard to this player you are hell bent on drafting. He is 237 some lbs. Go through the league and find me these 230 lb MLBs playing in 34 defenses? There aren’t many. Mike Smith is a 40 front defensive coordinator that can install some over/under hybrid stuff into his scheme. He isn’t installing a 34 defense. Versatility is someone like Reddick that has played Safety, LB, and DE in college. That’s versatility when a guy can play Sam LB on 1st down and then put his hand in the dirt on 3rd down. Almost any LB can walk up to the middle of the line and blitz through an open gap.

    I’m more than happy to argue on the Internet with someone that actually brings some common sense to the table. You’re just flinging insults without any substance to back up your BS.

    Once again, so there’s no confusion, Davis will probably make a good MLB for some club, but it shouldn’t be for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  55. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Lord Corn
    Don’t waste your breath (or fingers I guess) you can’t teach stupid
    And these are the same people that called us FSU homers for wanting Jameis Christ over Fragile Mariotta

  56. Kalind Says:

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahagagagaga people are so dumb.

  57. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bucs are not going to draft a Lb at 19.
    Drafting a Lb at 19 now, who would have to sit a year, because we MIGHT cut Lavonte next year?
    I think something called”restructuring” of Lavontes contract is more likely.

    I love what the Bucs did with Darryl Smith, and hope they do it again this year!
    Draft a LB who talented,experienced- but to old to play every down.
    Playing 50% of the plays worked for smith. Plus we profitted from his game experience.
    Wanna get a young guy, to eventually play Strong side linebacker?
    Want a guy who comes cheap, plays the Run well, better pulled on passing plays?
    Hardy Nickerson ll.
    7th round or Free agent. Could do the job.

  58. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sign Darryl Smith- not draft
    Wish we had an edit button!

  59. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    We already have Devonta Bond. He will be the starting SAM this year