Call It!

March 18th, 2017

Poll posted at 10:30 a.m.

24 Responses to “Call It!”

  1. Doc Lemonjello Says:

    It’s a brilliant move. Either way it works out, the Bucs control a kicker that another team will eventually want or need.

  2. JAB83 Says:

    Doc just dropped the mic on this subject…

    Bucs Win!

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Emphatically YES!

  4. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    what a wasted 2nd round pick but good for licht to suck it up and admit he failed

  5. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    I’m note sure it will be the starter but he will surely kick Aguyao ass !

    So Roberto you’d better work out like your life is depending on it

  6. Cobraboy Says:


    Aguayo is a headcase now. Once a kicker goes mental, he never gets it back.

    There is a significant difference between kicking in college and the NFL: in the NFL you have .2-.3 seconds less from snap to kick to get it off without being blocked. That’s a lifetime for a kicker.

    Aguayo never adjusted to the faster tempo, and when he tried, his mechanics suffered.

  7. DB55 Says:

    If Aguayo gets cut we should just trade away our second rnd picks going forward. Aguayo, ASJ, Banks, Martin, Bowers. Etc etc etc

  8. BucinPA Says:

    I know everyone screams about the “wasted pick” we used to move up. What it tells me is if they like a guy they will be aggressive to get him. That’s a winning mentality. The fact that they can admit that might have missed on an aggressive move is a mature winning mentality.

  9. Tampabayucfan Says:

    What kind of deal did Folk get?……guaranteed?
    If not, they may keep him on the roster even into the season….I actually think they could share duties.

    As far as spending a #2 pick on him…that is over with….he either makes it or he doesn’t….we have the money for a kicker moving forward. No reason to keep him just because we picked him….he won’t be the first Bucs wasted pick….(the Jacksons…..Bo & Dexter come to mind)

  10. Joeypoppems Says:

    The gap between yes and no is a lot closer than I expected it to be

  11. ClodHopper Says:

    I don’t think Folk will be here on opening day. It’s all a sham for show. They’ll keep Roberto and it will be a grave mistake by Licht.

    Unless Roberto is as bad in preseason as he was last year, then I change my vote.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    AS we ole schoolers say..Mr Aguayo its time to Sh.. or get off the pot! You’d better find your college mojo and find it quickly. Bucs coaches nor us fans are satisfied with your effort. Adjust or take a Mngt job at one of the Tampa Bay fast food franchiases. Now Watch Foles come in here and kick his A.. Off. Good luck Roberto. Batter up sir. No different than any other job. Perform or take the pink slip. I’m really liking what the Bucs are trying to do. Over the last few yrs, I have not.

  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    Roberto is mentally weak he will crack under the pressure

  14. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I like Aguayo and I was hoping he’d work out, but it’s all about the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. It’s about performance, not draft position. If you go by draft position you get Bowers over Bennett. Let’s not do that again. If he doesn’t beat out Folk, he’s gotta go.

  15. Gencoimports Says:

    My prediction is Aguayo will rise up for the challenge, but we will see. Signing Folk is a good move.

  16. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    What Mike Johnson said!!!
    Amazing, the turn around you and BigHog have displayed. True BUCS fans through and through…

  17. unbelievable Says:


    Lavonte David, D. Smith, Ali Marpet and Spawn were all 2nd round picks too brother…. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

    And BTW we actually drafted Martin in the end of the 1st round, we took LVD in the 2nd that year.

  18. bucs_365 Says:

    Aguayo is Goodbye-O

  19. PhillyBucsFan Says:

    I believe Roberto is mentally strong enough to compete… he’d better not miss as many early as he did last year… he was solid after you take away the first few weeks of the season, then again he wasn’t trusted past 49yds either… Win-Win for the Bucs!

  20. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    He’s going to have an emotional break down as a result of the signing

  21. PRBucFan Says:

    Wasted pick blah blah blah, it’s not the first, nor will it be the last for all 32 teams.

    It happens. Get over it.

  22. Scbucsfan Says:

    One thing for sure, if he has any NFL talent this signing will bring it out of him.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I think kicker figures it out and does well – most rookie kickers, even the all-time greats, have awful rookie years. But if kicker doesn’t figure it out, there’s another kicker to take his place. They should sign a few kickers frankly and let them all compete, but our kicker I think will be just fine – you aren’t the most accurate kicker in college football history just to forget how to kick in one summer.

  24. 239BucsFan Says:

    Seriously people this purley a competition signing, just like we’re trying to accomplish at all other we’re trying to accomplish at all other positions . Just trying to light a fire in Aguayo