“Sign Glennon And Draft The Best Defensive End Available”

February 14th, 2017


Former NFL quarterback Jim Miller guided the Bears to a 13-win season and a division title in 2001.

He knows a few things about quality quarterback play and his beloved Bears. And if you know Miller, you know there’s nobody in the media more in love with Chicago football.

Since retiring from the NFL, Miller has been part of Bears broadcasts and he now co-hosts the fantastic Movin’ The Chains on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

During an on-air chat about Jay Cutler and the Bears’ draft last night with co-host Pat Kirwan (the former Bucs scout, Jets coach and Jets personnel chief), Kirwan said the Bears should “sign Mike Glennon and draft the best defensive end available.”

Miller would go for that plan, he said, and expressed his appreciation and approval of what Glennon would offer as a starter in a run-first offense behind rookie Pro Bowl running back sensation Jordan Howard (1,313 yards on just 252 carries).

This caught Joe’s attention because of Miller’s endorsement of Glennon, who is eager to leave Tampa, so he explained to JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman. Miller won’t just rubber stamp a QB when it comes to his beloved Bears.

Does Miller know some thinking in the Bears’ front office?

Yes, the Bucs host the Bears in 2017.

45 Responses to ““Sign Glennon And Draft The Best Defensive End Available””

  1. Joeypoppems Says:

    I dont see how it is a bad idea for Chicago. Hoyer is a FA and Cutler most likely a cap casualty. That leaves Barkley as the only QB on the roster.

    Glennon might not be good, but I think he can compete against Matt Barkley.

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t really care who gets him so long as it isn’t us. I want new blood at the backup position…someone who at least has potential to build trade value.

  3. Fred E. Buc Says:

    No one should fool themselves. If there is a way to keep Glennon as a backup that doesn’t break the bank, it will be good for Bucs resiliance if Winston goes down for a few games. MG8 is no NFL starter and the sooner he realizes that the happier he will be. I don’t blame him for testing the waters, but he should be misled to a team with an offer to compete for the starter position. More than likely, any team he goes to will constantly be looking for their future starter, even if Glennon wins the job.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Keeping glennon would be foolish. He’s not a proven backup and has not shown any improvement in three years. Let him walk Hopefully the bucs play the team often foolish enough to give that heartless bum a shot.

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Charley Casserly had us taking DE Charles Harris in round one.

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think the secret to predicting what Licht will do is to consider the least likely move he will make, and that will be it. lol

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Glennon is a FA so why do I care what Chitcago does?

  8. captjimbo Says:

    Because the Buc fans and front office have never been wrong about a back up QB before, right?

    S. Young

    I don’t think losing MG is huge but it’s one more issue to deal with this preseason. Who knows maybe it works out better with a different backp here but I think he’s one of the top backups in the league.

  9. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Josh Mccown and Josh Freeman are available

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:

    It’s amazing how underrated Glennon still is on this website. All he has done played solid football his whole Bucs career.

    Literally one week after Josh Mcccown got trampled by the Falcons, where we looked like a CFL team, Mike Glennon beats the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Glennons a top 5 back up, keep him or trade him for good value.

  11. Chris Says:

    Because Tb, theres morons on this site that actually have animosity towards him. Like he took their gf, lunch money or something. Tampa Bay fans are some of the most unitelligent rubes out there. Almost any franchises fans that arent set at qb want Glennon. But ours? Theyre hung up on his looks, red head Giraffe etc. Diring the Freeman melt down year, he came in and performed well.Argue that rubes. You cant possibly deny he had a decent rookie year. Well, you can, youre a bunch of rubes. Do I loke Jameis, he.l yeah I do. But I’m not going to be one of you illogical rubes, or are hung up on his looks or came a yard short of a first down and say he wont do well somewhere, because he will.

  12. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Only time will tell, just how good Mike Glennon really is.

  13. tmaxcon Says:


    you need a drug test STAT!!!! Dude has regressed last two preseasons and has not played a meaningful snap in nearly three years. How is that solid football. Raise your standards your probably one of the fools that think GMC’s special season was accurate too… Reality check 5-13 is not solid football. Reality Check if Glennon had been playing solid football Jason Licht would have had a few calls about Glennon and the bucs would have gotten a much needed draft pick if had been playing solid football. Your definition of solid football needs a lot of work.

  14. Chris Says:

    Is he a franchise qb? No, but a decent starter/ good back up yeah. You guys play too much fantasy/ Madden football. Where every guy you own is a Brady, Rodgers,….yeesh.

  15. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Or just how bad of a QB he is, I’m gonna wait and see.

  16. tmaxcon Says:


    I am hung up on RESULTS and the fact I can not forgive his heartless arse for diving out of bounds before a first down. That was a defining moment… I don’t want a player like that on my roster much less leading my team. He has no heart plays with no passion. I don’t care what he looks like he can’t play and he is NO winner.. You guys chooses to make a excuses for him and that is fine but the bottom line he has DONE nothing in nearly three years and has looked like a insurance salesman not a quarterback against beer truck drivers and future chauffeurs.

  17. tmaxcon Says:


    I have never played madden in my life.

    Please explain to me how you can say he is a good back up when he has only entered a game in relief twice. Second he has not taken a meaningful snap in three years if he was that good he would have been moved to a quarterback needy team for a much needed draft pick

    I guarantee Licht thought he had an extra pick in Glennon until 8 threw up all over himself the last 2 pre seasons that is.

  18. Tampa Tony Says:

    Well at least that’s a W for the Bucs against da bears

    Glennon sucks

  19. Leeleend30 Says:

    Joe this is a bit off topic but I been a fan of the blog for years. Each year the blog gets slower and slower and takes forever to load. I’m sure it is due to the rise in advertisement on the page. Somtimes I just stop reading and get off the pages load so slow and this is on different devises. I understand advertising pays for the site but at some point you can’t let it messential up the quality.

  20. Chris Says:

    Lol, he sucks. Watch the Browns qbs…..that’s what sucks looks like. If he completely sucked, he wouldnt have had NFL rookie honors, threw for 18-8 with a wr corp of VJ, Skye DawsonTiquan Underwood , etc. Thats what I mean….Tampa Bay fans…..perennialy sucking along with our team since 76.

  21. Chris Says:

    Oh I apologize to the immortal Chris Owasu, he was another of our immortal receivers, and oh yeah our vaunted rushing attack of Doug Marin, 3.6 yards a carry, 450 yards and Bobby Rainey, 3.9 yards a carry, 500 yards…..man he had such weapons….no Caneron Brate, no Adam Humphries, he.l he didnt even have a Jaquizx Rodgers. But we need weapons for Winston. Again,love Jameis, but your blind hate for a qb that has not sucked is hillarious.

  22. Chris Says:

    6 teams reportedly ready to give him upwards 15 mill, Arizona, New York possibly in a bidding war for him…..he will be gone and he will have success

  23. SCBucsFan Says:

    Glennon’s choice – stay here and get paid and become a clipboard Jesus with an occasional start, staying healthy for his career or take his show on the road, sign for big money and get exposed as a mediocre talent. I bet he leaves and gives is a try but he won’t succeed, he doesn’t have the skills.

  24. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    I would like to see MG8 stay and be the first drafted Bucs QB to get a second contract (I think I read that would be the case…dear God what does that say about the team’s talent evaluation!?), but I fully expect him to get a pay day and legitimate shot at starting on a QB needy team.

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    I respect and wish nothing but the best for Glennon in his future, just not against us. Would be very interesting to hear the excuses made however if Glennon does come to Tampa next season and knocks us off.

  26. tdtb2015 Says:


  27. TB2055 Says:

    There’s a large gap between “decent starter” and horrible backup… I think most of us would agree Glennon is in the middle. Capable of being a game manager for a run-first, defensive team, or a solid-back up. If you genuinely think he’s a decent starting quarterback in this league, I’d love to know who you’re comparing him to that you currently consider a “decent starter.” If you think he’s so untalented that he can’t serve as a backup, I’d invite you to look at the list of backup quarterbacks in the NFL. That list isn’t pretty, and it’s got a ton of names I’d take Glennon over any day of the week (especially Sunday).

  28. Tbbucs3 Says:


    I like to see you try and name 5 back ups quarterbacks better than Glennon. And seriously? He’s regressed the last 2 years, based off what preseason? Cmon dude. Against the Falcons his year he went 9-10 1 td 0 ints. Your in fanasty land if you think the NFL is full of Steve Young type backups.

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    And Btw Glennon went 5-13 with a 5-13 roster. No ones saying he’s Lebron James. But he capable of moving the ball and winning football games. That’s what you look in a backup quarterback.

  30. tdtb2015 Says:

    People are still thinking we are the old Bucs….lol

    Glennon beating us?!?!?!?!

    We will pick him at least 2 times.

    People be honest here. I seen all his games. All we saw from Glennon has been dink and donk passes of 6 yds or less. The deep passes 80% of them hit CBs in the back. I’m shock he did not have more INTs. 5% of those deep passes were caught. But that doesn’t mean they were on the numbers. The game against Pitt. he played well. Pittsburgh played awful. The game really was not won by Glennon. It was lost by Pittsburgh.

    Schiano built his rookie stats with passes of 6 yds or less.

  31. Dubcity06 Says:

    Id give that same advice to the bucs.

  32. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Saying he is heartless because of one specific play over a 4 year span is idiotic. Saying he has regressed because of poor play in the preseason and ignoring one stint of mop up duty where he played well in a regular season game
    Is also idiotic. However, both of you are correct when you say he sucks. Watching his play over the course of his career it is obvious that he has very little ability and deficiencies in several major areas. The MGM cross amazes me. I can only assume they didn’t actually watch him play when he got his shots.

  33. Chris Says:

    85 yard td to Tiquan Underwood, in stride, about 30-40 yards down field, still a longer td than many of our Buc qb greats that you morons …what…put Glennon up against? 19-9 is not a fluke in the NFL….much less many, and I do say many talent evaluators across the NFL, including our own Dirk Koetter rave about his big arm and upside. You guys…..why do I even argue….give him to the Browns, Jets, ….and the fan base wiuld say thank you
    If the Texans had even somewhat if the Glennon of 2013, where would they be? Idiots…..I really have a low respect for many of you…..especially the name callers.What are you …..5?

  34. Chris Says:

    Love Jameis, but how many idiotic plays has he been a part of?

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    lol you’re right Chris. I’m sure he will have upwards of ten teams offering him 15-20M to be their franchise guy for the next 10 years. No doubt he will lead them to the Super Bowl and go on to win multiple championships. You have convinced me Chris that he is an absolute stud and the Bucs were foolish to take Winston.

  36. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Don’t worry, Mike Glennon is in the hands of a very reasonable Jason Licht. He actually knows the value Glennon has to offer. If it was up to JBF he would be cut and some lucky team would be getting a quality backup.

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Can’t wait for the excuses when glennon can’t beat anyone out for a starters job and chokes…. Who will the excuse makers blame then.

    Good luck selling insurance Mikey

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    The only future Mike Glennon has in Tampa.

    Is at the Lowry Park Zoo.

  39. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Glennon will to Chicago what Osweiler was to Houston.

  40. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Sorry….Will BE to

  41. USFBUC Says:

    I love the articles about Glennon. Every time there are people who bash the guy when he put up stats that are comparable to a handful of starters even this year, several of whom have previously won Super Bowls. I will give you that he is not the next manning but to say he isn’t any good at all is just silly.

  42. Joeypoppems Says:


    Of course Koetter raves about him. Do you honestly expect him to talk negatively about him when Glennon is in his locker room even if he did think he was terrible?l lol

  43. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    “Idiots…..I really have a low respect for many of you…..especially the name callers.”
    Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black lol.

    Glennon might not be the best QB, but as a backup at least he’s familiar with the play book and our receivers. We always talk about bringing in young wide receivers and linemen to develop with Jameis, so why in the event that Jameis goes down, would you want someone unfamiliar stepping in?

  44. Pawel Says:

    I will say Glennon can sling the ball nicely, however, his big and I mean BIG downfall is mobility in the pocket and escaping something Winston is great at.

  45. Poor Glennon Says:

    The guy is eager to leave because he’s gunna get his shot!!! He has been a team player and doesn’t deserve the hate.