Is Wide Receiver Biggest Need?

January 13th, 2017
Receivers or running backs?

Receivers or running backs?

Look, Joe’s not blind. There is no question the Bucs need a starting receiver. Badly.

When a team has to trot out a guy who, a year removed, was transporting grandmothers to their medical appointments, Joe doesn’t think it is an outrageous statement to suggest the Bucs need a receiver to complement Mike Evans.

Jenna Laine of ESPN suggests this is a clear priority.

Coach Dirk Koetter even said it in his season-ending news conference — they need more speed and more playmakers. “Guys that can catch a 10-yard pass, break one tackle and turn it into a 30-yard gain,” he said. “Our run after the catch is not where it needs to be.” The need for more explosive receivers became even more evident when Vincent Jackson and Cecil Shorts III were injured and the Bucs didn’t have a starting-caliber receiver to line up opposite Mike Evans.

But is it the biggest need? In recent weeks, we found out the Bucs need a running back probably just as badly, maybe worse.

This is sort of like the chicken and the egg theory. The Bucs, save one (excellent) player, have no passing attack to speak of. But without the threat of a run, opponents don’t have to worry about a rushing attack and can deploy their defenders to shut down the passing game. A strong running back may loosen up the secondary, which would help a subpar wide receiver and/or spring Evans.

It is an interesting debate and Joe isn’t sure of the answer. This much is clear: The Bucs need to get #WeaponsForWinston.

76 Responses to “Is Wide Receiver Biggest Need?”

  1. Ghingus Kwon Says:

    Still think WR is the biggest need. Fast, good route runner.

  2. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    This is a problem, but I still say bring in Pryor, if we can outbid the Browns. Sign Murray and we have two proven vets who can step in and elevate this offense. Just feel like we have to address skill players THIS year in FA. Gotta buy the ‘chip in 17. We’ll truly earn it in 18 & beyond

  3. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    WR without question. We were able to be successful with a sub par running game and really a number 1 and 3 WR. If we brought in a true number two on this team, it would be nasty. We can get a RB in 2nd or 3rd round to compliment what we already have. I don’t think cook or fournette will fall to us anyways and Mcaffery screams bust.

  4. Doolnutts Says:

    If Licht can have another solid free agency like last year, I believe it can set us up to take best available in the draft. I am not on board with taking players based off of need.

  5. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    Pryor, berry = FA

    Best available WR in draft, Marlon Mack in the later round. DL and OL in mid rounds DBs in later rounds.

  6. ndog Says:

    The issue is we also need oline depth (at least), more pass rush/run stuffers and a #1 rb, a #2 wr, a #2 te and probably another her wr for insurance purposes. Not to mention a punt/kick returner. Oh yeah a saftey as well now that Ryan Smith is moving to corner. No one has the perfect roster, so Licht just needs to determine what the most pressing needs are and fill those with the highest quality available then get whatever he can at the other spots and hope we can coach them up.

  7. ndog Says:

    When you look at it Doug Martin really screwed this team.

  8. SB with Jameis Says:

    I would bet my new Snowmobile that if you could talk to Martin, Quizz, and Barber privately and they weren’t afraid to tell you the truth they would say our Run Blocking sucks.
    Sorry but I don’t think Zeke has nearly the yards he had playing behind our OL.

  9. Deminion Says:

    Random but would anyone take a chance on Joe Mixon???

  10. SCBucsFan Says:

    Yes. Yes it is.

  11. SCBucsFan Says:

    Deminion that’s a tough one. But Winston showed up with red flags and has been a model player. Some guys just mature later; there is no reason Mixon, and Martin, can’t be amazing players who can embrace the mistakes they made and move past them, not ignoring them but showing how people can make bad mistakes and change their lives.

  12. BigHogHaynes Says:


  13. Maze Says:

    Absolutely no question about it then a sober running back up next

  14. Kevin Says:

    Legarette blount a FA THIS YEAR how about bringing him back to tampato poind the rock and help Winston!!!

    I like that idea!

  15. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    We were able to be successful with a sub par running game and really a number 1 and 3 WR.

    Ah I love sports blog and the disgreements and if I may respectfully do so here…

    I get that we want to place the turnaround on the improved D and they were a huge part of that…but the other major difference started at Carolina when Quizz gave us at least an adequate running game which made teams finally start to respect our play action passing game. #3 is awesome with play action and hurry up offenses.

    We obviously need another WR a true #2 or if we could get Pryor a potential #1 talent. 4.4 speed in ME”s body…a great enough athlete to win a National Championship at the toughest position in the sport QB! He’s just now learning route running after his first year since conversion. His upside is HUGE.

    But I’m cool with Garcon or any experienced at minimum #2 WR talent. Garcon or Desean Jackson both have enough speed…obviously DS can satisfy our needs.

    So I would love to take care of WR in FA…I do not like FA RB’s because of wear and tear but I guess there might be one out there…nominations?

    And so it seems to me we fill WR from a good class of FA’s…then draft a RB very high…if we could get Cook all of the sudden our team becomes fast. Cook would have had four more TD’s minimum two years ago during Dougie’s “good” year. Remember how many times he got hauled down from behind…sometimes even after a good head start…that won’t happen with Cook.

    But if not Cook then the big kid from Texas…again…son of a wife beater makes it hard for me to accept Mixon but I understand the lust here I concede his talent. Good on the football field and manly enough to stand up to women and beat their arse. He must be a tough dude.

    Recap..fill WR through FA…several good to great choices…draft an RB and then turn all of our resources back to our lines and take the BPA at OL or DL when we pick.

    The bottom line for me is this is the first year I can remember not needing massive overhauls in one unit or another…the OL or the DB’s..or QB…got those bases covered now except for depth.

  16. J 2.0 Says:

    Man there are a lot of idiotic posts in this thread.

    Hell no to Prior. Locker room cancer. He does not have the mentality that this team needs. The culture has changed!

    Murray is about to turn 29. No thanks. Has bad attitude.

    Blount is about to turn 31. No thanks. Has bad attitude and off field problems.

  17. Dreambig Says:

    SDBucsfan – The problem is Winston was only 18 when most of his “red flags” occurred, Doug is 27. That is a huge difference. Doug knew what he was doing and actions have consequences. We can forgive him but that doesn’t mean he gets our trust. He has only been valuable 2 out of 5 seasons. No need to go overboard for Dougie.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let’s be honest here, there are NO good WR options in free agency.

    Those saying Pryor? NO!

    The man is a one year wonder and his only good year came in his contract year. How many times do Bucs fans have to be burned by such players before they get it that this is a bad idea???? Good teams stay good because they go after FAs who have consistency. Pryor does not have that in the slightest.

    Wide Receiver will have to be addressed either in the draft or through the second part of Free Agency (if anyone is released) or through trade.

    These are the best options for the Buccaneers right now:

    DE Jason Pierre-Paul

    RB Le’Veon Bell (contrary to what Nole might want to hear)
    Bell is the big name RB in free agency. He would be a good option, but the Bucs would pay big, so I recommend the guy below instead.
    Age 24.

    RB Isaiah Crowell
    Age 24. Up and comer, plays for Browns and with that oline, he fell just short of 1K. Young, in good shape. Could be a big thing to the right team. Has increasingly produced when given the touches. He is very hungry to prove himself. YPC: 4.8

    FS Bradley McDougald (RESIGN!)
    He;s young, and he has a ton of tackles. He’s still learning, but once he does, this kid will be stellar!
    Age 26.

    SS John Cyprien
    Outside of Eric Berry, who will command a high price, this kid shows tons of promise. Good tackler too.
    Age 26.

  19. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Probably WR. But, if there’s another player at a position of need that is rated higher on the board, you take the higher rated player. I would say that includes: S, T, CB, anywhere on the D line, and TE. Don’t reach.

    Massive Dalvin Cook fan, but, I’m just fundamentally opposed to drafting a RB in the first round. You certainly don’t trade up for one.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JPP would he HUGE.

  21. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I would favor taking a WR in the first round, although a good offensive line allows both run and pass games to develop.

  22. DB55 Says:

    All these holes and Jameis still got us to within 1 game of a playoff berth.

    The Messiah is great and most worth of praise.

    Glory be to the Messiah

    Jameis is my Sheppard I shall not be in want.

  23. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Hell no to Prior. Locker room cancer. He does not have the mentality that this team needs. The culture has changed!

    You simply cannot state that. You were NOT in the locker room. Someone posted a tweet from a fellow Browns player that claimed Pryor is like #3…he freaking HATES to lose and is intense. We can deal with that problem.

    Has he beaten any women lately? Drug charges? What exactly has he done except publicly express frustration at the Browns direction. Is any sane person NOT frustrated with the Browns moves the past decade?

    Buc Bonzai

    I expect more from you!

    The man is a one year wonder and his only good year came in his contract year.

    Really? What are you talking about? He played QB until this past year how could he possibly prove himself at WR over the course of his years in the league. He only had ONE year to put up numbers. He is nothing like the players (Doug Martin!!!) you mentioned who balled out for a contract!!!

    Pryor bounced around as a QB prospect but it wasn’t until the Bengals cut him that his agent finally said Pryor would accept a change of position to stay in the league.

    As for last year….it’s a miracle that he put up 1,000 yards. As late as week 3 he was still getting jerked around and then look what happened.

    In a Week 3 contest against the Miami Dolphins, Pryor started as a receiver and took a few snaps at quarterback behind rookie Cody Kessler. He also had one play at safety at the end of the second half. Along with his 144 receiving yards, Pryor finished the loss with three completions for 35 yards, 21 rushing yards and scored his first rushing touchdown as a Brown.[69] He was the first player in the NFL to have at least 120 receiving yards, 30 passing yards, and 20 rushing yards in a game since Frank Gifford did so for the New York Giants in 1959.

    Again these freaking memes get started and are hard to live down. Remember #3 and all the memes created around him? Are we glad we ignored them.,

    My son in Columbus..both and OSU and Brownies fan would neither vouch for Pryor nor say that he was a head case. He thinks he’s just too competitive…again can you say #3? Perhaps it’s a QB thing?

    Whatever my son did state unequivocally that Pryor is an amazing athlete.

    I’m fine with whoever we get. I just cannot understand how people can call for slime like Mixon or Greg Hardy yet are offended by a player who gripes because is team loses and makes bad decisions.

    I trust TL/DK and #3 to figure out if Pryor’s head is too big of a gamble. It might be. But there is NO DOUBT he is the WR in both FA and the draft with the largest upside. 4.4 speed in a 6-4 230 body and fiercely competitive.

  24. Mike Says:

    WR is a need, but not all of the lack of YAC was on the receivers. Jameis threw a LOT of passes behind or late to receivers, not giving them the opportunity to keep running. He had this problem in his first year and he cleaned it up this year, but he still needs to learn to throw much quicker and with anticipation on a more consistent basis.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    RB in FA and WR in the first.

  26. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW a question for JBF posters and Joe?

    Do we suspect #3 might have some input into who we try to secure at WR?

  27. Miko Says:

    why not leveon bell in free agency? tons of cash and instantly solves a big hole with a superstar…

  28. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’d like a WR in the first, but wouldn’t be mad if they went in another direction. I just hope we hit on our first 3 or 4 picks, regardless of thier positions. We can upgrade in a lot of areas. Regarding Mixon, if he’s still there in the 5th, and we didn’t already draft a RB, I’d take a chance, maybe.

  29. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    This is strange, I agree with BigHog! I wouldn’t mind seeing RT and C with our first two picks. We should have probably the youngest O Line in the league and could grow together. Better protection and bigger holes. I just hope we get players who won’t bust than hoping we get certain positions.

  30. America's Commenter Says:

    Sign two WRs in free agency, draft the best player available in the first 3 rounds, pickup Marlon Mack in the 4th round.

  31. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    LMAO. We totally disagree. As Gomer might say….surprize..surprize…surpize.

    Give us your nominations. I just checked the list of available RB’s and I’m curious.

    Leveon Bell…yeah I trade the first two picks for him but do you suppose the Steelers would even consider it.

    Lacy…I liked him but if GB let’s him get away do we not suspect something?

    The other “name” players are all 30 or older…do you really want a 30 year old RB…perhaps for plug and play for one season.

    Meanwhile on the FA side..there is a lot more than just Pryor…there’s Desean Jackson who could be a Joey Galloway type for us…do you not trust a 30 year old WR to hold up better than a 30 year old RB.

  32. Deminion Says:

    I would take mixon late if available dude looks like he could be the best back in the draft and he is a gamebreaker

  33. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Well I guess it really starts with Evans really. He’s spent time with (Pryor) him. Does GODZILLA vouch for him? I hope so. Those 3 together… WHOA

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:

    We need both so it really doesn’t matter.

    We have to add at least 1 WR in FA. There is no reason or excuse not to – there will be many guys available that are better than the Freddie Martino’s of the world.

    We might not get our #2 WR – but if we can that’d be even better.

    RB market looks pretty weak to me outside of Bell and he’s likely retained. I’d rather draft a young guy somewhere in the 2nd-4th given the lifespan of the position.

    Also I think RB is an easier rookie position than WR in terms of transition to the NFL – although WRs are getting better and better lately at coming into the NFL and immediately producing

  35. Buc'n Since I Was 10 Says:

    I don’t see Bell leaving Pitt, than again I guess we have to see what happens in the playoffs

  36. Kobe Faker Says:

    #1- Need a offensive coordinator and playcaller

    we are 30th ranked team in yards after catch and Jameis is 2nd in air yards

    Our Clown doesnt know how to scheme/design plays to get our recievers in space to run after catch

    where was the rb screens and wheel routes?

    Our Clown is turning us into the Jacksonville Jaguars with David Garrand and MJ Drew RB.

    18th ranked offensive 2 years ago and 20th last year

    Jameis Winston has REGRESSED last year

    We need experienced longtime NFL offensive playcaller and our fearfull of backstabbing Clown is going to give the playcalling duties to a college brat

    There is a health issue/defect with Koetter. Dr Stroud and i did a thorough and intense analysis of Koetters personality. with occasional bouts with foot-in-mouthitis, Koetter suffers from insecurity personality defect. Koetter lacks confidence and tries to blame his incompetence to my girl, Jenna L.

    No matter who we draft or bring in as FA, as long as Koetter is in control of the offense, we will have the same stagnant and predictable offense

    ***ask the atlanta hawk fans

    Even with all the midew in my moms basement, i can see this!…but the tampa sheep can not

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Free agency will drive our draft needs and Bucs have plenty of money to grab several quality FAs. Personally prefer Desean Jackson over any of the other WRs in FA, but only as about a 2-4 year bridge (hey, he is 30). Still think signing 2 quality OLinemen is necessary to upgrade our OLine … it all starts in the trenches.

    Defensive upgrades are easy … lots of Would love to see us sign Eric Berry, but he may well decide to stay with the Chiefs. Would also love to see the Bucs sign a quality DE and DT in free agency (preferably guys who’ll be with us 4-5 yrs).

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    St Pete…I kinda like Murray actually. Not a star, but could get the job done. I really don’t think we need a dominate RB. Just an adequate enough one to keep D’s honest.

    Hell the passing game….could open up the run game.

    Everyone knows by now I want o-line, so perhaps trade down and get one.

    So if I have to go WR or RB…then I go Corey Davis.

  39. Joeypoppems Says:

    WR is the biggest need on offense. Imo it has to be fixed in free agency. We need an Experienced vet as a #2 receiver and a deep threat out as our slot receiver. Ive said it on other articles on here, if Im Jason Licht I am going after Garcon or Britt as my #2 receiver and Stills or Wright as the guy to stretch the field out of the slot. Humphries and Shep as depth and now we have 5 receievers who we know can be successful and dont have to draft a receiver in the first 2 days and focus on upgrading other positions

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Koetter himself identified yAC as a huge problem – but you simply never acknowledge the lack of personnel even though it is obvious to everyone else

    A playcaller can’t turn Adam Humphries into ODell Beckam Jr. We ran plenty of WR screens and RB screens and most never popp’d for big plays because the guys running them don’t have big play ability.

    Towards the end of the year; our entire arsenal of weapons were Mike Evans / Adam Humphries / Cam Brate / Jaquiz Rodgers

    everyone else was hurt or a practice squad player. Mike Evans was the only true weapon we had that would be a weapon for any team. Those other 3 guys might not start on a lot of rosters.

    news flash but ME is not a YAC monster – not his game. Hump is a good slot WR but not a game breaker. Brate is a catch a ball in traffic TE but not a guy who is going to break a tackle and gain extra yards. Quiz is a backup RB

    So who the F8ck was he supposed to run screens to for big plays?

    Alex Cross? Freddie Martino? Your boy SHep couldn’t stay on the field as a true WR – seemed like any catch in traffic had him running to the sidelines

    We ran out of bodies dude. And we didn’t have much to begin with.


    Koetter isn’t the best OC in the NFL or anything; but he’s done pretty decent in his career. Had Atlanta top 12 in scoring 2 of his 3 years. Set records for the most yards in Bucs history in 2015. Set scoring record his first season in Jville and in his 5 years there they were a top 3 rushing team. That doesn’t happen with an incompetent playcaller

    But the biggest reason i like him is he adapts the offense to the players he has. Atlanta was a passing offense. Jville was a rush based offense. Next year our talent will determine his direction imo

  41. LargoBuc Says:

    As of now it is too hard to tell who will be available when we pick at 19. But one prospect I like is David Njoku TE out of Miami. He cant block like Howard but his athleticism is ridiculous. Not to mention we could probably trade up in the second for him.
    Asfar as free agents, Kenny Britt could be a respectable #2. Not spectacular but steady. If we signed him and drafted John Ross to play the slot, we would have the perfect balance of size, speed.

  42. LargoBuc Says:

    And Koetter made David Garrard look average, which not alot of OC can say, as Garrard is terrible.

  43. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Everyone knows by now I want o-line, so perhaps trade down and get one.

    So if I have to go WR or RB…then I go Corey Davis.”

    This is where I’m at as of 1/13/17. I’m sure I’ll change a bunch between now and then lol.

    After watching cut ups and seeing him in the 1st round of some mocks; I like the idea of dropping back a couple spots and taking the G from Notre Dame that LUV is high on.

    LT – Donavon Smith (3rd year)
    LG – Kevin Pamphile (4th year)
    C – Ali Marpet (3rd year)
    RG – Quinton Nelson (rookie)
    RT – Demar Dotson / Caleb Benecoch (2nd year)

    Talk about a young line that can grow together

    Draft Dede Westbrook round 2 / top RB round 3

    After signing Garcon or Britt or Pryor or someone in FA

    Offensive steroid injection

    We could also sign a G in FA or Sweezy could come back and change all this but if we wanted to go O-line in the draft I could do it

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Latavius Murray

    Born: January 18, 1990 (age 26), Titusville, FL
    Height: 6′ 3″
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Education: University of Central Florida
    Current team: Oakland Raiders (#28 / Running back)

  45. gotbbucs Says:

    @ kobe faker

    Tell me who this offensive coordinator is that can work a miracle and get a top 10 offense out of a drug addicted rb, one legit wr, an undrafted fa te, and a 2nd year qb? I want the answer, not just a bitchy rant about how somebody isn’t doing their job correctly.

    Players play the game. There’s only so much a coach can do with limited resources.

    Is Koetter perfect when it comes to calling plays? Hell no, and he’ll be the first to admit that, but you’re clamoring to go out there and find a play caller that doesn’t exist. There was not a single strength on this offense right now, they need players currently not on the roster added before any play caller ever has the upper hand on a defense.

  46. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Berry, JPP, Patterson and draft OJ Howard in the 1st. Done!!!!

  47. Armybucsfan Says:

    What about Alshon jeffrey? He’s a nut case but has proven to have talent plus speed. Keep Doug Martin but restructure his deal do to his stupidity. Grab JPP and if the gods favor us Eric berry and we have a scary ass team.

  48. Joe Says:

    On Terrelle Pryor:

    Joe doesn’t know much about him other than his shady college past and that he is not well liked by Pac Man Jones (which to Joe is a compliment).

    This much is known about Pryor: The dude could have pouted and whined like Tim Tebow that he would only play quarterback and if he wasn’t offered a job at quarterback he wouldn’t sign. Right now if Tebow said he wanted to be a fullback or a tight end, he’d likely be employed in the NFL instead of being involved in this PR stunt trying to play baseball.

    Pryor worked his rear end off to reinvent himself from a quarterback to a receiver. That is not easy to do and tells Joe this guy has a passion and desire to be in the NFL.

    To Joe, that speaks volumes. Tells Joe that Pryor is sort of like Noah Spence in that whatever it takes to get on the field, he will do.

  49. Miko Says:

    Latavius Murray = YES!!!!

  50. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    To Joe, that speaks volumes. Tells Joe that Pryor is sort of like Noah Spence in that whatever it takes to get on the field, he will do.
    THESE are the type of players we NEED. Loves playing the game, HATES to lose though

  51. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d be down with taking the risk on Pryor for the right price

    There is no FA WR with more potential upside. He also worked out with Moss like ME so they are probably familiar with each other.

  52. USFBUC Says:

    I’m a USF fan and I am confused why people keep bringing up Marlon Mack. He lacks the power to run up the middle in college which means he certainly won’t be able to do so in the NFL. Mack is a beautiful runner once he gets into space and he makes for a decent receiver out of the back field but I do not see him making it in the NFL

  53. USFBUC Says:

    @armybucsfan – Alshon has already promised a Super Bowl to Chicago fans next year so that tells me he is planning on staying with the Bears.

  54. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Man listen,#WeaponsforWinston
    Hell bring in Josh Gordon if he checks out. There’s a real nucleus being formed in that lockeroom. Given what the WR whisperer coach Monken did with GODZILLA this year. Anything is possible. So what if you don’t like my choice. If he’s allowed to play, sign him. NE is the type of team that would… See Floyd

  55. USFBUC Says:

    Kobe – the regression on offense was caused by the injuries to the offense. 2015 was a healthy year for the team, we had one of the best ground games in the league, #5 in total yards and #2 in yards per attempt per pro football

    Even with the injuries Winston threw for 4000 yards in his first two years which has never been done before. Had our ground game not been terrible this year our overall offensive performance would have likely improved.

  56. 808BUCS Says:

    @Lord Cornelius

    Im all for upgrading our OL, it all starts up front with the guys in the trenches. I would leave Marpet at RG where he was dominating anyone that lined up in front of him. Go look for a C in the draft trade back and go get Pocic or Elflien. Maybe Orlosky in the third all good at run blocking. Winston broke records running for his life half the time due to lack of protection, he also did it with a non existant run game, RB getting hit in the back field most of the time, all on the OL, and throwing to no name receivers besides Evans. If he was given the protection needed and a decent run game we wouldn’t be home right now watching the teams we beat in the season in the playoffs.

  57. Lord Cornelius Says:

    808 I’m fine with keeping marpet at RG and not moving him to C if there are good C prospects out there. I just keep hearing it’s hard to find them

    There is way too much time between now and draft lol – i duno how i will deal

    If we went all offense in the draft I wouldn’t mind – as long as we sign a DT, DE & S in FA.

    Round 1 – trade back a bit and get Howard
    Round 2 – get speed WR like Dede Westbrook or the guy from WVU
    Round 3 – get a starting capable C
    Round 4 – woman beater Mixon

    could possibly interchange rounds 2/3 with the C / WR

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m excited either way and it’s only January.

  59. B Dawg Says:

    I am not sure why people on here are clamoring for Latavius Murray. He is a product of the second best O-line in the league. Put him behind our O-line and he does about as well as our other RB’s did this season. IMHO it would be a mistake to sign any FA running back, unless Bell leaves Pit. I believe we should look for a RB in the draft. The draft is loaded with RB talent and I think we can find a starter for 2017 in the mid rounds. I read the Pewter Report fab five today and one of the topics was Joe Mixon. Very informative read. Not saying I would support drafting him, but before reading the article I was ABSOLUETLY NOT in favor of drafting him.

  60. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m happy with Desean Jackson, Garcon and obviously I like Pryor best.

    One last thought about Pryor and then I’ll STFU

    He has two weaknesses at the moment.

    He has been perceived as too competitive and hard to manage on a crapola team.
    Does he want to win too much? Can #3 keep him under control. I do not know.

    He is still a work in progress when it comes to route running. Remember ME’s first year? With Monken on staff I do not worry about Pryor’s route running…he’s a great all around athlete and Moncken and the boys can get his routes corrected.

    If we don’t get him I’ll be OK because I think we have good info on him from ME having worked with he and Moss. In fact that’s my biggest concern ME. If he signs off it’s all good. I would hate to have dueling egos at WR and these two guys are both #1 talents.

  61. Kobe Faker Says:

    Forrest Gump drafting 101 and player evaluation

    Whoever paints tampa logo on their cleats at the combines i will draft

    gump analytics

    Koetter the Clown and Jason Gump is the Casey Phillips and Captain Fear of NFL front offices

    Where were the RB screens and wheelouts all year!!!! All our backs could catch and they were all great when the play was called.


    loosen the stacked box with the screens. exploit the bad linebacker pass coverage against our rbs in open space

    WHY? WHY? WHY? does our linebackers get explointed all game long against the screen and our clown doesnt exploint our opponent with the same play


  62. JabooBuc Says:

    Boy it would be nice is Sweezy were to work out. Not holding my breath but if we were able to add to the existing line with he and another strong FA Guard allowing Marpet to move to C then we’ve really got something.

  63. Pickgrin Says:

    Go away Kobe Welcher. God your posts are so ignorant and annoying.

  64. tnew Says:

    Ok, those saying Joe Mixon, please go watch the video, then come back and voice your opinion, but please if you say yes to him, stop saying what a “bad” guy Pryor is. Everything I have heard indicates the kid just wants to play football. Period Says a lot to rebuild yourself after your career as a QB is shot down. Guess it would be more respectable to try to play baseball.

    Back to Mixon, just started watching his game tape and honestly, I’m a bit confused. I don’t see the elite type of RB that would warrant taking that big of a character chance. If I’m taking a chance, I would prefer Joe Williams. Yes he “retired” in the second game and that red flag is huge but when he came back.. Holy crap the light bulb went off. He blocks, catches and runs well, probably slips to third round. His 40 time will dictate a ton. I have seen him estimated as a 4.35 to 4.63.

    Le’veon Bell. Ok fantasy football fans. I want him on my fantasy team. Why? I can waive him and find another player to plug in when he gets busted for pot and he gets 4 or 10 games depending on the source. Kick Martin to the curb, but back up the Brinks truck for Bell? Not sure that makes sense.

    As far as everyone saying emphatic no’s to moving up to draft Dalvin Cook.. I say, move up to 12. Last time the Bucs took an FSU running back at that spot in the draft it worked pretty good. (I’m only halfway jesting there)

    My preference would be staying put and drafting a stud interior lineman on either side of the ball. At pick 19 the intersection of best value and need seems to be G, C, DT or Safety, but I’m just starting to look at it.

    I haven’t sold myself on any of the backs or receivers at 19 just yet but that could change.

  65. Pickgrin Says:

    And I’m with you Jaboo.

    Hopefully Sweezy comes back strong and helps improve an Oline that declined quite a bit last year. There’s no chicken or egg involved with run setting up pass or pass setting up run – if your Oline is not very good at either run blocking or pass protection. Such was largely the case in 2016 whether Joe is willing to admit it or not.

    This is not a good year for drafting OL unfortunately so we are probably going to have to just bear with the “building” process and hope that young players we already have like Marpet, Smith, Pamphile, Benenoch, Wester, Gottschalk and Josh Allen can develop well and quickly.

    As far as drafting RB vs WR early – free agency will likely dictate that one way or the other. But its generally easier to find a potential star RB in the mid rounds than it is to find a star WR there.

  66. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs should not stretch for a player picking in the 1st. Take the best player available when their time comes or trade down and get 2 picks for one. By the time the Bucs pick, the top receivers might be gone. Look to free agency for a couple of players. Bring Martin back. The guy is gonna have a super year after rehab. For us or somebody else.

  67. Red86 Says:

    Get Wrs asap. (2 or more ) What you asked Joe I two side of the same coin. Defense stack the box, then pass. Defense don’t stack the box, then run. We haven’t had anyone to truly punish the defense for stacking the box not within the red zone. Yea we had big catches. But, rarely a tds of 30+ plus yard from a pass.

  68. BIG IRISH SECTION 318 Says:

    What came first…..the chicken or the egg?
    The Rooster! The Rooster came 1st!
    Why is it always about the women & children?
    What about us Roosters?
    The Rooster came 1st!!!

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I didn’t know that about Pryor. I just looked at his stats.

  70. Dirtybuc Says:

    So Jeana Laine is going to give me insight into the needs of bucs. I went to college with her, she was cheerleader and I played football, she know literally nothing about football but she is pretty so give her a job. Hog spit please ask to define how to play a trips formation to the field with palms coverage. Please asker to name the drills used to determine the ankle flexion in offensive linemen and what procedure is used to determine that. I mean a five year could she that we need a number 2 WR.

  71. Buccfan37 Says:

    Help wanted: speedy receiver with sticky hands for sure catches. BIG IRISH… cockadoodledo, the rooster came first indeed!

  72. dee Says:

    We need oline and wr Winston is taking a beating

  73. SOEbuc Says:

    I don’t know why people don’t think Quizz can be #1. He had a very good year. Two 100 yard games when he was allowed to touch the ball. With Simms, Peyton Barber, and Antone Smith behind him (and don’t forget Alex Cross), they can at least test out the RB situation for one more year. WR all the way.

  74. ME13 Says:

    No!!did y’all watch Atlanta?? Are y’all watching the Cowboys O-Lion ? We To sign back St guys add C Patterson add JPP & Poe an Draft a LT kick D smith to RT Draft a stud center then add T Pryor then in the 4th get that bad boy RB from OU an let GMac smack some sense in him !!! We got to Draft to beat the teams that are in the playoffs!!

  75. ME13 Says:

    The key to success is prepare today for tomorrow !!!

  76. ME13 Says:

    Unc Joe is there any way to get some pressure on Jason maybe lite a fire!!! He has done a great job in the Draft!! I even liked the Robreto pick at the time!! But it’s time to cut bait bait!! Nothing personal but I just don’t think our current kicker is good enough!!! Let the kid go an get us a kicker that u have faith in with 2 seconds left to win it!! This wk n was proof that our brass is not wrong to place that Kinda value 2nd rd on a kicker!!! They win an lose more games then any other player on the team!!! We sailing for trouble waters an maybe an few heartattacks for we don’t may a move!!