Report: New York Wants Mike Glennon

January 16th, 2017
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Will Glennon be asked to bleed green?

A reputable heavy hitter at believes Mike Glennon is tops on the Jets’ quarterback radar.

Rich Cimini, the former New York Daily News scribe typed it up all pretty today. His sources tell him Glennon will get a call in a hurry when the free agency dinner bell rings March 9.

The Jets figure to be one of Glennon’s suitors because they need a starting-caliber player to augment the position as they continue to develop Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. There aren’t many appealing options in the market.

General manager Mike Maccagnan was interested in Glennon in 2015, when the Jets were in the trade market and wound up dealing for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now Glennon is an unrestricted free agent, and the word on the street is that he’ll get a call from the Jets. The Bills, Browns, Bears and 49ers also will be in the quarterback market.

Joe will be stunned if Glennon gets a pile of guaranteed money in the Brock Osweiler range. But if there’s a team silly enough to pump Glennon’s wallet with $10 to $15 million per year, it would be the Jets.

For Glennon’s sake, Joe hopes the Bucs’ former “quarterback of the future” does not land in New York. The media will be ruthless and Joe doesn’t think Glennon is a Big Apple kind of guy by any stretch.

Plus, the Jets are in shambles with Brandon Marshall likely on his way out, as well. Glennon fans should be praying he gets a shot in Buffalo or Denver, or even Cleveland is a better fit for him.

Interesting to read of Maccagnan’s interest in Glennon last year. Joe sure hopes Jason Licht didn’t pass on a third-round pick.

41 Responses to “Report: New York Wants Mike Glennon”

  1. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The jets offense is actually decently stocked. Enunwa and Decker at WR are better than anyone not named Mike Evans on the bucs roster. They have Forte at RB who is always a weapon… i hate to say it, but the Jets Offense has a LOT more weapons than the bucs currently do. We have a former stud RB who will likely be cut, and a couple of decent back up RBs. Nothing special there. We have a good TE in Brate, and at WR we have Evans, thats it.

    Count it out. The bucs only have 2 real receiving threats. Thats it! Any situation is currently better than the bucs offense.

    I left out Hump, because all he does is WR screens. ANYONE can do a wr screen. The bucs need a lot of help. If we dont add 2 WRs and a RB, next season will be another playoffless season.

  2. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    MG8 was nothing but class here. If anybody ever had a reason to whine…watching Lovie keep playing McClown instead of at least finding out what MG8 had to offer was just disturbing. What a horrible freaking coach. Who can possibly defend that move. We weren’t going to the playoffs…McClown is a journeyman not a franchise QB we could have at least showcased MG8 and found out what we had.]

    Good luck MG8 until you play us!

  3. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Glennon is going to get paid. I’ll miss him as our quality backup at QB.

  4. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I was sitting there amazed that anyone would dream of making a phone call for Glennon as a starter at all. So Joe put it in perspective perfectly: “But if there’s a team silly enough to pump Glennon’s wallet with $10 to $15 million per year, it would be the Jets.” Yup, that’s two more years of “cellar dweller” for the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. MG8 won’t even notice the media. They are too busy hating Trump that Mike’s open-mouthed stare will never flinch. And he’ll complete 60% of his passes, have 20 TDs and 10 Ints a year, and he’ll have zero explosive plays and be as fierce and feared as a giraffe nibbling on berries. But he’s a good guy, a good BACKUP QB. I do wish him well.

  5. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    Shame. Happy for Glennon to get another shot to start but I’m sorry to see it’ll be the sorry ass Jets

  6. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Glennon to Sefarian-Jenkins, an interesting reunion. I’d obviously like to see Mike remain a Buc, but if he gets his shot to start and a ton of cash then good for him. Maybe (hopefully?) Hackenberg gets his mojo back at some point, but until then I think Glennon could win the starting QB job vs. the current crop of Jets QB’s. With that said I’d rather see him land in Buffalo, as I think that team and market are a better fit for Mike.

  7. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Well, looks like we’ll settle the Mike Glennon once and for all. He’ll be a dud as most suspect, but if goes out and turns into Peyton Manning…or even Andrew Luck… I’ll stand corrected.

  8. Chris Says:

    Fred , you’re an idiot. If he puts up 20-10 tss to ints on NY consistently, they’ll love him there. They’re desperate to get a qb. I love the giraffe lines from you guys. You really, really, really are hung up on a guys looks. I guess you can read between the lines on that. Hey , it’s 2017, a rainbow world. Not gonna hate on your preferences. I bet you absolutely LOVE Tom Brady. Wish him well, like St Petersburg said, the voice of rationing around here, he never inched, never complained.

  9. Chris Says:

    Rational and St Pete

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    you and rest of Bucs media should start pumping out pro-Mike Glennon articles to try and help make this happen for as much money as possible lol

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    I just hope the bucs get to face him as often as possible.

  12. LargoBuc Says:

    Glennon is decent. Teams could do alot worse. Go to a team with a strong defense where you dont have to air it out, just dont turn it over.

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon to the stinky Nyets. If so it will be the reason I watch that team when on TV. I too hope Glennon impresses.

  14. pick6 Says:

    Glennon will get a contract with an 8 figure annual value from someone

  15. SCBucsFan Says:

    He can reunite with ASJ.

  16. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Chris, why the name calling? Is Glennon your boyfriend or something? You do know you can put up some decent numbers and still be a perrenial loser right? Glennon is not a leader. He’s not a playmaker. He’s a garbage time QB.

  17. Getaclue Says:

    Actually it’s probably the best fit for him , other than his personality and the media. But it’s the jets not the Giants and they are the step child with no where to go but up

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Glennon would be a good fit for a lot of teams, but mainly the one that I keep thinking of is the Cardinals. The Jets may or may not be a good fit, I do wonder if Glennon would do OK in that media market plus they have a bunch of young guys and it most likely would be musical chairs as far as switching QBs in an out. If Glennon went to the Cardinals, waited a year or two until Palmer retired, I think Glennon could step right in and play basically until he was in his late 30s. From the Bucs side they’re not getting any comp pick for Glennon – the only way they would do so would be if they didn’t sign anyone as a FA, which I don’t see happening. Maybe if the Bucs only signed like one or two middlingly FAs they might get like a 7th rounder out of Glennon signing somewhere, but I doubt it.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Joe, I know you have a strong dislike of Glennon – and while I didn’t want him to be the QB for the Bucs and there was zero thought that the Bucs shouldn’t take a QB to replace him, I think you undervalue what he can be. If he’s on a team where he’s just a game manager, so a team with a good defense, he can step in and be a steady guy who might *might* develop still into a Brad Johnson type of player. Remember Brad Johnson played some early, then was a backup, then played some more before finally latching on with the Bucs. Glennon in my mind is the same type of player whose upside is Brad Johnson, which is a very solid starting NFL QB. I think Glennon can get there in the right setup and when a team gives Brock the money they gave him – then Glennon should get paid. I said it last year Brock wasn’t even as good as Glennon, and Glennon will 100% prove that.

    With all that said there isn’t any way I’d want Glennon as my starting QB unless I got that 2002 Bucs defense. Glennon just isn’t a playmaker, he’s a guy that plays it safe always – although I do wonder how much of that has to do with Schiano and Glennon still being very young and on a bad team. Glennon is no Winston, or even Mariota, but he’s an upgrade for a number of teams. Personally I hope he does well – he’s never been an issue here and has seemed professional at all times. I personally think Glennon is the type of guy that will still be in the league when he’s 35 as big QBs with good arms that aren’t complete morons tend to stick around.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    I hope for Glennon’s sake that he gets a better offer than to play with the Jets.

  21. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Mike Glennon turtled a half yard shy of a first down on a 3rd and two scramble.

    That is all Lovie (or anyone else for that matter) needed to see. Simple as that.

  22. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Cleveland!?! Give me a break! And you don’t know anything about Qbs anyway you wanted Johnny Manziel (and still want his autograph very strange) so your opinion means nothing to me. I hope he kicks butt wherever he goes!

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Pete Mitchell – Yeah but that can be just an issue of not knowing where the first down marker is. I didn’t think Glennon played physically scared, he sat in the pocket and would get hit and didn’t look ancy, his problem in my mind was that he just didn’t make plays. The biggest thing to me is the end of the Dolphins game on Thursday night football, where at the end of the game instead of throwing up a hail mail (in a 2 score or more game if I recall) he just ran out of bounds with the ball. Glennon always seemed like he might be watching his stats a bit. For Winston I don’t think he cares at all about his stats, he will throw hail marys and doesn’t seem to mind – it inflates his INTs and people will point to those stats and say Winston is turnover prone, but you watch the games and you go he’s got numerous hail mary INTs that were done at the half or to end games, so who cares about those. Well the one I always had a feeling warned about those was Glennon – but as I said it also could have been Schiano just coaching him that way since Schiano sucked at his job.

    For Glennon, the more I think about it, the more I think he’d be super smart to head to Arizona and just wait a year or two – maybe less since it seemed like Palmer’s arm turned into the Manning Noodle like a game after the Bucs played in Arizona. It’s just such a perfect fit, a team with a strong running game built around an immobile QB and who has an excellent defense and just needs a QB not to lose them games. Glennon is a great fit if that’s what you need.

  24. Supersam Says:

    If Glennon wins a Super Bowl before Winston. We riot.

  25. BringBucsBack Says:

    I wonder if the Texans would have minded having him?

  26. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’d like to see Glennon go to the 49ers. That NY team might take McCown. Oh wait, Lovie ain’t there.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Good luck kid.

  28. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Shame on your dude you embarrass yourself as do all the weiners here who call out MG8’s courage because of ONE freaking play.

    Did it change the outcome of the game? Nah. As someone pointed out maybe he missed the marker or made a mistake.

    I am not a MCcown fan…and I get the distaste some have for MG8 but I shall never question the courage of either of these guys.

    Our OL SUCKED…BOTH of those guys took unmericiful beatings….getting continually blasted as DL just tuned them up every game….quarter after quarter. McCown got the worst of it simply because he played the most but it was brutal for both those guys. You can say they suck if you don’t like their play but you’re an idiot if you accuse them of lacking ‘nads.

    Jeebus guys typing are soooo freaking Tough. You know I can be a pretty baaad man if I just have to type it.

    Nobody here would get up off the deck if we took half the hits McCown and MG8 took that year. ANYBODY who took a snap behind that OL was a real man if nothing else. It got so brutal a couple of games I just wanted Lovie to wave a freaking white flag. It was hurting me just watching it!

    But then I’m no badarse keyboard warrior…tough on the fingertips to be that baaad eh?

  29. THETRUTH Says:

    DENVER would be a good fit for MG. They need a smart guy like him

  30. Flmike Says:

    Joe I told you last year just after the draft that two very well connected writers at my network both told me the Bucs turned down not one but two teams who offered 3rd picks for Glennon and that one if the offers involved multiple picks.

  31. Buc50 Says:

    I hope he breaks the bank…GET THAT MONEY. It only helps us recoup a higher draft pick

  32. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    @Buc50 I don’t want us to get any compensatory picks.

    Because I want us to attack Free Agency with a purpose.

  33. fitz Says:

    joe the bucs have screwed glennon big time he will be a pro bowler jamis will be good glennon will be better you did like him until you let big dog change your mind by bashing glennon every day like he did with super bowl quarterback trent dilfer get your nose out of big dogs ass & think for yourself

  34. Mike Johnson Says:

    When life presents a challenge…Take your best shot . You never know about The NFL. Glennon might be one of those ..sleepers that takes time to develop and catches on with a team. He’s got a great attitude. Good luck to Glennon wherever he lands.

  35. Buccfaninhawkeyecountry Says:

    Hell yeah. Good for him, he should be starting somewhere. I hope there’s a bidding war for him. higher the contract, the higher the compensatory pick for us. Everybody wins

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Fred E. Buc
    “Where he will be as fierce and feared, as a giraffe nibbling Berries”.

    I always thought, that if there was one team that Glennon could succeed with- it was the Cardinals.
    They could deal with a “Stand in the pocket” Qb, as they have one now.
    Plus, They have great playmakers after the catch.

    The Jets will be a career killing union for Glennon.

    I believe his smart move, is to stay here.
    Hes making pretty good money, and staying very healthy.
    Not a bad deal. Open a steakhouse, voila! A (Backup) Pirates life indeed!

  37. delson Says:

    Glennon should think oline as 2nd priority to starting gig. I think glennon can come in and play pretty well. He threw some nice deep balls and even some throws on the run. My favorite had to be against the steelers or the saints when the dline came in glennon scrambled left and hit vjax in stride. Aaron rodgers started late too, look at him now. People can laugh at glennon and at that comparison but nobody could tell the future. If he is successful i wont be bitter towards our gm or hc. My team officially split from him 2 seasons ago n i can wish him the best for enduring the highs and lows in tampa bay.

  38. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Capt. Tim, I agree, Glennon is a serviceable backup and I’d have wished the Bucs would have locked him up for about $4-5 mil a year toward the end of this season–and kept him here. But he clearly thinks he can start in this league, and after 18 games I don’t see him him as a leader or playmaker that could make 4-12 teams or 6-10 teams 10-6 like an x-factor guy would. He’s not one of the top 32 QBs in the world. Maybe he’s a top 64. Hate to see it, but he’ll likely be living out of his suitcase.

  39. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I’ll add…Mike Glennon had 13 games in 2013 to convince the Glazers on down they didn’t need a QB. He won four of those. Did just enough to mind his stats, that did no good for his team in his four wins. In five games straight in 2014 he had a chance to show Lovie he was wrong, and while his numbers were better than McCown’s during the injury stretch McCown had, he was pathetic too, and even worse in leading his team. He won just one game. Yes, the whole team has to work together and you can’t pin all the losses on Glennon, but any team needs inspirational leadership at QB, and sometimes a QB needs to singhandedly need to win a game here and there. Glennon had a chance to take this as HIS team in the huddle, twice, even once when Schinao handed it to him. He didn’t. There is no indication after 18 starts he’s anything other than a backup QB. But I don’t blame him to wanting to see for himself. Just sad, because I’ll bet money he’ll be in three places over the next five years, and probably starting temporarily for just one of them. Even if he rides the bench for a while in say, Arizona, the Cards will looking for a better QB. Trevor Simeon’s situation comes to mind.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If Glennon signs with the Jets, it will ruin him. He doesn’t have the heart to withstand NY Fans criticism.

    If he were smart, he’d go to the 49ers. Follow the Steve Young path…not that he’s ever be as good.

  41. orlbucfan Says:

    This MG8 supporter wishes a classy player the very best of luck. He proved his worth when the usually heavy underdog/lousy Buc team almost beat Seattle in Seattle. It was when the Seahawks had their SB winning team. Glennon was the reason Bucs were so good in that one. 🙂