John Lynch And Mark Dominik

January 30th, 2017
Right-hand man for new 49ers GM John Lynch?

Right-hand man for new 49ers GM John Lynch?

So, despite what a guy claims on Twitter about the “hot rumor” in Mobile when said person wasn’t even in Mobile last week, it sure seemed like the “hot rumor” was that former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik was in line for a sweet front office gig with the 49ers, as reported by heavy metal head-banging Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

As it turned out, John Lynch was the primary target for embattled 49ers shotcaller Jed York.

But there has been no word whether rumors of Dominik getting a 49ers suit was just that, or if he will work with Lynch in San Francisco.

Hey, Lynch knows Dominik well from their many days with the Bucs. Perhaps that is an in for Dominik?

Lynch, who has zero experience running a team much less working in player personnel, could lean on Dominik who spent two decades in the football operations.

This sure is a dubious hire by York, which may be the latest example of why the 49ers are in the toilet of the NFL.

But Lynch, who played college ball for Bill Walsh at nearby Stanford, surely is smart enough to surround himself with guys experienced in NFL operations, and folks Lynch can learn from himself.

16 Responses to “John Lynch And Mark Dominik”

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    For Lynch’s sake if he gets any draft advice from Dominik he should do the exact opposite.

  2. THETRUTH Says:

    My first thought is lynch will put people around him that have experience and know how to do things. Dominick cause connection was my first thought , he won’t be GM but could help with contracts big time

  3. Lawrence Johnson Says:

    guys, this is really cool news. think of the old bucs , minus sapp of course. They are really well rounded people, and extremely bright with amazing gigs.
    John lynch – GM
    Ronde Barber – great announcer who could do anything
    Derrick Brooks – could be anything he wants, NFL director of player personnel?
    Warrick Dunn – great dude overall
    dungy – well respected
    gruden, – Monday night guru
    alstott – esteemed business owner
    Keyshawn – analyst , never any negative news about him
    keenan mccardel – wr coach for jags
    ex coaches – successful all over the league.
    etc etc

  4. Jason Says:

    Mark Dominik has not one ounce of accountability in his body. He needs to stay where is at.

  5. TeddyTB Says:

    Dominic was a good #s guy(contracts) he’d allow Lynch to focus on player evaluation more. I think it would be a smart idea.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    The 49ers must have actually done the back ground check and called mark “the dummy” dominik’s references!!!!!!!

    the pop-star was the worst gm in Buc history and I do not wish his incompetence on any team!!!!! The job could have been between dominik and a monkey any you know what!!! The 49ers would have been bringing extra bananas on Fridays!!!!!

    the popstar has the perfect job right now!!! That comedy show where he second guesses real NFL GM’s!!!!!!

  7. Tampa Tony Says:

    @theBucrealist-you sir are 100% right and might need to start your own blog to offer counter points to the Joes when it comes to their friend/source Mark Dominik AKA the worst GM in Bucs history

  8. NJ Tim Says:

    IF Dominik joins him I would definitely make them the favorite to land Mike Glennon.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    LOL – the 49ers took a good look at Dom’s GM ‘resume’ and decided – “let’s hire the nice guy on TV who has no front office experience whatsoever”

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Congrats John! Hopefully everything works out with Dominick. Best of luck!

  11. CalBucsFan Says:

    Well said Lawrence!

  12. pick6 Says:

    dominick and his team could manage the heck out of the cap, if he had ever succeeded in hiring a strong coach or assembling a strong roster that would have been an incredibly handy skill.

  13. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lynch got this job because no one wanted the job…..

  14. Bobby M. Says:

    “IF” Dominick gets a sniff it’s for his cap management and contract negotiation skills….That is Dominicks strength if you were to rank his skill set…..He’s also really good at snuggling up to local fan sites to leak info for favorable reporting when needed

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    LOL, the sheep still think the pop-star was a good numbers guy!!!!!!!

    Go look at the 2009 free-agent list, and then you will know why the Glazers brought in Mike Greenberg

    This is the magic numbers guy who is still with the Bucs!!! This is the Guy that dominik steals credit for and never corrected any one for the great job that he does!!!!

    The cap was already in Great shape before dominik reign of depression!!!!!!

    The cap was even in better shape because the pop-stars draft were so bad, that most players did not get second contracts!!!!!!

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    I must of missed something. Are you talking about the Bucs former John Lynch getting a position in the 49ers organization?