“He Overstrides”

January 1st, 2017
Dirk Koetter was talking Jameis before today's game

Dirk Koetter was talking Jameis before today’s game

What Dirk Koetter says in the pregame TV production meeting doesn’t always stay there.

It often gets chirped on a Buccaneers broadcast.

That was the case today.

Four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Chris Spielman was part of the Bucs-Panthers broadcast on FOX today, and he dropped a telling quote he said was from Dirk Koetter during their pregame chat.

“He overstrides,” Spielman said, emphasizing those were Koetter’s words delivered during their chat about America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Spielman said this as part of a broader discussion of how it’s a damn shame that NFL labor laws limit the amount of time coaches can work with players.

And it’s a stinks, Spielman said, that guys like Jameis end up working with independent QB coaches in the winter months instead of their own. The implication was that he was echoing Koetter’s mindset.

Joe has no reason to believe Spielman is making stuff up. So that’s very telling commentary delivered by Koetter.

“Overstriding” also is very correctable for a hungry, 22-year-old quarterback.

32 Responses to ““He Overstrides””

  1. DB55 Says:

    He’s a pitcher who plays QB.

  2. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Better than a catcher!

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree. Its insane these guys cant work with their coaches. I understand not being able to hit others or even do team practices but not being able to work with coaches is over the top.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I hate that you left the rest of that out, J0E.

    He also said that Koetter wished NFL and NFLPA rules allowed coaches to work with QBs more in the off season. That the current rules are hampering Winston’s development, slowing it down.

    I agree that players should be able to sign waivers to voluntarily spend more time in the off season.

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The way I see it, Jameis can always use more weapons, but he had enough to get the job done, which is amazing considering the injuries.

    The major things he needs are Oline and one WR.

    To me, we need a defense that a coach can trust to recover if the offense turns the ball over. Therefore, I say address the offense in free agency and spend the draft on defense. That will finish the defense off, and then the following year, right when some offensive players are up for free agency, we can spend more time drafting for offense.

    Seems to me, setting aside personal desires, that would make the most sense.

  6. LakeLandBuc Says:

    A 22 year old QB name Josh Freeman went for 25 TDS, 6 INTS. 10-6 record. just saying

  7. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m sorry but if the coaches really want to work with their players then just do it.

    Cmon man! So they accidentally run into each other at some backwoods high school field in Idaho and DK and his entire staff for that matter are free to spend a week working with #3 on mechanics. Who is going to turn them in?

    What is the penalty?

  8. Architek Says:

    Yes Jameis needs lot of help with his delivery and decision making, but he remains a good young player.

    Far from a finished product.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis needs to have more than Mike Evans and a bunch of UDFAs to throw to.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says
    “A 22 year old QB name Josh Freeman went for 25 TDS, 6 INTS. 10-6 record. just saying”

    Yeah, and we have not had such an easy schedule since. Not to mention he had a more established offensive line and more weapons…and there were good vets on defense.

    Just admit it…you made up your mind not to like Winston long ago, and he will never measure up no matter how well he does.

  11. Mikadeemas Says:

    Captain obvious,thanks Rodmuncher!

  12. Brion Says:

    I’m just gonna bookend the season with: clap,clap…clap clap clap- Byron Letwitch!

  13. Kurt Rae Says:

    Great song…this time we almost made our poem rhyme..Bucs…the ” Almosts ”
    Of the NFL …now for a long vacation..kicker ends with 36% performance…he was Almost a wise draft selection…maybe Bucs can get a punter in the first round round next time ….

  14. Tampa Tony Says:

    Doesn’t matter how many weapons he has if he’s inaccurate the results won’t change much

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Try this one one for size. You don’t know the hot WRs on a given play. You don’t know the plays called. You don’t know where Koetter tells Winston to place the ball. There is a lot you don’t know…include whether a given WR screws up or whether the defense screws up a play by delaying a WR.

    Winston has made his mistakes, but he isn’t 100% at fault.

    I get it though…trolls are trolls and some of you get your joys on the Internet by hating on people.

    Jameis Winston is the best QB this team has ever had. Hands down. The stats prove it.

    The wins will come. This team has had a losing culture for 9 of 10 years. That has now changed. You SHOULD be rejoicing. The fact that you are not proves you are not a Bucs fan.

  16. Bob Digital Says:

    “And it’s a stinks, Spielman said, that”

    Joe, that’s not how English works.

    But I agree that the rules preventing players from being at the team facility during the off-season are counterproductive to providing the best possible entertainment for the consumers of the NFL. It could allow players to become even better, which makes the overall product better. This issue should certainly be addressed during the next CBA negotiations.

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I’m just stating facts, things that actual happen.

  18. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The day I post an untrue comment or a outright lie, call me a liar. Until then roll with my facts, enough said.

  19. R.O. Says:

    His throwing motion is the same reason he is not a good deep ball passer. He turns the ball over behind his ear when he throws deep. Leads to inaccurate deep balls.

  20. Issic Haggins Says:

    This isn’t really the case he has shortened up his motion and is over striding for that shortened motion . It is clear his feet will never be comfortable with a very very shortened motion. However about half way through the season he opened up his motion a little and started to throw better ,,,,, but then he had a couple of throwing arm / balls hit and you could clearly see they shortened him up again. Listen Big Ben will never throw with his feet 12 inches apart and nor should Winston, the problem isn’t the motion its pocket calmness, piss poor protection and poor weapons. Koetter and company are making a big mistake trying to make Winston into a Tom Brady, if you wanna do that you have to change the offense and max protect. Please compare the amount of hits between Winston,Brady and say Prescott . Please look at winstons success outside the pocket and please understand what this means. When Winston clears the failures around him ( listed above) and clears the pocket he strides more normally. Sometime coaches get caught up in trying to change a player to fix the teams problems other than fixing the teams problems so the most important player on the field can play to his best strengths.I think the Bucs have overall, team wise, done a fair Job of putting people in position to perform , however they have not done a very good job at all of this with Winston. # of QB hits, shortening his motion too much to cover up the lines poor play ( I argue they are hurting his mechanics at this pointe), Worst running game in the NFL allowing D lines to T Off , Weak left tackle, No Fullback for an offense that requires it, Terrible short yardage options to extend drives, No NFL caliber number 2 rec. These are big big big problems so the answer isn’t to over adjust Winston so his arm gets hit one less time a season, I argue quit trying to make him Superman and fix the problems around him and his arm will be hit 3 times less a season without f ing him up. His motion has been shortened plenty, he just doesn’t have the balance to shorten it to Marino standards ,nor does Big Ben ,nor should they , just as Marino could never throw outside the pocket as Big Ben and Winston can . Koetter / Light ,quit fixing your problems through Winston , Fix the problems for Winston as he is #1 , not You Guys !!! Your Franchise QB took a beating and your lucky he didn’t have a Brigewater type injury you Idiots !!! Because if he did with the protection you provided the # 1 pick , I assure you guys it would be very bad for your careers. 100 percent unacceptable !!! 100 percent Un f ing Acceptable !!!!

  21. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Issic Haggins. I always look forward to your sensible comments.

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    I thought the announcers of today’s game flat sucked.

    That Charles Davis couldn’t keep his damn trap shut, non-stop bullPelosi spewed out…

  23. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Issic Haggins laying the smacketh downeth.

  24. Trubucfan22 Says:

    This is what the players wanted. They dont want to have to work in the off season. The few that would work in the off season makes the ones that dont look bad. So the players wanted it banned altogether.

    These days if you arent working all ueae round you are getting worse than the competition.

    I think they should get rid of the rule just like spielman said. Sign injury waivers, or whatever the players want, but let players who want to work their coaches do it when they want to. Penalizing players who want to work is not good for the sport, imo.

  25. NFLNut Says:


    LAKELAND BUCS … you do NOT state facts, you state personal opinions.

    I state facts all the time and you duck and run.

    Jameis, as a 22 year old kid thrown to the wolves to be a franchise saviour despite having a bad offensive line and sparse offensive weapons to work with already has a HIGHER CAREER COMPLETION PERCENTAGE than Dan Marino, John Elway and Eli Manning (3 HOF or soon to be HOF QB’s with EIGHT SB appearances and FOUR SB rings).

    That is an actual FACT.

    I’m not sure if you simply don’t watch anyone but the Bucs play or what but I watch a ton of games and see Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Stafford and just about every other QB’s miss a lot of throws.

    Jameis at 22 and behind a bad o-line and with few weapons is one of the best QB’s in the entire league both against the blitz and outside the pocket … more facts.

    If you’re a true Bucs fan you’d be thrilled too have Jameis as your QB, but my guess is your a Bucs fan AND a racist and simply dislike the kid.

    Another FACT is that Jameis is a BETTER QB right now than Eli Manning and yet no one really doubts the Giants have a very solid shot at advancing to the SB this year … and that is not because anyone actually views Manning as better than Jameis but you better believe they view the Giants defense as better than the Bucs and the plethora of offensive weapons Manning has at his disposal as far superior to those that Jameis had at his disposal this year.

    Wise up …

    I view you as a mere troll …


  26. LakeLandBuc Says:

    A 22 year old QB name Josh Freeman went for 25 TDS, 6 INTS. 10-6 record. just saying

    If I wasn’t a Buc fan, how would I know about Josh Freeman stats. And yes i have a Josh Freeman, Warren Sapp, Lovonte David jersey. It’s really bad when people cannot accept the truth, it’sad. I was praising josh Freeman and some Jameis Winston Nuttgrabbing Lunatic jump me. Now i’m a troll for stating the obvious , some of you Wackos take this too serious.

  27. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Lavonte David

  28. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Northside Mental Health Center in Tampa must be giving their patients access to the Internet. lol Unbelievable!

  29. Poor Glennon Says:

    I’m sure they can get around the rule. Start a bogus QB development company. Joes overstriding emporium. Hire Joe and his assistant Tim Koetter and his volunteer Waterboy Dirk Koetter.

  30. Poor Glennon Says:

    Wwwwwwwwwwhy my fellow mobsters. Why didn’t our guy get a chance. I blame the defence. If not for them stealing games on our streak. #3 was about to have a seat on the bench. We’ll miss you Mike.

  31. mike10 Says:

    I really hope Jaboo comes back next yr with better accuracy. He was watering the field today, spraying passes all over the place. Step into your passes son.

  32. NFLNut Says:


    What does Josh Freeman have to do with anything though?

    Is Jared Goff going to fail to lead the Rams to the promised land because Sam Bradford did?

    Is Carson Went going to fail to win an MVP because Donovan McNabb did?

    Is Dak Prescott going to fail to win a SuperBowl because Tony Romo did?

    Josh Freeman has NOTHING to do with Jameis … the last time I looked Freeman was being accused of being: confused about his identity, an addict, bereft of any leadership skills, someone with no desire to study film or practice let alone become “great”, and was now 28 years old and sitting at home, while Jameis is a soon to be 23 year old who has already won a Heisman, a National Title, became the youngest Pro Bowl QB in NFL history, the youngest QB in NFL history to 8k yards and 50 TD’s, the Bucs record holder for yards and TD’s in a season, etc.,.

    I know both players are black, but dude, they are not the same person and Josh Freeman has as much to do with Jameis Winston as Peyton Manning had to do with Jeff George …

    Wise up …