Bucs A Favorite For Hard Knocks

January 4th, 2017

jameis 0630Did you know Dirk Koetter is a former star of the HBO series Hard Knocks?

Yes, Koetter was a gem in 2014 when the Falcons were the focus of every football fan’s favorite NFL training camp reality show.

And now it’s the time of year when HBO starts looking for a 2017 team.

Most clubs are not interested. So the NFL has a rule that says if you do not have a first-year coach, and your team missed the playoffs the past two years, then HBO can pick your club. However, you’re in the clear if another team volunteers or you were on Hard Knocks in the past 10 years.

That means the Bucs are eligible for selection:

Here’s the full eligibility list:


If it came down to an HBO choice, then Joe assumes the Bears would selected because of the giant Chicago television market. But it sure could be the Bucs. Tampa Bay is the nation’s 11th largest TV market and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, would be one of the greatest reality stars Hard Knocks has ever seen.

38 Responses to “Bucs A Favorite For Hard Knocks”

  1. Mikadeemas Says:

    Groan! No please!!

  2. Tampa Tony Says:

    Colts would be my choice just for the chance to see Irsay snorting coke off the Lombardi trophy

  3. Miko Says:

    NO NO NO …no distractions please

  4. Mort Says:

    Distraction? If anything I would think it would help them focus knowing that millions are watching. On stage all the time.

  5. Skyline Crew Says:

    No thanks

  6. macabee Says:

    Might be a distraction, but I’d watch! Anything Bucs! lol.

  7. John Says:

    Would be awesome to watch, but please no

  8. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Bring in the cameras. This franchise needs some exposure. Fameis rookie season h3ll no Fameis third season well lets go. Texans didn’t do to badd this years.

  9. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    During his rally cry in dallas gmc stated “people act like they don’t know who we are”. I have partner I communicate with regularly that lives in cincy he says the same thing. If you want the league to stop viewing you as a after market team then take the exposure when its being offered to you. I think Koetter,Fameis and the laughing hyena VH3 would be great. The young guys would love this trust me. Could be a positive.

  10. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    As a fan I say H3LL YES. In the interest of next season I say H3LL NO.

  11. Skyline Crew Says:

    How have Hard Knock teams faired?

    2001 – Ravens – 10-6 – Playoffs
    2002 – Cowboys – 5-11 – No Playoffs
    2007 – Chiefs – 4-12 – No Playoffs
    2008 – Cowboys – 9-7 – No Playoffs
    2009 – Bengals – 10-6 – Playoffs
    2010 – Jets – 11-5 – Playoffs
    2012 – Dolphins – 7-9 – No Playoffs
    2013 – Bengals – 11-5 – Playoffs
    2014 – Falcons – 6-10 – No Playoffs
    2015 – Texans – 9-7 – Playoffs
    2016 – Rams – 4-12 – No Playoffs

    So we can’t really say that Hard Knocks will impact you that much.

  12. Buc50 Says:

    Nothing like getting a great quote to highlight your career. Jeff Fischer will never out live the “some 7 and 9 BS” quote because of that show.

  13. 813bucboi Says:


  14. Coopsxx Says:

    It will be Philly… media loves wentz

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    they should just film the teams that make the playoffs, have the film crew in for a week and show A bunch of teams instead of distracting 1 team for a whole training camp!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!

    And Go JOEBUCSFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kevin Says:

    Nope….bad attention and distraction. No thank you

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Skyline if that is correct then the bucs should jump at it because this year the team makes the playoffs

  18. Kobe Faker Says:

    Not sure if i can handle watching Peter schragers feet sticking out of Jason Lichts behind all summer long

  19. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Yall are crazy to not want this. This team would be so much fun to watch. Titans would be a good second choice though.

  20. America's Commenter Says:

    I was curious how the teams that were featured on Hard Knocks fared the following season, so I did some research. It’s not a death sentence.

    2001 Baltimore Ravens, 10-6, won the wild card game, lost in the divisional round.

    2002 Dallas Cowboys, 5-11

    2003 None

    2004 None

    2005 None

    2006 None

    2007 Kansas City Chiefs, 4-12

    2008 Dallas Cowboys, 9-7 (no playoffs)

    2009 Cincinnati Bengals, 10-6, lost wildcard game

    2010 New York Jets, 11-5, won wildcard, won divisional, lost in AFC Champ game

    2011 None

    2012 Miami Dolphins, 7-9

    2013 Cincinnati Bengals, 11-5, lost wildcard game

    2014 Atlanta Falcons, 6-10 (Mike Smith’s last season there)

    2015 Houston Texans, 9-7, lost wildcard game

    2016 L.A. Rams, 4-12

  21. LargoBuc Says:

    Bucs on hard knocks would be awesome. It wouldn’t be a huge distraction. If this team cant handle a film crew early in the pre season, how can We expect them to handle the bright lights come January? They’ll be fine. And the exposure will be good for this team and really this market as a whole.

  22. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I would like to see the Hard Knocks cameras follow Roger Goodell around for a week or more recording his every move and see how he likes it.

  23. pick6 Says:

    i think eagles, colts, and saints would be more of a draw nationally. even the browns would be more compelling than the bucs for many fans, as they’re one of the few to have outdone us in the dysfunction\losing department in recent times

    i hope they steer clear of the bucs. let these young guys focus on a division title and whatever follows

  24. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I largely agree with what Joe posted about Chicago and Coop about Philly.

    The Bucs SHOULD be the obvious team. Not that I really care that much but I thought the Falcons year was excellent. At least SMitty and DK have been through it.

    But let’s face it…Chicago is the 3rd largest market…2nd City to New York so Joe is probably right.

    But Philly is also huge and bleeds into NYC a bit and so Coop’s point about Wentz is spot on.

    Now let the conspiracy theories begin! LMAO….

  25. orlbucfan Says:

    “Reality” Barfo TV is one reason I avoid the Boob Tubes in my house PERIOD! Bucs’ market not big enuff. Chicago, Cleveland, Philly, Aints more attractive. And it’s the ad$$$$$$$$$$$$ that talk.

  26. VaBuc Says:

    Helllllllllllllll no we dont need it

  27. Caradoc Says:

    Could be a great chance to help Jameis’ image

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    I would love it but the NFL seems to like to choose Mariota over anything Jameis so its unlikely.

  29. B Dawg Says:

    When I first read the headline of this article I was like, HECK NO! But after reading the comments and pondering the idea, I actually think it may be good for this team to get the exposure, it may help them come playoff time next year.

  30. salish_seamonster Says:

    Absolutely NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO….!!!!!!!

    There is no benefit. Only distraction and hype for a team that is still in the process of turning the corner. Terrible idea. Hoping the NFL doesn’t jam this down our throat.

  31. Gilhealy Says:

    It would be great for the world to see the real Jameis. But, I can see both sides.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Not a distraction I believe JW can handle

  33. salish_seamonster Says:

    Not a distraction? Sure, I guess that’s why NO teams want to volunteer for this…

  34. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I’m sure also what factors into it is some personality, swagger, hams and drama. That means Jameis, Mike Evans, Joe Hawley, VGIII, and Kwon. And what will happen to Doug? And oh yeah…if Roberto blows it daily at practice and in the first three pre-season games? And who is the new first round draft pick WR on the Bucs?

    Yup. Hard Knocks coming to Tampa.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    Read what I actually wrote 😉

    It states that it’s not a distraction which I believe he can handle.

    Therefore I am saying it is a big distraction. lolol

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not sure how this Buc team would handle all of the exposure. Would rather them just concentrate on winning next season. But I would not be surprised to see the BUCS there in that HBO slot.

  37. TampaTown Says:

    No, no, NO!!!!! Please no!! Football should not be put into a reality TV format. Just stop. No more Hard Knocks. We don’t need it.

  38. salish_seamonster Says:

    The only Hard Knocks I would watch is the Bucs, but I’d rather the show not exist at all.