Can The Bucs Duplicate The Chiefs’ Score?

January 11th, 2017



Picture this scenario, which may not be far-fetched.

At approximately 4 p.m. on Sunday, after watching the Chiefs take on the Steelers at Arrowhead, Dirk Koetter sends a text to Jason Licht — succinct and to the point.

“We need one of those.”

The “one of those” Koetter would be referring to is Chiefs rookie wide receiver Tyreek Hill, a threat to go the distance every time he grasps a football. The fifth-round draft pick scored 12 touchdowns in a variety of ways and averaged 13.3 yards per touch.

Think about that for a moment, Buc fans.

Think about how a gifted offensive mind like Koetter could find ways to get the ball to a player like Hill in space. Think about the impact a burner like Hill would have in stretching defenses who don’t believe Jameis Winston’s targets can beat them deep.

Why should they?

As good a season as Mike Evans enjoyed, and I voted him 1st-team All-Pro, he caught only one pass of more than 40 yards all year. That came in Week 1, when Evans made a 45-yard touchdown reception at Atlanta.

That was Tampa Bay’s longest completion of the season and the Bucs finished as the only NFL club without a reception of more than 45 yards.

It gets worse.

Hidden Yardage

The Falcons led the league with 17 completions of at least 40 yards. The Bucs had only four — tied with the Bears, Texans and Jaguars for fewest in the NFL.

You never want to be in the same sentence as those three plodding offenses.

Hill scored six times as a receiver, adding three rushing touchdowns. He brought two punt returns back all the way and scored once on a kickoff return.

Can the Bucs find 2017's Tyreek Hill?

Can the Bucs find 2017’s Tyreek Hill?

The Bucs were awful on kickoff returns, ranking last with an average of 14.6 yards. New Orleans was next to last with an average of 16.5.

Adam Humphries was dependable on punt returns, but he’s not a big-play threat. Tampa Bay brought only two punts back for 20 yards or more, compared to eight for the Chiefs and Bills.

That’s a lot of hidden yardage in favor of Buc opponents.

Too much.

Now it’s up to Licht’s scouting crew to land a speedster who can, in Koetter’s words, turn a 10-yard pass into a 30-yard gain.

DeSean Jackson?

Most of the remaining playoff teams boast a home-run hitter who can pick up large chunks of yardage. With Evans, Humphries and Cameron Brate returning, adding a burner would give Winston an impressive array of weapons while making defenses think twice about stacking the box.

Now comes the hard part. How do you find the next Tyreek Hill?

The only reason Hill lasted until the fifth round was his arrest two years ago on domestic violence charges. He pleaded guilty to choking his pregnant girlfriend and Hill finally found a taker after posting a 4.25 time at his Pro Day.

If the Bucs don’t like the group of wide receivers in the 2017 draft, they could strike early and sign DeSean Jackson as a free agent. Jackson’s career average of 17.7 yards per catch leads all active players and he has at least one 60-yard reception in each of his nine pro seasons.

One way or another, adding speed to this offense is Job 1 for Koetter.

I’ve watched Hill all season and his game-breaking speed has given Kansas City’s attack needed teeth. If there’s another Tyreek Hill out there, the Buc braintrust needs to find him.

59 Responses to “Can The Bucs Duplicate The Chiefs’ Score?”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    As great as Evans is…he tends to “get down” a lot to avoid big hits ( understandable ) oftentimes on high throws. His YAC is minimal. I remember the Bucs coveting DeSean Jackson yet having to settle for frightened Dexter Jackson. DeSean may be a bit long in the tooth…but I could see two good years out of him left.

  2. USFBUC Says:


  3. Guzzie Says:

    Licht made a bunch of huge mistakes last offseason, resigning a 27 year old inconsistent RB, fail, retaining a 33 year old declining $12 million injury prone WR, failing to get quality DT depth, signing an injured guard with back issues, trading up for the worst kicker in the league, it’s a testament to the coaching staff that this team went 9-7, as well as the players that never gave up, these are the same problems for the 2nd straight year, one step forward two steps back isn’t cutting it, get a quality RB, C, DT, WR, S, DE, K, otherwise stop wasting our time Mr Licht

  4. NewTampaChris Says:

    Yes, they should not be outbid for Desean Jackson. You’d think he’d be attracted to a Winston/Evans offense.

    With speedy guys, you never know if they can actually catch a football. Remember 2nd round pick Dexter Jackson from App State? Bust. Kenny Bell and Kaelin Clay? Busts. It’s a dangerous game.

  5. Kobe Faker Says:

    over the top

    blazing speed

    60 yard bombs



    Tyreek Hill catches 5 yard slants from smith and scores 50 yard touchdowns


    agree with you about getting a tyreek hill/ta hilton type player but it is the run after catch skillset

    we dont need the next 4.3 forty phillip dorsett

    Tampa is ranked 30th in the NFL in RAC stats

    this is the modern NFL offense

    high probable, short passing, high percentage, exploit defense weak pass coverage

  6. GhostofTedford Says:

    Agree with you Mr. Kaufman… a point. We also need a bruising punishing ground game to set up our play action pass. A DL, OL, WR this assumes Tandy / Mcdougald can continue their ascent in improvement. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to lock up Mike Smith if he does not bolt for a rebuild job somewhere.

  7. GhostofTedford Says:

    Kobe Faker…you still living in your Mom’s basement? Still working that part time job at taco bell?

  8. Miko Says:

    I don’t think there is another Hill out there…he’s a rare talent…and a big N O to jackson…very undependable player…maybe Ross from Washington in the draft?

  9. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Some of you guys amaze me. It’s almost like DK only has to go to Licht and say pick up a few pro bowlers for me. Then TL just runs down to the nearest location of the NFL Players shop and picks up some studs.

    Every year some teams hits on a late round draft choice and fans of other teams whine like little babies…why didn’t our GM do that? Well our GM has come up with Kwon, Pamphile…verdict out on Benenoch….Humphries and yes we’ve thrown our share of darts at that speed spot including Joe’s favorite CFL candidate Donte Dye. And there are the UDFA’s that occasionally hit…can you say Cameron Brate?

    The point is you hit on some and you miss on some and the misses start outnumbering the hits the farther down the draft you go.

  10. SCBucsFan Says:

    Hill? We need a guy who beats his pregnant girlfriend? We can just resign Stevens.

  11. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    I just happen to know of a 1st round talent RB whos draft stock draft cuz he slugged a chick!!!!!

  12. BuccaneerByBirth Says:


  13. 813bucboi Says:

    @NOLE….I hope you read this…..The “one of those” Koetter would be referring to is Chiefs rookie wide receiver Tyreek Hill….that’s the explosiveness dirk is referring too and wants on this team…..GO BUCS!!!!

  14. Mojiska Says:

    If we are looking for a younger option and probably cheaper option I would go with Cardell patterson. Get him, Jeffery, poe in f.a. that will allow a very open board to draft Howard, Solomon, peppers, cook, fournette, Jamal Adams, Malik hooker or a few other guys in the 1st. We don’t want to be pigeon holed into reaching for a need in round 1…

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    Curtis Samuel
    Ohio State RB/WR

  16. BringBucsBack Says:

    Koetter: “We gotta get one of those.”

    Licht: “Right after this kicker.”

    Low-hanging fruit, sorry! Sorry about the pick too!

  17. celly Says:

    I’ve been on the Cordarrelle Patterson bandwagon for a while, mroe specifically, wanting the Bucs to trade Glennon for him when they were concerned about the QB position. I trust that Monken can improve his route running and catching ability. He has the one thing that you can’t teach: speed.

    He could easily step in and be our primary punt and kick returner.

    Although this may be an unpopular opinion, I would be happy with going into next season with the following WR.

    Mike Evans
    1st round selection [ Corey Davis??? ]
    Vincent Jackson [ at a very much reduced rate ]
    Cordarrelle Patterson
    Adam Humphries
    Freddy Martino

    If Jackson doesn’t resign at a lower rate or decides to retires, I’d love to see them bring him back as a WR assistant and then select a developmental player in the later rounds and slot them in behind Martino.

  18. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Terrelle Pryor…6-4 225lbs 4.4 speed. 1,000+ yards on the worst team in the league with no QB and no other threats in his first year as WR after moving from QB. He is still learning his route running. Think he has any upside?

    Dude has balled out on as big a stage as you get in college football and yes he’s crazy competitive and gets moody if his team sucks. Can the Bucs deal with that?

    He hasn’t hit women and the worst charge against him is that he hates losing so much he becomes a bad teammate.

  19. ndog Says:

    So Guzzie I guess you are just going to forget that Licht also brought in Robert Ayers, Brent Grimes, Josh Robinson, Bryan Anger, Cameron Brate, Daryl Smith, Quiz Rodgers, and drafted VH3, Spence and resigned Keith Tandy. Not every move is going to be perfect so if you are going to look at someone resume look at the whole thing please.

  20. Guzzie Says:

    Pryor will be a Buc

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    “How do you find the next Tyreek Hill?” (in the 5th round no less)

    31 other teams are asking themselves that exact same question Ira.

    Dude is a dynamic and electric playmaker with the football in his hands – of that there is no doubt.

    Yea – we could use one of those….

  22. Pat Says:

    As I see it the Buccaneers already have a number 1 receiver in Evans, a number 3 receiver in Humphries and a number 6 receiver in special-teams ace Shepard. I am hoping that they address the receivers position the way they addressed the cornerback position coming into the 2016 season. They brought in the veteran Grimes then they brought in a good back up/special-teams ace in Josh Robinson and then they drafted Hargraves III in the first round. This proved to be fruitful for the Buccaneers.

  23. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @ gotbucs.
    I’ve been watching some of his game tape on youtube. Curtis Samuels looks like a Percy Harvin type player. I think he would be there @ the end of the 2nd early 3rd. But if he runs a blazing 40 time he could be a late 1st if a team falls in love.

  24. Kobe Faker Says:


    i dont work. i get a disability check each month

    I pay my mom $250 for the basement mancave and half the foodstamp card each month

    Let me guess. your among the 1%.

    I think the future is finally going to turn for me. I fell down at publix and i think morgan & morgan is going to take the case…. fingers crossed

  25. theodore Says:

    I don’t agree. We should be throwing to Humphries more often, guaranteed 5 yards every time. Play the field position game, make use of our excellent punter. Buc Ball!

  26. celly Says:


    While you make a good point, I remember reading a while back where it stated that Pryor was the only untouchable player on the Browns roster.

    Now, considering that was the case back in October and given the year that he’s had on such a bad team. Coupled with the fact that there is no other legitimate offensive weapon on the Browns (no one knows that the status will be of Josh Gordon), I find it HIGHLY likely that the Browns will do whatever possible to resign him. Possibly something as foolish as paying him as a #1 WR.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    @Mike Evans GOAT

    He’ll go in the 1st round, just like Corey Coleman did last year.

    Also, For those wanting Cordarrelle Patterson. He is an absolute bust as a WR. If a team like Minnesota, who is starving for offensive weapons as badly as the Bucs are doesn’t want to resign him, why should anyone else?

  28. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Also, have u guys heard of the new league for “out of high school but not in college” PAID football league starting next winter? It’s called the PPFL. It’s a new league that enables College aged athletes to be paid to play football. Look in to it, Ed McCaffrey (Christians dad) mike Shanahan and some nfl agents have invested alot of $ into it. It’s a real thing and these college aged athletes will be paid a salary of about $50,000.

  29. Gerald McRuud Says:

    “Now comes the hard part. How do you find the next Tyreek Hill?

    The only reason Hill lasted until the fifth round was his arrest two years ago on domestic violence charges. He pleaded guilty to choking his pregnant girlfriend and Hill finally found a taker after posting a 4.25 time at his Pro Day.”


    You’re looking for Joe Mixon.

    Just sayin.

  30. mike Says:

    GEt me one of those… For sure need a weapon with speed. Also need our qb to hit open recievers in stride so they can run after the catch. Too many times recievers have to stop or jump just to make the catch, theres no chance of YAC

  31. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I did hear about that semi pro league the agents are putting together. I think it is a terrible idea. I think those gifted athletes need to get an education. Football careers dont last long. Not to mention you want players who are fairly smart. Dumb players dont last long unless they are super freak talents.

    It’s good to make these future millionaires get at least some education. Jmo.

  32. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    What about all of these GREAT dumb athletes that have tutors get them thru most of their schooling. Or those who are deemed academically ineligible? These teams will all be pro style offence and defence. I think all in all it will produce a better product on the field, and eliminate some of the guess work in the draft.

  33. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @ trubuc
    I just read that these players will also be offered free tuition and book $ for nearby community colleges. Plus most of these guys get degrees (most of them don’t graduate) in stuff like sports science or human relations or stuff like that.

  34. USFBUC Says:

    @gotbucs is it not possible that a shaky QB situation prevented Patterson from being a good WR?

  35. USFBUC Says:

    I think Pryor will stay with the Browns, he has a relationship with Hue Jackson who gave him a shot to play WR and he is treated as their #1 WR. Although I did watch a video where ME and Pryor were training together with Randy Moss so there is a Tampa connection there.

    If Pryor is interested we should sign him and if the Bucs think he is worth it then give him the money, just make sure we have the money to give ME too. Beyond Pryor we should also bring in another guy in FA like a Patterson or Stills. I would also give Gordon a shot if he is allowed to play. A combination of Evans, Pryor, Patterson, Stills, Humphries would be good enough but if we landed Gordon too on a cheap contract that would be the best WR core in the NFL.

    I read somewhere that Pryor is seeking around $10m a year, Patterson is currently making 2.3m, and Stills is making 1.6m. Hell we just paid VJax 11m so we could cover most of that with just his salary we are gaining this offseason.

  36. SB with Jameis Says:

    Believe me! This Gator LOVES him some Jameis but until he gets better with his deep throw accuracy a true speed threat isn’t quite so much of a threat.

  37. cmurda Says:

    We need talent on this team, not Angels. Besides, what is the point of a second chance, if you never get one. If Dalvin doesn’t fall to us at 19 (please do somehow), then I’m all about drafting Joe Mixon in say the 3rd round. Maybe the 2nd round. That dude would at a minimum be talked about as top 20 talent if not for knocking out some chick, who was admittedly overstepping her bounds. Never hit a woman like that but a solid shove would have been understandable. I digress. Draft this guy especially if he falls.

  38. SB with Jameis Says:

    As much as I DETEST anything Ohio St. I am on board with the common line of thinking in stealing Pryor from the Browns. That allows us to go DL, or OL with pick one.

  39. SB with Jameis Says:

    I have always valued your posts cmurda but Mixon was WAAAAAAAAY over the lines on that one. I would break both of that kid’s legs if I had the chance to face him right now but I get it. Kids make mistakes. IF we draft him I will watch him closely and root for him as long as he was making the right moves.

  40. cmurda Says:

    @SB. Of course he was. It is sickening. Like I said, the girl should have kept her hands to herself, but I could never imagine punching a girl, let alone with everything I had like that. It was repulsive but all you can do is hope he learns his lesson and help mold him. The talent is so there man. He could change the dynamic of this offense.

  41. USFBUC Says:

    I’m a little torn on Mixon. First he was either just out of high school or in his senior year when this happened because they say he had turned 18 like that week or same day. Second, he wanted the video released so people could see what happened so to me this says that he at least thinks he was in the right to a degree. Third, he has come out and apologized and stated that he should have handled the situation differently. Finally, this happened two years ago now and as I am reading about him it sounds like he has stayed out of trouble since.

  42. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Scroll alert…this could be a downer for some….

    I get that I bother some here because they think I want choirboys. Not really.

    We’ve taken at least two chances on this roster. The most famous of course with Fameis himself. Once 87 convinced me it was just immaturity and Licht and DK did their due diligence I was on board.

    Exactly the same situation with Noah Spence….stupid youthful mistakes…he seems to have learned and he was worth the gamble.

    But I just go nucking futs when men put their hands on women!!! Pregnant women!!!!!

    Please let me defend myself. One of my most vivid childhood memories is at the age of 7…hiding under the bed while my father beat my mother’s head against the wall. I grew up one block away from the tracks on the wrong side.

    My aunts frequently sported black eyes and I grew up with alcohol and the belief of some males that if the women smarted off you had the right to slap em around a little bit.

    The sound of a women’s head being beaten against the wall is remarkably like thumping watermelons. Did it mess my head up? Do bear poop in the woods?

    I’ll probably die getting shot by some cretin “standing his ground” while I try to prevent him from beating his woman.

    I have less than no respect for men who put their hands on women…they are sick and it makes me sick enough to wish them a slow painful death from colorectal cancer.

    I think I might have a conflict of interest if we sign a women beater. On one hand I”m supposed to root for him as a Buc…on the other I would be rooting for a slow painful death. I freaking HATE MEN WHO HIT WOMEN!!!


  43. DB55 Says:

    Love all the courtesy I’m seeing. Keep that ish up.


  44. feelthepewterpower Says:

    did Ty’freak score on the Buccs?

  45. Rod Munch Says:

    DeSean Jackson is injured so much I just don’t see him as someone that Bucs should bank on, or if they do they should pair him with a Cordarrelle Patterson so when he does miss 7 games that you at least have a returner available.

    I like Kenny Still’s name being thrown around, seems like a perfect fit, someone that can be a #2 or if you draft someone high can be a #3, and help with the return game.

    The Bucs have plenty money, sign all three.

    Of course the issue is everyone else has plenty of money too, so I’ll be surprised if we get even one of them.

  46. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    No we were one of the few teams to keep him in check.

  47. SB with Jameis Says:

    I get you cmurda
    and you as well USFBUC.
    If he is drafted here I will support him FULLY just as I did a certain QB who had off field questions when he was in the draft process.

  48. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @ st pete
    I feel u on the woman beater thing. I was on the fence with the whole draft joe Mixon thing. But I just want to play devils advocate here for a moment. Maybe Mixon grew up with a rough childhood. Maybe he didn’t have some1 to teach him that those things aren’t right. I am the same age as Mixon, and it pains me to say that in my generation (90s babys) it is thought of a bit differently. It is still WRONG, and it will always be WRONG. But in today’s generation kids think a little bit differently. It may be a character flaw that he has and always will have. Or it may have been a young DUMB mistake. Think about this, Ur brain isn’t fully developed until you are 25. Maybe he has matured. NOT ENDORSING HIS BEHAVIOR AT ALL. JUST PLAYING DEVILS ADVOCATE. PLEASE DON’T COME AT ME CRAZY.

  49. Joeypoppems Says:

    WR is obviously a hot topic currently for us Bucs fans. And I keep seeing the same players mentioned- Alshon Jeffery, Terrelle Pryor, Pierre Garcon, Kenny Stills, Cordarelle Patterson…. What about Kenny Britt? He is another big body guy at 6’3″ 220lbs with decent speed and has stayed relatively healthy the past few years (only missed 1 game I believe). I think he could be a great #2 next to Evans then we can get a smaller speed receiver to stretch the field out of the slot like Kenny Stills. Evans, Britt, Stills, Humphries, and Shep? Thats a pretty good group of receivers we will have. Not only that, but, and Ive been thinking about this, is it really a good idea to be heading into the draft still needing to fill your biggest need? I would hate to be at the mercy of the board.

  50. SB with Jameis Says:

    I Totally get you Mike Evans GOAT, and thank you for your post and the juxtaposition it gives to the generation gap challenged. I grew up where my dad beat my mom and left just before I was 5 so my opinion is Obviously biased. That said I agree that we all made Really dumb mistakes before we were let loose so I am always willing to give the second chance a Fair Shake All the time.

  51. SB with Jameis Says:

    SPBF………cool true story. Back in ’84 when I was a Senior in HS I got kicked out of Disney World for beating the …….well you know what……..out of a guy that slapped his gf in front of me at the line to Pirates of the Carribean. I disrespected this dude 16 different ways to whatever day you choose. The Disney Cops gave me High 5s behind closed doors.

  52. JameisDungy Says:

    Is it possible Joe Mixon will be on the board for the Bucs?

    Maybe not quite the talent of Cook, but would be a great get in the 3rd round.

    Can understand if the Bucs don’t want to risk the bad publicity..

  53. SB with Jameis Says:

    Oh I think we would completely risk it JameisDungy. Kid is heckagood running and receiving. I just have doubts about men that have to pick on women. Gender diff is real physically.

  54. Rod Munch Says:

    Joeypoppems – Kenny Britt is a name I brought up before, but this article is about a fast returner type of WR, but Britt would be an excellent fit, I think, as a #2 – he did well with the Rams this last year and they don’t even have an NFL caliber QB on their roster.

    But as I keep saying to these people pushing all these names… everyone has money, everyone needs WR’s… people thinking the Bucs can just sign anyone and everyone, you’re not paying any attention to the financials and when the Bucs don’t sign anyone because everyone is resigned by their own teams, you dullards will all say “the Bucs are cheap”. Well I forgive the Bucs for not $12mil a year to Brandon LaFell.

  55. Tbfan95 Says:

    @ Guzzie
    If you want to attack all of Lichts failures you also have to acknowledge his successes. Signing Quiz off the straight saved our offense (while he stayed healthy) snagging Javien Elliot after the draft was a savy move, especially considering Jude’s suspension. Keeping Jackson around proved to be a mistake but looking at the FA WRs last year he was still the best option. Considering nobody knew about JR’s injury, meaning it could’ve occurred after his signing, should give him a pass, if only momentarily. I know that he’s had misses, but he’s been more successful than many other GMs in the league, and most importantly he isn’t afraid to move on from a mistake. Him and Koettee appear to be in sync moving forward. You can’t address every need in every draft, sometimes you just have to be patient. The Cowboys monster line was built over 4 years. Can’t expect things to change overnight, especially considering how devoid this roster was of talent just 3 years ago.

  56. B Dawg Says:

    @SB with Jamies

    I am pretty sure Pirates of the Caribbean was not around in ’84. Is that a typo?

  57. Bucoholic Says:

    Looking to the 2017 NFL Draft I like KD Cannon WR Baylor he should be available in the 3rd or 4th round. Personally I would like to see:
    Rd1: Dalvin Cook RB FSU or Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    Rd2: O.J. Howard TE Alabama or Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
    Rd3: K.D. Cannon WR Baylor

  58. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Thanks for that very thoughtful post. I take your point completely.

    Which is why I clearly admitted my own sickness for my reaction to these guys.

    If it’s Mixon I shall have to take all of that into consideration. As the son of a wife beater I did some research. Boys of wife beating men go one of two ways…they either beat their women or they’re weirded out like me and SB with Jameis who just go off if they see a man hitting a woman.

    So I suspect Mixon’s ole man smacked his women around and so I hear you about giving him some slack. If he’s truly reformed and convinced me I’d try and keep an open mind.

    The greatest joy of my life is that all the men at least back through my grandfather were jerks…beating women…horrible fathers…the package.

    I was at least able to stop the women beating part….otherwise I’m a jerk…lol…
    my son however is a great father, would never touch a woman, and so I have the joy of watching my family heal in just three generations.

  59. Dave Pear Says:

    @B Dawg,

    Actually The Pirates of the Caribbean opened at Disney World in 1973.
    I believe the movies were based on the ride and not the other way around.