“He Spent More Time Arguing With The Ref Than He Did Playing”

December 27th, 2016

Dirk Koetter’s gets candid on Mike Evans

Streams of readers here called Joe an assbag for criticizing Mike Evans in 2015.

Oh, the Joe haters claimed Joe was a bitter man blasting Evans for his lack of focus despite a 1,000-yard season.

That’s ok. Joe’s not interested in being cuddled, liked or appreciated. But it is fun, on occasion, to rub the haters noses into the stench of reality.

Yesterday on the Buccaneers Radio Network, head coach Dirk Koetter, last year’s offensive coordinator, talked about Mike Evans’ maturity and how far he’s come this season.

On assessing Evan’s focus last season, Koetter warmed Joe’s heart with real talk. “He spent more time arguing with the ref than he did playing,” Koetter said of Evans.

Man, what a refreshing head coach.

Talking about new wide receivers coach/offensive coordinator Todd Monken being a strong influence on Evans’ maturation this season, Koetter said that’s all nice and pretty but Evans deserves the credit.

“It still comes down to the player buying in and following up,” Koetter said.

And Evans sure bought in, keeping his cool and raising his game.

Joe hopes the Koetter finds a way to get Evans (91 catches in 2016) to that rare 100 mark on Sunday. He deserves it.

17 Responses to ““He Spent More Time Arguing With The Ref Than He Did Playing””

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    The Koetter Kabarnet will soon be available to christen JBF’s love affair with Dirk. Just like Dirk, it’s bad at first, is OK half way thru, and then makes you want to vomit at the end.

  2. Greg Schiano Says:

    Joe can never be chastised for telling it like it is! These guys are paid to be professional which includes working every day like they are being paid to. You earn millions, you need to be working like you are being paid millions.

    Case it point, Tom Brady is the 19th highest paid QB1. He has taken multiple pay cuts to allow others to be paid. How much is too much? Show me the money Jerry Maguire! Earn it! The season tickets we pay for are millions to many people supporting our team. Merry Christmas!

    Greg Schiano

  3. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Just curious but did Koetter refer to him as KY hands during this take?

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    The Total Access sessions with Koetter are on par with the Marpet/Smith shows as far as appointment listening, but for different reasons. The Marpet/Smith show is mostly a look at the personal side of players and it’s a fun lens to view the people who are inside the uniforms. It personalizes them really well. Coach Koetter does a better job than any player or coach that I’ve listened to in explaining the machinations of what’s going on and it’s one of the most informative football shows I’ve listened to. Really good stuff.

  5. tmaxcon Says:


    What should make you vomit is Doug Martins production and results. Your dancing Gerbil needs to be retired to a Russian Bath House that’s were all unreliable and unproductive gerbils go to retire.

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    is it just me, but im sensing a joint venture between JBF and Dirk dark ale coming?
    Thinking more Pride Of Pocatello Pale Ale.–Joe

  7. Kobe Faker Says:


    throw hamster under the bus happy hour?

  8. lightningbuc Says:


    What makes me vomit is how the Bucs have circled the drain when the games meant the most – and that’s on Jaboo, Koetter, McCoy, Rogers et al but NOT Martin. You Martin haters have to find a new scapegoat for the Bucs going in the toilet.

  9. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Wow! What a breath of fresh air! It’s like a cool wind blowing with all the doors and windows open on a spring day.

  10. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Well one thing for sure! They can’t blame Saturday loss to the Mediocre Saints on Doug Martin.

  11. tmaxcon Says:


    i agree with you.. I am sick of the December collapses. I was on the fence of resigning martin. I was never a huge fan. He has a few good games a year but is NOT a dominant back or consistent scoring threat. Look at his career TD numbers. Anyhow, I am 100% convinced that this team will not win until the lazy ass soft hold overs are gone. Unfortunately, I believe Martin has been around Mr. Softee too long and has learned that the route to the bank to cash your check is far more important than the route to the end zone. Martin like McCoy and LVD so called star leaders are playing with less heart, desire and determination than the NEW bucs. It’s pathetic.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs have positions that need upgraded. The plan going forward. A Bucs winner won’t be achieved quickly. Many Bucs fans have prematurely gray hair and bald spots from following our Bucs, the losses numbing. Good things come to those who wait, yeah like the afterlife.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The December collapses will end next year, assuming the Glazers do not fire our coaches and Mike Smith remains our DC.

    Late season collapses are the result of inconsistent coaching. This year they will be coached on how to avoid it, assuming we keep our coaches.

    In addition to that…most of us knew all along that with continuity, next year would be the breakout year for this team. We expected no better than .500, so if we win this weekend we’ll be extremely happy. If not? Then we’re at least satisfied knowing the team played much better this year.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As to Doug Martin, I wanted to franchise him and never wavered on that while 90% of the people here wanted him resigned.

    That said…once it was done I (along with the ones who had concerns, tmax included) had no choice but to wait and hope for the best. We didn’t get it.

    That said…talent-wise, Doug Martin has the ability to be the best. The issue is injuries, and he is injury prone. Heck, we knew that BEFORE he got a contract. He played for a contract, as we pointed out but no one listened.

    We’re stuck with him barring a trade or eating the cap hit, so I say we keep him if no one offers a decent trade value (2nd rounder?).

    The truth is, he does work hard. The truth is, the poor offensive line play has affected his game. The likely truth is, there are probably lingering effects from his injury that we won’t learn of until the season is over.

    The bigger question is this: does he remain the starter?

    That’s up to Koetter. I say yes, but he needs a better lead blocker, as I have been saying for years. A guy like Lorenzo Neal once was.

  15. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Bonzai he has been deactivated as a healthy scratch for two straight weeks. I don’t think he will be starting here next year. Last Saturday was essentially a playoff game and he was benched. I don’t think he will be around next year, much less be a starter.

  16. JonBuc Says:

    Licht will need someone to pay and not play next season as VJAX is off the books and I believe Sweezey Swindler will be mostly if not entirely off the books. Perhaps it’s a clever way to reach the salary cap “floor”…pay those who sit out upwards of 10 million. Kinda genius if you ask me…

  17. Kevn292 Says:

    As far as the comment by Schiano it was was spot on as well as being played by Belicek like a pawn shop fiddle.